Titanic - Pigeon Forge TN

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As you arrive at the Museum you will be awed by the fact that it is contained in a half-scale model of the exterior of the Titanic along with an artificial iceberg. Your ticket lets you skip the ticket purchase line and proceed directly to the advance ticketing line. Here you will each receive an individual passenger boarding ticket, featuring the name of an actual Titanic passenger or crew member, the class on which they traveled on the ship and a brief biography, with details about their lives and time aboard the Titanic. Then, once you have followed them throughout the ship, at the end of the tour you will enter the Memorial Room and discover the fate of your assigned person. The Museum not only features the largest display of Titanic artifacts anywhere in the world, but is also an interactive experience that appeals to every age. Upon entering, you'll gain insights into the size and scale of the original ship. You will be in awe of the grand staircase, valued at one million dollars, which has been meticulously recreated aboard this model ship. Third-class cabins, first-class suites and other areas have been built to original scale. Touch an authentic iceberg and experience the chill of the icy waters where the Titanic sank. Walk along decks that slope at the same angle as the decks when the ship went down. Shovel “coal” in Titanic’s Boiler Room. Learn how to send an SOS distress signal. The Museum is fun for the whole family. Children five years and older are fascinated by it and have described their museum experiences with words like "awesome," "fun," "cool" and "really cool." This museum attraction is a living classroom filled with hands-on opportunities that motivate, educate and inspire. Every child receives a special boarding pass profiling a youngster who actually sailed on Titanic, a passenger who children can relate to. There is even a special audio tour just for kids that brings the Titanic story to life, and an onboard Scavenger Hunt adds to the excitement. Spend as much time as desired at the museum, gaining insight into one of the most famous shipwrecks of recent history.

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