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Spiritual City Walking tour -The Pushkar Route

1. Spiritual City Walking tour -The Pushkar Route

CITY WALKING TOUR BY THE PUSHKAR ROUTE GIVES YOU A OPPORTUNITY OF A REAL EXPERIENCE TO THE LIFE OF PUSHKAR. HERE YOU CAN EXPLORE SPIRITUALITY, CULTURAL PRACTICES, TRADITIONS, BUSTLING BEAUTIFUL MARKETS, TEMPLES, ARCHITECTURE AND HISTORICAL PLACES. Join us on completely unique and offbeat experience of Pushkar. Main Highlights and Points Covered - Tour Starts from SIKH TEMPLE VARAHA TEMPLE(11 century temple) OLD VISHNUTEMPLE(known for architecture) JAIPUR GHAT (For Photography) BRAHMA TEMPLE (World’s only one) BRAHMA GHAT & GAU GHAT (For ritual) Walking through the lanes and Ghats of Pushkar with some beautiful spots of Photography. Famous Streets Food and Drinks LEMON TEA ( With great view of Lake ) MALPUA ( Pancake ) The things which is written upside are completely included in tour. Example- Tickets and entry fees of temple with drinks . Things to remember. Please wear easy and comfortable clothes because of temples. Wear sandals or sleepers . Don’t carry big bags or luggage. Myself Vishwanath Parashar owner and founder of The Pushkar Route . I have been working from 3 years in tourist and hospitality industry.The Pushkar Route are currently listed on more than 10 giants platforms with more than 20 tours and activities.All tours will be given by myself

Evening Walking Tour with Fire Rituals-The Pushkar Route

2. Evening Walking Tour with Fire Rituals-The Pushkar Route

If you want to see another side of Pushkar with Calmness & tranquility then evening walking tour is the best option.Join this evening walking tour to explore some of the historical & famous temples ,Be a part of HIndu customs MahaAarti ( Fire Ceremony) ,Sounds bells of hundreds of temples around lake will purify your souls with a divine touch of religion , Walk the streets of Pushkar when they are prettiest at Night... Places And Points 1- Brahma Temple ( Only one in the world ) 2- Brahma Ghat for Fire Ceremony ( Mahaarti) Main highlight of the tour . 3-Walk around Some of the Ghats at Pushkar lake including Gandhi Ghat . 4-Walk around the streets of Pushkar when they look more peaceful and glorious in evening. 5- Halwai Gali ( Taste the local Sweet ) 6- Gandhi Ghat and Queen Mary Ghat

From Jaipur : Private Ajmer Pushkar Tour by Cab

3. From Jaipur : Private Ajmer Pushkar Tour by Cab

Pushkar: Embark on an enchanting journey from your Jaipur abode to the sacred town of Pushkar, a tranquil oasis set against the scenic backdrop of Ana Sagar Lake and the rugged Aravalli Hills. In just 3 hours, immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of this charming Hindu town. Discover the heart of Pushkar's desert with thrilling Camel Safaris, adventurous Jeep Safaris, and graceful Horse Safaris. Engage with the vibrant local community, adorned in traditional costumes, and explore their quaint houses, each telling a story of ancient customs and traditions. Upon arrival, a knowledgeable guide will lead you through a fascinating exploration of Pushkar, introducing you to its spiritual gems, including the iconic Brahma Temple. Marvel at the exquisite architecture and delve into the profound significance of this revered Hindu site. Ajmer: Continue your expedition to Ajmer, a city steeped in history and a significant pilgrimage destination for Muslims. Follow your local guide through the bustling streets, uncovering the city's hidden wonders, and culminate your visit with a heartfelt stop at the Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti Shrine. This sacred space resonates with the spiritual energy of pilgrims and reflects India's harmonious blend of diverse cultures. As the day unfolds, relish the journey back to Jaipur, allowing yourself to soak in the tranquil landscapes that surround you. Reflect on the enriching experiences of the day, not merely as a sightseeing adventure but as a profound connection with the diverse spiritual heritage that Rajasthan proudly boasts. This immersive tour promises not just a glimpse into the past but an opportunity to forge a deep and meaningful connection with the roots of India's spirituality. Let each moment unfold a story of cultural richness and sacred traditions, ensuring your journey is not just a visit but a transformative experience.

