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From Natal: Genipabu Dunes Buggy Adventure

1. From Natal: Genipabu Dunes Buggy Adventure

Begin with hotel pickup in Natal and ride past several beaches and lagoons onboard your buggy. The capital is widely known for its dunes, which evoke great emotion because of their unparalleled beauty and might. Cross by ferry from Barra do Rio to the Dunas Douradas, where the adventure ride begins. Enjoy a thrilling ride through the dunes before arriving at Pitangui Lagoon, where you will stay for around 40 minutes at the lagoon bar. Continue through the dunes to the Jacumā Lagoon, where you can opt to try "skybunda," a sitting sand-board experience, or "aerobunda," a kind of descending zip line which deposits riders in the lake.  Have lunch at a restaurant by the sea at your own expense. Depending on the tide, it is possible to extend the tour to Porto Mirim and Muriu before returning to your hotel in Natal.

From Natal: Pipa Beach Full-Day Excursion

2. From Natal: Pipa Beach Full-Day Excursion

After morning pickup from hotels in Natal, enjoy a scenic and relaxing 1.5-hour drive in an air-conditioned vehicle to Pipa Beach, consistently rated as one of the country’s most beautiful beaches. Along the way, stop for photos at the Guaraíras Lagoon viewpoint, gazing at the sea cliffs of Cacimbinhas. After arriving in Pipa, you’ll have 3-hours of free time to relax upon the unspoiled sands and swim in the clear, clean waters. Pop into town for lunch, before heading to another beach, the Praia do Amor, for 2 hours. After a full day of savoring the stunning beaches, you’ll head back to your accommodation in Natal. With options to select a group tour with a Portuguese-speaking guide, or a private tour with a Spanish, English, and Portuguese-speaking guide, cater the experience to your preferences and budget.

Natal: Maracajaú Beach Day Trip with Snorkeling

3. Natal: Maracajaú Beach Day Trip with Snorkeling

Get picked up in the morning from your hotel in Natal, then set off on a 1-hour drive in an air-conditioned vehicle to the Parrachos de Maracajaú. Maracajaú Beach is known as the “Caribbean” of the Rio Grande do Norte state.  Choose between a catamaran or speedboat transfer out to sea. When you arrive at Maracajaú Beach, board your boat of choice and set off into the crystal-clear waters. Get kitted out with a snorkel mask and all necessary equipment and dive into the sea. Explore the region's famous Parrachos, which is a coral formation, and is part of the Environmental Protection Area. At low tide, you can dive into warm waters among many species of colorful fish. At the end of your snorkeling experience, return to shore and soak up the incredible views. Admire the beautiful scenery the area is known for including dunes, lagoons and a panoramic view from the beach to the Tereza Panza Lighthouse. If you choose the catamaran option, enjoy access to a beach restaurant serving typical food in simplicity and comfort. For the speedboat option, receive access to Manoa Water Park which includes a restaurant, seaside tables, swimming pool, and wet bar. Please note the price of food and refreshments is not included in either option. Finally, return to Natal and get dropped off back at your hotel where your tour will end.

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Quad Tour in Natal

5. Quad Tour in Natal

Embark on an unforgettable Atv adventure starting from the comfort of your hotel in Natal, heading towards the captivating destination of Pirangi. This exhilarating tour provides you with the opportunity to ride an Atv, accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who leads the group. Before setting off, comprehensive instructions and training are provided on a test track to ensure your safety and confidence. Our first stop takes us to the enchanting Lagoa Alcaçuz, where you'll have 15 minutes to immerse yourself in its breathtaking scenery and even take a refreshing dip. The untamed beauty of this place never fails to captivate visitors. Moving on, our second stop is at the Yellow Lagoon, a protected area that doesn't allow entry. Here, you'll have the chance to experience greater freedom as you maneuver and accelerate the Atv to your heart's content. Our final stop is at the stunning Lagoa da Juventude, where you'll have 10 minutes to unwind and soak in the tranquil surroundings. In addition to these incredible stops, the tour takes you through stretches of dense forest and dazzling white sand dunes, adding to the excitement and variety of the experience. As the tour concludes, we'll return to the support point where you'll bid farewell to the Atv and board a comfortable van that will transport you back to your hotel. Get ready to embark on an adventure that combines adrenaline, natural beauty, and the thrill of driving an Atv, leaving you with cherished memories of this unique exploration in Pirangi.

Natal and South Coast Full-Day City and Beach Tour

6. Natal and South Coast Full-Day City and Beach Tour

Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, is known as the "city of the sun" for enjoying sunny days almost all year round. The city developed between the Potengi River and the sea, sheltering impressive landscapes, marked by the contrast between the blue sea and the dunes covered by Atlantic forest. After pick up at the hotels, passengers continue their journey to enjoy the panoramic tour through the streets of the historic center. Afterwards, an optional boat ride on the Potengi River, to have a privileged view of the historic center, including the Reis Magos Fortress, the first milestone of the city. Perched on the rocks overlooking the ocean, this fascinating structure is sure to capture your amazement! Continuing onward, tourists are invited to an optional visit to the athlete-restricted areas of the Dunas Arena, including changing rooms, a warm-up room and even the field! To continue the tour, you will visit craft centers, where it is impossible not to be enchanted by the pieces of colored sand, embroidery and other typical artistic productions in the region. At the Ponta Negra Market, you can try cashew nuts prepared in different ways. Finally, tourists will enjoy the afternoon at Cotovelo Beach, where they will be able to taste typical dishes of the local cuisine while enjoying the warm waters of this enchanting beach.

