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Savannah: Ghosts and Gravestones Tour with Low House Entry

1. Savannah: Ghosts and Gravestones Tour with Low House Entry

Board the “Trolley of the Doomed” in Savannah for a guided sightseeing trolleybus around America's most haunted city. Look out for ghoulish creatures and venture inside both the haunted Andrew Low House and the haunted 19th Century shipping warehouse Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery. Old Town Trolley Tours invites you to explore Savannah’s darker side mixed in with a good dose of humor. Hear tales no other tours will dare tell you, as the shadows play gentle tricks with your mind. Journey through time, and hear ghoulish legends of murder and intrigue. The tour starts down on the Savannah Waterfront and travels though the many historic squares located in the heavily haunted Savannah Historic District, such as Columbia Square, Wright Square, Telfair Square & Lafayette Square. Naturally there are also stories relating to the Colonial Park Cemetery. A highlight of the tour is entry into the haunted home of one of the most prestigious Savannah families – the Andrew Low House. Here you will learn tales of the unrest still in the home, as well as personal experiences of both staff and guests. Another highlight is a visit inside Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery, a haunted 19th Century shipping warehouse restored from an era long past. Here you will experience the stories and legends of the Savannah Waterfront and River Street over the centuries. Other sites you will pass and hear spine-chilling stories about are the Olde Harbour Inn, the Pirate’s House, the 1790 Inn, the Hamilton-Turner Inn, and the Telfair Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Savannah: Grave Encounters Ghost Tour with Cellar and Dinner

2. Savannah: Grave Encounters Ghost Tour with Cellar and Dinner

Start your evening with a Grave Encounters trolley tour for a thrilling overview of Savannah’s haunted history. Every night of the week, ghostly guides share tales of murder, voodoo, death, disease and disaster in the Hostess City of the South. The Grave Encounters Tour includes stories about the Sorrel-Weed House, which is widely considered the most haunted house in Savannah, and the Colonial Park Cemetery, where many Yellow Fever victims were buried. You’ll also see the iconic Olde Pink House, known for its supernatural activity, and explore the Telfair Academy, Savannah’s oldest public art museum, to enjoy spine-tingling stories. Along the way, you’ll hear lively tales told by some of Savannah’s most illustrious “spirits” – from deceased theater performers to dead pirates – who hop on the trolley to share their morbid tales of misfortune. After your tour, enjoy a delicious dinner at The Pirates’ House – one of Georgia’s most iconic restaurants, which originally opened in 1753 as an inn for seafarers – and keep your eyes out for paranormal activity. Immortalized by Robert Louis Stevenson in his acclaimed novel Treasure Island, The Pirates’ House once served as a site where patrons were unceremoniously “shanghaied” and woke up to find themselves at sea aboard a working pirate ship.

