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Pompeii: Guided Walking Tour with Entrance Ticket

1. Pompeii: Guided Walking Tour with Entrance Ticket

Skip the lines and explore the ancient city of Pompeii on a guided walking tour. Learn about daily life and the people who once lived there. Visit important buildings, including the Forum and the Thermal Baths. Get ready to explore the excavation site where, gradually over the last few centuries, the Ancient Roman town has been uncovered. Many of its landmarks are remarkably well-preserved after being buried by volcanic ash for nearly 2 millennia. On this walking tour, you will discover what everyday life was like for a Roman in the town and you will see the Forum, the Thermal Baths, Lupanare, and even streets with shops displaying signs selling produce including wine. With the help of a professional guide, you will learn more about the history of this town and what happened on that day in 79 AD when the nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Pompeii & Herculaneum Shore Excursion with Archaeologist

2. Pompeii & Herculaneum Shore Excursion with Archaeologist

Experience an unforgettable shore excursion from Naples including a group tour in Pompeii and Herculaneum led by an expert Archaeologist guide. See the major highlights. First, get picked up from Naples Central Station. Enjoy a comfortable transfer to Pompeii in a modern minivan with a maximum of 8 people. When you arrive, benefit from skip-the-line entry and then take a pleasant walk around the ancient Roman city with an archaeologist in a small group up to 20 people. Learn about how the area was buried by the volcanic ashes of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.  As you walk, learn about the history of the town and how the Romans lived. See all the most important public buildings and private houses on a 2-hour walk. Highlights include the Marina Gate, the Basilica, the Forum, the Forum Baths, the Lupanar (brothel), the Bakery, the House of Faun, the Termopolium Capuano, the House of Tragic Poet, and the plaster casts. Then, after a 1-hour lunch in downtown Pompeii, the driver will pick you up and transfer you to Herculaneum for another 2-hour guided tour. Once again, enter with skip-the-line tickets, and see how Herculaneum is much smaller but better preserved than Pompeii. See how whilst Pompeii was covered by 4 to 5 meters of ashes, Herculaneum was buried under a landslide of 20-meter deep mud. During the tour, discover carbonized wooden objects, intact paintings, and mosaics which are still preserved. Highlights include the Temple of the Augustali, the beach where more than 300 skeletons were found, the Thermal Baths, the Forum, the Samnite House, the Gymnasium, the House of the Dears, and much more. Finally, get dropped off back at the train station in time for your onward departure.

Pompeii: VIP Tour with an Archaeologist plus Entry Tickets

3. Pompeii: VIP Tour with an Archaeologist plus Entry Tickets

Avoid the lines with your tickets which skip-the-line access. The cursed city of Pompeii once flourished with life, cultural awakenings, and a buzzing civilization. But when tragedy stroke and the Vesuvius erupted burning everything in its path, the city of Pompeii became remains and ruins perfectly preserved. On this historical 2-hour private day trip, you have a chance to take a trip back in time to explore the ancient city of Pompeii. Its ruins, history and your licensed guide await! Your historical journey starts in Pompeii’s entrance "Porta Marina Superiore" where you will meet with your licensed guide. As soon as you set foot in the remains of this city, you’ll be transported to another era. Wander through its streets and thanks to the historical and archeological background of your guide, the stories and facts will make the city come back to life. The city of Pompeii once bustled with life and you can see that as you visit its theatre, the sacred area, and a brothel. What’s even more impressive is the plastered casts of some of the victims. Find out how the ashes and the techniques used to uncover the city helped to preserve the remains almost intact. You will have an expert by your side to answer all your questions.

