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The Gum Wall

The Gum Wall: Our most recommended tours and activities

Seattle: Terrors and Ghosts Guided Walking Tour

1. Seattle: Terrors and Ghosts Guided Walking Tour

Travel back in time to experience Seattle's tragic events, lawless characters, and spooky places on a guided walking ghost tour. Dive deep into Seattle’s past to discover why these ghosts still walk their specific haunts. Expect to be spooked, fascinated, and entertained all at once. Meet some of Seattle’s most infamous ghosts and hear interesting stories from your guide. Listen to ghost stories that are based on extensive research and on real, verified ghost sightings. Whether you’re in town for vacation or business, or you're a lifelong resident, you're sure to enjoy this history-packed journey through downtown Seattle.

Seattle: Guided Haunted Pub Crawl

2. Seattle: Guided Haunted Pub Crawl

Get to know the real Seattle on this chilling, two-hour pub crawl of the city’s most active haunted locations. You’ll meet your guide at 1st Avenue and University St., where the victims of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy still linger. From there, you’ll journey to seven other haunted locations, including four historic pubs. Savor a decadent white chocolate creme brûlée and white wine at the Can Can Culinary Cabaret as you hear tales of spine-chilling ghost activity backstage. Scan the crowd for the “little red haired girl” at Kells Irish Pub — whiskey in hand. Mingle with the many ghosts of Pike Place Brewing Co., and walk the same path Kurt Cobain traveled in the days before he died. You’ll head home with a new favorite drink and plenty of goosebump-inducing tales to entertain friends and family.

Seattle And Olympic NP Self-Guided Audio Bundle Tour

3. Seattle And Olympic NP Self-Guided Audio Bundle Tour

Embark on a rich journey of discovery with the Action Tour Guide app, your all-in-one personal guide through Seattle and Olympic National Park. Begin in Seattle at the impressive Seattle Aquarium, immersing yourself in the vibrant aquatic life of Puget Sound. As you wander, you'll be captivated by tales of the Seattle Great Wheel, a pier turned bustling tourist attraction teeming with eateries and stores. Journeying on, uncover stories of Puget Sound, from the dwindling orca population to quirky tales that spark laughter. Your path then winds to Miner's Landing, echoing with ancient tales of the Coast Salish, who've called this land home for over a millennium. The footsteps of the Denny family, pioneers of modern Seattle, come alive alongside tales of Chief Si’ahl, a mediator between cultures, and the adventurous David “Doc” Maynard. The whimsical Ye Olde Curiosity Shop stands as a testament to Joseph Stanley's penchant for the peculiar, while the aroma from Ivar’s Fish Shop draws you into tales of the fierce fight to secure a railroad. As you stroll, the 1889 fire that shaped Seattle's destiny unfurls, paving the way for tales of the towering Smith Tower, steeped in lore and history. Pioneer Square stands proud as the pulsating heart of Seattle, where tales of logging magnates mingle with those of an Alaskan totem pole. Journey through time, experiencing the excitement of the Klondike Gold Rush and the rivalry of the World Fair. As the story unfolds, marvel at the rise of tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, while getting a taste of Seattle's coffee culture with Starbucks' transformative journey. The rhythm of grunge, personified by Nirvana, reverberates through the streets, leading you to the bustling Pike Place Market, where fish fly and stories come alive. From cityscape to pristine wilderness, Olympic National Park offers a stark contrast. Begin at the park's visitor center, where the natural and cultural stories lay a foundation for the adventure ahead. Wander through the dense Hoh Rainforest, its moss-laden trees whispering ancient secrets. The Elwha River sings songs of nature's resilience, while panoramic vistas from Hurricane Ridge showcase nature's grandeur. The Pacific's might is on full display at Rialto and Ruby Beaches, each wave a testament to nature's raw power. Journey through diverse ecosystems, from alpine meadows to temperate forests, each trail revealing a unique facet of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. The history of the native tribes, their symbiotic relationship with this land, weaves through your exploration, enriching your experience. Your adventure concludes amidst the verdant valleys and majestic peaks of the park, a fitting finale to a journey spanning urban charm and untamed nature.

