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South Korea’s capital blends traditional palaces with high-rises amid a cutting-edge fashion and design scene.

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Incheon Airport: Traveler SIM & T-money Transportation Card

1. Incheon Airport: Traveler SIM & T-money Transportation Card

Traveling in Korea is much easier and more comfortable when you get to stay online. Book a travel SIM to be in contact with your friends and family, share your travel photos on social media, check your work e-mails, and find your favorite spots on the map. Pick up your SIM at the Incheon Airport counter and get assisted by the staff at the counter to activate your SIM card. The staff will make sure your phone is connected to data.  Receive your Tmoney card as well, which is a public transportation card that can be used to take subways and buses.  Charge the card so you can use it when taking public transportations, purchasing items at convenience stores, or taking certified taxis that accept cards.

From Seoul: DMZ, 3rd Tunnel & Suspension Bridge Guided Tour

2. From Seoul: DMZ, 3rd Tunnel & Suspension Bridge Guided Tour

Choose options of pickup, private tour, or meet your guide before traveling together to the DMZ. See Freedom Bridge, Mangbaedan Altar, and a historical steam locomotive. Travel to a tunnel dug by North Korea, see observatories and visit the unification villages in the DMZ. Move to Imjingak and drop by 3 stops - Freedom Bridge, Mangbaedan Altar, and a steam locomotive that was destroyed during the Korean war. Board a bus with your guide (or group) and continue on to the DMZ. Visit three different places within the DMZ. First, arrive at The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel by walking (or monorail if private option is selected) and see a tunnel dug by North Koreans to invade South Korea. Next, explore Dorasan Observatory, the northernmost observatory of North Korean territory. And then visit Unfication village Enjoy a visit to the Mt. Gamaksan suspension bridge if you select that option. Gamaksan Suspension bridge is where the allied forces fought a fierce battle in the Korean War. Take a 15 to 20-minute hike and marvel at the stunning natural beauty at the top of the bridge. Choose the Majang Bridge option and get to visit the Majang Suspension Bridge at beautiful Majang lake which was the scene of a battle in the Korean War. It has now been turned into a scenic destination with the one of the longest suspension bridge in South Korea, where you can walk the 256-meter bridge.

From Seoul: South Korea Demilitarized Zone Guided Tour

3. From Seoul: South Korea Demilitarized Zone Guided Tour

Journey to one of the most meaningful tourist destinations in the world at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the border of South and North Korea. Gain an understanding of Korean history and culture. DMZ Tour(The 3rd Tunnel except Mondays) ▼ Enjoy access to Imjingak Park. See the Bridge of Freedom, used by prisoners of war who were repatriated from the North. Explore the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, an incomplete passage built by North Korea that runs under the Demilitarized Zone. Go inside the tunnel on foot. Once you're back on the surface, go up the slopes of Mount Dora for a look across the country from the Dora Observatory. In good weather, see all the way to North Korea without using the observatory's telescope. Look out at the 2.4-mile (4 km) stretch of the DMZ that has divided Korea since 1953. Stop by Unification Village, located near the DMZ in South Korea. Browse a variety of souvenirs and items that reflect the theme of peace and reconciliation. They often have goods from North Korea too. Pick the great souvenirs and snacks before you return to Seoul. Finish the tour with a drop-off at either Myeongdong or City hall station, depending on your preference. ▲ *Arrival time to Seoul can be different depending on the number of tourists and traffic on the day.

Korea 4G LTE Unlimited Data and Optional Voice Call SIM Card

4. Korea 4G LTE Unlimited Data and Optional Voice Call SIM Card

Data is important these days, whether you need to find a place, check a map, reply to an urgent e-mail from your business contacts, or upload inspiring photos to Instagram. When you are away from home, avoid spiralling roaming charges and use a local network. Stay connected with this affordable and convenient Korean SIM card! Choose from micro, nano or standard SIM cards. Benefit from 5mpbs download speeds, as well as tethering capabilities. Cards are provided by KT Olleh, a top Korean provider.

