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Tbilisi: Kazbegi Full-Day Group Tour

1. Tbilisi: Kazbegi Full-Day Group Tour

Explore Kazbegi, the mountainous region of Georgia. Feel the Caucasian Georgian spirit in the Caucasus Mountains. Take many beautiful pictures, hear exciting parts of the history, try the traditional Georgian dish Khinkali (Dumpling), discover the most beautiful part of Georgia, and get unforgettable memories. Your first stop is Zhinvali Water Reservoir on the Georgian Military Highway. The Soviets constructed the dam in the 1980s—a wonderful place to take amazing pictures. Visit Ananuri Fortress, the seat of the Eristavis (Dukes) of Aragvi, a feudal dynasty that ruled the area around the 13th century. See stunning views of the fortress and Zhinvali Reservoir. Have lunch in Pasanauri, the homeland of one of Georgia’s traditional foods: Khinkali. Admire the Friendship Monument of Georgian and Russian people in Gudauri, on the Georgian Military Highway. Contemplate the history of this fascinating monument overlooking Devil's Valley in the Caucasus Mountains. Explore one of the most beautiful places in Georgia, Gergeti Trinity Church in Kazbegi. Get a panoramic view of the whole valley from the church, which is one of Georgia’s most iconic attractions. Be impressed with the view of Mount Kazbegi, standing 5047 meters tall.Go to a local luxury hotel and have a cup of coffee in the stylish restaurant while you relax with stunning mountain views.

From Tbilisi: Kakheti Wine Region, Including 7 Wine Tastings

2. From Tbilisi: Kakheti Wine Region, Including 7 Wine Tastings

Explore Kakheti, the wine region of Georgia, located in the eastern part of the country. Kakheti wine region is an excellent place to visit beautiful sights, try delicious local food, listen to traditional folk songs, study how Georgian wine is made, and have wine degustation. Your first stop is village Badiauri, where guests are welcome to see a local bakery and taste delicious Georgian bread and cheese. The second stop is Bodbe Convent. According to the legend, it is built on the burial place of Saint Nino. A Saint for Georgians who converted their religion to Christianity. The site is very spiritual and has impressive views for taking beautiful pictures. Then go to Sighnaghi, known as "The City of Love." You will have a walking tour in Sighnaghin and discover " The Great Wall of Georgia." After the walking tour, you can join lunch with a beautiful view of Alazani Valley and try traditional Georgian food. The fourth site of the day is Khareba Winery, the largest of Georgia's wine cellars. Khareba is a unique place with perfect storage conditions for wine, 7.7 kilometers of tunnels, and galleries that maintain a constant temperature of 12-14 degrees 0C. Listen to traditional Georgian folk songs, have a walking tour in the tunnel, explore the ethnographic museum, get information on how Georgians make wine, and finish it with wine degustation. The last place to visit during the day is Corporation Kindzmarauli. The winery's history dates back to 1533, and it produced wine exclusively for the royal family for much of its history. You have a tour of the winery and wine degustation for four different wines.

Tbilisi: Mtskheta, Jvari, Gori and Uplistsikhe Day Tour

3. Tbilisi: Mtskheta, Jvari, Gori and Uplistsikhe Day Tour

Explore one of the most mysterious regions of Georgia – Kartli and hear a lot about the country's history. First, visit memorable Uplistsikhe cave-town and dive into the antique life of Georgia. Then, find out more interesting facts in Gori, the hometown of the most famous Georgian, Stalin, and see the unique old capital of Georgia – Mtskheta, where you visit two UNESCO heritage sites Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Your first stop is Uplistsikhe, an antique rock-hewn town in eastern Georgia. It contains multiple structures dating from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages. It is notable for the unique mixture of various rock-cut cultures from Anatolia and Iran's pagan and Christian architecture coexistence. After exploring Uplistsikhe, you have a chance to have lunch in the region and try delicious local food. After lunch, you have two options, have free time and explore Gori, the hometown of Stalin, or visit Stalin Museum, which is a museum dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, who was born in Gori. The Museum retains its Soviet-era characteristics, Stalin's Original house, and Stalin's railway carriage. The next stop is Jvari Monastery. The name of this monastery is translated as the "Monastery of the Cross." Jvari Monastery is the 6th-century Georgian Orthodox monastery near Mtskheta. Along with other historic structures of Mtskheta, it is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Jvari Monastery stands on the rocky mountain top at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, overlooking the town of Mtskheta, which was formerly the capital of the kingdom of Iberia. The last site on tour is Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta. UNESCO recognizes Mtskheta as a World Heritage site due to its historical significance and several cultural monuments. It was the capital of the early Georgian Kingdom of Iberia from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Svetitskhoveli is known as the burial site of Christ's robe and has been one of the principal Georgian Orthodox churches and is among the region's most venerated places of worship.