From Rome: Naples & Pompeii Guided Day Trip with Lunch

4. From Rome: Naples & Pompeii Guided Day Trip with Lunch

Enjoy a guided tour of Naples and Pompeii following the "Highway of the Sun" through the fertile Roman countryside of the "Castelli Romani.". Descend towards the port of Mergellina, and follow the coastal road to the historic fishing quarter of Santa Lucia.  Enjoy the views of Naples' impressive Castel dell Ovo. Next, cross the valley of Mount Vesuvius, passing the towns of Ercolano, Torre del Greco, and Torre Annunziata before arriving at Pompeii, where you will break for lunch. Continue after lunch with a guided visit to the excavations. Your guide will explain Pompeii's tragic story from an archaeological perspective and uncover what has lain beneath the ashes. Afterward, on the way back to Rome, you will stop to visit a coral and cameo factory, where you can admire and purchase items of the ancient craft that dates back to Greek times.

Pompeii: Full Skip-the-Line Tour with Archaeologist Guide

5. Pompeii: Full Skip-the-Line Tour with Archaeologist Guide

Exploring Pompeii on your own can be difficult and at times baffling. The vast site is one of the best-preserved reminders of what life was like during the Roman Empire. This specially designed tour unveils the Buried City to bring you closer to its amazing history and tragic end. Led by an official Pompeii tour guide and trained archaeologist, you’ll wander the fully preserved streets of Pompeii. Visit the most interesting and emotional sights from a city that was buried under the massive eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Go beyond the best-known locations to get an in-depth look at life in Pompeii. Skip the long lines to enter the ruins and stroll past the remains of shops, temples, public baths, and houses that comprised the once-thriving city. Hear fascinating stories about life in the Roman Republic and see how ordinary people lived nearly 2,000 years ago. See the remains of a Roman bakery where the food is still almost intact, the Temple of Apollo and the Roman Forum, and even an ancient supermarket and an old cemetery. Marvel at the eerie and heart-wrenching plaster casts of those caught in the eruption at the exact moment of their death. An undisputable highlight of your Pompeii tour will be the House of the Vettii, a fascinating private home that was recently reopened to the public following restoration works. Wander through its spacious atrium and courtyard and be transported 2,000 years back in time as you gaze upon the stunningly preserved decor. You’ll also go to one of the old brothels (if appropriate for your group) and stroll along the old city walls for panoramic views of Naples. Touring in a small group, you will never struggle to hear your guide and will have plenty of time to ask any questions you might have. These expert archaeologists have dedicated their lives to the study of this city, and no one else is better qualified to introduce you to this jewel of world heritage.

Pompeii & Herculaneum Private Skip-the-Line Tour with Ticket

6. Pompeii & Herculaneum Private Skip-the-Line Tour with Ticket

Explore the beautiful ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum on a private 5-hour tour with a licensed guide. This experience will take you on a trip back in time where you’ll see how these two towns were affected by the Vesuvius eruption in their own ways. Thanks to the historical and archeological background of your guide, the stories and facts will bring the cities back to life. If you feel like changing the route a bit, that's no problem—everything can be customized. Your historical journey starts at the Pompeii’s train station where your guide will wait for you. As soon as you set foot in the remains of this city, you’ll be transported to another era. Feel the history as you visit the theater, the sacred area, and a brothel with signs and symbols all around. See the preservation techniques in all its splendor with the plastered casts of some of the victims. Herculaneum offers a different sight to its visitors. Here, you have a panoramic view of the city and its ruins and remains due to how different the eruption and ashes reached the town. See the contrasts between these two cursed cities and how different they were affected by the eruption. While in Pompeii you see more of the public areas, in Herculaneum you have an intimate look into the lives of the people that used to live here. Check out an ancient shore, a private house, a bakery, and more. Tour is: 2 hours visit of Pompeii 1h/1h30min Quick stop if you want for a light lunch moving on to Herculaneum 2 hours visit of Herculaneum

Torre Annunziata: Oplontis Entry Ticket with Audio Guide

7. Torre Annunziata: Oplontis Entry Ticket with Audio Guide

The Oplontis ruins are located in the center of the modern city of Torre Annunziata. The name Oplontis is attested only in the Tabula Peutingeriana, a medieval copy of an ancient map of Italian roads in the Roman Empire, in which Oplontis indicates some structures located between Pompeii and Herculaneum. The main monument, the only one that can be visited, is the villa of Poppaea, built in the mid-1st century B.C., was enlarged in the imperial age, and was already being restored at the time of the eruption. Its ownership is attributed to Poppaea Sabina, second wife of Emperor Nero, but in any case belonging to the imperial family estate. We will provide you with a handy audio guide to download directly to your cell phone and the priority entrance ticket to enjoy the beauty of the excavations to the fullest and in full autonomy. You will be contacted by our team to download the smart audio guide.

