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Shay Pure Aloha specializes in reducing muscular pain, alleviating stress, and reducing tension. With our knowledge on 6 massage modalities, we can offer you the kind of massage that is perfect for your need. One of which is Swedish massage where it aims to relax the tissues of the body, relieve stress and improve circulation. Or you might need a deep tissue massage where the therapist is massaging deeply into the tissues of the body. If you are an athlete then Sports Massage is perfect for you. Hence, most modalities of massage help with fitness as much or more than sports massage, especially Swedish. Another modality we offer is Neuromuscular massage. This involves the therapist using postural assessment, muscle testing, exercise and stretching to balance the nervous system. If you want to stimulate points on the body that correspond to acupuncture points then Tui Na massage is perfect for you. Foot massage also known as reflexology is a modality we excel at. It involves the therapist massaging various areas of the feet to promote health in various areas of the body. Originated in Hawaii, we are proud to offer the Lomi Lomi massage where the therapists use their forearms to glide over the body with long flowing, quick strokes.

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