From Tbilisi: Kazbegi, Gudauri & Zhinvali Guided Group Tour

4. From Tbilisi: Kazbegi, Gudauri & Zhinvali Guided Group Tour

!! Please Notice!! In case we cant get up to Kazbegi do not blame us.The goverment closes the road in case of snowfall. Road is cleaned daily but there are situations that we are not allowed to go to Kazbegi due to your own and our safety Please understand before booking.!!In case the way back is longer it is due to heavy traffic, don't blame us aint upon our hand to control the traffic!! Embark on an exhilarating journey to Kazbegi, a majestic mountainous wonder in Georgia! Traverse the iconic Georgian Military Highway, unveiling the breathtaking Main Caucasian Range. Marvel at the Zhinvali reservoir, and explore the enchanting Ananuri fortress—a must-see attraction. In Pasanauri, witness the captivating spectacle of the black and white Aragvi rivers refusing to mingle. Indulge in the natural wonders of healing Georgian honey, savoring the essence of this unique region. Cruise past the renowned Gudauri ski center, relishing panoramic mountain vistas that will leave you in awe. Ascend the heights to the Ark of Friendship, granting you a spellbinding view of a turquoise lake. Pause at Mount Travertine, where mineral water flows, offering a refreshing and invigorating experience. As you arrive in Stepantsminda, formerly known as Kazbegi, soak in the rich history and witness the iconic Mount Kazbegi standing tall at 5033 meters. Visit the Monastery of the Holy Trinity "Gergeti" perched at an awe-inspiring altitude of 2200 meters above sea level. Your journey will be guided by an enthusiastic English and Russian-speaking guide, ensuring not just a tour but a captivating immersion into the incredible tales and history of this Georgian gem! Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that promises unparalleled landscapes and unforgettable memories! **As well we provide Degustation of Chacha(Georgian traditional Drink), Churckhela(Traditional Georgian sweet), Honey and much more.*** Join us for paragliding in Kazbegi, where we are the exclusive licensed company in Georgia. Feel the thrill anytime, with pricing available upon request.

Tbilisi: City Highlights Guided Walking Tour

5. Tbilisi: City Highlights Guided Walking Tour

Explore the fascinating landmarks and hidden gems of Tbilisi, including Metekhi Church, the Monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali, the statue of Mother of Georgia, the Narikala Fortress, and the sulfur baths district. Embark on a guided tour, ride the cable car, and taste traditional pie. Your journey starts once you meet your guide in front of the Avlabari Metro Station entrance. Enjoy a pleasant walk through the old street to Metekhi Church. From there, you will continue to explore the city and hear about the history and origins of Tbilisi. As you walk through the old Shardeni Street, you will discover an open-air market, Sioni Church, and the unique clock tower of the Puppet Theatre Rezo Gabriadze.  Continue onto the Anchiskhati Church and over the Bridge of Peace to reach Rike Park. Here, enjoy the opportunity to travel by cable car and get to the great monument of the Mother of Georgia. Then descend from the mountain through the narrow streets to the Narikala Fortress. You can enjoy magnificent views from the fortress and take memorable photographs of the old part of Tbilisi: Metekhi Church, the Monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali, and the sulfur baths district. After you visit the sulfur baths district, you will walk to the waterfall, located in the center of the city.

