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From Tirana: Komani Lake and Shala River Day Trip

1. From Tirana: Komani Lake and Shala River Day Trip

Komani Lake and Shala River Day Trip is ideal for people seeking a fresh peaceful day with scenic views of Komani Lake and Shala River. You will get a chance to do the Boat Trip in Komani Lake and then swim and relax in the fresh crystal clear waters of the Shala River with views of dreamlike nature. The tour starts in Tirana at 6:00 AM and involves a 3-hour and 20-minute car ride with a short stop on the way to the Komani Lake, which was formed in the 1970s by damming the Drini valley. Visitors will then board a boat and embark on a ride through a series of deep gorges and interconnected lakes, passing between high mountains and enjoying the tranquil beauty of the natural surroundings. The ride will continue for approximately 1 hour until reaching the Shala River, which is known for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking scenery. Visitors can even take a dip in the river's cool waters if they wish. Additionally, there is an option to go on a 45-minute hike up the mountain at the Shala River to reach a beautiful viewpoint. Afterward, visitors will return to the boat and head back to the Komani Dam by 3:30 PM, followed by a drive back to Tirana. Overall, this tour offers a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors to explore the stunning natural beauty of Albania's Komani Lake and Shala River, making it an excellent option for nature lovers and those looking for adventure.

Montenegro from Albania: A Day Tour full of discoveries

2. Montenegro from Albania: A Day Tour full of discoveries

Montenegro may have declared its independence in June 2006, yet it is its medieval castles and settlements that offer unique traces of its history, and placed Crna Gora - which means "Black Mountains", in the world's attention. We will travel from Tirana, Albania along its mesmerizing Adriatic sea coastline. In our full-day tour we will have the opportunity to discover the Bay of Budva, the UNESCO city of Kotor, and the petite island of Sveti Stefan. We will depart from your Tirana hotel in the morning with an air-conditioned vehicle, and head towards north Albania. We will have a quick coffee break by the Buna River at the footsteps of the beautiful Shkodra fortress. Listed as one of the oldest European castles that survived antiquity to modern times, it has adorned this crucial Albanian cultural town for over 2400 years. Upon crossing the Albanian-Montenegrin border, we will initially head towards the city of Budva - one hour and half drive from the border. Prior to reaching the wonderful Bay of Budva, we will have a quick stop at the most iconic Montenegro destination: the tiny islet of Sveti Stefan, a perfect photographic site - now one of the most adored resort sites in the Balkans. One of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast, Budva is 2,500 years old, and is known for its well-preserved medieval walled city and unspoiled sandy beaches. We will have time to visit and sightsee the Old Town which was sadly destroyed by the 1979 earthquake, yet after its 7 years long reconstruction, it has become a permanent home to 200 families, and an amazing touristic place to enjoy some free time prior to heading to the bay of Kotor. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor is an ideal destination with its imposing medieval build-in-the-mountain castle walls and little artisan shops. You will have free time to explore the old city and its local shops. In late afternoon we will head back to the Albanian border, and then you will be dropped off in the Tirana hotel that you were picked up from.

From Tirana: 3-Day Komani Lake, Valbona and Thethi Tour

3. From Tirana: 3-Day Komani Lake, Valbona and Thethi Tour

Enjoy a three-day trip through the Albanian Alps and visit Komani Lake, Valbona, and Thethi. Explore beautiful valleys, see local waterfalls, sail to Komani Lake, and visit Thethi National Park. Start your journey from Tirana to Komani Lake on the first day of the tour. Set sail at the lake and sail for 2 hours through an outstanding dramatic mountain view of Komani Lake. Continue on your way and take your private transfer heading to Valbona Valley. Chill time and relaxing View. Begin the second day early in the morning and hike from Valbona Valley National Park to Thethi Valley National Park. Enjoy the hike, which is moderate and approximately 6 hours long. Admire the surroundings and during these 6 hours enjoy plenty of time to rest and the most important thing, to enjoy one of the best parts of Albania, the heart of the Alps. Continue the day and by the afternoon arrive in Thethi National Park. Carry on with the tour on day three by visiting the most interesting parts of Thethi as The Church, Grunas Waterfall, and the Blue Eye. Make your way back to Tirana in the afternoon with a short visit to Shkodra City and arrive in Tirana around the evening to end our tour.

