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From Riga: Road Trip to Vilnius with Sightseeing Stops

1. From Riga: Road Trip to Vilnius with Sightseeing Stops

Discover the highlights between Riga to Vilnius with this ticket. Travel from the heart of Riga through south Latvia and north Lithuania on your way to Vilnius. Make some stops at well-known landmarks on the route.  Be picked by your guide from the meeting point in Riga and sit back and relax as the Latvian countryside passes by on the way to the Bauska Castle complex. Snap pictures of this romantic castle that is situated on a narrow green peninsula and surrounded by two rivers. Continue to the Baroque Rundale Palace. View this classic 18th-century palace before heading to one of the most sacred and spiritual places in Lithuania, the Hill of Crosses. Admire this site of pilgrimage where thousands of crosses have been left over the past 200 years.  Finish your tour at Katedros aikštė (Cathedral square) in Vilnius. Use your complimentary guidebook to help you get around the city. 

From Riga: The Hill of Crosses Private Guided Tour

2. From Riga: The Hill of Crosses Private Guided Tour

After meeting and greetings in the hotel, driving to the Lithuania about 130 km to visit Hill of Crosses. After crossing Latvia -Lithuania border, possibility for coffee break. More 30 km and destination reached. The Hill of Crosses is a potent symbol of faith, hope, and freedom of Lithuania. Desecrated but never destroyed, set on fire but never burned down. Located near town Siauliai it is a hill (castle mound) covered with thousands of crosses made from different materials and in different size. During the Soviet era, these crosses were removed by the authorities, but locals continuously replaced them. In 1993, Pope John Paul II had a service here. He later sent a crucifix to Lithuania which was placed on the hill, and today pilgrims begin and end their journeys at this location. For locals and visitors alike, this is a place of hope and enlightenment, reflecting Lithuania’s historical and cultural traditions. On the Hill of the Crosses, everyone can place their own cross for every occasion in life. The main thing is to believe! About 30-40 minutes for photos and walking around. Specially beautiful and emotional in the time of sunrise and sunset.

Vilnius: Road Trip to Riga

3. Vilnius: Road Trip to Riga

Start your trip from Vilnius Town Hall Square. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride to your first sightseeing stop: the Hill of Crosses. Continue your trip in Latvia with a visit to Rundale Palace, one of the most stunning Baroque treasures in Latvia. Explore this brightly-colored building surrounded by an extensive and splendid garden. Enjoy a break at Bauska Castle, an impressive example of military architecture. End your trip at Riga Town Hall in Latvia.

Group tour to Hill of Crosses, Rundale Palace, Bauska Castle

4. Group tour to Hill of Crosses, Rundale Palace, Bauska Castle

Experience a full-day journey from Riga to the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, a destination renowned for its remarkable ambiance. Immerse yourself in a place where gratitude, wishes, dreams, and hopes intertwine, shaping the magic of this hill, reminiscent of the serene atmosphere of the Western Wall of Jerusalem. Upon crossing the border between Latvia and Lithuania, seize the opportunity for a photo session. At the Hill of Crosses, your guide will unravel the history behind this unique site, offering insights into its origins and significance. Next, we'll embark on a visit to the renowned Rundāles Palace, the epitome of Baroque architecture in Latvia. Here, travelers will have the opportunity to explore the palace on a guided tour. Revel in the splendor of this majestic palace without the hassle of queues, and take ample time to immerse yourself in its opulent interiors and sprawling gardens. Continuing our journey, we'll discover the charm of Bauska Castle, where you'll have the chance to ascend the recently renovated tower and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. During this tour, you will be provided with excellent places to have lunch with local cuisine.