Afternoon Walking tour with Sunset & Arti -The Pushkar Route

4. Afternoon Walking tour with Sunset & Arti -The Pushkar Route

This walking tour will give you a great induction of the religous belief of of the oldest living spiritual city of Hindus , its vibrant culture, religious customs,its history and people.If you tired from visiting touristic cities like Delhi , Agra , Jaipur then take dip into the spirituality of mystic town of Pushkar .Pushkar is known as temple town of India .Pushkar lake is surrounded by 52 Ghats which was donated by Kings of Rajasthan and more then 500 temples .In this tour you got opportunity to visit all the 52 Ghats around sacred lake by walking with the visit to some of the famous temples and ended with an beautiful Hindu ceremony called Arti ( Fire Rituals ) 1- Brahma Temple ( Only one in the world ) 2- Brahma Ghat for Fire Ceremony ( Mahaarti) Main highlight of the tour . 3-Walk around 52 Ghats at Pushkar lake including important ghats like Gandhi Ghat 4-Walk around the streets of Pushkar when they look more peaceful and glorious in evening. 5- Halwai Gali ( Taste the local Sweet ) 6- Gandhi Ghat and Queen Mary Ghat

Jaipur to Puskar Day trip

5. Jaipur to Puskar Day trip

Unveil the allure of Pushkar, India, on a captivating day trip that promises an unforgettable experience, starting right from Jaipur, the Pink City of Rajasthan. Your journey will begin with a convenient pick-up from your provided location in Jaipur, ensuring a hassle-free start to your adventure. As you embark on this enchanting excursion, you'll be transported to Pushkar, a city steeped in spirituality and cultural charm. The first stop on your itinerary will be the serene Pushkar Lake, a sacred oasis surrounded by ancient ghats. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance and partake in the traditional ritual of taking a dip in its holy waters, believed to cleanse one's soul. Next, venture to the iconic Brahma Temple, dedicated to the revered deity, Lord Brahma. This rare and sacred temple stands as a testament to the city's religious heritage and offers a tranquil setting for introspection. A short hike or ropeway ride will take you to the picturesque Savitri Temple, providing a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. Capture the beauty of Pushkar from this elevated vantage point, creating memories to cherish forever. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Pushkar as you explore the bustling Pushkar Bazaar. Wander through narrow lanes adorned with colorful handicrafts, clothing, and trinkets, and delight in the art of bargaining as you take home unique souvenirs. Pause and appreciate the fragrant wonders of the Rose Garden, where the sweet scent of roses fills the air. Learn about the production of rose water and essential oils, a specialty of Pushkar, and savor the floral essence that defines this enchanting city. Don't miss the Varaha Temple, an ancient architectural gem dedicated to Lord Vishnu's Varaha incarnation. Experience a moment of serenity and spiritual connection as you marvel at the intricate craftsmanship of this sacred place. To conclude your day on a mesmerizing note, head to Ratnagiri Hill and witness a breathtaking sunset over the horizon. The panorama of the surrounding landscape will leave you in awe, capturing the essence of Pushkar's natural beauty. For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, opt for a camel safari and traverse the desert terrains, immersing yourself in the rustic charm of Rajasthan. As the day draws to a close, you will be safely escorted back to Jaipur, carrying with you the cherished memories of a soul-stirring journey into the cultural tapestry and spiritual heritage of this mystical city.