Shkodra: Komani Lake Day Trip with Shala River Boat Ride

4. Shkodra: Komani Lake Day Trip with Shala River Boat Ride

Visit the pearl of the Albanian Alps, Lake Komani with this day trip from Shkodra. Visit a picturesque river nestled in a stunning natural landscape on a boat tour to the Shala River. Start your journey by car from Hotel Rozafa in Shkodra in the morning. Relax on the drive to Lake Koman with stops along the way for rest or capture photos of the scenic Albanian countryside. Arrive at Lake Komani 1.5 hours later and have some time to rest near the turquoise waters. Hop on board a boat for a ride on the lake that takes you to the winding waters of the Shala River. Enjoy breathtaking views of rugged moutains during the 1 hour and 15 minute boat ride. Have about 5 hours to swim at the beach or purchase activities like canoeing and ziplining. Return to your meeting point in Shkodra with unforgettable memories of the Shala River and Komani Lake in the mid-afternoon.

Shkodra from Tirana: Day Tour of castle, city & Skadar Lake

5. Shkodra from Tirana: Day Tour of castle, city & Skadar Lake

After a pick-up from you hotel, drive to the city of Shkoder, the third largest town in Albania, located 95 km north of Tirana. Known for its culture, tradition, and natural beauty, this city offers a diversity that is rarely found in any other city in Albania: with rivers, lakes, lagoons, and mountains which make Shkodra an unforgettable destination in Albania. Built on a rocky hill overlooking the city by the rivers of Buna and Drini, you will find the most important monument of Shkoder: The Castle of Rozafa. After visiting the Castle area you will have the chance to explore the Leaden Mosque and Catholic Church and notice the diverse religious elements and architecture. You will also have the possibility of strolling through the local bazaar of Shkoder, get a glimpse of Albanian traditions, and maybe buy a souvenir.  Optional: lunch with traditional dishes from the region including krap fish which is cooked on a roof tile. Head back to Tirana. End of service.

From Tirana: 3-Day Koman Lake, Valbona and Theth Hiking Tour

6. From Tirana: 3-Day Koman Lake, Valbona and Theth Hiking Tour

This active multi-day tour of Valbona and Theth in the heart of the Albanian Alps takes you to Lake Koman, Valbona Valley, and the quaint village of Theth. Enjoy scenic nature and Albanian hospitality alongside a personal guide. Your private trip includes lodging, meals, and all transportation. Day 1: Tirana – Koman Lake – ValbonaLeave Tirana early to drive toward Koman Lake in time for the ferry that departs to Fierza at the other side of the lake. Since 1985, this manmade lake is the only way locals who live in the area can get in touch with the modern world. Driving from Fierza to Valbona, travel for approximately 45 minutes, passing through Bajram Curri, the municipally of the area. Enjoy a lunch break in Valbona and hiking in Kukaj, a very remote area in Valbona Valley, where you’ll get to see how locals do their living. At the end of the day, stay overnight at the guesthouse. Day 2: Hiking from Valbona – ThethAlso considered the big day of the tour, set off on a thrilling hike from Valbona to Theth following the ancient path that the locals have been using for years. Back in the day, it was only possible to travel from Valbona to Shkoder on foot, taking two full days of walking. Walking on this path, you’ll pass through the oldest part of the village where people are still living in their more than 100-year-old stone houses that are remarkable remnants of the past. The 18-km trek offers spectacular views of long rocky valleys and lush green forests. Stop for lunch at one of the traditional cafés along the way and choose to stock up on snacks. After trekking for about 7-8 hours, you’ll arrive in Theth. Spend time admiring Theth’s unique nature, history, and traditions, including the village’s symbol, the Lock-In Tower. Stay overnight and have dinner at the guesthouse. Day 3: Theth – Shkoder – TiranaAfter breakfast at the guesthouse, the Grunas Waterfall is the next attraction. Take an about 45-minute walk from the center of the village, passing through most of the village and into soft hilly terrain. Leaving Theth behind and driving for around 3 hours, reach Shkoder, the biggest city of the Albanian North. Enjoy free time in Shkoder before returning to Tirana in the evening to conclude the tour.

