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Saigon on motorbike is a traveling service on bike around HCM city provided by Vietnam street foods Co., LTD from 2014. Although our company has just been founded for 4 years, we have achieved lots of goals and received a lot of compliments as well as encouragement from clients because of good quality service and dynamic staffs. We always renovate tours’ services to the best of our ability with the aim of satisfying the clients. Services of Saigon on motorbike and Vietnam street food (another branch of Viet Homes Co, LTD) include food tours and historical place introduction. By offering private motorcycle tours, we will bring the real Saigon to you. We will drive you along the streets of the most active city in Vietnam. Joining our tours, you have a day to become a part of Saigon. Traveling on back of a motorbike is one of the must-do things in Vietnam - its's a great way to see the city, meet the locals and taste amazing street foods. Besides, our services include long-day trip and one-day trip. Especially the main means of transportation for each tour is a motorbike. It will be an exciting experience for foreigners who want to visit all the streets, places in the city and enjoy traditional Vietnamese street food. Saigon on motorbike and Vietnam street food are always available for your choices. Our company always do it, heart and soul, with the motto of bringing the unique and memorable experience for foreign customers visiting Vietnam: "Come as a guest, leave as a friend". There is a dynamic team expert at tourism in our company: the guide team including well-trained leaders and drivers who have a good ability to communicate well in foreign languages. So join us and see the differences!

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