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The Lost Wawel

The Lost Wawel: Our most recommended tours and activities

Krakow: Wawel Castle Guided Tour with Entry Tickets

1. Krakow: Wawel Castle Guided Tour with Entry Tickets

Wawel Castle was the residence of the royal family of Poland till 1795. It is a source of great Polish pride and stands as one of the most spectacular buildings on the top of Wawel Hill.  During your tour of the castle, you will get the chance to witness the grandeur of Poland’s past as you pass through the magnificent halls of the castle. Presently, the castle also houses a museum that includes beautiful artifacts preserved from the historic times when kings and queens ruled the country. During your tour, you may also visit the Royal private apartments adorned with exquisite tapestries, paintings, and chandeliers.  The castle serves as a premier art museum and also includes an Oriental Art section with the largest collection of Ottoman tents on the European continent. This 14th-century castle built by King Casimir II the Great was at the top of its opulence in the 16th century when King Sigismund the Old commissioned the castle to be expanded and built into what it looks like today. Once you are in the castle, you will be transported into the era of kings and queens as your guide shares information about the royals who once lived in the castle and the myths surrounding this beautiful place. You may also get to see the Wawel exhibition, which displays objects uncovered during archaeological excavations around the region. It also includes scale models of buildings and other architectural elements.  Wawel Castle is recognized as a Unesco World Heritage site and is known to have immense cultural and historical significance in Poland.

Krakow: Wawel Hill Audioguide Tour

2. Krakow: Wawel Hill Audioguide Tour

After collecting your audioguide at the local Tourist Information Centre, listen to the commentary as you walk along Kanonicza Street to the Wawel Hill. Wawel has been the monarch’s residency from the 11th century and is also the site where Polish royals were crowned and buried.  Once you've arrived at the Royal Castle, hear about the role of each building, and the stories behind them. You will learn about the history of Main Courtyard, the Arcaded Courtyard, as well as the Crown Treasury and Armory. End the tour at the famous Dragon’s Den.

Krakow: Wawel Royal Hill Guided Tour

3. Krakow: Wawel Royal Hill Guided Tour

Join a guided tour of the Wawel Royal Hill, one of the most important hills in Poland. This was where Polish kings and queens reigned over Poland. Your guide will tell you about the secrets of the royals and show you the most important places within Wawel Hill.  After meeting your guide, you will pass by the most expensive hotel in Cracow, which has hosted HRH Prince Charles and President Bush. You are then going to stop by the house of Jan Długosz, the legendary Polish historian, from where you will have a magnificent view over Wawel Hill. Then, start to go uphill, passing through the Arms Gate, and stopping by the monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko, one of the most important Polish heroes. Walk past the entrance to the Wawel Cathedral. Continue in the direction of the center of Wawel hill and the medieval courtyard, and head to the Austrian Hospital, from where you will be able to see a beautiful panorama of Krakow. You are then going to pass by Sandomierska Tower and go downhill through the Bernardyńska Gate, eventually leading to the cave of the Wawel Dragon. 

Krakow: Wawel Castle and Cathedral Guided Tour

4. Krakow: Wawel Castle and Cathedral Guided Tour

See Krakow's magnificent landmarks with an expert local guide. Visit the Wawel Cathedral and the Royal Wawel Castle. Learn about Polish kings and queens while visiting the Royal Chambers. Explore the residence of Polish kings at the Royal Wawel Castle, which has become one of the most important museums in Poland since 1930. See a vast collection of paintings, graphics, sculptures, fabrics, goldsmiths, military items, porcelain, and furniture, recreating the appearance of the rooms from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Visit the Royal chambers that display the famous tapestries of Zygmunt August and magnificent Renaissance Italian paintings from the Lanckoronski collection. See the Wawel collections of Eastern art contain the largest collection of tents in Europe. Get entrance to the Wawel Cathedral and admire the Gothic structure that was once a sanctuary where Polish monarchs were crowned.

Krakow: Wawel Castle Crown Treasury Tour with Guide

5. Krakow: Wawel Castle Crown Treasury Tour with Guide

Discover the rich heritage of Polish Kings and Queens on this guided tour of the Crown Treasury at Wawel Castle, in Krakow. Discover the mysterious world of history and splendor at Wawel! We invite you for an unforgettable journey through time to the heart of the Polish royal past - the Treasury at Wawel! Discover the extraordinary treasures that have shone in the crowns of kings and queens for centuries, emanating with power and beauty. This magnificent exhibition puts before you jewels that have survived the ages to tell their tale of glory and power. Ignite the imagination with the sparkles of diamonds, precious stones and gold that are still a living part of our heritage. Get ready for a thrilling journey into history, where you'll encounter masterpieces of craftsmanship and beauty that continues to amaze. Do not miss the chance to immerse yourself in the blink of an eye in the era of kings and queens, in the festive surroundings of Wawel - one of the most important and beautiful Polish fortresses. The treasury at Wawel is waiting for you Meet your licensed guide outside the castle and bypass line to visit the Crown Treasury. Uncover magnificent works of art, crown jewels, orbs, and more. Admire royal decorations of honor, including the mantle of the Knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit, and rare jewelry collections. Choose from a tour with or without a ticket to the Royal Armory. Save time with skip-the-line access to the Treasury.   Next, visit the Royal Armoury on a self-guided tour (if you have chosen that option). Explore its collection of richly decorated weapons, donated to Polish kings by medieval rulers from across Europe. See the original famous winged Polish Hussars’ armor and weapons. Take in the exquisite gun exhibits of rifles, arquebuses, patrinals, and pistols from medieval European factories. View the most valuable collection of barrels in the country bearing the coats of arms of Polish kings, hetmans, and noblemen.

