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Sunda Trails started in 2002 when Anita, the Dutch Director saw the need for a tour operator that combined local knowledge of the unique destinations of Indonesia with an understanding of international markets and standards of professionalism. Anita has lived in Indonesia and worked in the travel industry as a tourleader since 1994. She started the company in 2002 – alone, with one desk and a computer. Today, they employ 10 fulltime women in the office and dozens of local people in the field. The head office in Lombok is ‘women only’, because Anita thinks they do not get the same opportunities as men get in Indonesia. Although Sunda Trails can offer tours to the whole of the archipelago, their focus remains on Eastern Indonesia (in Indonesian: Nusa Tenggara). This region offers spectacular scenery, fantastic beaches and diving spots and a very traditional and colourful culture. Since 1994, they have established a solid network of contacts and business associates throughout the Indonesian archipelago and Sunda Trails boasts a versatile portfolio of destinations and itineraries that showcase the best of what this country has to offer. Working closely with local communities and setting environmentally sustainable standards in their operations, their guests are welcomed wherever they travel. Their team has a wealth of experience in organizing tours, whether for individuals or groups, and is expert in creating personalized and specialized tours to suit their clients needs and wants. Being based in Indonesia and continually researching and developing their products, they always bring up-to-date and local expertise to every request.

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