Natal: Day Trip to São Miguel do Gostoso

7. Natal: Day Trip to São Miguel do Gostoso

After a morning pickup from your hotel in Natal, take a ride in an air-conditioned vehicle to São Miguel do Gostoso. Your first stop will be to find out more about cachaça in the district of São José. Enjoy a cultural presentation explaining the whole process for a good-quality artisanal cachaça. Then, head to São Miguel do Gostoso, located 110 km northwest of Natal. Discover this little village that remains largely undiscovered by mass tourism, and enjoy an excellent wide, coconut-lined beach. Explore the village itself and observe the local way of life. Even enjoy access to a small bed and breakfast where you have the option to have lunch and access the pool. Head back to Natal after your relaxing day, being dropped off at your accommodation.

Natal: Perobas and Punau Beach Day Trip with Snorkeling

8. Natal: Perobas and Punau Beach Day Trip with Snorkeling

The day begins with pickup from your hotel in Natal and sets off on the 1-hour drive in air-conditioned vehicle towards Parrachos de Perobas. Enjoy a thrilling speedboat ride to the snorkel site, learning about the region’s coral formation and Environmental Protection Area along the way. Upon arrival, put on your snorkel gear then cool off from the heat with a dip in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy 1.5-hours to snorkel in search of colorful fish and coral reef, and discover this fascinating underwater world. You can also admire the stunning coconut grove surroundings, which offer a luscious green contrast to the glistening blue sea. After your snorkel adventure, travel to the stunning Punau Beach where you can soak up the sun on the shore, go swimming in the sea or nearby lagoon, or explore the rolling sand dunes. You’ll also benefit from access to a local hotel where you can dine at the restaurant or participate in optional activities.

Natal South Coast Tour On A 4X4

9. Natal South Coast Tour On A 4X4

Explore an essential route filled with adventure and breathtaking landscapes as we uncover unique treasures on our journey. We'll begin with a visit to Barreira do Inferno, a place of historical and scientific importance known as Brazil's first rocket launch center. Here, you can learn about the country's space achievements and marvel at technological advancements. Next, get ready to be amazed by the World's Largest Cashew Tree, a true wonder of nature. Admire this imposing tree that stretches over an impressive area, providing refreshing shade and moments of contemplation. Continuing our journey, we'll head to the Dolphin's Lookout, where we'll have the opportunity to spot these charming animals in their natural habitat. Observe their grace and agility as they swim and play in the crystal-clear waters, creating unforgettable memories. Our next stop will be at the stunning Carcará Lagoon, a true oasis of tranquility and beauty. Relax on the lagoon's shore, refresh yourself in its crystal-clear waters, and immerse yourself in the serenity of the environment. Next, we'll explore the enchanting Arituba Lagoon, a place of indescribable beauty. Delight in the panoramic views, take a dip in its calm waters, and enjoy moments of peace amidst the lush nature. We can't miss mentioning the natural pools of Camurupim, a true underwater paradise. Dive among the coral reefs, admire the vibrant marine life, and be enchanted by the diversity of species that inhabit these crystal-clear waters. To end the day in a spectacular way, we'll witness the stunning sunset over the dunes, a spectacle of colors and reflections that will surely captivate your heart. Enjoy this magical moment, take breathtaking photos, and let yourself be enveloped by the unique atmosphere of this impressive scenery. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this journey full of discoveries and breathtaking landscapes. Reserve your spot now and embark on this unforgettable adventure.

From Natal: Galinhos Day Trip

10. From Natal: Galinhos Day Trip

Take a day trip to Galinhos, a small village with one of the most beautiful beaches on the Brazilian coast. Located 160 kilometers from Natal, the beach is set on a peninsula with scenery that enchants everyone who visits. After morning pickup from your hotel in Natal, relax during the 2-hour ride in an air-conditioned vehicle to Galinhos. Framed by sand dunes, salt pans, and mangroves, this area is a haven for wildlife such as oysters, crabs, and birds. Take a boat ride to admire the stunning landscape of salt flats and rolling dunes from the water.  Relax on the golden sand, and go for a dip in clear blue sea. At the beach, you can choose to enjoy optional activities such as a buggy ride or a horse-drawn cart ride. Stop at Galos and downtown Galinhos, before returning to Natal at the end of an incredible day out.

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The excursion itself was very nice except for the stop for swimming and lunch, the place was totally overcrowded and lunch was out of the question. Of course we walked to another restaurant.

Is a day to pipa including a stoppber os 4ñ3 hours in one resort close to the beach outside Pipa

Beautiful experience, complete tour, our biker Dannyel super friendly and fun