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Rovaniemi Small group activities

Our most recommended Rovaniemi Small group activities

Rovaniemi: Korouoma Canyon & Frozen Waterfalls Tour

1. Rovaniemi: Korouoma Canyon & Frozen Waterfalls Tour

Discover Korouoma, a 30-kilometer-long and 130-meter-deep canyon located southeast of Rovaniemi which offers breathtaking scenery all year round. In Winter, the waterfalls turn into fantastic ice formations that are well-known for ice-climbing.  First, get picked up by your guide from your accommodation in Rovaniemi and set off for the Korouoma Canyon nature reserve. Start the tour with a hike through the park, admiring spectacular scenery including cliffs, rapids, and waterfalls. Keep your eyes sharp to observe an array of rare species that call the area home. Snowshoes are optional but may be useful if you need more confidence when hiking down the canyon or just want to enjoy some deep snow walks. Then, have the chance to observe some of the most spectacular frozen waterfalls in Europe and enjoy the beauty of snowy nature. Warm up with a typical Finnish lunch snack around an open fire. Watch as your guide shows you their fire-making skills. At the end of the 6-hour excursion, return to Rovaniemi where you will be dropped off at your hotel by around 4 PM.

Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Wilderness Tour with Camera

2. Rovaniemi: Northern Lights Wilderness Tour with Camera

Drive away from the city to the place with the highest chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Find a warm spot to set up the fire and sit and wait for the show. Benefit from knowing that the more time you spend outside, the greater the chance of you seeing the lights. Usually, you can view the Aurora in the middle of a huge frozen lake or river. Embark on an experience visiting up to 3 locations to give you the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Huddle around the fire with your guide, who will also tell you all about traditional animals and customs.

Rovaniemi: Apukka Reindeer Journey

3. Rovaniemi: Apukka Reindeer Journey

Reindeers are a big part of the Lappish lifestyle and have a long history of living side by side with the locals in the north. With this in mind, a reindeer ride is a relaxing way to both explore Finnish nature and get in touch with these beautiful animals. Following a peaceful pace, let the reindeer lead you through the forests. Enjoy the silence of the woods and the still atmosphere all around you and let these beautiful animals guide the way. Afterward, relax with a hot drink. Return from your adventure knowing a lot more than before about the life of the reindeer and reindeer herders in Finnish Lapland.

Rovaniemi: Ski Trekking Safari in Lapland

4. Rovaniemi: Ski Trekking Safari in Lapland

There is no better way to explore untouched parts of Arctic nature than ski trekking. Your professional guide takes you away from Rovaniemi, straight into the Taiga forest where you get the chance to explore some of the breathtaking scenery of Lapland using back-country skis. Trekking skiing, also called back-country skiing or off-piste skiing, is a great way to explore remote areas of Lapland covered in deep snow. Unlike alpine skiing and cross-country skiing which are practised on groomed trails, back-country skiing allows for a more adventurous trip through hilly terrains, forests, and lakes. As the skis are equipped with skin, they allow you to go both uphill and downhill without excessive speed. Like snowshoeing, it does not require much practice to get used to the gears and to the techniques to slide on deep snow. This makes it very comfortable and easy to use, even for beginners. Your guide chooses a location that best fits the level and the needs of the group, before providing you with safety instructions and teaching you some techniques on how to use the skis on fresh snow. Refreshments and a typical Finnish barbecue snack will be provided halfway, as your guide lights a fire to keep you warm. This is a great moment for you to enjoy the splendid viewpoints and learn more about both Arctic nature and Lapland in general. After your 3-hour experience, your guide returns you to your tour starting point in Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi: Ice Fishing Experience

5. Rovaniemi: Ice Fishing Experience

Learn the art of ice fishing from a local guide and experience the Arctic magic. Enjoy a short 5-10 minute walk through an old forest before arriving at an open area full of ice and snow as far as the eye can see. During this tour, you will experience a cultural activity that locals take part in every day to catch food for themselves and their dogs. As soon as you catch a big fish, it will be cooked straight over the fire. If the fish are undersized, they will always be returned to the ice. Join this tour to gain insight into the difficulties people in the Arctic areas have faced throughout the ages to simply get food. Your guide will explain how the locals fish with nets under the ice that are up to a meter thick, and you will also get to try to drill your fishing hole.  

