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Things to do in Tramonti, Italy

Our most recommended things to do in Tramonti, Italy

Tramonti: Lemon Gardens Tour with Local Product Tasting

1. Tramonti: Lemon Gardens Tour with Local Product Tasting

Take a guided tour of sprawling lemon gardens, hearing about the production of lemons along the way. Taste a collection of local products made from or paired with lemons. Tramonti is a land rich in cultures of excellence. This territory near Tramonti produces not only DOC Costa D'Amalfi and Chestnut grapes, but the valley, kissed by the sun, allows the production of high-quality lemons from the Protected Geographical Indication mark. Embark on a guided visit centered around the lemon gardens. The colors and the scent are similar but substantially different from the Amalfi Coast. The verdant nature that surrounds the lemon makes this experience unique. After the visit, taste typical products paired with lemon that enhance and make unique the products of the territory. You will also have plenty of opportunities to take stunning photos.

Tramonti: Path of the Lemons - Formichelle Trail Trip

2. Tramonti: Path of the Lemons - Formichelle Trail Trip

The Path of the Formichelle winds along 8km between Tramonti and Minori. You pass through villages, vines, terraces and ancient mule tracks that in the 19th century were traveled by tireless women who transported local products and especially lemons, like industrious ants. During the route, which is quite easy, the guide will show hikers the history of one of the products at the base of the gastronomic tradition of the Amalfi Coast, namely the PGI "Sfusato Amalfitano" lemon. This citrus fruit, also the protagonist of the Path of Lemons which instead connects Minori and Maiori, was known since the times of the Republic of Amalfi and, thanks to commercial exchanges, reached all the countries of the Mediterranean and also Arabia. It was the Arabs who renamed what was known only as citro in "Limunzello" and highlighted its uses, even in the medical field. The Path of the Formichelle is a tribute to women who over the centuries have distinguished themselves for the self-denial with which they have allowed the transport of local products, particularly lemons, through the roughness of the territory. We are talking about a story that has lasted since the dawn of time, which is still present in the historical memory of the inhabitants of this magnificent part of Italy today. The cultivation of Sfusato Amalfitano PGI takes place on terraces called macerine, with the saplings placed under the scaffolding made using chestnut wood. It is a large lemon, with an elliptical shape, without seeds and a smooth, very fragrant peel that represents the richest part of oil glands, essential oil and ascorbic acid. It can be consumed to flavor other dishes but it is also excellent tasted natural, perhaps by pouring a pinch of sugar or salt over it. It starts at 15:00 from the hamlet of Paterno Sant'Elia, meeting point in front of the Church with arrival in Minori at the Sal de Riso pastry shop, where you can taste the traditional Delizia a Limone. Return to Tramonti by private bus. The length is 7 km with a travel time of about 4 hours.

Tramonti: Liqueurs and Sweets of the Amalfi Coast Tasting

3. Tramonti: Liqueurs and Sweets of the Amalfi Coast Tasting

Tramonti is well known for the production of limoncello, concerto, mandarinetto, and many other traditional liqueurs. Take part in a tasting of traditional products, visit the laboratory where they are made, and learn all there is to know about the production of the different liqueurs. Learn about the history of the production process and the region itself from your experienced guide. Your guides are local, very knowledgeable, and genuinely want visitors to learn about local history and tradition. Visit the laboratory and get an explanation of the liqueur production process with historical notes on the origins. At the end, enjoy a tasting of liqueurs paired with sweets typical of the area.

Tramonti: Tenuta San Francesco Wine Tasting

4. Tramonti: Tenuta San Francesco Wine Tasting

Visit Tramonti's Tenuta San Francesco to experience the rich local wine culture. Take a guided tour and taste 3 different kinds of wine paired with local snacks. Take a guided tour of Tenuta San Francesco, a vineyard that extends over about eight and a half hectares. This winery produces wines from the grapes of three local historical families: the Bove, the D'Avino, and the Giordano. See the modern equipment in the cellar and find out how the wine is made. Explore the 18th-century estate belonging to the Di Palma Family. Enjoy the natural surroundings of Monti Lattari Park as you learn about the history and culture behind local wine production. Enter the 17th-century wine cellar for a tasting of 3 Amalfi Coast wines. Paired your tastings with “panzanella” (bread salad with fresh tomatoes and basil) accompanied by fresh mozzarella and ricotta, matured cheeses and salami.

