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Best experience in my life!! 완전 강추입니다!!!

Definitely the best experience in my life. Enjoyed every single moment of the tour, especially sandboarding and stargazing at Pinnacles. Natalie was super kind and nice, she was an excellent guide and driver. All my friends just loved this tour. Highly, Highly recommended!! 이 가격에 이 구성의 투어라니 말이 안 돼요. 일단 작은 밴에 두 팀으로 나눠 타기 때문에 큰 버스에서 여럿이 북적일 일이 없구요. 가이드 부부 두분도 정말 정말 친절하셨습니다! 투어 초반 시음하는 부분도 꽤나 재미있었구요 란셀린에서의 샌드보딩은 최고였습니다!! 점토마냥 고운 하얀 사구 위에서 썰매를 타고 미끄러져 내려오는 기분은 정말 해본 사람만 알 거에요. 보드 좋아하시는 분들은 보드처럼도 탈 수 있어요! 파란 하늘에 하얀 사구의 모습 오래도록 기억에 남을 것 같습니다. 그리고 대망의 피너클스, 딱 석양 질 때 도착하게 스케줄 짜주셨고 도착하고 나서 자유시간을 충분하게 주셔서 사진 듬뿍 찍었구요. 이렇게 멋진 곳에 우리 투어팀만 있다는 게 믿기지가 않았어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜 비현실적이에요. 가이드분들께서 핫도그 저녁 맛있는 샐러드랑 준비해주시구요. 깔아주신 담요위에서 맛있게 먹다보면 하늘이 어두워집니다. 그러면 망원경을 막 나눠주세요. 그럼 누워서 별 보는 거에요. 천체망원경도 준비해주셔서 달이랑 금성이랑 크게 볼 수도 있구요. 그런데 그냥 누워서 쏟아지는 별들 보는 것만으로도 정말 행복했습니다. ㅠㅠ 밤엔 많이 추우니 후리스, 긴바지 꼭 챙겨가시구요. 샌드보딩 할 때 발이나 옷에 모래가 많이 묻을 수 있어서 물티슈도 챙겨가시면 좋습니다. 한국분들 꼭 가세요 최고에요!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 신혼부부분들도 가세요 인생샷!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See lots of things in one day with two knowledgeable guides

The tour was excellent and I can strongly recommend it. Here are some things I really liked: I was picked up in front of my apartment and brought back home even though I am not staying downtown Perth. Natalie and Gavin are really knowledgeable, ask them anything. You get to do a lot in one day: you see the swan valley, you do chocolate and wine tasting, you can do sand boarding, and finally you are in the pinnacles desert for sunset, barbecue and star-gazing. And yet, despite all the activities it did not feel stressful at all. Natalie and Gavin did really put together a beautiful tour!

Enjoyable and memorable stargazing at Pinnacles Desert

I am really glad that we signed up for this tour. We had a wonderful experience with sand surfing in Lancelin, the white sand was so pretty! Of course the highlight was Star gazing at Pinnacles desert. The sunset was beautiful. The night sky was spectacular and we were excited to be able to see Jupiter, Venus, the Southern Cross etc as pointed by Gavin. My daughter was lucky to see shooting stars which made her very happy! The dinner was good and dessert provided was super delicious. The tour was truly an unforgettable and memorable experience for us.

What awesome time we had the beautiful sunset and the moon and stars.

What a wonderful trip to go on .Gavin was a great hosts and the information about Swan river the surrounding areas and how the aboriginal people survived. The amazing beaches we visited then the spectacular Pinnacles what an awesome place visit watching the sunset settle then the stars and moon appear. Gavin explanation of the stars in the sky his knowledge was excellent. This trip is well worth going on visit to the vineyards and chocolate factory and the honey outlet . And meeting new friends Thank you Gavin

Great tour guid, wonderful landslide, amazing milk way

Great tour guide, telling us story about the history of pinnacles. And he was able to discover and pick up animals on the highway! Great time to see wild animals. wonderful landslide in Lanslin. Stunning sunset at pinnacles. amazing milk way and they had scientific telescope to show us the moon, Saturn and Jupiter