Campania: Full Campania Felix Self-Guided Audio Tours

8. Campania: Full Campania Felix Self-Guided Audio Tours

You will be completely free to use the audio guides right after the purchase starting to listen the contents and design into detail the points of interest you will see. Using your own smartphone you'll sure that the device is sanitized : it's yours! The app will help you to reach the point of interest thanks to maps and geo localization. More complex points of interest for example Big Domus in Pompeii and Herculaneum Ruins ( like one of Menandro, House of Cervi, etc..) or big collection into the MANN ( like Farnese collection, Egypt collection , etc..) , are splitted in several sections to ensure you are always well linked to what you are watching. For each doubt or issue about using the ITGUIDES app , a whatsapp contact is provided on the app to give you the right support.

Torre Annunziata: Villa Poppea Smartphone Audio Guide

9. Torre Annunziata: Villa Poppea Smartphone Audio Guide

A number of Latin authors, including Martial and Pliny, affirmed that the well-being of the soul and the body should be sought after in places away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ideal place was identified with the suburban villa, which is an architectural complex away from the urban centre; a place intended for practising otium, which means contemplation and study. We are about to visit a wonderful villa reserved for otium. It was built overlooking the sea in the ancient city of Oplontis, rich in rooms, gardens and unique frescoes. Before the eruption, the villa overlooked the gulf which is almost 500 meters from us now. While crossing the frescoed halls and walking by the pool, we will imagine we can still feel the breeze and the scent of the sea. The villa is called Poppea's Villa since the discovery on this site of an amphora featuring an inscription that refers to Poppea Sabina's family. She was a beautiful woman and Emperor Nero's second wife. The villa was buried following the volcanic eruption in 79 AD, while it probably was under renovation or expansion works - which were frequent in its 150 years of existence. Poppea's Villa was partly excavated during the excavations of Pompeii carried out in the Bourbon age, but only in 1964 systematic excavations and studies of the area started.

From Naples: Day Trip to Pompeii

10. From Naples: Day Trip to Pompeii

Climb aboard the shuttle bus service on Piazza del Gesù Nuovo in the historical center of Naples, and then travel in comfort to the archaeological site of Pompeii. Get dropped off at the main entrance and save precious time with your priority entrance ticket. Travel back in time and imagine life during the days of the Roman Empire as you stroll along cobblestone streets built over 2,000 years ago. See the miraculous remains of the shops, temples and theaters that were covered in lava and ash following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Marvel at the mosaic tiles of the luxury villas of rich merchants who made their fortune in the prosperous city. See the remains of the House of the Faun and get an insight into how the citizens kept themselves entertained as you discover a brothel, public baths and much more. 

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Had a tour of the ruins with Rita I believe her name was this morning and it was the best experience ever. Started on time , extremely informative and interesting. She never went too fast , didn’t lose us and we understood her English perfectly. I would recommend this tour and guide to anyone visiting Italy and I would love to return to see Pompeii again in the future because of the wonderful experience today. -Khaydia , Alicia and Abdel.

From our warm welcome from Roberto to the very interesting tour, this is a fabulous day spent exploring. Miguel was knowledgeable and gave us great insight into these archeological treasures

Our guide was fantastic and really knew history! The pictures and additional information really enhanced the experience for my family and I. Highly recommend!

As Pompeii is huge it helped to have a guide. Ours was very knowledgeable and didn’t rush around, a nice meander with lots of facts and insights

Was very good and informative, really recommend taking guided toor in Pompeii otherwise you can get lost