From Tirana: Shala River and Komani Lake Day Tour

7. From Tirana: Shala River and Komani Lake Day Tour

Shala River Day Tour Check in: 05:00, Departure from Tirana, End: 19:30 Return to Tirana Shala River Tour starts from Tirana, where we board the Bus that takes us to Komani Lake. From Komani Lake Pier we board the boat that takes us to Shala River.It is important to be on time in order to get on the tour boat. Shala River Day Tour with Transportation from Tirana It includes; Transportation from Tirana to Komani Terminal and return to Tirana, Boat tour from Komani Terminal to Shala River and Return Swimming Exploring Trekking Hiking Boarding Tour Boat This is the itinerary for the Shala River Day Tour. Departure from Komani: 09:30 am Arrival at Shala River: 10:45 am This gives you approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to enjoy the scenic beauty of Shala River. Activities during this time could include: Swimming: Take a refreshing swim in the river to enjoy the natural surroundings. Exploring the Area: Walk around and explore the area near Shala River, appreciating the landscape and possibly finding interesting spots. Capturing Memories: Don’t forget to capture the picturesque views and moments with your camera or smartphone. Return Schedule from Shala River: 14:00 pm Arrival at Komani: 15:30 pm This provides another 1 hour and 30 minutes for the return journey. Tips for the trip: Pack Essentials: Ensure you have essentials such as sunscreen, water, snacks, and appropriate clothing for swimming. Camera/Phone: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture the beautiful moments. TRANSPORTATION Details and Location of Bus Meeting Point from Tirana will be provided upon reservation.

Fom Tirana: Day tour of Shkodra and Lezha (Scutari & Lisus)

8. Fom Tirana: Day tour of Shkodra and Lezha (Scutari & Lisus)

Join this unforgettable journey to explore the enchanting attractions of Shkodra and Lezha, two of Albania's most historic cities. The tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation located in Tirana to kickstart the adventure. The first destination is the charming city of Lezha. Dive into its rich history and pay homage to Albania's national hero, Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, at his revered tomb. After that, we will visit the center of Lezha city. Then, we'll venture to the iconic Rozafa Castle, perched majestically just 3km south of Shkodra's bustling center. This ancient fortress boasts a captivating past dating back to the early Bronze Age, revealed through fascinating archaeological finds. Step inside the castle's walls to uncover architectural marvels and remnants of Venetian administrative buildings. From the castle's vantage points, soak in panoramic views of the picturesque landscape, adorned by the Buna and Drin Rivers. Our journey continues to the breathtaking Shkodra Lake, straddling the border between Montenegro and Albania. Once a bay of the Adriatic Sea, this expansive lake stands as the largest in the Balkans, spanning over 41km in length and teeming with diverse birdlife, including the majestic pelicans. Free time for lunch, with the possibility to enjoy the panoramic lake view. Conclude our tour with a visit to Shkodra's vibrant main boulevard, immersing yourself in the city's dynamic fusion of history, culture, and modernity. Also visit the awe-inspiring Catholic Cathedral, dedicated to St. Stephen and hailed as one of the Balkans' largest. Back to Tirana at your hotel.

Day Tour to Theth and Blu Eye (The Albanian Alps)

