5 Foodie Things To Do in London

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It’s no secret that London is teeming with exciting activities and attractions to explore, and if you’re looking for foodie things to do in London, you’re in for a treat. Literally.

In London, you’ll come across award-winning restaurants, charming cafes, coffee shops, and quirky street food markets. There are also a few perfect spots for brunch dates, catching up with friends, and seeing some of London’s landmarks as you dine. 

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Enjoy British food as you tour London’s most iconic sights

Borough is London’s oldest market

One of the best ways to explore London is by walking around like a local, tasting various foods, and admiring the monuments and landmarks. While you’re welcome to wander around on your own, taking a London sightseeing and food tour is an excellent option to make sure you aren’t missing the hidden gems.

This way, you can learn facts about London from a friendly local guide. As you stroll around the streets, you’ll see sites like Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Shard, St James’s Palace, the Tower of London, and plenty more. 

When visiting Buckingham Palace, you might also witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony, which occurs from 10:45 AM on scheduled days. After touring the famous landmarks, you can visit a historic pub and refuel with some tasty grub and drinks. 

Speaking of history, Borough Market is one of the best spots to stop for a bite. This is one of the oldest and largest food markets in London, and one of the best foodie things to do in London. 

The aromas at the market will certainly draw you in, and the delicious food will have your taste buds tingling. Combining your sightseeing with a food tour is a wonderful experience.

Hop on an afternoon tea bus

A well deserved sandwich before the bus tour

If you’re not a big fan of walking, hopping on an afternoon tea bus tour is another fun way to enjoy one of the best dining experiences London has to offer. You’ll be combining two of London’s most iconic traditions: afternoon tea and the double-decker bus.

Indulge in fluffy cakes, scones, pastries, and finger sandwiches, and wash it all down with the beverage of your choice — Prosecco is on the menu, as well as tea and soft drinks. 

On the 1.5 hour journey, you’ll pass by a number of top sights, like the riverside London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Its architecture and the impressive dome are undoubtedly a sight to behold. Be sure to snap a shot of the stunning views as you travel. I recommend booking a spot on the upper deck for the best views.

With a bubbly bus driver, enthusiastic staff, and a friendly atmosphere, it’s sure to be a fun ride, with your cravings satisfied. 

Discover hidden foodie things to do in London

Experimental dishes are abundant in London

There are almost 20,000 restaurants and countless other eating opportunities in London, from fine dining in the city’s tallest buildings to street food markets and even an underground coffee shop in a former Victorian toilet. 

A lovely way to learn more about British food culture and its history is on this 3 hour secret British food tour. You’ll find out about the local history and events that shaped the city’s food scene and make several stops at some of the best food venues in the area. You’ll even discover a few that locals would prefer to keep to themselves. 

This is an excellent way to find the best things to do for foodies in London. I recommend checking it out at the beginning of your trip so you can revisit your new favorite places later — the scrumptious bites are likely to have you coming back for more. 

On the secret British food tour, you’ll have an informative and engaging local guide – a fellow foodie ready to tell you the area’s stories and secrets as you sample your way around Borough Market, trying sausages, bread, and, of course, fish and chips. You’ll also discover British cheeses, beers, and teas among the mouthwatering surprises as you continue your tour. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to know that the culinary journey ends with tasty desserts.

In addition to the yummy foods, you’ll take in famous landmarks, from London’s tallest buildings to its oldest ships. You’ll also see beautiful views of the River Thames and the famous London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Have an Indian dining experience in London

Indian dishes in East London

East London is teeming with culinary adventures for food lovers, with a variety of places to visit for a casual lunch or dinner experience. If you want to spice things up, try an Indian food tour in London. While there are a number of areas where you can immerse yourself in the cuisine, East London’s Brick Lane is famous for it. 

This historic street is well-known as London’s curry mile, and it’s the perfect spot to find out how the flavors of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan influenced the food scene in London. It comes as little surprise that chicken tikka masala is said to be Britain’s favorite dish — bad luck fish and chips.

The tour will show you more about the history of Indian food in the UK with a friendly and experienced guide. You’ll also come across eye-catching street art (East London happens to also be London’s hippest neighborhood) so be sure to take full advantage of those stunning backdrops to spruce up your social media.

During the 3 hour outing, you’ll make several stops at authentic restaurants, try delicious foods, and witness the preparation of traditional treats. Indulge in curries with fluffy naan bread, chicken tikka, Indian beer, pakoras, sweet gulab jamuns, and more. With generous portions and a burst of flavor in each bite, enjoying Indian cuisine is a great option, especially on those chilly days in London.

Fill up in Greenwich

Greenwich Market

If you’re seeking fun foodie things to do in South East London, make your way to Greenwich. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts activities and attractions that are perfect for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, and food lovers alike.

There’s something for everyone in this historic area, whether you want to learn more about the rich maritime history and marvel at the age-old architecture or relax in a scenic park. And, of course, there are plenty of unique restaurants and cafes to delight your belly.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area, I would suggest taking a small group food tour in Greenwich. This way, you’ll visit a variety of top eateries and discover a few hidden gems too. You’ll taste local and international cuisines, and while the food is the highlight, you can also listen to stories about the borough’s rich history and culture from a friendly guide. End your adventure at a riverside pub and admire the stunning views while sipping some locally-brewed ale.

Whether you’re looking for food experiences in buzzing markets or to find secret treasures in a historic area, London has plenty of options. So, for a tasty adventure, try some of these exciting foodie activities the next time you’re in London.

Donna-Kay Delahaye is a London-based travel blogger and founder of Hues of Delahaye. A blog focusing on fabulous European city breaks for busy professionals, and helpful London/UK travel tips. That’ll have you exploring like a local. You can read more of her articles, such as things to do in Shoreditch, on her blog.

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