From Riga: Hill of Crosses, Bauska & Rundale Full-Day Tour

5. From Riga: Hill of Crosses, Bauska & Rundale Full-Day Tour

Step into a captivating journey through the heart of the Baltics, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge to create an unforgettable experience. Our unique day tour is designed to immerse you in the rich tapestry of this region, offering a blend of faith, opulence, and medieval tales that will leave you awestruck. Itinerary: 1. The Hill of Crosses - A Testament of Faith and Devotion Our adventure commences at the awe-inspiring Hill of Crosses in Lithuania, a place where the landscape itself tells stories of unwavering faith and profound devotion. As you stand amidst countless crosses of all sizes and designs, each representing a heartfelt prayer or wish, you'll be moved by the spiritual energy that envelops this sacred site. The history and significance of the Hill of Crosses will unfold before you, providing a deep understanding of the enduring faith that has drawn pilgrims here for centuries. During the tour, you'll have the flexibility to enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, either before or after exploring the enchanting Rundale Palace. If you choose to skip lunch, don't worry; we'll still have plenty of time to include an additional visit to Bauska Castle on our return journey to Riga. 2. Rundale Palace - A Journey into Extravagance Next, we'll transport you to Rundale Palace, a Baroque masterpiece that embodies opulence and grandeur. Step into a bygone era as you explore the palace's ornate halls adorned with stucco work, gilded carvings, and intricate frescoes. You'll feel like royalty as you traverse the opulent chambers, marveling at the exquisite craftsmanship that surrounds you. The palace's immaculate gardens, resplendent with vibrant blooms, provide a serene escape, inviting you to take leisurely strolls and relish the regal atmosphere. 3. Bauska Castle - Where Medieval Tales Come to Life Our journey through time continues as we arrive at Bauska Castle, a medieval stronghold that resonates with the echoes of knights, duchesses, and historic intrigue. Explore the castle's towers, walk the same halls as nobility once did, and let your imagination wander amidst the ancient walls. The stories of medieval life and feudal lords will unfold, offering a vivid glimpse into the past. The lush park surrounding the castle, adorned with exotic plants and trees from around the world, provides a tranquil setting to reflect on the historical richness of this remarkable site. Conclusion: As our day tour draws to a close, you'll find yourself not only enriched with the history and culture of the Baltics but also with a sense of awe for the beauty that defines this region. Our journey ends with your return back, leaving you perfectly situated to explore more of the charming surroundings or simply bask in the memories of a day filled with faith, opulence, and medieval tales. Join us on this unique adventure, where the past comes alive, and the present is enriched with the treasures of the Baltics.

The Hill of Crosses: Full-Day Tour from Vilnius

6. The Hill of Crosses: Full-Day Tour from Vilnius

This full-day tour starts at 09.00 AM when you’re picked up at your centrally located Vilnius Hotel. After about an hour’s drive you’ll reach the Ukmergė District, stopping at a park established to remember those who fought against the Soviet regime. You’ll see crosses dedicated to the partisans, to the most important dates of Lithuanian history and to famous individuals, such as Pope John Paul II and US President Ronald Reagan. Learn about the symbolism of the cross in Lithuanian culture and history. Continue to the Siauliai area, where you’ll visit the Hill of Crosses, one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Lithuania. Enjoy lunch at local restaurant and taste traditional Lithuanian dishes. After lunch you’ll head back to Vilnius arriving at around 5:00-6:00 PM.

Hill of Crosses and Siauliai Tour

7. Hill of Crosses and Siauliai Tour

Starting from Vilnius the tour will take you to the north of Lithuania where you will find Siauliai city and the famous Hill of Crosses. Siauliai is the fourth largest city in Lithuania.   During the drive through the center, there will be a chance to see the famous Frenkel Villa, Church of St. Peter and Paul and meet the Millenium Fox and Golden Archer of the Sundial.  The famous Hill of Crosses will be your next stop, where the Pope John Paul II held the most highly attended mass in our country – during his visit to Lithuania in 1993. This old mound from the days of the crusaders has been decorated with thousands of crosses in every imaginable size and form. This has always been, as it is now, a place of pilgrimage. Today a veritable sea of crosses – hundreds of thousands of them – serves as a monument to Lithuanians’ devotion to their religion. You will learn about the cross making craft - one of the most unique Lithuanian crafts, included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. After the visit in the Hill of Crosses, it is possible to stop for lunch in a traditional restaurant before making your way back to the capital city, Vilnius.

From Riga: Trip to the Hill of Crosses & a Charmed Jelgava

8. From Riga: Trip to the Hill of Crosses & a Charmed Jelgava

Take a day tour from Riga to the Hill of Crosses, the famous Jurgaiciai Hill, located 12 km north of Siauliai. This authentic monument of history and religious folk art is the best repository of Lithuanian cross-making art and inspires with its peace, spirituality, authenticity, and sacred nature. The legendary stories about the beginning of the Hill are interesting as well. After crossing the border between Latvia and Lithuania you will be offered to stop for a photo session. At the Hill of the Crosses, the guide will tell you the history of this unique place and how it came to be. On the way back, we recommend passing through the local town of Jelgava. This is a unique opportunity to compare the locals' lives in the capital and a small town. Additionally, during this tour, you will be provided with excellent places to have lunch with local cuisine.

