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Halloween activities

Halloween activities

Our most recommended Sighișoara Halloween activities

Sighisoara: Candlelight Tour of Dracula's Home Town

1. Sighisoara: Candlelight Tour of Dracula's Home Town

Meet your guide in front of the Clock Tower museum to start your tour. After a quick introduction to the history of the Old Town, head up towards the Church on the Hill and walk through the Covered Stairs or the Stairs of the Scholars. Stroll through the narrow streets of this medieval site until you reach the old city walls to marvel at the incredible old towers and bastions that still stand and are extremely well-preserved. Listen to your guide’s in-depth description about the evangelistic church located just feet away from two of the major attractions in the city, the Clock Tower and Dracula’s house. Dracula’s house is the place where the famous Wallachian king was born in 1431, learn about the tales of the world’s most well-known vampire. The tour ends with an explanation of the Clock Tower’s history, and a recommendation from your guide for local restaurants and bars for you to spend the evening at, tasting local cuisine and meeting the locals.

Sighisoara: Medieval Citadel Exploration Game

2. Sighisoara: Medieval Citadel Exploration Game

After you buy the quest, receive an access code that you can use in the app. Begin your quest around Sighisoara's magnificent fortress by solving clues that will unlock stories, all on your smartphone. Along the way, discover fascinating stories of the towers, buildings, and people of Sighisoara. Follow a less crowded path around the old citadel, explore hidden passages, and discover amazing life stories of the ancient locals. The entire game will take you from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, but there’s no time limit, you can finish it at your own pace. You won’t need a guide, just download the app, go to the starting point and you're ready to begin your city exploration adventure. For larger groups, one person can purchase access for the entire group by selecting the number of people in the group. All group members will be able to play the city game on their smartphone. Alternatively, each person can purchase their own voucher. You can play as a group and solve the clues together as you walk, or you can split into smaller groups/teams and compete against the others. Each person can also play on their own, separate from the group, and meet the group at the end.

Transylvania Gems: Sighisoara, Medias, Biertan & Gypsy life

3. Transylvania Gems: Sighisoara, Medias, Biertan & Gypsy life

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Transylvania's rich history and captivating charm. Start with the pick-up from Cluj city centre, followed by a 2-hour drive to Medias. Stroll through the city, admiring the Citadel of Light and stunning 15th-century medieval buildings. Next, visit the UNESCO-listed Biertan fortified church, surrounded by impressive 15th-century walls. Experience Sighisoara, home to Europe's only inhabited medieval citadel, boasting 9 towers, including the iconic Clock Tower. Explore the history museum, torture chamber, and marvel at the 12th-century architecture. Discover the Hill Church and other captivating sites like the Stag House and Venetian House. Embrace Transylvania's diversity, where Romanian, Hungarian, Gypsy, and German communities have coexisted for centuries. Visit a Gypsy community practicing age-old copper smithing crafts, and gain unique access with a trusted guide. Return to Cluj via a scenic route, taking in Transylvania's breathtaking landscapes.

Transylvania: Dracula's Castle and Birthplace Tour

4. Transylvania: Dracula's Castle and Birthplace Tour

Drive across Transylvania towards the city of Sighisoara. Here, admire the beautiful medieval cityscape in Romania. Visit the clock tower, giving you an insight in the city's history with an impressive view of the citadel, the former defensive towers and walls of the city. Admire the birthplace of the Walachian leader Vlad Dracul, who would later become known as Count Dracula. Discover his house of birth, and sample a shot of Romanian schnapps. In the afternoon, drive to Bran Castle, an impressive fortification and residence of the Romanian family. The castle is also known as Dracula's Castle. In the late afternoon, go back to Cluj-Napoca.

