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Sea Gate, Kotor

Sea Gate, Kotor: Our most recommended tours and activities

Kotor: Private Walking Tour with Wine and Food Tasting

1. Kotor: Private Walking Tour with Wine and Food Tasting

After meeting with your guide, you will begins a tour which will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the real Kotor. It begins with a 1-hour walking tour of the old town, where you will learn everything about Kotor's amazing and impressive history that UNESCO has recognized as World Heritage. But, Kotor is not just a monument, it is the place full of life and impressive stories that your local guide will share with you. Visiting the Open Market, you will learn about the local food this region is famous for. At the conclusion of the tour, you will sit in a popular local place where you will taste famous smoked ham, cheese and a glass of traditional wine. Besides this tasting, this will be your chance to enjoy the local atmosphere, and chat with your guide as you ask all the questions you might have about Kotor and the small but charming country of Montenegro!

Kotor: Old Town Private Walking Tour

2. Kotor: Old Town Private Walking Tour

Start this tour from the main gate (also known as 'the Sea Gate'), where you will find yourself at the Square of Arms, the main town square. From there, enjoy a view of the four centuries old town clock tower. In front of the clock tower, there is a medieval pillory where verdicts used to be read and prisoners used to be brought.  Then proceed to the Bizanti family palace, which dates back to the 14th-century, and along the way, you will pass Beskuća Palace with its Gothic portal. Then proceed to Flour Square where you will see Pima and Buća Palaces. Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is the biggest attraction, with its construction being set between 1124 and 1166. The other notable religious sights are the Church of St. Luke (built in 1195 on the model of similar churches in medieval Serbia) and St. Nicholas Church (built on the site where there used to be the Dominican monastery of St. Nicholas built in 1540).

From Kotor: Boating, Kayaking, & Cycling Tour

3. From Kotor: Boating, Kayaking, & Cycling Tour

Our tour begins at the Kotor Old Town Sea Gate, where you will be welcomed by your tour guide. A short walk to the city park leads to a speedboat that will take you on a thrilling 15-minute ride to the Island of Lady of the Rock. There, your guide will delight you with tales of the island's history and origins. From Lady of the Rock, we will travel by speedboat to the charming village of Prcanj, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the picturesque streets. Once we arrive at the kayaking spot, we will embark on a peaceful, one and half hour long, exploration to discover the quaint village of Dobrota, stopping along the way to take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters of a secluded beach. After a relaxing 15-minute break, upon arrival to the starting point we will continue our adventure with a scenic 35-minute bike ride from Prcanj to the Old Town of Kotor. Once we reach our destination, your guide will lead you back to the meeting spot where our journey began.

Kotor Old Town Small-Group Walking Tour

4. Kotor Old Town Small-Group Walking Tour

Enjoy our walking tour of the Kotor's old town which will last up 1.5 to 2 hours and is perfect if you only have a short time visit from a cruise or if you are visting for a few days and would like to to have the first hand introduction and insight from your guide, while learning about our heritage and culture. Your licensed your guide, professional and fluent in English will meet you by the port entrance or Old town main entrance. After meeting your guide you will enjoy walking through the maze of Kotor's medieval quarter, its bustling market and among beautiful Renaissance buildings. The tour provides an excellent orientation to Kotor and optional visits St. Tryphon Cathedral and the Maritime Museum if you wish to pay for the entrance. Otherwise a nice introduction of our mayor building in town. After your visit you will have enough time to enjoy the town without rushing back on board the cruise ship 1 Kotor Old City Kotor is situated in the most secluded part of Boka Kotorska (The Bay of Kotor). While it dates from the Illyrian period, Kotor developed into an important commercial and artistic center in the Middle Ages. Many empires battled for control over the city throughout the centuries: from being an autonomous city of the Byzantine Empire, free city of medieval Serbia, then under Venetian or Hungarian states, gaining independence and then returned to Venetian control once again, just to be occupied by France and then Austria, until Kotor finally became part of Yugoslavia. e 7 St. Tryphon Cathedral The tour leads us to one of the iconic sites of Kotor - St. Tryphon Cathedral with short guided tour of the Cathedral. 5 minutes • Admission Ticket Not Included 8 Maritime Museum Our tour will lead us to The Bokelian Navy Square with Karampana well. 5 minutes • Admission Ticket Not Included 9 Karampana Well We continue to the Karampana Well... 5 minutes • Admission Ticket Free 10 Church of St. Luke We arrive at the St Luke Square with St Luke and St Nikola churches. 5 minutes • Admission Ticket Not Included 11 Church of St. Nikola We arrive at the St Luke Square with St Luke and St Nikola churches. 5 minutes • Admission Ticket Not Included 12 Church of Blazena Ozana The tour will take us to Blazena Ozana Church and the Northern Gate. 5 minutes • Admission Ticket Not Included 13 Northern Gate We will take a quick look at the Northern Gate and the Skurda River, before returning to the Square of Arms where this tour ends. 5 minutes

