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Terrace of the Elephants

Terrace of the Elephants: Our most recommended tours and activities

Siem Reap: Private Guided Day Trip to Angkor Wat with Sunset

1. Siem Reap: Private Guided Day Trip to Angkor Wat with Sunset

Follow the footsteps of holy Hindu men, Buddhist rulers, and Khmer kings on a guided day trip from Siem Reap to see the highlights of the UNESCO-listed Angkor Archaeological Park. You will need a temple pass (1 or 3 days), which you can purchase online or have your guide take you to the ticket office before the tour begins. With occasional food and rest breaks, visit Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon Temple, and Tah Prohm. Walk around and inside each temple, with information from your guide, so you will understand what you see. After your entry fee, it only makes sense to pay a little more for a registered guide, so that you're not simply looking at the stones. The small group is never more than 13 people, so you will be in good company with other explorers. Get a feel for the 12th-century Khmer empire and stand amongst the magnificent monuments of Angkor Wat, the largest religious structure in the world; educate yourself in a most enjoyable way. Know the rich history from one of the most enduring architectural achievements ever. Admire the stone figures that greet you at the southern gates of Angkor Thom and stroll towards the Bayon Temple to see the etchings of smiling faces at its central peak. Visit the Terrace of the Leper King and the Terrace of the Elephants. At Tah Prohm, soak up the atmospheric combination of trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings. After a full day of exploring Angkor's highlights, climb the steps to the temple mountain of Phnom Bakheng, the state temple of the first Khmer capital in the region, to watch the sunset. Then, make the return journey to Siem Reap and be dropped off at your hotel.

Siem Reap: Angkor Wat Sunrise Small Group Tour & Breakfast

2. Siem Reap: Angkor Wat Sunrise Small Group Tour & Breakfast

You will be picked up from your hotel lobby before sunrise at between 4:30 am to 5:00 am and continue to the watch the sunrise at one of the world's cultural heritage and the largest temple in the world, Angkor Wat temple as you soak in the breathtaking sunrise. We may spend about 1-hour and 30 minutes to walk and see the whole entire building of Angkor Wat temple, and take amazing pictures before arrival crowds. Enjoy breakfast and support at a local family restaurant in Siem Reap. Experience rural life at Preah Dak village near the countryside community of Angkor temples and taste the traditional palm cake. After that, we continue to visit the jungle temple of Ta Prohm, which has been left in its original state and is partly overgrown with trees and huge roots, and then finally, go to the South Gate of Angkor Thom to marvel at the Bayon and Baphoun temples with their 54 towers and 216 faces of Buddhisatva Avalokesvara, and visit the Terrace of the Elephant and the Terrace of the Leper King known as the royal viewing platform and the stage of the king’s great audience hall. Listen as your guide explains historical facts about the temples and the Khmer empire before returning to your hotel in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap: Full-Day Small Group Temples Tour

3. Siem Reap: Full-Day Small Group Temples Tour

Embark on a guided tour to the Angkor Wat temple complex, departing from Siem Reap. Admire the spectacular architecture of the Khmer civilization as you explore the Angkor Wat, the southern Gate of Angkor Thom, the Bayron Temple, the Terrace of Elephants, among other notable buildings. Start with pickup in the early morning from Siem Reap. Travel to the complex by bus and enjoy a day of exploring the spectacular temples of Angkor. Admire the famous Angkor Wat, which is the world’s largest sacred building and an architectural masterpiece. Built in the 12th century, the temple took 30 years to complete and represents Khmer civilization at its peak. Visit the southern gate of Angkor Thom, which is flanked by a row of 54 stone figures on each side (gods to the left and demons to the right), and the fortified city of Angkor Thom. Discover the Bayon Temple, and its beautifully crafted central towers covered with more than 200 enormous faces. Pass by the famous Terrace of the Leper King and the Terrace of the Elephants. Following lunch and a rest break, set out to see the jungle-enveloped Ta Prohm, one of the most atmospheric of all temples in Angkor. Once home to 2,740 monks, Ta Prohm today looks much as it did in the early 1850s, when French explorer Henri Mouhot rediscovered this crumbling site. After exploring the maze-like interior of Ta Prohm, travel back to your hotel where you’ll be dropped off in the mid-afternoon.

Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple: Private Day Tour

4. Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple: Private Day Tour

Benefit from hotel pick-up and journey to the Angkor Wat temple complex to explore the history of the Khmer civilization. Discover a perfect example of classical Khmer architecture and admire the intricate bas-reliefs of the 12th-century temple. Visit the southern gate of Angkor Thom to see the 54 stone figures of gods and demons. Then, enter the fortified city to get a closer look at the richly decorated Bayon temple. Continue to the Terrace of the Leper King and Terrace of the Elephants, and then venture into the jungle of Ta Prohm after lunch.

