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Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Scuola Grande di San Rocco: Our most recommended tours and activities

Ravenna Port: Transfer to Venice with Tour and Gondola Ride

1. Ravenna Port: Transfer to Venice with Tour and Gondola Ride

Take this stress-free transfer with your luggage from Ravenna port on a shore excursion to Venice. Store your luggage and go on a guided tour to admire sights like Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge and St Mark's Basilica. Enjoy an extraordinary gondola ride to round off your experience. Skip crowds and walking by transferring within Venice by boat. Be greeted by your host and hop aboard an air-conditioned vehicle with room for luggage storage. Sit back and relax as you take in views of the Italian countryside on the ride to Venice. Upon arrival, meet your guide and leave your luggage securely locked away on the bus. Transfer from the bus parking area to Piazzale Roma to begin your tour. Stroll across the first bridge of Venice and hop on a beautiful private water boat to get transferred to the St Mark's Square. Along the way, see the main sights of Venice the way they were meant to be seen - from the water. See the central square of Venice, St Marks Piazza. Watch as your guide points out the mosaics adorning the ancient Basilica and its clock tower along with the Campanile (belltower). Admire views of Doge’s Palace, which for over 1000 years, served as the government administrative center of the region. Here you will also experience the world-famous Venice gondola ride, in small groups of maximum 5 people. Next, explore the San Marco Square on your own, or join your guide and head to the lively Rialto market where locals go for fresh fish and produce. Have the opportunity to buy a snack or drink, browse the local delicacies, and go souvenir shopping (at your own expense). Cross the Rialto Bridge and soak in the views of the canal. Learn about the lives of traders and merchants. Afterward, transfer to the luggage storage. Your guide will help you with tips or arrangements to get to your next destination, whether the airport, hotel, or a train station.

Venice: Morning Walking Tour

2. Venice: Morning Walking Tour

Explore Venice through its narrow calli (alleys) and encounter countless bridges and picturesque squares at the heart of the city's social scene. Follow a professional guide on an unforgettable journey through the history of the "Serenissima" and discover famous sites and hidden gems. Get an animated description of majestic St. Mark’s Basilica in Piazza San Marco, and learn the function of the Doge's Palace. Hear about the ornate St. Mark's Clocktower and the 3 connected buildings of the Procuratie. Then, make your way to the Campo Santa Maria Formosa to see the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo, where all of the city's doges were buried after the 15th century. Go to the Scuola Grande di San Marco (“Great School of Charity”) to hear about the "Captains of Fortune," and then head back through the San Marco sestiere (district) to see the Teatro Malibran. Stroll down the famous Mercerie, the historic heart of commercial life in the city and now one of the main shopping streets of Venice between the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

Venice: City Pass with 30+ Attractions, Gondola, Guided Tour

3. Venice: City Pass with 30+ Attractions, Gondola, Guided Tour

Explore Venice with a cost-effective City Pass. Visit over 30 attractions, including Doge’s Palace, Leonarda da Vinci Museum, Scuala San Rocco, and more. Enjoy guided tours and a trip to the islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello, along with a complimentary Canal Grande boat tour or a gondola ride. Take the stress out of planning your trip to Venice, and experience the city's rich history, culture, and magical atmosphere through museums, churches, tours, and gastronomy. Explore the city at your own pace over 7 days. Book optional public transportation for 1, 2, 3, or 7 days. Following attractions are included: Museums and Galleries: Doge’s Palace Museum Correr National Museum of Archaeology at the Piazza San Marco Leonardo da Vinci Museum Jewish Museum (currently closed) Landmarks and Monuments: Scuola San Rocco State Library Marciana Church Santa Maria di Giglio Church di Santo Stefano Church di Santa Maria Formosa Church di Santa Maria dei Miracoli Church di San Giovanni Elemosinario Church di San Polo Church di San Giacomo dall'Orio Church di San Stae Church di Sant’Alvise Basilica di San Pietro di Castello Church del Santissimo Redentore Church di Santa Maria del Rosario Church di San Sebastiano Church di San Vidal Church di San Giacomo di Rialto Scala del Bovol and Sala del Tintoretto (including observation deck) Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista Boat Experience: Grand Canal Tour* Gondola ride* Island tour of Murano - Burano - Torcello *Choose between one of these tours Guided Tours: Teatro La Fenice Tour (opera tour) in English Venice City Tour - Discover the "Hidden Venice" in English Public Transport (if selected): 1, 2 , 3 or 7 days Discount Partner save up to 15 %: Guided Walking Tour through Venice