Kotor Old Town - City Walking Tour

5. Kotor Old Town - City Walking Tour

Embark on a journey through time as you step through the Sea Gate, the main entrance to Kotor's enchanting Old Town, where your guide awaits. Delve into the rich tapestry of history and architecture as you explore iconic landmarks such as the Square of Arms and Clock Tower, wander through Flour Square, adorned with the stately Pima and Buca palaces, and marvel at the intricate beauty of St. Tryphon Cathedral during a guided tour. Traverse the charming streets to discover hidden gems like the Bokelian Navy Square with the iconic Karampana monument, and the serene St. Luke Square with its ancient churches. After this immersive exploration, return to the vibrant Square of Arms, enriched with newfound knowledge and memories of Kotor's timeless allure.

Kotor: Food Walking Tour with Tastings

6. Kotor: Food Walking Tour with Tastings

Our first stop will be the famous Farmer's Market, which is the heart of Kotor, with its colorful stands filled with friendly local vendors, selling their freshly picked vegetables and fruits, cheese, marinated olives, smoked ham - prosciutto, fish brought from the sea of that very morning! This will be the stop where we will taste locally produced smoked ham, sausages, bits of cheese and of course, famous grappa, with which all the true locals start their morning of! After visiting vivacious Farmer's Market, the tour will continue through the narrow cobblestones streets to one authentic little square, where we will stop in the years's old bar to taste famous liquor, Amaro Montenegro, made from a secret blend of 40 botanicals including vanilla, orange peels and eucalyptus. This liquor is the result of a process that has been passed down through generations, unchanged since 1885. Warm atmosphere of locals chatting and enjoying their everyday life around will get the vibe of Kotor's spirit. With taste of delicious liquor, our guide will take you to the most important square in the whole city, square of St. Tryphon Cathedral where we will stop for tasting sauces of different flavors, that every grandma in the town has secret recipe for, followed by freshly baked bread with local olives and delicious olive oil that every local dips their bread in! All of this wouldn't be complete, without some more smoked ham and cheese and a glass of Montenegrin red wine! Since Kotor is a coastline town, seafood is the core of our cuisine, our next stop will be in the charming ambiance of stoney terraces, surrounded by palaces of Kotor's noble families, where we will taste mussels, freshly picked from the sea, cooked in famous buzara sauce, which will be accompanied with delicious white wine. To make the impression of Montenegrin cuisine complete, our final stop will be tasting the delicious Krempita cake - cream pie made of crusty pastry that is melting the moment you take a bite of it and delicious vanilla cream that enriches the whole flavor. The recipe of our Krempita cake is safely guarded and passed on carefully through generations and generations of women in Kotor families. All this is a perfect match with a sip of coffee. After this experience, you will truly merge in the culture and cuisine of Montenegro!

Private Kotor Walking Tour: Rick Steves' Recommended

7. Private Kotor Walking Tour: Rick Steves' Recommended

This private walking tour of Kotor old town starts at the Main Gate and after short introduction about the history of this UNESCO enlisted town, we proceed towards the main square called Square of Arms. The charm of Kotor’s squares and old family homes of local aristocracy is a journey through time to the golden age of Kotor. After getting familiar with the life of the locals, strolling through the narrow streets, we will reach the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, one of the best-preserved monuments from the 12th century. Kotor is also known for the long seafaring tradition so after the Cathedral, we will reach the Museum square where you will be able to visit Maritime Museum. The tour will continue towards the orthodox churches of St. Nicolas and St. Luke where we will learn about their importance with which we will make final touch and the story of Kotor complete. After this Kotor Walking Tour you will be able to say that you know how this coastal town breathes, what its most important parts are and how the locals spend their time living here.

Kotor Bay: Private 4-Hour Kotor and Perast Tour

8. Kotor Bay: Private 4-Hour Kotor and Perast Tour

On this tour discover the most popular parts of Boka Kotorska Bay. Explore the charming town of Perast, be captivated by the island of Our Lady of the Rock, and enjoy a tour of Kotor's Old Town. Meet your guide and take a short, but scenic 20-minute drive from Kotor to the baroque town of Perast. Reach Perast and be charmed by its well-preserved architecture descending on a hill towards the sea. While here see how the everyday life of the locals passes by in one of the prettiest bays in the whole world. After Perast, visit the man-made island of Our Lady of the Rock. Both beautiful and captivating, the island rests in the middle of the bay and catches the eye of anyone who passes by. Take a short boat ride into the sea and arrive at the island to discover what makes it so special. The island treasures paintings of the most talented local artists, more than 2,000 silver votive plaques, and many other interesting gifts donated by local sailors. Head back to Perast and take a break before your walking tour through Kotor's Old Town. Be impressed by its long walls, architecture, and history. Conclude your private tour with better knowledge of the area and fond memories.