9. Day Tour to Theth and Blu Eye (The Albanian Alps)

1 - Qafë thore, Albania We will commence our day by arranging a pick-up service from your hotel, ensuring a comfortable and convenient start to our journey to Theth. En route, we will have the opportunity to traverse through ancient historical cities like Lezha and Shkodra, which hold significant cultural value. Our initial destination will be the summit of Qafe Thore, a mountain renowned for its awe-inspiring panoramic vistas, granting us the privilege to appreciate the sublime beauty bestowed upon us by nature herself. 2 - Nderlysaj, Nderlysaj, Shkoder County Subsequently, we will proceed towards Theth, descending the mountain to access the Nderlysaj natural baths, where participants can indulge in a refreshing swim or capture captivating photographs of this picturesque setting. 3- We will than continue our journey by hiking at the marvelous blue eye of Theth, where we will get to hike for 35minutes and than go for a dive into the cold water of the blue eye. We will than head back to Nderlysaj and have lunch. 4 - Theth National Park Our final stop, yet by no means least significant, will be Theth Village. Here, we will have the opportunity to witness the historical Church, an architectural gem resonating with the region's rich heritage. Additionally, we will explore one of Theth's notable landmarks, colloquially referred to as the blood feud tower, which provides an intriguing insight into local traditions and customs. 5 - Concluding our exploration of Theth Village, we will initiate our return journey, ensuring your safe and comfortable transportation back to your hotel.

From Tirana: Valbona Park with Ferry Ride and Prizren City

10. From Tirana: Valbona Park with Ferry Ride and Prizren City

Day 1 : At six o'clock the guide will come and pick you up at the hotel. Then we start the journey to Valbona. We arrive at Komani Lake where we will travel by ferry for about 2.5 hours. During the trip we will have the opportunity to see the Komani Lake surrounded by high mountains and greenery. The nature is amazing! The journey continues towards the town of Bajram Curri. There we will take a walk on the main boulevard and have a coffee / tea. We continue the trip to Valbona National Park. Along the way we are accompanied by the river Valbona where we can stop bathing (Optional). The next stop is at the water mill, where you will learn how water mills work. Overnight in Valbona (Guesthouse). Accommodation is included in the package. Day 2 : After breakfast we will explore the Valbona Valley by 4x4 car/ Van for 30 minutes. Then we will hike to Valbona waterfall, a waterfall with fantastic nature. The hike is easy level, through the beech forest. After visiting the waterfall, we continue walking for about an hour to a point where the Valbona valley is viewed from above. Xhema’s Lake is a spring-fed who creates a magic blue lake in the springtime. During summer, especially in August, it gets dried, losing the magic and being transformed mostly in a puddle. Anyway, the walk to this place is a nice experience exploring the surroundings in every season. On the way back to Tirana, we will pass through Kosovo and will definitely stop at Prizren city.Prizren is one of the oldest settlements in Kosovo and the western Balkans. Archaeological excavations in Prizren Fortress indicate that its fortress area has seen habitation and use since the Bronze Age

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Despite the bad weather forecast we decided not to cancel our trip to Theth. It was definitely worth it. We missed the nice views and walk to the waterfall due to rain and a lot of snow, but had a very good day and different experience! Taulant was our guide and he did a wonderful job. He is very professional and gave us a lot of information about Albania. We felt very safe and in good hands with him. Thank you Taulant! Gezim gave us good and clear communication in advance and the day before the trip. Definitely recommended.

We had a wonderful trip to Theth, Valbona and Komani lake. Our tour guide (Flori) was AMAZING - he went above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed the trip, and even voluntarily met us the day after to give us some tips in Tirana. The only downside was that the 6 hour hiking path was closed as it was not summer months, but our tour organiser kindly arranged for us to go to Kosovo instead. Would definitely recommend.

Our guide Ilir was excellent!! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Throughly enjoyed the day. Budva was amazing definitely worth visiting. Ilir made the whole trip interesting and great choice of music in the car. Would recommend the restaurant Ilir took us to in Budva. It had a great view and the food was very delicious. It was a long day but Ilir’s company and smooth driving made it a fantastic day tour. Thank you

Best tour I've ever had! Ilir made the most out of our "private" tour. It was supposed to be a group tour, but fortunately, it was just me and my partner today :) He is very knowledgeable, hospitable, generous, and patient. Tour and photographer in one! Thank you for making our Shkodra trip extremely worthwhile! Highly and strongly recommended! :)

It was awesome! A must do activity if you are in Tirana and want to see the beautiful sights of the Balkan cities and nature. The guide, Ilir was wonderful, polite, knowledgeable and patient. He can also customise your trip for you and make it suitable for family or group of friends. Totally recommend this!