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Kigali Unveiled, Your Free Foot Walk Adventure!

1. Kigali Unveiled, Your Free Foot Walk Adventure!

🎉 Welcome to Kigali! I'm your local guide on GetYourGuide, residing in this lively city for 5 years now. During my time here, I've delved into its historical landmarks, explored bustling markets, admired fascinating museums, and savored delightful cafes. ☕️🏠 If you're up for it, we can also savor some authentic local food during our journey! Let me show you the best of Kigali while treating your taste buds to a flavorful culinary experience. 🍽️ Whether you're a first-time visitor or returning, let's make the most of our time and create cherished memories in this beautiful city! 🏛️ Immerse yourself in bustling streets and experience Rwandan hospitality as you discover the city's hidden gems. Whether it's the solemn Kigali Genocide Memorial or the vibrant markets with local delicacies and crafts, the choice is yours! 🍲🎨 🏙️ For nature enthusiasts, Kigali offers breathtaking scenery and serene landscapes. Customize your foot walk to include a visit to lush Nyarutarama Lake or explore the beautiful Nyamirambo neighborhood with its charming alleyways leading to stunning viewpoints of the surrounding hills. 🏞️ 🎭🎨 Art lovers shouldn't miss the chance to visit local galleries, interact with talented artists. Your foot walk in Kigali will be an opportunity to witness the city's growth, development, vibrant energy, and forward-thinking spirit. 💸💖 Great news! My customizable foot walk reservation in Kigali comes with a unique payment approach - it's all about tipping! At the end of your trip, you have the freedom to show your appreciation by offering a tip that reflects the value of your unforgettable experience. My passionate guides will be thrilled to have shared their knowledge and insights, making your journey through Kigali an exceptional one. 🚶‍♂️ 🌍✨ So, get ready to explore this vibrant city and immerse yourself in its beauty, knowing that your tip will go a long way in supporting our local guides and their love for sharing the wonders of Kigali with you. 🙌 Book your foot walk now and let's create beautiful memories together!

From Kigali: 1-Day Akagera National Park Safari

2. From Kigali: 1-Day Akagera National Park Safari

Get picked up by your driver guide from your hotel in Kigali at 5:30 AM and depart for Akagera National Park located along the eastern border of Rwanda, hugging the border with Tanzania.  Arrive for a morning game drive, searching for the big five, rhinos, lions, buffalo, leopard, and elephant in the expansive Park. Typically hilly countryside gives way to the savannas of the Great Rift Valley. Dominated by lakes, swamps, and marshland, the area boasts a huge compliment of nature and wildlife that cannot be found elsewhere in the country.   The varied terrain shelters wildlife including zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, and hundreds of bird species, such as the rare shoebill stork. In the southern part of the park, vast Lake Ihema is home to hippos and crocodiles. Arrive at the picnic site for your lunch then later go on your afternoon exploration with a game drive by visiting the giraffe valley. Depart the park in the late afternoon through the northern gate and travel back to Kigali arriving early in the evening.

From Kigali: Lake Kivu Full-Day Trip with Coffee Farm Visit

3. From Kigali: Lake Kivu Full-Day Trip with Coffee Farm Visit

NB: Read Carefully inclusions & exclusions section before you book or talk to u for clarification. A day trip on Lake Kivu -Start boat ride at any time after breakfast -go to swimming cows experience in Mafundugu islands -go to Napoleon hat island and enjoy the hike till top/this 1.6 km hike gives gives a great panorama of the whole Lake and a view of Congo nile divide a father of a popular tour of Congo nile trail most known in Rwanda -come back to monkey island for vervet monkey trekking -go to Peace island for picnic and lunch and leisure! There you can swim and enjoy the peaceful nature of there ⁃go to farming island for Mcadamia and coffee experience plus tons of local harvest found on that island -pass to the luxury zone of the hotels and privates homes