Tbilisi: Zhinvali, Ananuri, Gudauri, and Kazbegi Day Trip

6. Tbilisi: Zhinvali, Ananuri, Gudauri, and Kazbegi Day Trip

Start your tour at Zhinvali Water Reservoir on the Georgian Military Highway. Learn the history of this Soviet dam, constructed in the 1980s. Then, arrive at the Ananuri Fortress, the seat of Aragvi's Eristavis (Dukes). Discover the intriguing plots of this feudal dynasty that ruled the area from the 13th century. Explore the site of numerous historic battles and take in the magnificent scenery — ideal for landscape photography. After the Ananuri Fortress, have lunch in Pasanauri, the homeland of the most famous traditional Georgian food, Khinkali. Admire the Friendship Monument of Georgian and Russian people in Gudauri. Located on the Georgian Military Highway between Gudauri ski resort and the Jvari Pass, the memorial consists of a large round stone arch and concrete structure overlooking the Devil's Valley in the Caucasus Mountains. Then, arrive at Kazbegi and explore one of the most beautiful places in Georgia: Gergeti Trinity Church. The church is located under Kazbegi Mountain, 2170 meters above sea level, and offers spectacular panoramic views of the entire valley. Enjoy the serene natural beauty of this isolated marvel. Finish your tour at the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi. Relax with a cup of coffee in their stylish restaurant and soak up the stunning views of Kazbegi.

From Tbilisi: Day Trip to Armenia Including Homemade Lunch

7. From Tbilisi: Day Trip to Armenia Including Homemade Lunch

Start your tour at the Akhtala Monastery, a church from the 12th century which contains beautiful frescoes and is surrounded by copper smelting caves as well as a copper smelting factory. The second destination of the tour is the Haghpat Monastery, located in Haghpat Village and is a UNESCO-listed site. It is one of the most beautiful medieval masterpieces in Armenia. Then you can have lunch and try some traditional Armenian food. Following lunch, you'll make 3 stops on your way to visit the second UNESCO Heritage Site, Sanahin.  The first will be a 13th-century bridge, the second for a Debed canyon with astonishing views, and the third for the Mikoyan Brothers' museum, where an original aircraft (MiG 21) will surprise you. Finally, travel back through the border to Tbilisi.

From Tbilisi: Rainbow Mountain & David Gareja Monastery Trip

8. From Tbilisi: Rainbow Mountain & David Gareja Monastery Trip

Immerse yourself in Georgian history and culture on a guided day trip from Tbilisi. Visit the impressive David Gareja Monastery and Rainbow Mountains. Explore the mountainous region and visit a stunning salt lake. The first place where you can stop to stock up on snacks for the trip. The second stop is at a salty lake, where you have an outstanding possibility to take some nice pictures. After the lake, we continue driving through Udabno Village, which translated as a desert. The area where you will be traveling is the only semidesert Georgia has, and it's more than amazing to see how diverse Georgian nature is. You will start walking toward the famous Rainbow Mountains at the end of the drive. The most impressive feature of the landscape is the mineral-rich sedimentary rock, which looks like it’s been painted with brightly colored stripes. It’s possible to hike through the Rainbow Mountains, which astonish visitors with their colors. You will walk through the Rainbow Mountains, take many mesmerizing pictures, and prepare for the David Gareji Lavra historical tour. David Gareji Monastery Complex is one of the most spiritual places in the country. You will hear the stories of the monastery, do a bit of hiking and see a Georgian soldier at the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan. It’s believed that St. David chose this isolated location because he wanted his Disciples to lead a life of holiness independent from the rest of society. After David Gareji Lavra, you will return to Tbilisi and finish the tour at 5 pm.