Seattle: Ballard Waterfront Walking Food Tour

4. Seattle: Ballard Waterfront Walking Food Tour

For centuries, Seattle has been a melting pot of different cultures and flavors. Join an expert local guide for a mouth-watering tour of some of the city’s best seared, stirred, savory, and sweet dishes. You'll meet your group at the Ballard Locks Visitor Center, a historic building located next to Salmon Bay and a sprawling seven-acre garden. From there, you'll wind through six other locations, sampling dishes like authentic Mee Ka Ti, New Zealand lamb, and crunchy fish n' chips. Get to know Seattle in the tastiest way possible. Book a tour today!

Seattle: Private City Driving Tour with Local Guide

5. Seattle: Private City Driving Tour with Local Guide

Community Impact: -Our tours are designed with our communities first in mind, meaning that we will always encourage supporting local, owner-operated, and start-up businesses such as those in Pike Place Market -We reduce overcrowding in over-touristed areas and lessen negative impacts on our local businesses by visiting lesser-known spots and shops in and around the Queen Anne neighborhood -The opportunity to add in walking segments to our tours reduces our carbon footprint and impact on the environment -We strive to represent all voices in our storytelling, for example highlighting the contributions of Asian immigrants to Washington's economy and African American influence on Seattle's music and culinary scenes Summary: Seattle is a city of distinct neighborhoods, and on this four-hour driving tour, we’ll explore the top-rated places and attractions bound to give you the full Emerald City experience! An obvious but worthwhile must-do for your whirlwind tour of the city is Pike Place Market and its dizzying array of shops and restaurants that have served the city’s residents for decades. Your tour guide will be happy to recommend favorite local eats, from fresh baked goods to excellent seafood, and introduce you to the market’s most beloved tenants, from the flying fish handlers to artisanal cheese mongers. Of course, no Pike Place Market tour is complete without a stop at the famous Gum Wall and a pass by the longest running Starbucks! Once you’re loaded up with market goodies, we’ll take a short ride along the scenic waterfront, with the Puget Sound made even more beautiful by a backdrop of the Olympic Mountains on a clear day. We’ll then take our Seattle driving tour up to the Queen Anne neighborhood, known for its steep hillsides, million-dollar homes, and amazing views of the city skyline and the iconic Space Needle. Time permitting, we can head north to Fremont and its Gas Works Park, offering more views of the Space Needle with Lake Union in the foreground. After a morning or afternoon of great photo ops and unbeatable local eats, you’ll be ready to head back downtown for a rest or even more exploring!

Seattle: Downtown Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

6. Seattle: Downtown Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app, which functions as your personal tour guide, audio tour, and map, all in one. Note: This 1.6+ mile-long tour covers the essentials of Seattle Downtown in 1-2 hours. Once downloaded, your walking tour of Seattle begins at the breathtaking Seattle Aquarium. Here you’ll discover the rich aquatic life that abounds in Puget Sound From there, you’ll pass the Seattle Great Wheel and hear how a shrewd businessman transformed a pier into a tourist hub, full of bakeries, restaurants, and other shops. As you keep walking, you’ll learn about Puget Sound and the drastic decline in orca whales while getting a laugh or two over some scatological stories! Your journey then takes you to Miner’s Landing, where you’ll step back in time, learning of the Coast Salish. Hear how they fished from canoes and how their ancestors arrived some 12,000 years ago! Up next, you’ll revisit the founding of modern Seattle. You’ll get the story of the Denny family, their dangerous trek west, and a homestead that rose up into modern Seattle! Speaking of danger, you’ll also get to know the shrewd Chief Siahl. In the process, you’ll discover how he stepped in to curb tension between his people and the settlers. You’ll also meet David “Doc” Maynard, friend of the chief. Your journey next takes you to Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, where you’ll be introduced to Joseph Stanley. Uncover his fondness for all things odd. If the shop name sounds familiar, it is indeed a reference to Charles Dickens! Then you’ll pass Ivar’s Fish Shop and revisit the fight to bring the railroad to Seattle, full of twists and turns. That’s not the only story! You’ll also go back to 1889 and the infamous fire, started by glue! But you’ll see how the city rebuilt and also gained its first fire department as a result. As you stroll through the bustling downtown, you’ll see the majestic Smith Tower. 38 stories, it was the tallest building west of the Mississippi upon its completion in 1914! You’ll get to unearth some of the stories and rumors associated with it, including connections to Imperial China, stuntmen, and Prohibition! The journey next takes you to majestic Pioneer Square, heart of modern Seattle. You’ll learn about the city’s first steam powered sawmill and the rise of logging, Seattle’s first major industry. Here you can also admire the 60-foot totem pole, which came all the way from Alaska! As you continue, hear about the Klondike Gold Rush and the World Fair, a battle of technological might at the height of the Cold War. You’ll also learn how Microsoft and Amazon arose, with the latter beginning as an online bookstore! As you head toward Pike Place Market, uncover Starbucks and meet Howard Schultz. Hear how he wanted to create a community oasis and ultimately bought the franchise. Then pass Benaroya Hall and hear how grunge arose, with Nirvana putting Seattle on the musical map! The journey concludes at bustling Pike Place Market, where fishmongers actually fling fish across the counters, making it look like they’re flying!