Guided Kotor & Cable Car Tour

9. Guided Kotor & Cable Car Tour

This specially designed tour is meant to combine discovering the stunning Kotor Old Town with its newest attraction that will leave you breathless – cable car ride from Kotor to one of the tops of Lovcen Mountain. The tour starts with a warm welcome of one of our professional local tour guides and a mesmerizing walk through Kotor's cobblestone streets, stopping at its many squares and discovering captivating tales kept tight in its long walls. While enjoying this 60-minute walking tour, you will get acquainted with Kotor's history, tradition and local people who will proudly shout Ciao! when they see you strolling with our guide. To make this unique experience, we take you on a breath-taking cable car ride to Lovcen mountain, in just 11 minutes! This way you will be able to grasp the beauty of Montenegrin mountains, its intact nature and enjoy the views of both Adriatic pristine sea and steep Lovcen mountain. When we arrive at the top, you will have some free time to enjoy the views, have a refreshment or try local delicacies in an authentique way! After descending back to Kotor, our guide will escort you back to old town Kotor, so you can enjoy it on your own a bit more!

Mini Boka tour ( visit Kotor, Perast and Lady of the Rock)

10. Mini Boka tour ( visit Kotor, Perast and Lady of the Rock)

Start the day with a comfortable thirty-minute drive to the Sarmatian village of Perasta, where you will witness the life of the locals. The city was built by wealthy seafaring families, which later became a famous art colony. In this period, 16 Baroque palaces, 17 Catholic churches and two Orthodox churches were built. Perast is home to some of the most beautiful palaces along the Adriatic coast. This is a city of steep stone streets, flower shops, churches, closed windows, the incredible islands of St. George and Our Lady of the Shells, a city of legends, sailors and famous captains. Last but not least, Perast is home to the famous Peraška cake. This old baroque city attracted many writers, poets, actors and painters with its charm. Drunk. Once you get there, you'll be back again. We continue our journey with a fast and picturesque drive to the most important sanctuary of Boka Kotorska. The unusual church of Our Lady of the rocks in the Byzantine style presents your eyes with beautiful works of art and tapestries.The Island Gospa od Skrpjela, was made as an artificial island, which according to the stories was made by the seaman from Perast and Kotor, who on their big sail boats brought big stones. On the island there is a church. According to a legend, fisherman from Perast, after a shipwreck near the island, have found a icon of the Holy Mother of God with the Christ on a sea rock, so as the customs say they vowed to build a church on the island. After the beautiful Lady of the Rocks, the pearl of the Adriatic, we will visit the old town of Kotor, we go to visit the old town of Kotor. Kotor is a cultural, educational, economic and sports center of this area. Its location in the most beautiful bay in the Mediterranean Sea and the impressive medieval Old town was the reason why UNESCO included this town in the list of the World`s Heritage Sites. Well preserved 4,5 km long wall was protecting this town, nowadays it is a challenge to visitors who desire to reach its highest point- the San Giovanni fortress. Once you enter the Old town through the Sea Gate, the old Clock Tower will welcome you and tell you that you are right on time to explore the charming streets and squares of this wealthy town. Passing by the palaces of the noble families, you will feel the spirit of Venetian culture and architecture. Suddenly the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, patron and protector of Kotor, will appear in front of you and amaze you with its simple beauty. Only a few steps further there is the Maritime museum, home of the long naval history and tradition of Kotor and the whole of Boka bay. You will have plenty of time to wander around, enjoy a cup of coffee on the main square or even visit Greenmarket near the Sea gate. Tour plan •00:00-00:30 drive to Perast •00:30-01:15 boat ride and visit Gospa •01:15-02:15 free time in Perast •02:15-02:45 drive to Kotor. •02:45-04:00 free time in Kotor, visit musem

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I picked a tour from this company because of the description, that we'd learn more about how Kotor lives and breathes, and our guide Nikola totally delivered! I really appreciated that. We took 3 tours in different cities along that coast line during our cruise, and this was the only one I can say we got a solid glimpse of the people and culture there. Thank you Nikola!

The perfect walk-about tour. 1 1/2 hours is the perfect amount of time to get the feel for this area. Plenty of information was provided on the history and various architectural designs. After the walk, have lunch at one of the wonderful restaurants pointed out by the guide.

Our tour with Marina was fantastic, she is so very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing her countries history and culture. The food and wine tasting was wonderful, I couldn't recommend this tour more and Marina topped it off!

We enjoyed a 4 hour private tour of Kotor and Perast with guide and driver Nick. He was on time, very attentive, made sure we were comfortable and extremely knowledgeable.

Obama was our guide and she was excellent. Talked about the history and her personal story of growing up and living in Kotor.