Sighisoara: 2-Hour City Tour

5. Sighisoara: 2-Hour City Tour

Designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, this perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches rivals the historic streets of Old Prague or Vienna for atmospheric magic. It is also the birthplace of Vlad Dracula, also known as Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), ruler of the province of Walachia from 1456 to 1462. It was he who inspired Bram Stoker's fictional creation, Count Dracula. Stops / Cultural objectives to be visited: - The House with the Deer Antler - The Venician House - The  Church of the Convent - The Clock Tower  - The Catholic Church - The Tailors’ Tower - The Furriers’ Tower - The Butchers’ Tower - The Butchers’ Bastion - The Covered Staircase - The School Hill - The Church on the Hill (inside visit) - The German Cemetery - The Tin Moulders’ Tower - Vlad the Impaler’s birth house - Citadel’s Market place - The House with the Deer Antler

Sighisoara: City Walking Tour and Dracula House Visit

6. Sighisoara: City Walking Tour and Dracula House Visit

Meet your guide in front of the historic Clock Tower museum to begin the tour. Together, wander through the narrow streets of the old citadel and admire the colorful houses as you learn about the rich history of the city. Walk through the Covered Stairs to the visit the Church on the Hill, famous for its beautiful frescoes. Then, explore the old city walls to see some of the oldest towers and bastions still standing. Listen to your guide tell you all about the tales of the area and the secrets hidden within the city walls. Next, visit the place where Vlad III Dracula was born, and learn about the dynasty of kings that he was part of. At the end of the tour, receive a ticket for the Clock Tower to climb to the top and admire the amazing view across the city.

3-Day Medieval Transylvania Package Tour

7. 3-Day Medieval Transylvania Package Tour

Explore some of the most important sites in the legendary Transylvania region of Romania on a 3-day package tour from Bucharest. With bed and breakfast accommodation in a 3-star hotel, you will explore the city of Sibiu, once ranked by Forbes Magazine as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live.” Visit medieval castles and monasteries, and explore the fable of Count Dracula. Day 1: Depart from Bucharest and visit the Moorish Monastery of Curtea de Argeș, built by the ruler of Wallachia, Prince Neagoe Basarab, in 1514. Continue to the small Cozia Monastery to discover one of the most important monuments of national medieval art in Romania. After a break for lunch in a traditional Romanian restaurant, drive through the stunning Translyvanian landscape to Sibiu, historic capital of the Principality of Transylvania. The former German medieval citadel, with documentation dating back to 1191, is one of the most beautiful towns in Romania, with many historic buildings that you will explore on a walking tour of the Old Town. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Romanian dinner, with overnight accommodation in Sibiu town center. Day 2: After breakfast, depart Sibiu for the Biertan commune, where you will tour one of the most important Saxon villages of fortified churches in Transylvania, including the largest fortified church in Transylvania, built between 1490 and 1524. Continue to the medieval citadel of Sighișoara, which dates back to 1280 and is home to the only medieval citadel in Europe still populated. During a walking tour, visit the city’s landmark Clock Tower for panoramic views across the ancient houses. After lunch, head to Brasov, surrounded by the Southern Carpathians. The first documented evidence of the medieval citadel dates back to 1235. Birthplace of the Romanian national anthem – and briefly renamed “Stalin City” during the Communist era – Brasov boasts beautiful Gothic churches, medieval buildings, and the narrowest street in Romania, which you will explore on a guided walking tour. Day 3: Following an overnight stay in Brasov, start your day at the city’s Black Church, built in 1383, and the most important tourist site in Brasov. Then, drive to the legendary Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle), perched on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Marked as the home of Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula, explore the castle grounds and museum, before a traditional lunch. Continue your tour at Sinaia, a lovely mountain resort in the Prahova River valley, and visit Peleș Castle, built by the first king of Romania, Carol I. Tour the exquisite Neo-Renaissance building, built between 1875 and 1914, and end your tour of Transylvania’s architectural delights at Sinaia Monastery, founded by Prince Mihail Cantacuzino in the 17th century upon his return from a pilgrimage to Mount Sinai. After exploring the Old Church and the 19th century Great Church, drive back to Bucharest for the end of your tour.