Authentic Venice: Neighborhood Cicchetti Food & Wine Tour

4. Authentic Venice: Neighborhood Cicchetti Food & Wine Tour

Step off the tourist track and into the neighborhood of San Polo to meet your expert local guide and small group of fellow foodies. Your guide will give you a brief introduction to the traditional foods and flavors of Venice, then take you to one of their favorite modern wine bars for an aperitivo. Enjoy two small plates of bread-based cicchetti and a spritz, Venice’s unofficial cocktail. After a brief stroll past the Campo dei Frari and Scuola Grande di San Rocco, your next stop is at a beloved osteria in a beautifully restored building. Here you'll share a board of cold cuts and cheese with a glass of prosecco. Next, visit a local canal-front wine bar specializing in fried cicchetti, a favorite starter among Venice locals. You’ll taste a few along with a glass of local vino as your guide tells you about the culture of sharing food in the lagoon. Tucked away from the main streets in the Dorsoduro neighborhood, the fourth venue is a cozy restaurant where you'll enjoy a plate of traditional pasta paired with a glass of wine. From there, you'll head to one of the city's most iconic gelato shops to end your evening on a sweet note!

Venice: City Highlights Walking Tour with Optional Gondola

5. Venice: City Highlights Walking Tour with Optional Gondola

Discover the breathtaking beauty and vibrant history of Venice on our customizable walking tours tailored to your preferences and schedule. Choose from 1-hour tours focused on the iconic Rialto Bridge, the intriguing Cannaregio district, or the majestic San Marco area. Alternatively, opt for our 2-3 hour walks, which showcase more of the city's highlights, including the Frari Chapel, San Polo Square, and the 15th-century San Rocco school and church. Each tour caters to different interests, allowing you to create your own Venetian adventure. As you explore, our passionate and knowledgeable guides will regale you with stories of Venice's rich past, delving into the lives of legendary Venetians, the city's merchant empire, and its architectural marvels. Marvel at the intricate mosaics of St. Mark's Basilica, the grandeur of the Doge's Palace, and the charming streets of Cannaregio, the world's first Jewish Ghetto. Uncover the city's lively neighborhoods, each with its own unique atmosphere and history. Wander through the bustling Rialto Market, where locals have traded for centuries, and cross the grand Rialto Bridge, learning about the lives of traders and merchants. Be captivated by Venice's picturesque squares, such as San Polo Square, and the stunning architecture of historic buildings like the 15th-century San Rocco church. Elevate your Venetian experience with an optional gondola ride, gliding gracefully through the city's dreamy canals and passing under charming bridges. As you relax on your private gondola, you'll feel transported back in time, indulging in the same luxury enjoyed by Venetians for generations. For our 1-hour tours, there is a set meeting point, while for the longer 2-3 hour tours, we can arrange a convenient pick-up location for you. At the end of each tour, the guide will help you board the optional gondola and bid you farewell, leaving you free to continue exploring Venice at your leisure. No matter the duration or focus of your chosen tour, our experienced, licensed guides are committed to making your Venetian adventure truly memorable. They are passionate about sharing their love for Venice and will go above and beyond to ensure you have a fantastic time. Embark on a journey through the City of Canals with our customizable walking tours and optional gondola rides. Be captivated by Venice's charm, beauty, and history as you create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience – book your perfect walking tour today!