From Kigali: Gorilla Trekking Day Trip with Lunch

4. From Kigali: Gorilla Trekking Day Trip with Lunch

Begin your journey to meet Rwanda's mountain gorillas bright and early with a hotel pickup from Kigali where you will be greeted by your guide who will take care of you throughout the day.  Head straight to the Volcanoes National Park in Musanze Province — habitat to endangered mountain gorillas — whereupon arrival your guide will take you on a hiking tour to look for the gentle creatures. Sit back and relax on your 2-hour drive to the park, and either grab a few more hours of shut-eye or admire the picturesque scenery. Once at the park, tuck into breakfast before heading to the park's headquarters at Kinigi for a briefing by the park warden. Then, start your trek through the bamboo covered slopes at 8:30 AM with your expert guide and keep an eye out for the endangered gorillas on your way. Depending on where the gorillas are located, your trek could last anywhere between 1-8 hours. Once with the gorillas, spend time getting close to them, feeding them, and meeting the entire gorilla family, including babies. The Volcanoes National Park is home to twelve gorilla families, all of which are fully habituated. The groups, or troops, consist of at least one silverback along with several females and youngsters. Stop for a delicious lunch to gather your energy, and feel re-energized to keep walking. Best of all, choose from either a small-group or private guided experience to make your trip special.

Kigali: City Sightseeing Tour with Lunch

5. Kigali: City Sightseeing Tour with Lunch

Start off your day by being picked up from either your hotel in Kigali or meeting at a designated point. Get to know your local guide with a short introduction and then drive off in a safari van to kickstart your city tour of Rwanda's capital. Learn about the history of Kigali from your guide on your way to each stop. Watch the city's lush green hills flash by you.  Tour Juru Park and ascend to one of the highest points in Kigali. Take in a panoramic view of the city and surrounding countryside.  Visit the Kigali Richard kandt Museum and learn about local and national history from both pre-colonial and colonial periods. You will visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial site, a somber reminder of the massacre in 1994. Learn more about Rwanda’s history from pre-colonial times up until the 1990s and how Rwanda has dealt with its past.  Continue the tour and see the new developments in Kigali and where its new hubs are thriving. Experience the aromas of Kimoronko Giant Market and the colorful handmade arts and crafts markets. Finish your full day of sightseeing in Kigali with drop-off back at your hotel or at the original starting point.

Akagera National Park: Game Drive Day-Trip with Lunch

6. Akagera National Park: Game Drive Day-Trip with Lunch

NB: Read Carefully inclusions & exclusions section before you book or talk to u for clarification Join this riveting day tour to Akagera national park for a wildlife safari. Explore the park on a game drive and see hippos, elephants, lions and more. Learn about the wildlife from your guide and enjoy lunch afterward. The tour will depart from Kigali at 5:00 AM and arrive at around 7:30 AM. Akagera National Park is located in eastern Rwanda on the border of Tanzania. It is the only Savannah park in Rwanda and is home to elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, bushbucks, waterbucks, and black rhinos. The park is also home to numerous bird species in several habitats which include woodland, swamps, lakes, and Savannah. Take a game drive in search of these animals. The game drive can last about 4 hours depending on the animal sightings and interest. Have lunch at the Akagera game lodge before the last game drive on the way out of the park. Arrive in Kigali later in the evening. The park was once marred with lots of conflict between people and the park, but this was solved by fencing off part of the park and introducing community tours where visitors are encouraged to visit the communities and benefit accordingly.

From Kigali: 1-Day Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

7. From Kigali: 1-Day Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Trek up the mountains of the Mghahinga National Park in Uganda and get the opportunity to see the magnificent mountain gorillas in their natural habitat on a 1-day guided tour from Kigali. Get picked up at 3:00 AM from your hotel in Kigali and travel northwest to Mghahinga National Park for approximately 3 hours. Enjoy breakfast served ala-carte style with a variety of fresh pieces of bread, pastries, and hot and cold selections at a hotel close to the park.   Make a brief stop at the border to clear with customs and then continue to the National Park headquarters to meet your guides for the day. Embark on a once in a lifetime experience of tracking mountain gorillas. The trekking may be fairly strenuous; up to 3 hours or longer at a relatively high altitude.  Tracking the gorillas through the light mountain forest on the slopes of the Virunga is a magical experience. These massive primates are extremely rare, with less than 1000 living today. Once you spot the gorillas you are allowed to spend an hour watching them. You have an opportunity to get within meters of the families. This is perhaps one of the most breath-taking experiences on earth. Return and stop for lunch in town and later proceed to Kigali. If leaving Kigali, you will arrive in time to transfer to the airport for your onward flight, or if time allows, go on a last-minute shopping before departure.