From Riga: The Hill of Crosses 5h Group half a Day Tour

9. From Riga: The Hill of Crosses 5h Group half a Day Tour

During this half-day trip you will visit Latvia's neighbouring country – Lithuania and one of its most popular sightseeing places, the Hill of Crosses. We will also have a few stops during the tour and one short will be on the Latvia - Lithuania border! We aim to make this normally rather costly day tour from Riga affordable to most Riga travellers, therefore we have set a minimum amount of participants – 5 people. So join the tour, meet other people and have an unforgettable half-day off the Riga.

Route of John Paul II: Hill of Crosses, Tytuvenai & Siluva

10. Route of John Paul II: Hill of Crosses, Tytuvenai & Siluva

During this private day tour you will be able to explore the most interesting sites, which Pope John Paul II visited. Pope John Paul II was the first Roman pontiff who visited Lithuania in September 1993. His pontificate is related with Lithuanian religious and national revival, and the re-establishment of the Lithuanian Republic in 1990. In the very beginning of his pontificate, John Paul II spontaneously pronounced his famous phrase: “Half of my heart is in Lithuania”.  The tour will include two sites which were visited by the Pope: Siluva Shrine of Our Lady and Hill of the Crosses, and one extra site of the beautiful monastery of Tytuvenai. The tour starts from Vilnius and heads to Siluva. Since the beginning of the 16th century, Siluva has been famous for the indulgenced Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Siluva is famous for the first widely known apparition of the Mother of God in Europe. Today Siluva is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Lithuania with its ancient tradition of the indulgenced Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.   Next stop will be Tytuvenai monastery. Tytuvėnai’s Church of Our Lady of the Angels and Bernardine monastery complex are among Lithuania’s largest and most significant specimens of 17th and 18th century sacred architecture, reflecting as they do a multi-layered harmony of the Gothic, Mannerist and Baroque styles. The last stop of the tour is the Hill of Crosses. The Hill of Crosses has about 100,000 crosses, it is a historical architectural monument and a unique composition of folk art. The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania left a deep impression on Pope John Paul II. After the tour, head back to Vilnius.

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Marteen is a great driver, a nice young gentleman and speaks multiple languages. The communication with him was excellent and even before the tour he always answered me kindly despite my anxieties and fears of not being able to do the tour since one had already been canceled and. Very honestly he kept the same great price just for me! Since the train to Joniksis was strangely sold out as recommended by the "tourist information office" we agreed and found ourselves at the Siaulai station even closer to the hill. Then, after the visit, he accompanied me to Riga showing me some things that interested me and accompanied me along the road to eat an excellent pizza that he knew. I RECOMMEND this tour to anyone who WANTS TO DO THE TWO CAPTALS without going back! For the few tourists present my previous tour had been cancelled…so I left my suitcase in Marteen's car. This tour is a must book, it will not disappoint you!

Excellent trip, our guide Martins was very nice and informative, he made sure we had a great and comfortable trip. He share a lot of interesting information about Latvia and the places we visited . The sights were really nice, we had plenty of time to explore them. The car was very comfortable and nice. This is a great option for people traveling from Riga to Vilnius to explore a little more of both countries in a nice and comfortable way. Great value for the money.

I highly recommend this tour- if possible, ask for Adam as a guide. He is extremely friendly and smart, answered all of our questions. We learned so much from him. Honestly, this was one of the best private tours experience we had. Hill of Crosses and Anykščiai were beautiful and inspiring. I am so happy that I chose this tour. Thank you so much for the wonderful day, Adam.

Our day trip was very good. Our guide was timely, friendly, interesting and very jolly. The journey was comfortable and capped to 6 people. It was an interesting and unusual destination as I don't believe there anywhere, quite like the Hill of Crosses. It is a great way to see the Lithuanian countryside when staying in Riga, Latvia. Recommended.

We thought the tour was great, we had a great guide.