Angkor Wat Private Tour by Tuk-Tuk

5. Angkor Wat Private Tour by Tuk-Tuk

Save yourself the hassle of walking around the temple complex and roam comfortably onboard a tuk-tuk! Be in awe of some of the most majestic temples around the area including the Bayon, Angkor Thom, and more This private exploration includes free round trip hotel transfers by tuk tuk making it a fun and worry-free experience The temples at Angkor are famous in their own rights, even if the status of Angkor Wat as the world's greatest temple means that it's the first in most people's minds. This tour takes in many of the greatest temples in the world, with a knowledgeable, passionate Khmer driver who will enrich your time among our cultural treasures. With the convenience of collection from your hotel by our motorized Tuk-Tuk and chilled water provided, this tour will create memories that last forever.

Siem Reap: Angkor 1 day group tour with Spanish guide

6. Siem Reap: Angkor 1 day group tour with Spanish guide

Meeting point: we will pick you up at the hotel reception between 08:30 and 09:00 in the morning. SMALL CIRCUIT (Tour: 08:30 - 17:00) In the morning: After breakfast, departure to visit the main temples of Angkor including: Ta Prohm, known from the film 'Tomb Raider', one of the most beautiful temples in the area, almost intact since its discovery. Angkor Thom: Victory Gate; Elephant Terrace; Terrace of the Leper King; Baphuon newly opened after years of restoration and Bayon located in the center of the city and characterized by its 54 towers and the more than 200 smiling faces of Avalokitesvara. Free time for lunch at a local restaurant. *not included Afternoon: After lunch, continue your visit to Angkor Wat temple (one of the seven wonders of the world) the famous temple - best preserved of all the temples of Angkor. It is considered the largest religious monument ever built, and one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world. Back to the hotel. Note: for the group of 2 people, transportation would be by Tuk Tuk. 3 to 10 people in an air-conditioned van.

Angkor Wat Temple Hopping Tour with Sunset

7. Angkor Wat Temple Hopping Tour with Sunset

Travel back to the 12th-century Khmer Empire and explore the magnificent monuments of Angkor Wat, where the temple complex tells the Hindu and Buddhist history of the ancient city. Cross the moat and marvel at the towering outer wall. Wander along the rectangular galleries and get up close to the bas-reliefs carved into the sandstone walls. Continue to Angkor Thom to explore the last capital city of the Khmer Empire. Admire the stone figures that greet you at the southern gates, and then stroll towards the Bayon temple to admire its upper terrace and the etchings of smiling faces at its central peak. Visit the Terrace of the Leper King and Terrace of the Elephants. Enjoy lunch at your own expense before visiting the iconic temple of Ta Prohm, world-famous for the remains of temples with trees growing out of the ruins. Watch the sunset at the Bakheng temple before getting dropped off at your hotel in Siem Reap.

Private Trip to Angkor Wat by Tuk Tuk

8. Private Trip to Angkor Wat by Tuk Tuk

You will be picked up at the lobby of hotel. Then, transfer to visit Angkor Wat, first a Hindu, then subsequently a Buddhist, temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. The temple was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century in Yasodharapura,( present-day Angkor), the capital of the Khmer Empire, as his state temple and eventual mausoleum. Breaking from the Shaivism tradition of previous kings, Angkor Wat was instead dedicated to Vishnu. As the best-preserved temple at the site, it is the only one to have remained a significant religious center since its foundation. The temple is at the top of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. It has become a symbol of Cambodia, appearing on its national flag. After that, you will go to visit Angkor Thom with the wall rising eight meters high, the laterite wall measures 3x3km and guards many treasures inside, protected by a moat still flooded today. You will enter the ancient city through its South Gate. In the very centre lies the temple of Bayon – silent witnesses of time, the 216 enigmatic faces gaze over the horizon and one can only wonder what they have seen throughout the ages. Your guide will point out the best angles for photography here and give explanation of the many intricate carvings on the walls of the galleries. You will then continue to Baphuon with its long causeway and an impressive giant Reclining Buddha, a jigsaw puzzle only put back together in 2011 following a 37 year-long disruption caused by the war. Phimeanakas is hiding in the shaded jungle and offers a decent over-the-tree-tops view to those who conquer the steep steps to the top. Continuing along the Esplanade of the Royal Palace more commonly known as the Terrace of the Elephants you will wind up your exploration in the shaded area of the picturesque Preah Palilay. Break for lunch. Afternoon, you will visit Thommanon temple, one of a pair of Hindu temples built during the reign of Suryavarman II at Angkor, Cambodia. The name of the temple is derived from the Pali words "Dhamma", which means 'Buddhist Teachings' and "Nanda", which means 'supreme wisdom'. Then, visit Chau Say Tevoda, a temple at Angkor, Cambodia. It is just east of Angkor Thom, directly south of Thommanon across the Victory Way. Built in the mid-12th century, it is a Hindu temple in the Angkor Wat period. It is dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu with unique types of female sculptures of devatas enshrined in it. Our next stop, Ta Prohm, gained its 21st Century fame from the movie Tomb Raider featuring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. Today, with Lara long gone, this temple is on the itinerary of most visitors and rightfully so. Many corners of Ta Prohm showcase an intricate relationship between the roots of Spung tree (Tetrameles Nudiflora) and ancient stones covered in moss. Truly a photographer's paradise, don't miss the opportunity to capture your own explorer's moments. Drive back to hotel and drop off.