Free Smooth City Ride Tour in Kigali using Motorcycle

8. Free Smooth City Ride Tour in Kigali using Motorcycle

Embark on a thrilling one-hour Kigali Motorcycle Adventure that's not just a tour—it's an odyssey under the city lights. Zoom through Kiyovu's lively nightlife, Nyamirambo's pulsating streets, It's a non-stop rush through markets, cultural hubs, and artistic districts, guided by our experienced riders for a safe and unforgettable journey. Immerse yourself in the city's diverse neighbourhoods and capture breathtaking night vistas from elevated points. This isn't your average tour; it's a high-speed cultural immersion, a blend of excitement and discovery that leaves you with lasting memories. 🎟️ Rev up your night—Book your Kigali Motorcycle Adventure now! 🏍️✨ 💸💖 Great news! Since I rely on my motorcycle to get around, fuelling it is a must. I'm confident that with your generous tips, I can keep the wheels turning and continue providing unforgettable tours in Kigali. When it comes to payment for your Tour reservation, it's all about the tipping game! 💸💖 After your adventure, feel free to express your gratitude to my exceptional guides by giving a tip that mirrors the worth of the incredible experience you've had. 😊

Threads of Culture - Embroidery Workshop in Kigali

9. Threads of Culture - Embroidery Workshop in Kigali

Embark on a cultural journey in the heart of Kigali, Rwanda, through the art of embroidery. This immersive workshop provides a unique opportunity to connect with the local community, learn traditional crafting techniques, and contribute to the economic empowerment of Rwandan women. Under the expert supervision of talented Rwandan artisans, you'll discover the intricate world of embroidery—a craft deeply rooted in the country's cultural heritage. The workshop takes place in a welcoming and vibrant setting, allowing you to absorb the creative energy that fuels the local art scene. As you sit alongside skilled women, needles in hand and vibrant threads at your fingertips, you'll not only learn the art of embroidery but also hear the stories woven into each stitch. The designs often reflect the rich history and traditions of Rwanda, making each piece a testament to the country's cultural identity. Beyond the creative aspect, this experience is a meaningful way to support local communities. By booking this activity, you actively contribute to the economic well-being of Rwandan women, promoting self-sufficiency and empowerment. The workshop serves as a bridge between cultures, fostering understanding and appreciation for the skill and dedication invested in each embroidered masterpiece. As you craft your own unique piece, you'll forge connections and create lasting memories with the artisans and fellow participants. The workshop culminates in the completion of your handcrafted souvenir, a tangible symbol of your time spent learning, creating, and supporting the vibrant community of Kigali. Book this embroidery workshop not just as an activity, but as a meaningful encounter with Rwandan culture, a celebration of craftsmanship, and a commitment to sustainable tourism that leaves a positive impact on the communities you engage with. Threads of Culture is more than an embroidery class; it's an opportunity to stitch together stories and support the artisans shaping the cultural fabric of Kigali, Rwanda.

Rwandan Tapestry: Weave, Create, Empower in Kigali

10. Rwandan Tapestry: Weave, Create, Empower in Kigali

Indulge in a cultural odyssey through the art of basket weaving in the heart of Kigali, Rwanda. Led by talented Rwandan women, this immersive experience invites you to delve into the intricate techniques and rich history behind the age-old craft of basket making. As you weave your own masterpiece, you'll gain insights into the cultural significance of each pattern and design. The session begins with a warm welcome by local artisans, who share their personal stories and the cultural importance of basket weaving in Rwanda. You'll be provided with the necessary materials and tools, and under the expert guidance of your hosts, you'll learn the art of crafting traditional Rwandan baskets. Feel the rhythmic flow of the weaving process as you create your unique basket, infused with the vibrant colours and patterns that characterize Rwandan craftsmanship. Engage in meaningful conversations with the women who pass down these skills through generations, fostering a deep connection with the local community.

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