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Sognefjord: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Bergen: Flam Full-Day Cruise to Sognefjord

1. From Bergen: Flam Full-Day Cruise to Sognefjord

Enjoy a full-day cruise from Bergen to Flam and explore the Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in the country. Pass through coastal villages, sail through the Sognefjord, and make stops along the way for free time. Depart from Strandkai Terminal in Bergen in the morning and cruise through Norway’s longest and deepest fjord, offering you stunning views of Sognefjord whilst the hills cascade on either side. The cruise passes 11 stops in total, from the quick port, stops at small stunning villages along the shoreline of Sognefjord through to Flam. You'll depart Bergen and into Flam port. Once in Flam, you have free time to explore this amazing area and visit the famous Flam Railway. There are few sights in the world that can match the beauty of this return trip from Bergen to Flam. As you head down the tranquil waters ether side of you will be amazing views from the rocky shores, gushing waterfalls, and jaw-dropping mountains. There are some great opportunities for photos to remember your day. If you are staying in Bergen and want to visit Flam for the day there is no better way to do it than on a Sognefjord cruise. Book early to avoid disappointment and enjoy the fairy tale scenery in style.

Bergen: Self-Guided Round-Trip Full-Day Excursion

2. Bergen: Self-Guided Round-Trip Full-Day Excursion

Make your way to the Bergen Railway, where you'll board a comfortable train that will take you on scenic ride to Voss. Hop off in Voss and switch to the bus for a ride through the area's quaint villages to Gudvangen. Between the months of May and September, the bus will also travel the steep road to Stalheimskleiva, comprised of hairpin turns and epic views. Once you reach Gudvangen, step aboard a two-hour premium fjord cruise on a modern hybrid boat to journey through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed fjords. See both Aurlandsfjord, a picturesque fjord offering stunning views, and the mountain-lined Nærøyfjord, one of the narrowest in Europe. Go ashore in Flåm, where you'll get on yet another train that travels the Flåm Railway. The panoramic views on the route are sure to impress. Take advantage of photo opportunities of the surrounding fjords along the way. Disembark in Myrdal and get back on the Bergen Railway, making your return to the trip's starting point.

Flåm: Borgund Stave Church, Lærdal, and Stegastein Tour

3. Flåm: Borgund Stave Church, Lærdal, and Stegastein Tour

Embark on a bus trip towards the most distinctive and well-preserved stave church in Norway. Start your adventure in the village of Flåm, nested at the end of the Aurlandsfjorden. Journey through E16's longest road tunnel, submerged in an underground darkness. On your way toward the beautiful Lærdal Valley, make a first photo stop at the Borgund Stave Church (outside only). Enjoy the outside view of the building, the fresh mountain air, and the sound of the flowing Lærdalselve River. Next, stop at a rest stop in the village of Lærda, where you can also catch a glimpse of the Sognefjorden. Fastening your seatbelts once again, drive across powerful mountains and breathtaking sights over the Aurlandsfjorden, one of Norwa's most scenic roads. Admire from above where two impressive arms of the Sognefjorden meet at the Stegastein Viewpoint. After driving down the last meandering section of the Aurlandsfjorden, end the trip back in Flåm.

Bergen: Fjord Cruise to Sognefjord and Bøyabreen Glacier

4. Bergen: Fjord Cruise to Sognefjord and Bøyabreen Glacier

On this tour you can experience coastal and fjord landscapes and Bøyabreen Glacier on the same day. Your journey starts in Bergen, and you can enjoy the wonderful coastal landscape among islands, islets and rocks, as well as the world-famous long stretch of Sognefjorden on your way to Balestrand. On your arrival at Balestrand – a village that is a favourite among artists – you change to a smaller sightseeing boat that takes you further into the idyllic Fjærlandsfjorden to Fjærland. On the cruise from Balestrand to Fjærland, you may enjoy a good dinner, snacks and beverage while viewing the fantastic Fjærlandsfjord. (Food and drinks on your own cost) When arriving in Fjærland, the tour continues by bus to the Norwegian Glacier Museum. This museum is an interactive museum that gives you knowledge about glacier and climate in a new innovative way. After the visit to the museum, the tour continues up to Bøyabreen glacier – a branch of Jostedalsbreen glacier. Here you can take few photos and see up close how the movement of the glacier forms the landscape. So keep your camera ready for unique photos! Afterwards the bus returns to Fjærland quay, and the tour returns by boat back to Balestrand and Bergen. The trip back gives you the chance to reflect on the fact that these fjords were shaped several thousand years ago by ice. Timetable 08:00: Departure by boat from Strandkaiterminalen (Norled – Strandkaien 15) 11.50: Arrival Balestrand (Next to sightseeing boat) 12.10: Departure Balestrand 13:25: Arrival Fjærland 13:30: The bus takes You to the Norwegian Glacier museum and Bøyabreen glacier and returns to Fjærland in time for departure with boat. 15:15 Departure from Bøyabreen 15:30: Departure Fjærland 16:45: Arrival Balestrand 16:50: Departure Balestrand (Next to sightseeing boat) 20:45: Arrival Bergen

