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Sarajevo Jewish Cemetery

Sarajevo Jewish Cemetery: Our most recommended tours and activities

Sarajevo: Bosnian War & Fall of Yugoslavia Tour with Tunnel

1. Sarajevo: Bosnian War & Fall of Yugoslavia Tour with Tunnel

Explore the war history of Sarajevo on this informative walking tour and learn about the 4 long years that the city and its people suffered under the constant threat of bombing. Visit the main locations from the 1992 to 1995 war following the Siege of Sarajevo. See remnants of monuments kept as a reminder that it should never happen again. Hear the story about the Tunnel of Hope and get a better understanding of this memorial by watching a short movie made during the war. Pause to reflect at the site of one of the largest massacres at Markale Market, and visit the Yellow fortress to see best panorama of Sarajevo where tour guide explains how Yugoslavia fall apart and how Sarajevo ended up in siege. Admire the view from the Vidikovac viewpoint. Visit the Olympic complex and its cemetery, and hear how it was host to the 1984 Olympic Games, just a few years before the Bosnian War.

Sarajevo War Tour: A Veteran's Story of the Siege

2. Sarajevo War Tour: A Veteran's Story of the Siege

Sarajevo Total Siege Tour guided by a local survivor is by far the most interesting half day experience you can take when visiting Sarajevo. It will take you to the War Tunnel Museum, Jewish Cemetery, Olympic mountain Trebević (with its most famous symbol – Olympic Bobsled track), and other locations crucial for better understanding of modern World longest siege – Siege of Sarajevo. Meet our team at the office or your preferred pickup location. Your guide is Sarajevo Siege survivor, who will introduce your to the story of Breakup of Yugoslavia and Siege of Sarajevo, and will make sure no questions remain unanswered, even of personal nature, so don’t refrain from sharing your thoughts and opinions at any moment of time. First stop of the day is ex Hotel Holiday Inn and story about infamous Sarajevo Sniper Alley. Built for the Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics, today called Hotel Holiday, during the Siege used to be home to various foreign journalists and reporters who were reporting on Bosnian war and Siege of Sarajevo. Short walk along the infamous Sniper Alley and few interesting stories related to this place are planned in. Next stop of the day will be War Tunnel Museum – Tunnel of Hope, which was the major “blood vessel” for heavily sieged and destroyed city. At the Tunnel we shall see a short movie about the War in Sarajevo and Tunnel, followed by going through the Tunnel itself. At the exhibition part of the museum we will have the opportunity to see many interesting exhibits directly connected with the Siege of Sarajevo. The trip to the tunnel and all the way in the tunnel is covered with a true first person experience of classy guide, survivor of the Siege of Sarajevo who will be willing to answer any of your questions and introduce you to the origins of the War in the Balkans and Death of Yugoslavia. After the Tunnel we head toward the mountain Trebević which, by vast majority of its length, was a first line during the Siege and place of many battles on many battlefields. At the site we have the opportunity to see where the real destruction appeared, such as Zlatište, Osmice, Trebević Vidikovac and many other destroyed facilities and sites. Sarajevo Bobsleigh, originally built for the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, is one of the main highlights of the tour. During the siege of Sarajevo, this u unique symbol of the city used to be on one of the main front lines. Today it is featured at the top of the Worlds most beautiful abandoned places lists and holds amazing amount of various graffiti by artists from all around the World. Upon return to the city, last stop of the day will be Jewish Cemetery, known for its historical importance as it is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe. However, during the Siege of Sarajevo it was the main front line and sniper nest of the Republic of Srpska army, overlooking the infamous Sniper Alley. At the end of the tour, we will drop you off at your hotel.