From Jaipur: Visit Pushkar & Chittor Fort with Udaipur

6. From Jaipur: Visit Pushkar & Chittor Fort with Udaipur

We'll pick you up from your hotel or your desire place in Jaipur at the agreed time and drive to Pushkar first. There are many legends surrounding this Hindu shrine as it is the principal place of worship in all of India which is dedicated to the God, Brahma. Although he has no other temple sacred to his memory, Brahma seems to have taken full advantage of the only temple where prayers are offered to him. Not only did he perform a Yagya (ritual fire ceremony) here, but he also dropped a sacred lotus from his hands to create a lake where people take a bath before they offer prayers. There is a silver turtle at the temple entrance, which is considered a symbol of his transport. Brahma temple is the best-known temple in Pushkar, but there are also four hundred other temples lining the banks of the lake. Though people visit here throughout the year, Pushkar in November, during the time of its annual fair, comprises a colorful mass of people and celebrations coinciding with the largest camel fair held in the world, that comes alive during the fair in a spectacular explosion of colors, sounds and activities. 2nd : Declared, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Chittorgarh Fort still preserves several palaces, memorial towers and monumental gates. As we tour the complex, we'll tell you the story of its legendary siege in 1303. According to legend, A love affair of Sultan Alauddin Khalji may have been the trigger for this important military operation. Explore the Chittorgarh Fort, the capital of Mewar, which sprawls over the hill 180 meters in height over an area of 280 ha above the plains of the valley drained by the Berach River. The fort has several historical palaces, gates, a temple and two prominent commemorative towers. Legend has it that Alauddin Khilji, who was the first to sack Chittor, was so besotted by the regal beauty of Rani Padmini that he was overpowered by a desire to possess her. But the noble queen preferred death over dishonor and committed "Jauhar" (mass self-immolation). Visit the 9-metre-wide Vijaya Stambha or the Tower of Victory, located within the Chittor Fort. The tower was constructed by Rana Kumbha, the Mewar king, in 1448 to commemorate his victory over Mahmud Khilji and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Continue your visit to the Kriti Stambha or Tower of Fame, another important feature of Chittor Fort. The Solanki-style architectural tower is 22-metre long and was established by the first Jain Tirthankar. See the Padmini Palace, home of Rani Padmini, lying near Chittorgarh Fort. You can also visit the Rana Kumbha Palace, situated inside the Chittorgarh Fort, home to the famous bhakti poetess, Meerabai. The tour will end by dropping you drop off at your desire location in Udaipur.

Delhi: Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur & Pushkar 7-Day Tour

7. Delhi: Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur & Pushkar 7-Day Tour

Day 1 - Pick-Up in Delhi, Old and New Delhi Sightseeing. Tour will start with pick-up from your preferred location at 09:00 AM. Our Driver will come to receive you and then you will continue the sightseeing tour of Old and New Delhi. Your tour guide would meet you on the way and assist you all day. First you will visit Old Delhi (Jama Masjid, Rickshaw Ride, Chandni Chowk and Red Fort). later visit New Delhi (Humayun Tomb, India gate, Parliament House, Qutub Minar and Lotus Temple). In between Sightseeing you will have lunch break. Post Old and New Delhi sightseeing, come back to your hotel in Delhi and stay overnight in Delhi. Day 2 - Drive to Agra and Agra Sightseeing Tour. Post breakfast and check-out around at 09:00 or 10:00 AM, Drive to Agra. You will take a route through Yamuna Expressway, closest route to Agra. It will take upto 3 hours arrive in Agra. When you arrive in Agra, check-in to your hotel. Take some rest and spend time in leisure. Later in evening, you will visit Mehtab Bagh (Sunset Point) and Etimad-Ud-Daulah (Baby Taj). Come back to hotel and stay overnight in Agra. Day 3 - Agra Sightseeing Tour and Drive to Jaipur. Our Driver will come to pick you up from your hotel at 06:30 AM for Sunrise view of Taj Mahal. Explore Taj Mahal sunrise view. Later come back to the hotel. Have Breakfast and some rest. Post Breakfast and check-out visit Agra Fort. Later continue drive to Jaipur. On the way to Jaipur, you will visit Fatehpur Sikri. Continue to drive to Jaipur, when you arrive in Jaipur, check-in to your hotel and stay overnight in Jaipur. Day 4 - Jaipur Sightseeing Tour and Drive to Jodhpur. Post breakfast and check-out, our driver and guide will come to pick up you from hotel. Start your Jaipur Sightseeing tour. You will visit Amber Fort, enjoy elephant ride, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Patrika Gate. Post sightseeing and lunch, you will drive to Jodhpur city. It will take 6 hours to reach Jodhpur. When you arrive in Jodhpur, check-in to your hotel and stay overnight in Jodhpur. Day 5 - Jodhpur Sightseeing and Drive to Pushkar. Post breakfast and check-out explore Jodhpur city. You will visit Jaswant Thada Memorial, Mehrangarh Fort, Sadar Museum, Umaid Bhawan. Later post lunch break continue drive to Pushkar city. It will take 4 hours drive. When you arrive in Pushkar, check-in to your hotel and stay overnight in Pushkar. Day 6 - Pushkar Sightseeing Tour. Post breakfast and check-out, explore Pushkar city, you will visit one and only Brahma Temple in the world, Savitri Temple, Sacred Lake of Pushkar and Pushkar old traditional market. Post sightseeing come back to hotel and spend evening leisure. Overnight in Pushkar. Day 7 - Drive back to Delhi. Post breakfast and check-out drive back to Delhi. It is a long journey it will take up to 6 hours. When you arrive in Delhi, depart to hotel / Airport in Delhi.

