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Virpazar: Guided Lake Skadar Cruise and Crnojevića River

1. Virpazar: Guided Lake Skadar Cruise and Crnojevića River

The Lake Skadar region is home to some of the most mesmerizing sights that one should not miss when visiting Montenegro. Among them, the Pavlova Strana Viewpoint stands out as the most beautiful view in the entire country, offering a breathtaking panoramic vista that leaves you in awe. To experience this stunning scenery from the Crnojevica River meander and get a closer view of this natural wonder, join us on our 4-hour sightseeing boat tour today! Grab your opportunity to take a refreshing swim in one of Europe's largest lakes. Gaze upon the view of green water lily fields, and listen to the fascinating stories about the area that your guide will share. Catch a glimpse of the centuries-old fortress Lesendro as you approach the three islands, and feel the Amazonian vibe in the middle of Montenegro. Taste the wine from Montenegro's famous wine cellar, along with local delicacies, as you view all the beautiful corners of the Crnojevica River. Your adventure begins in Virpazar, a charming fishing village on Lake Skadar's shores. This idyllic location is just a short half-hour drive from Montenegro's capital, Podgorica, and offers easy access to the lake. Once you arrive at the meeting point, the local tour operator will check your vouchers and explain how to pay the National Park fee. After that, you're all set to board!

Kayak Adventure: Paddle your way through Lake Skadar

2. Kayak Adventure: Paddle your way through Lake Skadar

If you are someone who enjoys being close to nature and would like to spend some time in solitude while observing the lake's wildlife, especially its vibrant birdlife, kayaking on Lake Skadar offers a unique opportunity to you. This experience will take you to a different world where time appears to stop, and everything seems to be still, bringing you a sense of peace and harmony. Explore small channels that are surrounded by reeds and listen to the wind as it passes through the row of willows. Find yourself in the middle of a water lily field, where you can observe the birds as they soar through the sky or dive deep to catch their lunch. Take a refreshing swim in one of Europe's largest lakes! Your adventure begins in the charming lakeside town of Virpazar, located just half an hour from Montenegro's capital, Podgorica. Virpazar offers easy access to the lake and a range of kayaking routes to explore. Upon your arrival, the local tour operator will provide you with all the necessary information, explain the routes, conduct a safety briefing and equipment check, and you will be all set to start paddling!

Great Montenegro tour Kotor & Budva Old Towns & Skadar Lake

3. Great Montenegro tour Kotor & Budva Old Towns & Skadar Lake

You will begin your tour at the agreed venue in Podgorica (or from other cities with changes in the itinerary). From there you will drive straight to Budva Old Town, a town with a history of several long centuries which peaked during the Venetians rule that lasted for nearly 400 years. The town is fortified by powerful Venetian walls and is today the most visited tourist destination on the Montenegrin coastline. With its 35-kilometer-long coastline strip, Budva offers something for everyone... From Budva, you will go towards the Medieval town of Kotor. Kotor Old Town is the only UNESCO-protected town in Montenegro. The town, built like a maze, will delight you with its streets and small squares and leave a unique image not only of this city but also of the state.(free time) Once you finish with Kotor, you will continue your adventure and head towards Njegusi Village. Here you will visit one of the home-owned restaurants where you can order some of the region’s best-known specialties: smoked prosciutto and cheese. Montenegro prides itself on the production of prosciutto, and it is just right that you try it at the best place possible: Njegusi Village. On the way to Njegusi Village, you will use the old road built at the end of the 19th century. This breathtaking road consists of 25 switchbacks and will offer you one of the most magnificent views Montenegro has to offer. From Njegusi village, we will Rach the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, town of Cetinje and Monastery of Cetinje. After the walking tour you will head back to your starting position at Podgorica. There is another option of the tour that include visiting Rijak Crnojevica, the part of Skadar Lake National Park but only short road above Boka Bay with a stop over the bay of Kotor and also visiting Budva and Kotor old towns and photo stop above Sveti Stefan island. Of course, everything can be mixed at your request, so no worries, we are flexible and experience in tailor made tours. Let's have fun togheter.