Mostar: Sarajevo Grand Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum

3. Mostar: Sarajevo Grand Tour with Tunnel of Hope Museum

The first stop on your tour will be the city of Konjic, one of the oldest towns in the country with archaeological traces dating back 4,000 years. The written documents date way back from 14th century, but the appearance of the town as it stands today started to form once the Ottomans came onto the scene. Utilizing a well-maintained road, you will then weave through a landscape of beautiful Bosnian canyons, mountains, lakes, and historic towns to reach Sarajevo. Your second stop is the most famous museum: the Tunnel of Hope. There you will learn about the position of the museum and its famous mark in front of the entrance named "Sarajevo Rose". After seeing a short movie, a 1-hour long presentation starts which will explain the fall of Yugoslavia, the war in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the creation and importance of the tunnel.  Following the tunnel, you'll advance towards the 1984 Olympics mountain of Trebević. It is the closest mountain to the center of Sarajevo and was part of the front line during the siege of Sarajevo. At this site you will have the opportunity to see and walk on the former bobsleigh and luge track, experiencing the most beautiful panoramic views of Sarajevo which unfortunately were also the main positions of the enemy army.   Just under the Trebevic Mountain lies the second-largest Jewish cemetery in Europe. The cemetery contains unique-shaped tombstones that can only be seen in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is believed their shape is influenced by medieval Bosnian tombstones named "Stecak". Once finished with the Jewish Cemetery, you will head to Sarajevo Old Town for a traditional Bosnian lunch. Following lunch the best way to explore the city is a walking tour. Your tour guide will accentuate to you a combination of Oriental, European, and Yugoslav influences, which create uniqueness and beauty seen nowhere else but Sarajevo. You'll see Muslim, Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian, and Jewish architecture just a few minutes away from each other, whilst listening to Muslim calls to prayer at the same time as the sound of bells from nearby churches. You'll learn about the assassination that triggered World War I, as well as how Muslims and Jews protected each other through the different wars. At the conclusion of your scenic and education experience, it will be time to return to Mostar.

Sarajevo: Jewish Heritage Tour with Entry Tickets

4. Sarajevo: Jewish Heritage Tour with Entry Tickets

Discover the ancient and fascinating history of Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina on a 4-hour guided, small-group tour including three main stops: the Old Jewish Temple, the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Old Jewish cemetery. Listen as a knowledgeable guide presents Sarajevo's history, and learn all about the rich culture and heritage of the Jewish community in the city and the nation. The tour visits the following monuments and highlights: • Old Jewish Temple • New Temple Gallery • Ashkenazi Synagogue • First hotel in Sarajevo • Grand Jewish Temple • First Jewish secondary school • First Jewish credit foundation • Jewish villa AMA in Sarajevo • Old Jewish cemetery • Ješua D. Salom Mansion • Second oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina • Sarajevo Haggadah

Echoes of Resilience: Siege of Sarajevo and Tunnel of Hope

5. Echoes of Resilience: Siege of Sarajevo and Tunnel of Hope

The Siege of Sarajevo | Fall of Yugoslavia Tour is an ideal tour for getting to know better the historical facts about the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina guided by our experienced tourist guides. Sarajevo is famous as a city where the setting for the outbreak for WWI started, but also for the longest siege and war in period from 1992-1995. The political crisis of 1990s led to the fall of Yugoslavia, shortly after that the armed conflicts were initiated. The only capital of the Yugoslav Republics that was besieged was Sarajevo during long 1,425 days, which is considered the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. During the siege, the citizens of Sarajevo experienced shortage of food, water, electricity, medicine, necessities, and atrocities unimaginable for the late 20th century. This tour will help you to find out more how Sarajevo proudly managed to keep its title of multi-religious and multi-cultural center of the region. Discover also how Sarajevo organized internationally famous Sarajevo Film Festival and international concerts during the siege, and showed its cultural resistance. At the beginning of the tour, we will pass by the open market Markale, place where the biggest massacres occurred during the siege, later on by the Eternal Flame, a famous memorial to the victims of WWII, as well as by the memorial to the murdered children of besieged Sarajevo. We will pass by the Presidency building, an important building for the development of events at the beginning of the war, and later on by the former Holiday Inn Hotel, where members of the international press stayed while reporting about the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Afterwards, we will pass through the Sniper Alley, one of the most dangerous zones in the city, and arrive to the one of the most important museums – the Tunnel of Hope, which connected Sarajevo with the exterior world and was the only hope for the survival of the city and its inhabitants. This tour includes the visit to the second biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe, and it ends with a panoramic view of the whole city. Our tours are always enriched by the interesting and intriguing untold stories about life in Sarajevo before and after the siege.

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The tour was very very nice, I enjoyed every part of it. The tour guide Agan is very friendly and was very informative about the history of the country and told me many tales and stories about Bosnia and the Bosnian war. I would totally recommend the tour, either you know or don’t know much about the war because you get to see everything with your eyes plus the much information you get from Agan, since he grew up during the war time.

Really great tour and experience with Armin. He taught us about all kinds of periods in history, was nice enough to take photos for us, answered all our questions and was just really entertaining. Would definitely recommend

The tour was very interesting and Agnan was very kind and answered all my questions as he knows everything about Sarajevo. I would definitely recommend this tour.

Brilliant tour by tour guide Armin. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, brilliant communication and explanation. We would definitely recommend.

agan was a great guide! he was well informed and enthusiastic guide indeed!