From Tbilisi: Mtskheta, Jvari, Gori, & Uplitsikhe Group Tour

9. From Tbilisi: Mtskheta, Jvari, Gori, & Uplitsikhe Group Tour

Come on a journey into the past with us as we visit Mtskheta, a city steeped in history that dates back to the 11th millennium BC. Mtskheta was once the capital of the Iberian kingdom in Georgia, nestled at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers, an area that inspired many writers. Our first stop is Jvari Monastery, a half-century-old monument where St. Nina erected a cross that played a pivotal role in Christianity's proclamation as a religion in the 4th century. Next, we'll visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the patriarchal temple of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which houses the relics of important Christian saints. We'll then travel to the city of Gori, where we'll explore the Stalin Museum and learn about significant moments from his life. Finally, we'll conclude our trip with a visit to Uplistsikhe, an ancient cave city on the banks of the Kura River that offers a glimpse into pre-Christian Georgia and life in the region. Throughout our journey, you'll be accompanied by an English and Russian-speaking guide who will ensure you have a wonderful experience and provide insight into the fascinating history of this corner of Georgia.

From Tbilisi: Kutaisi Canyons and Caves Full Day Tour

10. From Tbilisi: Kutaisi Canyons and Caves Full Day Tour

Explore the hidden gems of Georgia with Kutaisi.Martvili.Prometheus tour, where you'll discover the best of Imereti and Samegrelo regions. Experience breathtaking views and incredible canyons on this unforgettable adventure. Your journey begins with a convenient pickup at 06:15 am from any hotel located in Tbilisi. Before booking, check the weather in Kutaisi, as boat trips may not be available in case of rain. Start with a transfer from Tbilisi to West Georgia, a 4-hour drive where you can rest along the way. Your first destination is the Martvili waterfalls in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region. Martvili's beauty will mesmerize you with sensational waterfalls and a boat trip on the deep green river. Glide through the canyon's moss-covered walls, surrounded by brilliant scenery. Martvili Canyon is a fantastic place for an adventure with family, friends, or co-workers. Next, visit Kumistavi, also known as Prometheus caves, famous for its legend about Amirani. The cave offers spectacular views of stalactites, stalagmites, petrified waterfalls, underground rivers, and cave lakes. The cave is adorned with colorful lights, creating a magical atmosphere ranging from orange-red to pink and blue. Enjoy ample time to explore both places before concluding the tour at 18:00 in Kutaisi/Kutaisi airport or at around 23:00 in Tbilisi, Rose Revolution Square. Embrace the natural wonders and enchanting legends of Georgia's Imereti and Samegrelo regions on this captivating journey.



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The best trip we had exploring Georgia. Our tour gide was Nina. She managed our trip very well, we began tour on time and ended on time. She was very knowlegeable and her English was perfect. She told us a lot of interesting stories and kept the comversations fun and engaging. Food at the restaurant was authentic and very tasty. We tried most the tradional dishes in one sitting. We really liked Uplistsikhe cave town. It was beautiful and in our opion much better than Vardzia. Stalin museum was surprisingly interesting and Nina was surprisingly knowlegeable about Stalin and his biography. We were suprised to find out that Stalins childhood house is still there in the museums front yard. Overall the trips were short and we had plenty of time to explore the destinations. Nina was a great guide, food was delicious. Experience was great. Thank you for the great time Gamarjoba Tours and Nina.

There were some rough mountain roads, but the driver drove safely. Even when we got caught in a traffic jam due to a demonstration when we returned to Tbilisi, he tried to get us back quickly by the best route. The guide was also an experienced guide, and he managed the time well, so we were able to take our time taking photos at the places we wanted to see. It was a very educational tour, teaching us about Georgia's history, geography, food, and political situation. I really enjoyed it! If there is one thing I would like to see improved, it would be that the air conditioning in the car didn't work very well, so I was concerned about ventilation since the car was full and the temperature was high.

The tour was great. The bus that took us was very comfortable, it had leather seats and the AC worked really well. The driver David is a very good driver, we felt really safe with him. Our gide Lado spoke good English and was very knowlegeable and told us many interesting stories and facts from the history. The schedule was clear from the beginning till the end of the tour. We came back on time. A lot of beautiful spots, there was enough time to explore and take pictures in each spot. Food for the lunch was okey, the prices were fair. Overall a great experience. Thanks to Gomarboja Tours and Lado.

I highly recommend this trip. We had an amazing time, also thanks to our exceptionally amazing tour guide Zura. He’s the best and highly knowledgeable. Made our trip so worth it.

Roma was fantastic and so knowledgeable on the area and history! The sights were amazing and we had so much fun 😊