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Tiger Trail Travel provides unique short trips and extended journeys throughout Laos. With our extensive experience and network in the region, we guarantee quality services and a memorable adventure. From one day cycling adventures to multi-day treks, foodie tours to homestays in rural villages, private trips or join in tours, we have something for everyone. WHY TRAVEL WITH US? At Tiger Trail Travel, we are dedicated to offering our customers the highest level of travel support, services, and expertise in Laos. OUR PERSONALISED TOURS We take all necessary steps in order to help accommodate each individual traveler looking to discover Laos. We offer fully customisable tours that will suit your specific needs and budget. OUR DIVERSE FAMILY Our Tiger Trail Travel family consists of over 60 full-time employees from Laos and abroad. We provide our local tour guides with insurance, regular training sessions, and annual employment. COMMUNITY-BASED TOURISM Our Fair Trek program is the first community-based tourism initiative in Luang Prabang. We collaborate with NGOs, international partners, and residents to ensure that local people have equal access to the social, environmental, and economic benefits of tourism. TRAIL MAINTENANCE Tiger Trail Travel employs local staff and villagers to help maintain our trails. This not only benefits the local community, but other tour companies that choose to use the trails we service. LOCAL FLAVOURS We offer a variety of local dishes for our day tours that are wrapped in environmentally friendly banana leaves, made MSG-Free, and prepared by the local community. Meals may vary depending on tour and availability. Please note special dietary requests upon booking your tour. OUR QUALITY With a fleet of our own vehicles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, kayaks, and rafts, we are able to bring a consistent and reliable level of quality to every tour. RESPONSIBILITY & ETHICS Tiger Trail Travel firmly stands behind its decision to only partner with the most ethical and sustainable organisations. When our customers speak, we listen, and we act. OUR PROMISE OF SAFETY Your safety is our highest priority. All tour guides carry an emergency kit, and are properly trained on first aid care to provide the safest tour possible.

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