Krakow: Wawel Castle & Cathedral Guided Tour

6. Krakow: Wawel Castle & Cathedral Guided Tour

Discover the residence of Polish kings at the Royal Wawel Castle and visit Wawel Cathedral on a guided tour in Krakow. Let your guide teach you about the royal history of Poland. Make your way to the castle after meeting your guide at St. Mary Magdalene Square. Explore Wawel Castle with your guide as you learn about the history of the Polish monarchy. See the castle's vast collection of paintings, sculptures, fabrics, furniture and other treasures. Visit the king's royal chambers and see how the kings of Poland once lived. Have a look at the famous tapestries of King Zygmunt August and the magnificent Renaissance paintings of the Lanckoronski collection. Afterward, enter the stately Wawel Cathedral for a tour. Admire the Gothic architecture and see the place where Poland's kings were crowned.

From Warsaw: Krakow Sightseeing Tour by Express Train

7. From Warsaw: Krakow Sightseeing Tour by Express Train

Benefit from pick-up at your hotel, and then travel to the train station to board the express train to Krakow. A local guide will meet you on arrival. Experience the atmosphere of the city of the Kings of Poland at the landmark monuments of the medieval Old Town. Visit Wawel Castle and see some of its ceremonial rooms, and gaze in awe at the beauty of Sigismund Chapel inside the Royal Cathedral. Learn more about the Piast, Jagiellonian and Vasa dynasties and admire tapestries that once belonged to King Sigismund August. Look at the monumental Cloth Hall on Main Market Square. Discover the remains of the old city wall and learn about the ceremonial St. Florian's Gate. See the oldest synagogue in Poland in the Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz, and get the chance to buy souvenirs of amber and silver jewelry along the way.

Krakauer old town tour

8. Krakauer old town tour

Welcome to the heart of Krakow, where history, culture and beauty combine. The old town, which survived the Second World War, pulsates with the atmosphere of the time when it was the capital of the largest European country. Accompany us on a tour of a city that has hardly changed since the Middle Ages and find out why it was included in the very first UNESCO list of the World Heritage Site! Explore the Royal Route: When you follow the royal route, you will pass breathtaking sights, including the magnificent Wawel lock, the impressive St. Marien-Basilica and the busy main market. Each place contains part of the city's history, and our expert guides give these stories to the life and add of the history and culture of Polen's valuable information. Cultural Center: The old town of Krakau has long been a cultural center in which artists, scholars and leading personalities live from all over Europe. We show you where to find the traces of the city in their heyday in the 15th and 16th centuries when Copernicus went through these streets themselves. A jewel of the UNESCO World Heritage Site: The old town and the Wawel Castle are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, for good reason. The charming streets, the impressive architecture and the rich history make them one of the best preserved and most popular travel destinations in Europe. A unique experience: What makes our old town tour really extraordinary is the depth of the insight you will win. We not only show you the sights, but also give you connections, stories and a real understanding of this extraordinary place. On this 2h 30 minutes of Pay What You Wish Walkative! You will see tour: - the medieval city walls and the Barbican - the main market with the Tuchhalle - The St. Mary's church with its famous trumpeter -Collegium Maius, the oldest building at the oldest university in Central East Europe - Archbishopric Palace and the "papal window" by Johannes Paul II. - The Wawelhügel with the cathedral and the castle courtyard - Wawel dragon - and much more...!

Krakow: Wawel Hill Guided Tour with Entry to Wawel Cathedral

9. Krakow: Wawel Hill Guided Tour with Entry to Wawel Cathedral

Meet your guide in the square near the royal castle. Walking towards it through the medieval streets, you will learn the general historical outline of this symbolic place. Later, your guide will introduce you to the world of crowned heads and past events while standing in the magnificent castle courtyard. There are also a few words about the characteristics of architectural styles. But most importantly - what is hidden behind the thick walls. Explore the residence of Polish kings with your experienced guide. See the rich collection of paintings, prints, sculptures, fabrics, goldsmiths, militaria, porcelain and furniture, recreating the appearance of rooms from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Visit the Royal Chambers, which are home to the famous tapestries of Sigismund Augustus and magnificent Renaissance Italian paintings. Enter the Wawel Cathedral and admire the Gothic structure that was once the sanctuary where Polish monarchs were crowned.

Krakow: Skip-the-Line Wawel Castle & Old Town Guided Tour

10. Krakow: Skip-the-Line Wawel Castle & Old Town Guided Tour

During this tour you will discover the highlights of Krakow's history. Start with the top attraction - amazing Wawel Castle. First, you will have an opportunity to explore this fascinating castle from the outside, where you will see its most important points like defensive walls, Wawel Dragon, Wawel Cathedral and much more. Outside, your guide will treat you to information about this place and its history. After this introduction, you will step inside Castle Wawel, even more impressive than its exterior. Explore the most important parts of the castle, including the royal staterooms. In addition to many precious monuments, the castle is also full of ancient paintings and stunning tapestries, which have been preserved from the interior's original decoration. Follow in the footsteps of the Kings of Poland as you explore the famous Royal Route from Wawel Hill to the Old Town. Get to the Main Market Square to admire the Gothic exterior of St. Mary's Basilica. Marvel at the decorative details of the historic Cloth Hall, where traveling merchants would meet to discuss business and barter their wares. Pass one of the world's oldest universities, Jagiellonian University, and go to the green oasis of Planty Park, built on the site of the medieval city walls.

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