Virpazar: Skadar Lake PRIVATE Boat Tour to KOM MONASTERY

4. Virpazar: Skadar Lake PRIVATE Boat Tour to KOM MONASTERY

Journey through Skadar Lake on a 3-hour boat tour from Virpazar. Look for local birds and listen to music along the way to the Kom Monastery. Have some free time to enjoy a dip in the lake.  Meet your guide in Virpazar and make your way through a river channel surrounded by lotus flowers before you reach the open lake. Let your guide show you UNESCO-protected islands and charming fishing villages nestled on the shore.  Visit Kom Monastery and take in panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding countryside. Hear about the unique history of this monastery from your local guide. View colorful frescoes in this rustic religious retreat.  Use the provided birdwatching book and equipment to look for birds like pygmy cormorants, spoonbills, and Squacco herons. Learn about the history of the lake as you listen to commentary from your guide.  Take time for a refreshing swim on the open lake or at a private beach. After your swim, relax with a drink onboard. Return to Virpazar at the end of your tour. 

Lake Skadar: Visit the Montenegrin Venice

5. Lake Skadar: Visit the Montenegrin Venice

Discover the wonders of Lake Skadar as you glide across its pristine waters. Indulge in the flavours of local wine while meandering through the breathtaking landscapes that adorn the lake. Immerse yourself in the invigorating freshness of the water, enveloped by majestic mountain ranges, and delve into the captivating stories and rich history of Lake Skadar. Begin in Virpazar - the main gateway of Lake Skadar. Sail along a tiny river channel and observe birds catch the fish and soar through the sky. Exit the river and discover the vast blue waters of Lake Skadar, the far-away mountains of Albania, and Vranjina, along with its two peaks. Glide through the meadows of water chestnuts and discover the ruins of Lesendro, the 18th-century fortress and the Key of Lake Skadar. These ruins and their bird visitants will feast you with a stunning view. Feel the fresh air rush through your body, as you come close to Lake Skadar's largest tributary, Morača River. Continue your journey in the direction of three islands – Mala Čakovica, Velika Čakovica, and Kamenik. Have your breath taken away by the view these islets hide. Marvel at thousands of water lilies covering the lake's surface with their leaves. Sights to follow will satisfy your traveller's thirst. As you sail along the picturesque fjord Pavlova strana, you will reach Rijeka Crnojevića, a small fishing village. Explore this beautiful spot, situated only a few kilometres from the historical capital of Cetinje. The old stone bridge, named after Prince Danilo, will be the first to welcome you, next to the one-story building, built on the left shore of the river. You can't overlook it – it lies at the entrance of this beautiful townlet, and although built in the 15th century, it still looks impressive. After exploring the village, it's time to go back. In the meantime, be sure to bring your swimsuit! Take the opportunity and enjoy the refreshing waters of Lake Skadar.

Best of Montenegro: Day trip from Budva or Kotor

6. Best of Montenegro: Day trip from Budva or Kotor

Embark on an exhilarating day trip through the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Montenegro, starting from the coastal towns of Kotor or Budva. Begin your adventure with a visit to the Sveti Stefan viewpoint, where you'll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the iconic island resort and the azure Adriatic Sea stretching as far as the eye can see. From there, journey inland to the tranquil shores of Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans and a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike. Cruise along its picturesque waters, soaking in the serenity of the surrounding mountains and lush vegetation. Continue your exploration to Rijeka Crnojevica, a charming riverside village nestled along the shores of Lake Skadar. Admire the quaint architecture and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, taking in the idyllic scenery. Next, ascend to the Pavlova Strana viewpoint, where panoramic vistas of Montenegro's rugged landscapes and winding roads await. Pause to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape before descending to the historic town of Cetinje. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Cetinje as you explore its architectural gems, including the Cetinje Monastery and the Presidential Palace. Then, journey through the picturesque village of Njegusi, renowned for its traditional Montenegrin cuisine and stunning mountain views. Finally, descend along the thrilling serpentine road overlooking Kotor Bay, winding your way back to where your journey began. Marvel at the fjord-like scenery and medieval villages perched on the hillsides, savoring the memories of an unforgettable day spent exploring the best of Montenegro's natural and cultural wonders.