From Brasov: Sighisoara and Viscri Day Tour

8. From Brasov: Sighisoara and Viscri Day Tour

Get ready to step back in time and experience the best of Transylvania's rich history and stunning architecture with our Viscri fortified church and Sighisoara day tour from Brasov! Our first stop is the idyllic village of Viscri, where we'll visit one of Romania's most well-preserved fortified churches. Nestled in the heart of Transylvania, Viscri Village is a hidden gem that transports you back in time. Its cobbled streets wind through charming, centuries-old houses adorned with vibrant flowers, offering a glimpse into rural Romanian life as it has been for generations. Renowned for its UNESCO-listed fortified church, Viscri is a living testament to medieval heritage and the Saxon culture that shaped it. Here, you'll savor traditional Romanian cuisine, engage with welcoming locals, and explore the picturesque countryside. Viscri is a place where time stands still, inviting you to experience the beauty and authenticity of a bygone era. You'll be amazed by the unique architecture, as well as the incredible history of this important landmark. From its role as a place of refuge during times of conflict to its enduring legacy as a symbol of Transylvania's cultural heritage, you'll come away with a deep appreciation for this incredible site. Notably, King Charles owns a traditional house in Viscri, adding to its regal allure and cultural significance. Next, we'll journey to Sighisoara, a charming medieval town that's steeped in history and tradition. As we wander through the cobblestone streets, you'll be transported back in time to a bygone era, and you'll discover the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, a legendary figure who inspired the infamous Dracula. You'll have the chance to explore the iconic Clock Tower, admire the panoramic views from the Church on the Hill, and even visit the house where Vlad was born. As we make our way through the medieval town of Sighişoara, we can arrange for a delightful lunch that will take you on a culinary journey through the flavors of the past and where you can savor the flavors of Romania's rich culinary heritage. Whether you're a fan of hearty stews, fresh-baked bread, or sweet pastries, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Our tour includes comfortable transportation, expert local guides, and plenty of opportunities for amazing photos and memories that will last a lifetime. So why wait? Book your tour now and experience the best of Transylvania's history, architecture, and cuisine firsthand!

From Sighisoara: Half-Day Tour to Malancrav & Biertan

9. From Sighisoara: Half-Day Tour to Malancrav & Biertan

Biertan is one of the most important Saxon villages with fortified churches in Transylvania, having been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1993. Visit the Biertan fortified church which was the see of the Lutheran Evangelical Bishop in Transylvania between 1572 and 1867 and has one of the largest Saxon populations in the region. Next, you will travel to Malancrav, small village dating from the early years of the 14th century and an absolute must for the travelers curious to discover a place, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, where time almost stands still. You will also visit a fortified church here. You will return in Sighisoara in the aftermoon.

From Bucharest: 2-Day Trip to Brasov, Sighisoara & Sibiu

10. From Bucharest: 2-Day Trip to Brasov, Sighisoara & Sibiu

The first day begins with a trip to Sinaia, where you will visit Peles Castle. Formerly  the summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family, Peles Castle is today home to the Peles National Museum. Next, you will discover the legends of Dracula with a tour of Bran Castle. Although there is no known connection between the castle and the infamous Vlad the Impaler, Bran Castle is often associated with him. After lunch, you will visit the historic center of Brasov. At night you will reach Sighisoara, where you will check-in and rest for the second day. After breakfast, you will discover Sighisoara, the only medieval citadel in Romania that is still inhabited. You will visit the famous Clock Tower, which has a height of 64 meters, and is surrounded by four massive walls, spreads over 4 floors. From the balcony of the tower, you can enjoy an amazing birds-eye view over Sighisoara. You will then reach Sibiu, one of the most important and well-developed Transylvanian cities. Your city tour of Sibiu will start in its most important square, with the Brukenthal Museum, the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Huet Square, with its Evangelical Church. On your way to Bucharest, if the weather allows it, the tour will include a trip through one of the most spectacular roads in the world, Transfagarasan.  At night you will reach Bucharest, where your getaway in Transylvania will come to an end.

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We enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about the city and Transylvania. Our guide was very knowledgeable. The tour says, Dracula, but it was more of an overall history tour which we loved.

Absolutely loved how George didn't make you feel like this was just another tour or he was just another tour guide. He's a real local and has amazing knowledge

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