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Snowy Horizon Treks and Expedition (P.) Ltd. is established for trekking and mountaineering operation in Nepal as an expedition company to provide a full range of travel services to clients. We are registered with the Nepalese Government Tourism Authorities. The owner of the company is one of the renowned travel industry entrepreneurs with over 35 years of experience within the travel trade business as well as a trekking and climbing Manager. The company is committed to providing services for a range of travelers, trekkers, and climbers in a friendly, culturally enriching, and safely environment. Through our experience in the entire tourism business spectrum in Nepal, from servicing a range of cultural tours, and adventure tours to trekking and mountaineering clients we deliver customized services for groups and individuals to suit most interests, budgets, and time frames. We offer a wide repertoire of packages and special offers as well as fixed departures within Nepal, and neighboring Himalayan regions located in Tibet, and Bhutan as well as selected regions of India. We have intimate knowledge of the regions and areas where we operate; we have worked with travelers from just about any part of the world, and we work with a number of overseas partners; combining our local knowledge and listening to our overseas friends and our customers we are continually improving quality and range of our operations. We train our staff to be able to provide ultimate and truly authentic ‘Nepalese’ experiences to our clients. We listen to our guests and try to understand and deliver their dreams and expectations and present all aspects of our country, cultural heritage, and dramatic and stunning nature.

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