Savannah: Ghosts, Asylums, Voodoo, and Horror Walking Tour

3. Savannah: Ghosts, Asylums, Voodoo, and Horror Walking Tour

Welcome, seekers of the extraordinary and the macabre, to the realm of the unknown, where Voodoo, murder, and mystery intertwine in the shadows of Savannah. Prepare yourselves, for you are about to embark on an otherworldly journey like no other – the 13 Ghosts. Voodoo, Murder & Mystery Tour of Savannah. In this enchanted city, where the veil between the living and the dead grows thin, we, the devoted scholars of Paranormal Research, Occult Studies, and Savannah History, shall guide you through the ethereal tapestry of haunted tales. Brace yourselves, for the stories we share will send shivers down your spine and ignite a burning curiosity within your souls. As darkness descends upon the cobblestone streets, the secrets of Savannah's haunted past come alive. Follow us, fearless souls, as we traverse the dimly lit alleys and eerie squares, each step taking us deeper into the heart of the supernatural. Can you feel it? The presence of specters and phantoms lingering in the misty air, eager to share their chilling tales. Behold, as the shadows dance and the moon casts an ethereal glow upon the haunted facades, we will regale you with stories of voodoo rituals that summoned spirits from the beyond, leaving an indelible mark on Savannah's history. Prepare to be captivated by the accounts of murder most foul, where dark secrets were buried beneath the soil, only to be unearthed by the curious and the brave. Amidst the cobwebs of time, we shall uncover the mysteries that have plagued Savannah for centuries. From the restless spirits of long-departed souls, condemned to roam these ancient streets, to the unexplained phenomena that defy rational explanation, every tale will leave you spellbound, yearning for more. Listen carefully, for as we venture forth, the voices of the ethereal realm will whisper in your ears, beckoning you to unravel the enigmatic web of the paranormal. Will you dare to confront the apparitions that lurk in the darkness? Will you summon the courage to face the unknown and peer into the abyss of the supernatural? Embrace the night, dear adventurers, for the 13 Ghosts, Voodoo, Murder & Mystery Tour of Savannah will guide you through a world where history and hauntings converge. Let the chilling winds carry you to the forgotten corners, where the echoes of the past still reverberate. Open your minds and hearts to the spectral wonders that await, for in Savannah's haunted embrace, the veil between the living and the dead is forever blurred. Now, gather your courage, for the spirits await your presence. Step into the realm of the 13 Ghosts Haunted Tour of Savannah, where the paranormal meets the historic, and prepare to have your very perception of reality forever changed.

Savannah: Adults-Only Beyond Good and Evil Tour

4. Savannah: Adults-Only Beyond Good and Evil Tour

Explore the spooky side of Savannah on this ghost-themed, adults-only walking tour that visits the city’s popular haunted spots. Become a history buff after learning about the historic events and figures that helped shape the unique culture of Savannah. During the tour, hear about the famous haunted locations the city has to offer, such as former Revolutionary War battlegrounds, burial grounds, historic homes, and the hauntings associated with each. Learn all the true stories behind these locations and more from a guide who is an expert on the dark, haunted history of Savannah.

Savannah: Adults-Only Dead of Night Walking Tour

5. Savannah: Adults-Only Dead of Night Walking Tour

Prepare to get spooked on an adults-only walking tour that visits Savannah's most popular haunted locations. Brush up on your history as you learn about the historical events and figures that shaped the city's unique culture. As you take your ghost-themed walk, hear all about the famous locations Savannah has to offer, including Revolutionary War battlegrounds, burial grounds, and historic homes. Get an in-depth look at the true stories behind these locations from an expert guide.

Savannah: Boo Y'all Comedy Ghost Party Bus Tour

6. Savannah: Boo Y'all Comedy Ghost Party Bus Tour

Hop aboard our air-conditioned party bus for a 90-minute ghost tour celebrating the City Built on the Dead. We guarantee you’ll have a spooky good time! Led by a professional comedian, this side-splitting tour, designed for visitors age 21 and over, includes a stop at McDonough’s, a favorite local pub, where attendees can get their favorite spirits “to-go,” Savannah-style. You’ll even get visits from some of Savannah ghostly beings along the way, all of whom are only too eager to share their tragic stories with you. Additional highlights include Wright Square, the site of many public hangings in the early days of the colony, and the Green-Meldrim House, where General Sherman resided during the Civil War. You’ll even see the Juliette Gordon Low House, the birthplace of the Girl Scouts, and other haunted landmarks in downtown Savannah. We hope you’ll join us for BOO Y’ALL! Be forewarned – you may just die laughing.

Savannah: Pub Crawl and Ghost Tour

7. Savannah: Pub Crawl and Ghost Tour

The Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl meets at 7:30 pm in Madison Square. To begin, this walking tour takes you through the Historic District of Savannah. Savannah is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the country, and this tour takes you in many directions to understand the twists and turns that make up the oddities that happen here on a daily basis. As you begin the tour you will stop off for a beverage of your choice at a local pub and, since Savannah has an open container law, you are able to walk the streets with any type of beverage. Stay hydrated and enjoy the evening tales of this city.