Walking Tour to Uncover the Hidden Venice

6. Walking Tour to Uncover the Hidden Venice

The tour will start at the San Marco Column. You can see for yourself why people consider this square to be the most beautiful drawing room in the world once you go there. A brief historical overview of the largest maritime empire in the Mediterranean Sea will be provided in the guide. The guide will point out some of the most well-known buildings in this square as you move on with the tour. The St. Mark's Basilica, the cathedral church of Venice, will be unveiled to you in this square. This building is the city's iconic symbol with its Byzantine-style cupolas, golden mosaics, and priceless bronze and gold horses imported from Constantinople. The exterior of the church was designed in a severe Gothic style, as the tour guide will explain. The Doge's Palace, another monument located in St. Mark's square, is the next thing you'll see after passing the Cathedral. Here, the tour guide will explain to you the history of this stunning palace, the fire that occurred there, as well as the layout and architectural design of this magnificent structure. Then proceed on foot to the Campanile (Bell Tower), Venice's tallest structure, which once served as a lighthouse for ships. You will continue your tour of Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo, home to the Pantheon of Venice, the biggest church in the city. The tour guide will show you the church's stunning sculpture-designed exterior. The Scuola Grande di San Marco ("Great School of Charity"), Venice's most prominent and exquisitely decorated structure, is located just a short distance from the church. The tour guide will go over the significance of this building to the Venetians and its importance to them. The house of Marco Polo, a famous traveler and author, is one of the hidden gems you'll find as you meander through Venice's streets and pretty alleys while crossing over tiny bridges. When your tour guide describes the place's historical significance and the contributions the man who once lived there made to the world, it's difficult not to feel a sense of awe. You won't stop there; the guide will lead you to Mercerie, the busiest and most well-known shopping street in Venice. This former hub of the city's commerce is located between San Marco Square and the Rialto Bridge. After passing the Rialto bridge, proceed along the grand canal to the Teatro La Fenice, the most renowned and well-known theater in Italy. Here, you can read the legend of a mythical phoenix that the people of Venice have long told. On your way back to St. Mark's Square, stop by the external, gothic Scala Contarini del Bovolo later. Your walking tour will come to an end at this point after a pleasant two hours of walking without feeling overwhelmed or tired because you have learned about the city's perfect blend of art, architecture, and history as well as its priceless artistic heritage.

Full Venice Walking Tour: Doge's Palace and St. Mark's

7. Full Venice Walking Tour: Doge's Palace and St. Mark's

Meet your guide on Piazza San Marco for the start of an immersive walking tour. Learn the story of Venice and the Venetian Empire at monuments such as the Doge’s Palace, St. Mark's Clock Tower and the Procuratie, built over the arcades of Piazza San Marco (external views only). Stroll over to Campo Santa Maria Formosa to admire the church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo and its famous Pantheon. Next, go to the Scuola Grande di San Marco, also knowns as the “Great School of Charity” whose members ((Captains of Fortune) included some of the great Italian explorers of the 15th century. Head back to Piazza San Marco to admire the Teatro Malibran, once the "biggest, most beautiful and richest theatre in the city." Walk down the shopping street of Le Mercerie to see the boutiques of top designers in what was once the pulsing heart of the city's commercial life. Along the way, wander the small alleys known as “calli” and discover picturesque squares where Venetians still gather to conduct their everyday social lives. Find hidden gems and learn interesting facts about the "Serenissima" and its everlasting story. Then, skip the long lines to the Doge’s Palace and explore one of the most important symbols of Venice. As the seat of Venetian political power for centuries, the majestic rooms contain hundreds of masterpieces of art that will take your breath away. Next, enter the beautiful Byzantine monument of St. Mark's Basilica and learn about Saint Mark and how his ruins came to rest here. See stunning mosaics of gold and marble inlays, and learn the history of the architectural masterpiece and its priceless treasures. Go to the Treasury to look at a splendid example of religious art, and marvel at the thousands of gems and precious stones of the Pala d’Oro.

Venice: Scuola Grande di San Rocco Audioguide

8. Venice: Scuola Grande di San Rocco Audioguide

Enhance your experience at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco with this informative, app-based audioguide. Your smartphone is all you need to experience the authentic atmosphere of this historical landmark. Starting from the Sala dell’Albergo, walk through the museum rooms and let yourself be guided through centuries of history and works of art. Saint Roch in Glory, The Annunciation, the Crucifixion; listen to the secrets of these paintings while admiring their beauty. The digital multi-media guide is immediately available on the browser of your smartphone, and it allows you to access the story of the Scuola, its painter and the immense cultural heritage contained within it.