Bergen: Stegastein, Sognefjorden, Tvinnefossen and Flåm Trip

5. Bergen: Stegastein, Sognefjorden, Tvinnefossen and Flåm Trip

Embark on a guided shore excursion from Bergen all the way into the northeast to the Stegastein viewpoint for a panoramic view of the Sognefjorden where the UNESCO-protected Aurlandsfjorden and the Nærøyfjorden meet. Drive over the E16, one of Norway’s most famous mountain roads, passing through picturesque villages that will speak to you about the life and history of the area, such as Gudvangen, Flåm, and Aurlandsvangen in the Aurland region. On the way to the Stegastein viewpoint, visit Tvinnefossen, a waterfall of a 110-meter drop surrounded by myths that tell of its properties as a fountain of youth. On the return trip, stop to stretch your legs and enjoy the Aurlandsfjorden, with additional photo stops if there is enough time.

From Oslo: Private Round-Trip Tour to Sognefjord via Flåm

6. From Oslo: Private Round-Trip Tour to Sognefjord via Flåm

Depart from Oslo early in the morning and travel by car towards the western fjords of Norway. Discover a part of the Bergen Railway by train with a ride from Geilo to Myrdal.  In Myrdal, enjoy a scenic train ride on the world-famous Flåm Railway. This rail route meanders through the mountains at a steep elevation. It is one of the most spectacular experiences in Norway.  Upon arrival in Flåm, visit the Flåm Railway Museum to learn more about this feat of modern engineering. Then, cruise along the two branches of Norway's longest and deepest fjord. One of the branches, Nærøyfjord, was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005.  Enjoy the impressive views at the Stalheim Hotel viewpoint and take in the fantastic mountain landscapes of the region. Return to Oslo late at night after a full day of exploration.

Bergen: Guided Fjord & Glacier Tour to Fjærland

7. Bergen: Guided Fjord & Glacier Tour to Fjærland

Join us on this incredible tour to experience the best of Norway's stunning nature and rich culture. Throughout the journey, you'll have numerous opportunities to capture breathtaking photos, so keep your camera handy. We'll take you on a scenic drive up Vikafjellet mountain pass, reaching heights of over 1100 meters where you can even find snow during the summer. Prepare to be mesmerized by the awe-inspiring Sognefjord, as we provide a fantastic viewpoint to admire its beauty. We'll also visit the historic Hopperstad Stave Church, which dates back to 1130, and feel the misty spray of the majestic Tvindefossen Waterfall. Each stop on the tour is like a precious gem that adds to the overall experience. Sit back and relax in our comfortable bus as we travel to the magnificent Fjaerlandsfjord and Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. You'll enjoy a leisurely cruise on the Glaciertour ferry, accompanied by our friendly and knowledgeable guides. As part of the tour, we'll also visit The Norwegian Glacier Museum and Bøyabreen Glacier, where you'll discover fascinating insights into Norway's geological history. Overall, this tour guarantees unforgettable memories of Norway's natural beauty and its culturally significant heritage. On the boat tour you may enjoy a good dinner, snacks and beverage while cruising the fantastic Fjærlandsfjord. DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL-TIME/INFO Please be ready 10 minutes before we leave. If you're late, please call +47 406 73 493. Meeting point: Find the exact location here - 07:30: Leave by Minibus from the Tourist Information in Bergen. 09:00: Pick up more guests at Voss Bus Terminal. 10:20: ETA: Visit the "Storesvingen" viewpoint. 10:40: Explore Hopperstad Stave Church - Guided tour. 11:20: Dep from Vik by boat. On the boat, you can buy food and drinks. 12:00: GlacierTour ferry picks up more guests in Balestrand. Note: Do not go on land. 13:25: Arrive at Fjærland. 13:30: Bus to the Norwegian Glacier Museum. 14:25: Dep from the Glacier Museum. 15:10: Dep by bus from the glacier. 15:25: ETA: at the Pier in Fjærland. 15:30: Dep by boat from Fjærland back to Vik i Sogn On the boat, you can buy food and drinks. 16:45: GlacierTour ferry drops off guests in Balestrand. Note: Do not go on land. 17:25: Dep by bus from Vik Pier. 18:30: Visit Tvindefossen waterfall, WC available. 19:00: Stop in Voss to let passengers off. 20:45: ETA: The Tourist Information in Bergen.

