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A must do if you visit Sarajevo. Best tour I have ever been on. This tour was an amazing experience. The guide, Eddie, was very knowledgeable, and super nice. He answered all of my questions. Unlike the other tours that I have been to in Europe, the entirety of this tour was jam packed with information regarding the Bosnia war with Serbia. The guide transported you to different areas of Sarajevo so you could experience key points in the history. It was very moving. In addition to really opening my eyes as to the full scale atrocities suffered by the Bosnian people and the heroism of the population of Sarajevo during the seige, this tour was also a great way to see the city. You even get to visit the old Olympic bobsled track with amazing views of Sarajevo (this is one area where the Serb army was encamped and had strategic positions) In addition to Eddie, the other gentleman in the office was also super nice. I highly recommend and have not one complaint.

Sarajevo: Under Siege War Tour Reviewed by Joe, 21/12/2019

Excellent and informative - highly recommended!

This was an excellent and informative tour where one gets a very thorough presentation of the experiences of the war in Sarajevo, particularly from civilian perspectives. Our guide Edin was a wealth of information and he provided a very well-structured, easy-to-follow presentation. The Tunnel of Hope was extremely interesting, and combined with the other tour destinations provided an excellent overview of what was going on during the war. The bobsled/luge track was also very interesting, particularly when one thinks that this track was the height of such technology just prior to the 1984 Olympics and then subjected to the destructive forces of the war. Very worth while taking this tour.

Sarajevo: Under Siege War Tour Reviewed by Gunhild, 26/08/2019

The tour was excellent, well organized and complete. Edin (the guide) was very passionate and knowledgeable about the Sarajevo siege and made a very comprehensive introduction of the causes leading to the conflict. The visit of the tunnel museum was very interesting, as well as the visit to the bobsleight track, Jewish cemetery and yellow fortress, where impressive views of the city were observed. A truly recomendable experience that you must not miss if you go to Sarajevo.

Sarajevo: Under Siege War Tour Reviewed by Anonymous, 01/12/2019

Such a fascinating insight into the war in the 1990s. The Tunnel of Hope was such a fascinating feat by many who miraculously built this tunnel to assist the people of Sarajevo. Ingenious! We were also taken to the site of the Winter Olympics and the bobsledding and luge tracks. The old Jewish Cemetery made us realise the diversity of religions that make Sarajevo. To top the afternoon was the late afternoon/night view of Sarajevo from the Yellow fort.

Sarajevo: Under Siege War Tour Reviewed by John, 02/02/2020

Our tour guide Edin gave us a unforgettable afternoon, he was friendly, passionate, and knowledgeable. He was born in the war and with his help, we learned more about the war, how people suffered, and most importantly, the fact that nothing can take over love and dignity from our lives. I would recommend this tour to all visitors who come to Sarajevo!

Sarajevo: Under Siege War Tour Reviewed by Jing, 30/09/2019