Angkor Wat Full-Day Private Tour with Sunset

9. Angkor Wat Full-Day Private Tour with Sunset

At 8:30 AM, depart from your hotel and travel to the Angkor Archaeological Park. First, travel to Angkor Thom, which was the last capital of the Angkorian Empire and built by Angkor's greatest king, Jayavarman VII. The major attraction of Angkor Thom is the Bayon Temple, where you can marvel at the wise smiling faces. After, visit the Terrace of the Elephants. It was used as a giant reviewing stand for public ceremonies and served as a base for the King’s grand audience hall. Terrace of the Leper King is another of Angkor’s mysteries, the walls of which are deeply carved with seated deities. You will continue to Ta Prohm, a jungle clad temple offering a strange beauty as the stone works intertwine with jungle vines. For many this temple will be well known as it was featured in Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider. At 12:30 PM, it is time for an hours break for lunch. During this time, relax, enjoy your food and feel free to ask your guide any questions you have about your experiences from the morning. At 1:30 PM, you will continue your tour of the World Heritage Site and visit the famous Angkor Wat. Take your time to truly immense yourself in this historical monument. Angkor Wat was built around the first half of 12th century by King Suryavarman II. The temple's balance, composition and beauty make it one of the finest monuments in the world. The shear size of the monument makes it very overwhelming as it towers over the landscape and is breathtaking, especially at dawn. Towards the end of the afternoon, watch the sunset at Pre Rup, a Hindu temple built as the state temple of Khmer king Rajendravarman. This temple is very popular among the tourists for its sunset views. At 6:00 PM, your tour comes to an end and your guide will transfer you back to your hotel.

Angkor Wat Sunrise With Small Group

10. Angkor Wat Sunrise With Small Group

Angkor Wat Merge Tour My driver and tour guide will go to pick you up at your hotel and then we go to buy the temple ticket and then we go to Angkor Wat to see the sunrise after that we go to visit all the destination as below 1. Angkor wat ( after sun rise we go straight inside the Angkor Wat temple to see the sculpture and the tour guide will tell you about the history and cultures on the wall of the Angkor Wat from one place to one place). After that we go back to the Minivan to visit other place. 2. Tonle Om gate (after Angkor Wa, here is the next place to visit) 3. Bayon (After Tonle Om gate we go to visit the next temple we call Bayon Temple or some people they call Angkor Thom, The tour guide will show you the good place to see and tell the histories of the temple from one place to one place. After visit Bayon temple we go to have lunch. 4. Terrace of the elephants (after lunch we go visit Terrace of elephants) 5. Ta Prohm "Tomb raider" (The last place to visit and the best temple). After that we go back to the hotel or drop you off in the city or Pub Street, Old Market.

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I was the only person on the tour, but instead of cancelling, my tourguide Voleak (or 'handsome' as he introduced himself) still took me on the tour and made this the highlight of my entire trip! He quickly assessed my skill level on a bike and what topics I was interested in learning about and adapted his tour perfectly. There was not a single question he could not answer and his English was outstanding. Also, he was very dedicated to taking the nicest pictures on the trip. He was very concerned with safety and the bike and helmet were in top shape. On top of the regular program, he introduced me to Cambodian Street food (which I would surely not have tasted otherwise) and collected cashews with me. Overall, it felt more like being on a trip with a new friend than on a guided tour. I can only strongly recommend booking!

Had a wonderful day out with Dara. He was detailed in sharing the history of each temple. The team also provided good hospitality, ensuring we stay hydrated and have cool towels waiting for us after the temple visit. Also helped take beautiful pictures for the group!

Our tour guide Mony made our tour more memorable and fun. Thanks to Mony! I would recommend that sunrise tour to anyone especially to Solo travelers like me. The food that we had during breakfast was great too.

Very good performance. The driver allowed us to change the choice of temples to visit. Welcoming and attentive to the little details that make all the difference and make a service better.

Dara was an amazing tour guide. Informative, friendly, and very welcoming. I had an incredible time on this tour. Highly recommend.