Bergen: Self-Guided Trip to Oslo with Sognefjord cruise (5h)

8. Bergen: Self-Guided Trip to Oslo with Sognefjord cruise (5h)

Discover the incredible scenery of Sognefjord, Norway's longest and deepest fjord, as you enjoy a train journey through one of the world's most stunning mountain ranges. Take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the Jotunheimen mountains, as you combine a scenic boat journey along the Sognefjord with an awe-inspiring train ride on the Flåm Railway. Absorb the breathtaking views on one of the world's steepest train journeys, as you spiral in and out of the mountains down to the fjord. Savor the dramatic landscape of one of Norway's most beautiful areas, and immerse yourself in the unique cultural attractions within the fjord.

From Bergen: Private Tour to Sognefjord, Gudvangen, & Flåm

9. From Bergen: Private Tour to Sognefjord, Gudvangen, & Flåm

Explore Norway's fjord country on this private tour. Your itinerary is flexible and personalized to your interests. After meeting your guide in the hotel lobby, set out in a private vehicle passing by the famous Dale of Norway sweater factory in the village of Dale and through the town of Voss.  Make a brief stop at the Tvindefossen waterfall for photos and fresh mountain air. Continue your trip to the Stalheim Hotel's terrace, which overlooks fantastic views over the Nærøydalen Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Back in your vehicle, descend the dramatic Stalheimskleiva Road to the valley's floor, where you will visit the ancient village of Gudvangen. From Gudvangen enjoy a scenic cruise to Flåm. On arrival at Flåm, enjoy lunch in a local restaurant (your own expense) and free time to browse the souvenir shops, visit the Flåmsbana railway museum, or check out the local microbrewery. Then head towards the scenic Stegastein viewing point, a 30-meter platform hanging over Aurlandsfjord. The narrow road and the viewing point will provide breathtaking photos and vivid memories. Board the Flåmsbana railway from Flåm to the mountain railway station Myrdal, located 2,844 feet (867 m). You'll make a brief stop at Kjøsfossen waterfall.  Change trains at Myrdal to head back to Voss where you'll have time to tour a medieval church dating from 1277 and an 11th-century stone cross. At the end of the tour, your guide will drive you back to your hotel in Bergen.

Bergen: Sognefjord Cruise and Flåm Railway Guided Tour

10. Bergen: Sognefjord Cruise and Flåm Railway Guided Tour

Jourery to Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord that extends more than 200 km inland to the foot of the Jotunheimen mountain range. On a full-day guided tour from Bergen, travel by boat and train through an area considered to be one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. First, cruise by express boat from Bergen to Flåm and then experience a train journey through spectacular nature on the famous Flåm Railway from Flåm to Myrdal. Take the Bergen Railway from Myrdal to Bergen while along the way enjoying the insight of your local guide who will be your traveling companion throughout the tour. Sognefjorden is the longest and deepest ice-free fjord in the world, covered in exceptional natural beauty, tall mountains, waterfalls, and scenic forests. You’ll discover that Sognefjord is known as the “King of the Fjords” for good reason.

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Mr. Liang, our tour guide from Fjordday AS is a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable person. He speaks English, Mandarin and Norwegian. We booked his tour today on 27th November 2023 and he picked us up from our hotel to Flam. His tour is super flexible as he will always stop his car along the journey to Flam in order for us to take some amazing photos and videos. If you are not familiar with the tourist attractions around Bergen and Flam, you can always ask for his opinions so that he can adjust and arrange the attractions for you around the area. He always explain to us the history around the tourist attractions. He even drop us off in Gudvangen so that we are able to experience the Flam Cruise from Gudvangen to Flam and Mr. Liang will wait for us in Flam and bring us around the beautiful town. We enjoyed a lot in his trip and we would recommend him to all of you. Once u have booked his trip, pls contact him via whatsapp immediately so he can arrange and offer u many good opinion

All good, despite the fact that due to construction there were changes to part of the train journey on the way there and back. For the rest, it is an excursion that is very worthwhile, and with precise instructions.

Very Nice ….. it is too easy than i anticipated for my first experience in self traveling aboard ☺️. Easy, Cozy and well worth a visit. The schedule is fit for all activities and attractions place.

Best tour done in Norway! It's worth paying the price. The only detail I recommend would be to check the weather before the tour as I went through a very foggy section.

Superb day to discover the fjords and the Flam train