One Way Transfer From Jaipur To Pushkar

8. One Way Transfer From Jaipur To Pushkar

One way Private Drop To Pushkar From Jaipur with Private Transportation Transfer Trip Plan: Meet Car and Driver at any Location as per Customer Wish of Location and Timing and Start Reaching Destination in an Air-Conditioned Private Transportation with Car Driver for your Transfer Trip. Pickup and Drop Location Can be any Location Within City as per Customer Wish. Once Booked Check your Email and Ask any Queries if you have We Discuss and Plan as per your Wish.

From Jaipur: Private Ajmer & Pushkar Tour by Cab

9. From Jaipur: Private Ajmer & Pushkar Tour by Cab

Explore Rajasthan's spiritual heart with a guided day tour to Pushkar's Brahma Temple and Ajmer's Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti Shrine. Enjoy camel and jeep safaris along with authentic Rajasthani cuisine during this enriching journey. Tour Highlights: Pickup in Jaipur: Begin your day with a comfortable morning pickup from your Jaipur hotel or a designated meeting point. Pushkar's Brahma Temple: Discover the sacred ambiance of Pushkar as you explore the renowned Brahma Temple, an important pilgrimage site. Camel Safari: Experience the desert landscape with an adventurous camel safari, offering panoramic views of Pushkar's sandy terrain. Lunch Break: Indulge in authentic Rajasthani cuisine at a local restaurant, sampling delicious flavors unique to the region. Ajmer's Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti Shrine: Pay homage at the revered Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti Shrine in Ajmer, known for its spiritual significance. Jeep Safari: Embark on a thrilling jeep safari adventure, traversing the rugged terrain and scenic landscapes surrounding Ajmer. Return to Jaipur: Conclude your day tour with a return journey to Jaipur, reflecting on the spiritual and adventurous experiences of the day. Experience a holistic exploration of Rajasthan's spiritual heritage, blending culture, adventure, and profound spirituality.

Private Transfer From Jaipur To Jodhpur Via Pushkar

10. Private Transfer From Jaipur To Jodhpur Via Pushkar

Jaipur International Airport, Jaipur railway station or Jaipur main bus station for your 9-hour private tour. Travel to sacred Pushkar, a beautiful town nestled in a valley, in an air-conditioned car for a 2 to 3-hour self-guided tour. After sightseeing you will be transferred to Jodhpur where your tour ends with drop-off at Jodhpur Airport, Jodhpur Junction railway station, Jodhpur bus station, or your centrally located hotel in Jodhpur.

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Rajkumar and Vinay. Very good for transport and as a guide. Everything looked after. Air conditioning in car and bottle of water complementary. Guide very good and took us to a very tasty restaurant. All very informative. Pushkar was beautiful and also enjoyed camel ride also Always recommend.

Our Driver was phenomenal and very personable I would recommend him to anyone. He is a super kind person. Enjoyed the camel ride and the tour guides made it entertaining also cost was decent. Pushkar Sarovar was a sight to see.

Manish was such a great guide with lots of knowledge, great and warm personality. Best we could wish. A great recommendation from our side.

The guide was a really kind and prepared guy. Very good english too. The ritual on the lake well explained was really soul fullfilling.

The tour was great. My tour guide was really knowledgeable, positive and helpful. I would highly recommend it!