Seattle: City Walking Tour with Local Guide

7. Seattle: City Walking Tour with Local Guide

Community Impact: - Our tours are designed with our communities first in mind, meaning that we will always encourage supporting our local businesses, such as independent coffee shops and owner-operated stalls at Pike Place Market - By taking advantage of outdoor attractions and some areas not typically visited by large groups in neighborhoods like historic Pioneer Square, we can reduce overcrowding in over-touristed areas - Your choosing a walking tour helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment, with an additional opportunity to support our public transit sector - We strive to represent all voices in our storytelling, particularly those minorities who are often overlooked or underrepresented in the tourism industry, including but not limited to indigenous history and Asian influence on neighborhoods like Pioneer Square, the waterfront and Pike Place, and downtown Seattle Summary: Put on your best walking shoes and get ready for four hours of fascinating history, awesome art and architecture, and the best cuisine downtown Seattle has to offer! We’ll start out our Seattle tour in one of the most historically significant sites of the city, Pioneer Square. Here, the historic brick-built buildings and your tour guide will help you travel back in time to the early days of the pioneer settlement and when native tribes called this resource-rich tideland their home. Many buildings remain from the busy mining days of the late 19th century and tell the stories of the city’s founding and development, including the neoclassical Smith Tower. Your tour guide will point out the best places to eat, drink, and recreate in the neighborhood, before heading north along the waterfront, lined with souvenir shops and offering fantastic views of the Puget Sound and distant Olympic Mountains. Just up from the waterfront lies Pike Place Market, well known for its restaurants and food vendors. You’ll be enticed by the aromas of freshly baked pastries, chowders of every style, and, naturally, freshly ground and brewed coffee. As we explore the labyrinth of artist stalls and hole-in-the-wall eateries, feel free to grab a bite to eat during the tour as we marvel at the mongers who make fish fly, decide whether we’re astounded or repulsed by the Seattle Gum Wall, and pass by the oldest operating Starbucks! Still wanting more? Your tour guide will have plenty of recommendations for more to do in the city, from riding the monorail to the iconic Space Needle and Chihuly Museum to exploring the outlying neighborhoods and their food and drink scene!

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Fun tour chock full of stories! I was impressed with the tour guide's knowledge. And I appreciated there wasn't a ton of walking between stops, it was very manageable. Only thing I will say - it was a pretty large group. If you are looking for a more intimate tour where you're able to chat more with the guide, this is not it. However maybe a different day of the week (we went Friday) would have been less crowded.

Noah slayed. From the formidable Dr. Hazard to the sinister Butterworths, Noah playfully wove the tapestry of Seattle’s macabre history with a devilish charm.

Very enjoyable, good history of old Seattle. Lots of steps and incline up and down. I’m 60, and walk with a cane, but still doable. My older teens loved it!

Tour was very fun and informative, the extended tour is definitely worth the extra money.

There is a long walk,long pause to explain the back story it was worth it!