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The most realistic aerial combat experience in the world! Based in the desert playground of Las Vegas, Nevada, Air Combat Ace LLC (ACA) provides a different level adrenaline. At ACA, you're not just a passenger on a joy ride. You are a steely-eyed fighter pilot at the controls of your very own "fighter jet", pulling G's and squeezing the trigger. Of course, we teach you everything you need to know about Basic Fighter Maneuvers (BFM) before you fly, so you have all the knowledge needed to successfully own the skies. With over 10 professional fighter pilots on staff, we have a cadre of highly experienced combat veterans that have flown everything from the F-16 "Viper" to the A-10 "Warthog." On one sortie, you might fly with a former Air Force Thunderbird, on the next, a fighter weapons school graduate, which is the Air Force's version of Top Gun.

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