Venice: Grand Venice Tour by Boat and Gondola

9. Venice: Grand Venice Tour by Boat and Gondola

Discover the beauty of Venice in comfort and luxury with a private boat tour. Avoid the crowds and lengthy walks, and explore the city's stunning canals from the comfort of a water taxi and gondola. Your expert guide will provide fascinating insights into the city's history and culture as you take in its most famous landmarks. Your tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel or any other location of your choice in Venice. Your private water taxi will be waiting nearby for a seamless start to your experience. From there, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey through the city's canals, taking in highlights such as the Frari Chapel, San Polo Square, and the Doge's Palace. As you glide under charming bridges and along dreamy canals on your gondola ride, keep your camera at the ready to capture the 15th-century San Rocco school and church, and make a stop at San Polo Square, where Venetians used to organize bullfights for Carnevale. Next, head to the lively Rialto market, where locals shop for fresh fish and produce, and admire the grand Rialto Bridge as you approach it by boat. Take some time to browse the local delicacies, grab a snack or drink, and do some souvenir shopping. The tour's final stop is Piazza San Marco, where you'll marvel at the mosaics of St Mark's Basilica, its clock tower, and the Campanile. Take in stunning views of Doge's Palace, which served as the government administration center for the region for over 1000 years. Your tour ends in the city center, or back at your hotel, leaving you with lasting memories of your intimate and luxurious exploration of Venice by water.

Venice: Dorsoduro and San Polo District Private Walking Tour

10. Venice: Dorsoduro and San Polo District Private Walking Tour

Walking guided tour to reach beautiful churches surrounded by typical Venetian atmospheres, along calli and little campos. In San Trovaso square there is an unusual wooden structure that is similar to the house of the local mountain area. This was an old dwelling for the workers of the squero, a small shipyard for making gondolas. It dates back to the 17th century and since then it has always been in operation. The walk continues to visit one of the oldest churches in Venice: San Nicolò dei Mendicoli. It was founded by “patavini” (inhabitants of Padua), who lived in the islands of the lagoon in the 7th century to escape the Lombard invasion. Campo Santa Margherita, a picturesque countryside surrounded by old 14th century palaces and the little church of Santa Margherita, which is today a university auditorium. Continue to San Rocco School located in the countryside bearing the same name. It was founded in 1478 as a charitable institution. The present building was started in 1489 and finished in the 16th. It is famous for a series of paintings by Tintoretto that adorn the rooms. Next to the school there is the church, which is also dedicated to San Rocco. Continue to Scuola Grande di S. Giovanni Evangelista (Confraternity): this confraternity was founded in 1307. The headquarters was built in the 15th century and in 1481 the Bottega dei Lombardi built the impressive gateway in Renaissance style. In 1512 Mauro Codusi rebuilt the great internal staircase. After the school was suppressed by the Napoleonic edicts of 1806 it was acquired by private individuals in 1856 and since then it is still a confraternity today. End of the tour: Campo San Tomà. The tour takes 2 hours with the possibility of stopping for a café or a glass of wine. Itinerary: San Trovaso, San Sebastiano, San Nicolò dei Mendicoli, Campo Santa Margherita, San Rocco, San Giovanni Evangelista, Campo San Tomà.

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Elena was wonderful! It was so nice seeing the from a tour guide who’s ancestors were from Venice, and all of her stories were so much more interesting because they were personal growing up there in Venice. She was so nice and accommodating anything, and everything we needed. We couldn’t have asked for anything better! I would definitely recommend the tour and especially Elena!

We really enjoyed the 1 1/2 hour walking tour around Venice. Our guide was easy to understand (English speaking) and we saw and learned about places and architecture that we would have missed on our own. The starting point was St. Mark's Square so we hit all the highlights and more. Would definitely recommend.

The guide was excellent. She took us to residential neighborhoods and explained about how the real Venice functions. She gave an overview of the history of Venice.

Very good, informative, interesting, subtle humour and a good way to explore Venice. Recommended.

Great morning walk. Recommended for all travellers to Venice.