Rovaniemi: Arctic Reindeer Farm Visit with Reindeer Safari

6. Rovaniemi: Arctic Reindeer Farm Visit with Reindeer Safari

Meet the most iconic animal of Lapland while on this tour of a traditional reindeer farm. See the farm, on the shore of a peaceful lake, and relax on a beautiful experience in Lapland. Enjoy a ride on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer and travel through Lappish Arctic forests while admiring the beautiful natural landscape along the way. Be picked up by your guide in Rovaniemi and travel to the farm, based outside the city. Arrive at the family herders' farm, on the shores of a peaceful lake, and enjoy the knowledge and service provided by the farm. Learn more about the reindeer and be invited to sit in a sleigh and enjoy a ride while the reindeer pull it. Move through the snowy forest on the sleigh, and marvel at the beautiful arctic scenery, and keep an eye out for other arctic animals along the way. Finish the tour back at the farm, where a warm cup of coffee or tea and traditional snacks are waiting for you. Listen as the herders explain more about their lifestyle and how the reindeer are raised, and take the chance to ask any questions you might have about life on the farm to feed your curiosity. Explore the farm a little more before returning to Rovaniemi with the guide.

Rovaniemi: Arctic Horse Riding Experience

7. Rovaniemi: Arctic Horse Riding Experience

Travel to a small farm 20 kilometers from Rovaniemi to visit a Finnish farm, meet some well-trained Irish Cob horses, and discover the beauty of Lapland's wilderness. Be picked up from your hotel and relax as you drive to the farm. Listen to riding instructions from your host and learn more about the horses. Get acquainted with the horse that you will ride for an hour. Ride through the snow-covered forests and feel connected to nature and your horse.

Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Safari Adventure

8. Rovaniemi: Snowmobile Safari Adventure

Join this exciting tour opportunity in Rovaniemi for a dose of adrenaline-fuelled snowmobiling action. This is a fantastic tour choice for those looking to pack in some adventure during their time exploring Lapland's gorgeous natural surroundings. To begin this snowmobiling adventure, you will be picked up at your accommodation. Meet your qualified guide and get dressed up in an insulated winter overall. After a short briefing, you will arrive in the forest to the snowmobile base. Once participants have had a short briefing on how to operate the snowmobiles and have been provided with the necessary safety equipment, you will pull the throttle and make the hair-raising journey into the Arctic Circle forests and lakes. Prepare for some serious speed as you find yourself whizzing across the wild. You will stop to rest before you come back to base and enjoy hot drinks and gingerbread.

Rovaniemi: Wilderness Tour

9. Rovaniemi: Wilderness Tour

In the winter time, enjoy views of huge snow drifts, white trails, and frozen trees. You will learn about the footprints that you find in the snow. It’s a shame the bears will be sleeping as they have a very impressive paw print. But not to worry as you still have the chance of passing tracks made by wolves, lynx, wolverines, moose, reindeer, and weasels. During the summer your guide will teach you about the nature that surrounds you. The aim of this tour is to show you wild and beautiful forests that look as if they are straight out of a fairytale. Your guide will help you to learn how to appreciate these places.  On every tour, your guide will show you how to build and light a fire without the use of matches. You will learn what to look for in the forests that allow you to make fire easily at any time without damaging any vegetation.

Rovaniemi: Winter Wilderness Snowshoeing Trip

10. Rovaniemi: Winter Wilderness Snowshoeing Trip

Put on your snowshoes and get ready for a relaxing experience in the wilderness. This tour allows you to really feel what it is like to head deep into Arctic nature. During this snowshoe trip, learn how to walk on snowshoes as well as some other basic survival and fire-making skills. Observe as your tour guide chops wood and shows you how to make fire with natural materials found in the nature that surrounds you. This tour is perfect for nature-lovers and all those who are looking for a relaxing walk. It is also a great opportunity for photo enthusiasts, so please bring your camera along. After your experience, your guide returns you to your tour meeting point.

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Omg, the nature can’t be explained by words. Even the pictures we took can’t explain it, it was like a fairytale. Our guide Santi was the best! He took time to explain everything in all details, and we learned so much about the nature we walk through. We was a group of 7 in age 33-58, and many of us took the “slide” rute when it was possible. My mom had a back operation for 2 months a ago, and even she could walk the whole way. But this was possible because our guide Santi was so kind to take care of her, and guide the steps. She got special shoes and stocks to help her. If the guide recommends you to change to there’s outfits, then do it. We didn’t freeze and everything was comfortable.

The tour was very nice! The sleigh ride lasted about 1 hour and was really fun. We went through a snowy forest with the reindeer, then we went to the yurt, where a little fire was crackling. You could warm up with hot berry juice and listen to information about reindeer and working with them in Lapland. The guides were super friendly and knew an answer to all questions. You could also feed and pet the reindeer. An all-round beautiful experience!

Very Nice tour. we had so much fun and the place is just a dream. The guide was super nice and knowledgeable. he provided us information about the place, the different type of trees, animals etc. We had a BBQ lunch and we roasted the sausages ourselves. highly recommended!!! thanks Wild about Lapland.

The hiking was so beautiful, the Frozen waterfall are amazing, and the guide Barbara was very very very nice she is so happy and good.

Ice fishing was really fun, beautiful area. Didn’t catch anything but had nibbles and a good snack around the fire afterwards.