From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

7. From Virpazar: Skadar Lake Scenic Cruise

Tour starts from Virpazar, where we set sail through the river Virštica, where you get to enjoy in the birds flying around, lots of water lilies and reeds surrounding it, until we reach the open lake. Then you will be amazed by incredible landscapes and colors created by combination of water and Mediterranean vegetation, with the mountain backdrops. Soon enough, you will see the ruined walls of fortress Grmožur, rise from the waters of Skadar Lake. This abandoned fortification is a former jail and its known as Montenegrin Alcatraz. Now, its a permanent habitat for some bird species which some of them you will see. We are continuing the journey by reaching a small delta of river Morača, where it's a bird reserve. Soon, making a stop to climb the hill on Vranjina peninsula and visit Orthodox Monastery of Saint Nicola from the 13th century. After that, going back to the boat where we set sail back to Virpazar. In meantime, you can choose to take a nice swim in the river or at the open lake.

Panoramic Boat Tour to Vranjina Monastery & Wine Tasting

8. Panoramic Boat Tour to Vranjina Monastery & Wine Tasting

Begin your journey in Virpazar, the tiny townlet on three bridges, located in the heart of Lake Skadar. Leave the dock following a small river channel surrounded by fields of reeds and rows of willows. Find yourself on the open waters of vast Lake Skadar and watch Vranjina and its two peaks rise from the largest lake in southern Europe. Vranjina Monastery, located on the southeastern side of Vranjina Island, high above the Morača delta, is your next stop. Only one former monastery church has endured the ravages of time, the church dedicated to St. Nicholas. With several other monasteries tucked away on the shores of Lake Skadar, the monastery Vranjina forms a unity called Zetska Sveta Gora. This monastery was built with the blessing of Saint Sava at the beginning of the 13th century on the foundations of the original monastery (from 1223). Although it primarily consisted of three churches – the Church of Saint Nicholas, Saint Sava and the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, only the Church of Saint Nicholas has been preserved and renovated several times. The monastery was devastated by the Turks twice, and it served as a war fortress in the meantime. Destroyed to the ground in 1862, the only witnesses to the existence of this monastery are the three bells from the original Church of St. Nicholas. The restoration of its church started again in 1998, and an abbot was appointed. The walk uphill to the Church of St. Nicholas offers spectacular views of the lake and Morača River, with their shores framed by willows. After a ten-minute walk, you will reach the church and have the opportunity to visit it. On the way back, you will refresh yourself in the sweet lake’s water.

Podgorica: Scenic Panoramic Flight

9. Podgorica: Scenic Panoramic Flight

Gorgeous flight from Podgorica city to the Skadar lake and around . Our unforgettable light aircraft tour features the dramatic Montenegrin landscape as we fly over national park Skadar lake, authentic villages and the most beautiful vineyards in Montenegro. During the flight, you can try flying independently, of course, under the supervision of an instructor. You will be able to see Virpazar town, village of Vranjina, beautiful vineyards, part of Podgorica city and for sure you will enjoy the flight and flying the plain.

From Kotor: Private Car Excursion to Virpazar & Skadar Lake

10. From Kotor: Private Car Excursion to Virpazar & Skadar Lake

Begin your adventure in Kotor. Make your way towards Skadar Lake, where you can choose to buy a boat ticket to tour the water. See an authentic fishing place in Virpazar, located on the confluence of rivers which flow directly into the Lake, only about 6 miles from the sea. The first stop is in Budva. Visit the old city, the citadel, walk around the Slovenian boulevard along the coast, try a few fish specialties, and enjoy local shopping. Next, make a stop for a panoramic view of St. Stephen Island which ensures a magnificent visual experience. The trip continues to the old royal city Cetinje, where you will have time to visit the monastery, museums, and old sights of Montenegro. Along the way back, take in the beautiful views of the Bay of Kotor.

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