Savannah Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

8. Savannah Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Grab a Chatham Artiller Punch and explore the darkest corners of this haunted southern city. You'll meet your expert guide at haunted Oglethorpe Square, where Yellow Fever victims still wander the pathways — delirious and zombie-like. From there, you'll visit seven other iconic sites, including four of the city's best pubs. Enjoy beer, wine, or spirits as you hear tales of ghostly cooks, deadly duels, and creepy hotels. By the time you end your night at the Savannah Taphouse, you'll have a nice buzz and plenty of chilling stories to entertain friends and family back home. Are you brave enough to step into the shadows? The spirits are waiting.

Savannah: Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour

9. Savannah: Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour

Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour is a thrilling walking tour through Savannah's haunted history, perfect for both novices and aficionados. Discover historically haunted places and learn the real, chilling accounts that breathe life into Savannah's storied past. It's not just a haunted history lesson. It's a portal to Savannah's authentic paranormal realm. Family-Friendly and Adult-Only 16+ tours available. The tour begins and ends outside Clary's Cafe, the iconic restaurant made famous by "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." You'll then pass by the Corson Mansion, the former home of Dr. Eugene Corson, widely regarded as one of the early pioneers of X-ray technology, with many insisting he's still home. As you continue your journey under Savannah's canopy of majestic oak trees, you'll learn of the Mercer Williams House Museum. This architectural wonder seems to have a fondness for haunting tragedies. Continuing through Forsyth Park, stop outside the grand Old Candler Hospital. It's Georgia's first hospital that tended to generations of its own citizens and is shrouded in tales of those who never left. Amidst the shadows of the prohibition era, the Espy House was home to a prominent judicial family that grappled with crime, corruption, and murder. Move on to admire Taylor Square, formerly known as Calhoun Square, one of the city's original squares serving as a chilling reminder that Savannah is unquestionably a city built on top of its dead. And finally, 432 Abercorn St. True accounts compel us to look beyond this home's unfounded folklore to ask, what really happened inside the house?

Savannah: Ultimate Dead of Night Ghost Tour

10. Savannah: Ultimate Dead of Night Ghost Tour

By day, Savannah is a picturesque community dotted with Spanish moss, romantic fountains, and ornate architecture, but at night… this historic port becomes a shadow realm filled with the restless souls of the past. Join a seasoned US Ghost Adventures guide for a late-night tour of Savannah’s most active haunted locations. You’ll meet your group at Oglethorpe Square, where yellow fever victims wander down moonlit paths, their eyes bleeding from the violent disease. From there, you’ll wind through nine other bone-chilling locations, unlocking a new piece of Savannah history at each one. Visit the infamous Mercer-Williams House from “The Midnight Garden of Good and Evil,” feel the sinister energy of Colonial Park Cemetery, and reach out to ghostly Revolutionary War soldiers at the Sorrel Weed House. With your phone in hand, you’ll become a certified ghost hunter collecting paranormal evidence in the most densely-haunted city in the U.S. Are you brave enough to hear what the spirits have to say? They’re waiting…

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We met up with Gregg and a couple other people in the park. Gregg was very friendly, and knowledgeable. He made the whole tour very interesting, and it felt like he was telling a story. The history on these historical buildings is amazing. I wish this had been the way my history classes were taught in school. I would have retained a lot more. I highly recommend this tour! My husband and I had great time!

Leroy was the best guide we’ve had in Savannah! Extremely knowledgeable about the history of Savannah and his enthusiasm was off the radar. He interacted with the group and welcomed questions from all. He even extended the tour for those who wanted more! I would highly recommend this tour with him!

Greg was friendly and very knowledgeable of the history. Had a great time hanging out with him for the evening.

Very cool ! Gregg our Guide was awesome ! Knew a lot about the history! Would recommend!

Awesome tour. Neil was great. Thanks for a great evening.