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5 best day trips from Rome

Day trip to Pompeii

1. Day trip to Pompeii

Possibly the single most popular excursion from Rome, Pompeii is best known as the ruined city in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius. Travel back to the Roman Empire and stroll the storied streets lined with ancient bakeries, villas, and even brothels. To return to reality, step out of the historical sites into the modern streets of Pompeii, filled with shops and gelaterias.

How far is Pompeii from Rome?

Located in the Campania region of Italy, Pompeii is situated 240 kilometers (150 miles) south of Rome. By train, the trip takes about two hours, while by car it will take around two and a half hours.

Day trip to Tivoli

2. Day trip to Tivoli

Just outside of Rome lies the imperial playground of Tivoli. Home to emperors of the past, the ruins of Tivoli are truly awe-inspiring. The historic points of the town include several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Make sure to visit the Villa d’Este, with its stunning gardens, and the famed Hadrian’s Villa.

How far is Tivoli from Rome?

Only about 33 kilometers (20 miles) from Rome, getting to Tivoli is simple no matter how you choose to travel. By car or bus, the journey can take anywhere from a half-hour to an hour. By train, it’s just one hour direct from Roma Tiburtina station.

Day trip to Naples

3. Day trip to Naples

Naples is a great place to experience the illustrious art and culture of Italy. One of the largest cities in the country, it’s packed with amazing things to do and see. In one day, you can tour the UNESCO-designated historic city center, visit the Royal Palace, take in unbelievable views of the Bay of Naples, and much more. Of course, being the birthplace of the internationally-beloved pizza, nobody would blame you if you ditched your diet on your visit.

How far is Naples from Rome?

It should take about two to two and a half hours to drive the 225 kilometers (139 miles) to Naples from Rome. By train, it’s an easy 75-minute ride from Roma Termini station.

Day trip to Orvieto

4. Day trip to Orvieto

Get to know the striking hill town of Orvieto on a day trip from Rome. Guarded by its ancient walls, Orvieto is full of rich history, and breathtaking vistas around every corner. Don’t miss out on a chance to admire the intricately decorated cathedral, tour hidden underground tunnels, and stroll the winding cobblestone streets.

How far is Orvieto from Rome?

Just about 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Rome, the train ride to Orvieto is a painless two-hour ride. Driving, this inspiring day trip is just 90 minutes away.

Day trip to Castel Gandolfo

5. Day trip to Castel Gandolfo

For an escape from the city without traveling far and wide, a day trip from Rome to Castel Gandolfo is a perfect choice. Once the summer playground of popes and emperors, this picturesque lakeside gem still offers plenty to see and do. Visitors can check out the Papal Palace, linger over espresso in the Piazza della Liberta, and see the Bernini-designed Church of San Tommaso di Villanova.

How far is Castel Gandolfo from Rome?

In just 45 minutes, you can travel the 24 kilometers (15 miles) to Castel Gandolfo, whether going by car or by train.

Rome day trip FAQ

What are the best transportation options for my day trip?

Not sure of the best way to reach Pompeii? Or how to get to Tivoli? There are many different transportation options available for your day trip from Rome.
  • • Rome day trips by train

    With many high-speed trains running all over Italy, and Rome’s hub station of Termini, riding the rails is an excellent method to tackle any day trip. The train is frequently the quickest way to get to your destination for the day.

  • • Rome day trips by bus

    Most guided day tours will be conducted via the bus, and many even include pickup and dropoff at your hotel. Bus tours are a great way to have a fun, full, and convenient day trip without the worry of having to navigate and plan.

  • • Rome day trips by car

    A car is one of the most convenient options for excursions out of town. They allow you the freedom to truly tailor your day trip to what interests you. Plus, a car allows you to take things at your own pace without worrying about meet-up times.

Should I take a guided tour for my day trip?

Taking a guided tour for your day trip from Rome is never a bad idea. Sit back and enjoy some of the most incredible sites on earth while avoiding all the hassles of planning. Guided tours also come with the added benefit of knowledgeable guides who can really elevate the experience above simply bringing along your guidebook.

What should I pack for my day trip?

What to bring with you on your day trip really depends on different factors. Time of year, and what you have planned will definitely affect what you should bring. The weather around Rome tends to stay pretty mild, but in the winter and spring, an extra layer and umbrella can’t hurt. Many tours will provide all you need, including entry tickets and meals, so all you need to bring is your sense of adventure.

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The tour guide was friendly, competent and very attentive. The bus driver was also safe, capable and very proactive at all times. But his true driving skills only became apparent in Naples. Hats off. The actual guide in Naples and Pompeii also proved to be very competent, who ensured an exciting, informative and very entertaining tour. The lady is unreservedly recommended. My 13-year-old son also found the day really "great" and that is by no means a matter of course. The only minus: During the outward and return journey, the obligatory stop was made in a café, which I would call a tourist trap. But you didn't have to buy anything...

This was an amazing tour lead by an extremely knowledgeable and passionate guide names Rosella (she even booked for us, on our request one of her favourite resturants in rome to eat after the trip which was also amazing called Osteria Al Vicolo 9 which i would also 100% recommened). It was wonderful to see the treasures of Pompeii and its museums. The guide provided indepth background info on Ancient Rome and the history on Pompeii. It was wonderful to skip lines and gain to access to everywhere quickly, would 100% recommend.

Very good experience for a single day. Both the guide (Rob) and the driver (Giulio) are excellent, and very prudent, they take care of you at all times, they are very attentive and very friendly and fun. Also my guide in Pompeii, Willy, the visit was very good, Pompeii is very big and we only saw 20% but it is a good introduction. Worth it.

Anna (guide) and Andrei (driver) were both excellent and made the trip a breeze for all patrons. My girlfriend gets motion sick easily and they offered her the emergency seat in the front of the bus to alleviate it. Highly recommended.

We did the Pompeii and Naples tour and enjoyed it immensely. It was a busy day but a great way to experience 2 major attractions in 1 day.