From Seoul: DMZ Half or Full-Day Guided Day Trip

5. From Seoul: DMZ Half or Full-Day Guided Day Trip

Join a day trip from Seoul for a guided tour of the Demilitarized Zone on the border of North Korea and South Korea. See the world's most heavily fortified border and gain insight into the Korean War. Visit landmarks including the 3rd Tunnel and the Dora Observatory. Begin the tour with a pickup in Central Seoul and travel to Imjingak Park. Upon arrival at Imjingak Park, see the Freedom Bridge and the old steam locomotive, which shows the tragedy of the Korean War. Pay your respects at a memorial for the soldiers who died in the Korean War. Enter the real DMZ to discover the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and DMZ Exhibition Hall to learn about South and North Korea's conflict. Visit the Dora observatory to see North Korea through telescopes and to get a peek at North Korea's propaganda village. At the end of the trip, relax as you travel back to Seoul, passing by Unification Village, and get dropped off at City Hall.  If you choose the full-day tour, you can enjoy the Gloucester Hill Memorial and Suspension Bridge (Gloucester Heroes Bridge) too.

Seoul: DMZ Tour with Optional Suspension Bridge and Gondola

6. Seoul: DMZ Tour with Optional Suspension Bridge and Gondola

* Tour Itinerary (DMZ): Imjingak Park - The Bridge of Freedom - The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel - DMZ Theater & Exhibition Hall - Dora Observatory - Pass by the Unification Village * Tour Itinerary (DMZ+Gondola Optional): Imjingak Park - The Bridge of Freedom - Gondola Ride - The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel - DMZ Theater & Exhibition Hall - Dora Observatory - Pass by the Unification Village * Tour Itinerary (DMZ+Red Bridge Optional): Imjingak Park - The Bridge of Freedom - The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel - DMZ Theater & Exhibition Hall - Dora Observatory - Pass by the Unification Village - Red Suspension Bridge Uncover the story of North and South Korea on a shared or private day trip to the Demilitarized Zone from Seoul. See highlights like the Peace Train, Bridge of Freedom, and Third Tunnel of Aggression. Add a gondola ride to your tour to see the DMZ from above. After meeting your guide at one of the meeting points at Seoul's downtown metro stations or following pickup (private options only), travel in comfort aboard a climate-controlled bus to Imjingak Park in Paju. Follow your guide to see DMZ and war-related monuments, including the famous Peace Train and the Bridge of Freedom which links the two Koreas. Continue to the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel (Third Tunnel of Aggression), one of four known tunnels under the border between the Koreas.  Learn about how the tunnel was built for a surprise attack from the North to the South and was discovered by accident. Hear about the innovation of North Korea before making your way to the DMZ Theater & Exhibition Hall to find out more about this tunnel and the stories of the two Koreas. Travel to the top of Mt. Dora for a visit to the Dora Observatory. Take in the scenic view across the Demilitarized Zone and see the North Korean propaganda village and Korea's ancient capital, Kaesong. Pass by the Unification Village (Tongil Chon), where civilians still live to this day. Select the Peace Gondola add-on for unparalleled views of North Korea and the U.S. Military Camp Greaves. Return to your meeting or pickup point at the end of your tour.

South Korea: eSIM Data Plan

7. South Korea: eSIM Data Plan

Make your trip to South Korea hassle-free with the convenience of an eSIM. Stay connected on your travels with high-speed coverage in South Korea or upgrade to include access in 9 additional countries, including Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. Purchase and install your eSIM anytime and anywhere, and choose from a variety of data packages, validity options, and coverage in additional countries. Simply scan the eSIM QR code and ensure that you have access to all of your essential apps during your trip. Avoid the trouble of managing multiple SIMs with this zero-waste solution. Get one eSIM per device and top up by simply buying and activating additional eSIM plans as you go. Once activated, your coverage will begin according to your selected duration. Eligible for all iPhone modes launched beyond iPhone XS can support eSIM. For Android, if you are unsure, please check with the guideline photo for eligibility. If you can not connect to the internet after installing this eSIM, please follow the Self Help Troubleshooting Guide in your GYG voucher. APN (Access Point Name) info: plan for South Korea only: internet plan for 10 Countries: ctm-mobile Local operator: SKT