Corsano: Romantic Wine Tasting Expereince with Dinner

5. Corsano: Romantic Wine Tasting Expereince with Dinner

Uncover the secrets of the winemaking process and discovering excellent wine-tasting techniques special reserve wines tasting experience in Corsano. Unwind with a romantic dinning experience under the night sky.  Reach the wine cellar at midnight and be greeted by your guide. After a brief explanation of the production process of the wines, taste exquisite wines expertly paired with regional products. Find out wine-tasting techniques to enhance your appreciation of the wines.  Sit down to dinner under the stars and the moon and savor a freshly-prepared dinner accompanied by wines. Relax and soak up the intimate atmosphere while experiencing traditional dishes. 

Tramonti: Traditions of the Mediterranean Diet Cooking Class

6. Tramonti: Traditions of the Mediterranean Diet Cooking Class

It is difficult to find a quality and reasonably priced cooking class on the Amalfi Coast. We were looking for the perfect combination of affordable price and unique experience. Well yes, we did it thanks to Chef Raffaella who, with her class, warmth and charm, puts the participants at ease. We will pick you up and accompany you, but if you want you can reach us alone too. In the charming and familiar environment of the Agriturismo il Tintore with a splendid view over the Tramonti valley. The experience begins with a walk in the vegetable garden where, in the company of Aniello, you will collect everything you need to create a unique lunch that contains all the simplicity of Tramonti's home cooking. Chef Raffaella will involve you and make you a very active participant dedicated to the realization of the courses that you will enjoy bathed with a superb wine without end. We will give you a certificate of participation of an apron and an indispensable kitchen object when you want to make gnocchi at home, thinking back to the wonderful moments spent here with us. At 10:30 the arrival at the "Il Tintore" farmhouse is expected. Greetings and a small welcome drink. Then delivery of the baskets that will be used for the collection of seasonal products directly in the garden. At the end, what has been collected is taken to the kitchen and preparation begins. Before starting, a demonstration will be made of how to make fior di latte which will be used as an appetizer. Then we start with the explanation of how to make pasta by hand (Gnocchi or Tagliatelle) with the details of the quantity of ingredients and then proceed to the dough. Then the guests prepare the sauce with which the pasta will be seasoned and then they will prepare the second course with what they have collected in the garden and ALL AT THE TABLE ....

Tramonti: Tour of Basileo Winery with Wine Tasting

7. Tramonti: Tour of Basileo Winery with Wine Tasting

Spend some time in the open countryside, among centuries-old vineyards on a guided tour of Basileo Vini, a family-run winery in Tramonti. Explore their most popular wines, made from hand-picked, rigorously selected grapes during a wine-tasting session in the old cellar. Visit the vineyard and ancient cellars with a guide. Hear about tried and tested methods of artisanal wine production, including harvesting the grapes by hand, selecting and measuring them in different percentages to produce 4 different lines of wine. Admire the sloping terraces covered by traditional wooden pergolas as you immerse yourself in the history, culture, and traditions of the Amalfi Coast. Finally, settle in for a tasting of 3 Basileo red wines accompanied by locally-prepared cheese and snacks. Taste wines made from over 100-year-old native vines, such as Tintore (a vine with intensely colored berries native to Tramonti), Piedirosso or Per e Palummo, and Sciascinoso. Learn how these vines lend an aromatic complexity to the Basileo wines.

Tramonti: Re Fiascone Experience 1-Hour Food & Wine Tasting

8. Tramonti: Re Fiascone Experience 1-Hour Food & Wine Tasting

Enjoy a one-hour-long food and wine tasting in the beautiful Corsano with your friends and family. Try out famous Pagnotto bread with two different tomato spreads and taste local wine from the Tramonti region. Taste delicious “pagnotto”, homemade bread, based on sourdough fermentation and ancient types of grains. Experience flavors from the past, tasty, healthy and environmental, and socially friendly. Learn more about the “Re Fiascone” tomato, an ancient tomato from 1800, that was re-discovered by the association ACARBIO. In 1878 it was dedicated to King Umberto I of Italy and named after him. Try the Re Fiascone tomato, the same kind used on the famous pizza Margherita. Discover how today, in the course of a social project, this ancient variety is saving the terraces of the Amalfi Coast from degradation and abandonment. Try “Garum” an ancient Roman specialty, a type of fish sauce that was served in all variations and kinds, but usually, the taste of the sauce gets completed by nuts and herbs. Experience local and ancient flavors at this food and wine tasting full of history, culture, and delicious flavours.

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It was a nice walk. There is a moment when you have to walk really steeply up and that is very difficult through a very narrow forest path. When we got to the top we were broken. The guide Mateo was great and very enthusiastic. We walked for about 2.5 hours in total.

Beautiful place. Very nice experience in making pasta and gnochhi