Incheon Airport: Unlimited 4G Portable Pocket Wi-Fi Rental

8. Incheon Airport: Unlimited 4G Portable Pocket Wi-Fi Rental

Keep in touch with family and friends whilst in Seoul and around Korea with a 4G Portable Wi-Fi rental, providing unlimited Wi-Fi access to your smartphone, tablet, and computer at just the touch of a button. You will be provided with a chargeable device that generates unlimited internet service for 3 electronic devices. Enjoy high-speed 4G internet access wherever you want, whenever you want with coverage across the country. Simply pick up your device at Incheon Airport, learn how to use the device from your helpful staff, and walk around the streets of Seoul with unlimited high-speed internet service to search for best restaurants, travel spots, and share them on your social media! You can even stream videos or your favorite playlists since there is no restriction in speed or data usage. Pick up the device from Incheon Airport, but return it to any of the following airports: Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, Gimhae Airport (Busan).

Seoul: City Hightlights, Palace Tour, and Optional Hanbok

9. Seoul: City Hightlights, Palace Tour, and Optional Hanbok

Start your enchanting Seoul adventure by donning traditional Hanbok at a quaint local rental shop, perfectly setting the tone for a day steeped in history and culture. Step into the historic Gyeongbokgung Palace, where the vivid Changing of the Guard ceremony awaits. This spectacular event features elaborate costumes and precise choreography that echo the grandeur of the Joseon Dynasty, offering a plethora of photo opportunities to capture your Hanbok-clad silhouette against a backdrop of ancient splendor. Next, meander through the charming, narrow lanes of Bukchon Hanok Village. As you traverse this scenic neighborhood, you'll be transported back in time by the traditional Korean houses that line the paths, each telling a story of a bygone era. This picturesque setting offers a profound insight into Korea’s enduring cultural heritage. Continue your journey at the National Palace Museum of Korea, where the rich tapestry of the Joseon Dynasty unfolds through an extensive array of royal artifacts. Each piece showcases the intricate craftsmanship and artistic heritage of ancient Korea, providing a deeper understanding of the country’s regal past. Allow yourself a moment of relaxation with some local Korean snacks, a perfect interlude to reflect and indulge in the savory and sweet tastes of traditional cuisine. Your cultural exploration culminates at Baek In-je's House, where you’ll step into the world of Korea's early 20th-century elite. This historic home, preserved in all its opulent glory, offers a rare glimpse into the luxurious lifestyles once led by Korea's upper class. This detailed itinerary offers a comprehensive exploration into Seoul's royal history and cultural richness, ensuring an unforgettable experience of the city’s most iconic and picturesque sites.

Seoul: Myeongdong Nanta Theater Show Ticket

10. Seoul: Myeongdong Nanta Theater Show Ticket

Do something different during your time in Seoul and watch a unique performance at the Myeongdong Nanta Theater. The non-verbal show is perfect for foreigners, and an English, Japanese and Chinese multi-language service is also provided for your convenience. The narrative centers around 3 charismatic chefs and integrates the traditional rhythms of Samulnori with comedy and drama. The cooks in the kitchen are about to begin their busy job, when the ill-tempered manager orders them to prepare 10 wedding ceremony menus in 1 hour! Suddenly the kitchen is thrown into turmoil and the cooks become wild as they chop, beat and stir in an attempt to meet the deadline. Nanta has set the record for attracting the most visitors to Korea, and has been acclaimed by critics and audiences wherever it goes. 

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The tour was excellent! It was the last night in our seoul trip and could not have been better. Our tour guide Kim explained everything very well. I loved the way she talked about everything and her sense of humour was amazing. The flow of the tour and the choice of the visiting spots ...everything was simply perfect. If we had not taken this tour, we would have missed out on the walk next to the Naksen park/wall and the beautiful stream view. I recommend this tour to everyone who goes to seoul. Thank you

Our guide was excellent at explainingthe things we saw and very patient when we wanted to take photos. He also gave excellent recommendations for lokal restaurants. I highly recommend the tour, it truly is an interesting and beautiful experience.

Amazing tour! Really informative and the guide, Shawn, was great. I saw some places that weren't even on my itinerary. If you have time for the extended tour, I recommend taking it for a more complete experience. Would do it again if I could!

Used it for Hong Kong. easy to install. IMPORTANT: You get a QR Code witch you have to scan with your phone. So you need to print it out or use a second device. Please consider that beforehand.

Totally worth it if you are traveling with kids or in a group.