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From Tulum: Sian Kaan Boat Trip Adventure with Lunch

1. From Tulum: Sian Kaan Boat Trip Adventure with Lunch

Punta Allen is a picturesque and perfect place to park yourself on a boat tour. Here explore the local lagoons and come face to face with the incredible wildlife of this region. You'll have the chance to see beautiful birds and maybe even the opportunity to see wild dolphins and sea turtles that live in these waters. On the tour, also stop at the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, where you can jump out of the boat and enjoy a pleasant snorkel adventure (subject to sea conditions). You'll be amazed at the colors of this very healthy coral reef and the varieties of fish are absolutely stunning. The reef system is home to more than 65 species of stony coral, 350 species of mollusk, and more than 500 species of fish. Then, head to the beach, where the picture-perfect sandbar awaits. Here enjoy a delicious Caribbean lunch of fresh fish and fruit before heading back out to explore a bit more. The biodiversity of the Yucatan Peninsula is essential and the aim is to share this passion with you and teach you how you can all work to keep this great natural land safe for future generations. It became a World Heritage Site in 1987 and you'll understand why.

Tour Sian Ka'an

2. Tour Sian Ka'an

Spend the day discovering Sian Ka'an on this trip from Cancún, Playa del Carmen, or Tulum. Marvel at the beauty of this UNESCO-listed nature reserve, and see the area's animals on a guided boat trip. Stop for lunch in Punta Allen, and discover Bird Island. Begin the tour early in the morning, and head toward Tulum in a van if you begin the tour in Cancún or Playa del Carmen. Once in Tulum, enter Sian Ka'an in a van and drive toward the dock to begin the real adventure by boat. Upon arrival at the boat, hop aboard and set off for a 3-hour tour of Sian Ka'an. Pass through narrow canals, and learn about the flora and fauna of the region from your guide. As you listen, keep an eye out for manatees, crocodiles, dolphins, and other wildlife. Make a stop at the fishing village of Punta Allen to savor a local lunch. After lunch, continue the boat tour and go birdwatching on Bird Island. Get up close to marine life by snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea before ending your tour and returning to your starting point.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Full-Day Discovery Tour

3. Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Full-Day Discovery Tour

Enjoy the beauty of nature as you explore the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve on this 10-hour excursion. Start with a ride on a small boat in the Campechen Lagoon. See mangroves, endemic birds and other area wildlife. After arriving in Punta Allen, enjoy a refreshment break and then board the boat again and head to the heart of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Be on the lookout for dolphins, turtles, starfish, cormorants, herons, pelicans and osprey in their natural habitat. Get ready for an amazing snorkeling experience that ends near the crystal-clear waters of La Piscina. Head back to Punta Allen for lunch and prepare for the return boat trip.

Exclusive Full Day Nature Expedition in Sian Ka'an

4. Exclusive Full Day Nature Expedition in Sian Ka'an

Join us on an expedition into the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site that is one of the most ecologically diverse areas that includes tropical forests, mangroves, wetlands, savannas, and coastal areas. We will explore this incredibly biodiverse region by boat, navigating the mangrove estuaries that were used by ancient Maya traders. Be on the lookout for monkeys, a wide variety of bird species, and an array of marine life, such as sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, and various tropical fish. From the village of Punta Allen, a lobster fishing community deep in the reserve, we will embark on a coral reef snorkeling trip, enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by locals, and have some time to relax and stroll through the town. If you want to experience nature at its best, then this expedition is for you!

From Tulum: Sian Ka’an Day Tour

5. From Tulum: Sian Ka’an Day Tour

The tour starts in the town of Punta Allen, which is located at the tip of a large sand dune, wedged between the Caribbean Sea and a series of lagoons, which we will enter with our boat, before heading towards Ascension Bay, where we get the opportunity to snorkel on the Mesoamerican barrier reef (permitting weather conditions), admiring various colorful coral and reef fish. We will stop at a scenic sandbar, also known as “the great natural pool”, where we can lounge in the warm ocean, relax and enjoy the beauties all around us. Almost every photo taken in this place will be Instagram perfect for your followers! When we are ready, we will return to Punta Allen, where a delicious lunch is waiting for us.

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we were divided into two smaller groups which gave a much better experience than larger groups... good time to spot and see the animals. beautiful beach and good lunch, nice with options to choose food. seems all in all the trip was well organized and above the standard for tourist trips. the only minus must be that the few boats that are out on the water, looking for the wild animals as well as us, it quickly becomes a "witch hunt" for the animals. fortunately there are few boats that sail around the reserve, but if it is one boat after another that is idling next to the dolphins or manatees, it must create a lot of stress for the animal. our guide, as well as the others on the other boats, of course just want to give their customers the good picture or video of a photographed animal up close, and there is little doubt that the boundaries of the animals could have been exceeded far worse than what I experienced there was still respectful of the animals, but idling next to them was too long with our noisy engine.

This is a superb day trip with a few caveats. Starting with the positives. The guides are fantastic and friendly, combining Spanish and English beautifully. There is a genuine passion and excitement for the nature and beauty they are presenting, which is infectious. The things you will see are genuinely breathtaking, bird island is incredible and needs to be seen to be believed. The dolphins and turtles are incredible to see so close, and we were lucky enough to see a manatee too. Snorkeling the reef was great too. They really pack a lot in. The food was surprisingly good at the end of the day, but the sandwich you get in the morning is very bad, white bread and American "cheese" with processed ham. The negatives. The drive there is like nothing I've ever experienced; a spine melting rollercoaster of bumps for a full 4 hours. Don't sit on the wheel like I did, it is hell. The filling meal you get at the end immediately precedes the 2 hour bumpy return ride. It's great in summary!

I was really looking forward to this tour and had a lot of fun. Our guide Macarena is simply great. She had such a positive charisma, was just really happy and spread exactly that mood. The process worked great and the communication was also flawless. We could see birds, turtle, dolphins and a shark. It was simply gigantic and one of my highlights. Unfortunately, the tour is still very expensive and I thought about it for a long time. I think you can get these for a little less elsewhere, but I don't think you can find anything much cheaper. You then have to think about who has to pay for all of it and in the end it was more than worth it. I was very happy!

Really fun tour with plenty of wildlife to see. Also the grilled fish lunch was delicious. I loved the boat tour and also the sandbar. Excellent informative guides who ensured you have an excellent experience. One of our tour guides who was Italian sorry can’t remember his name. Went above and beyond to ensure I felt safe while snorkeling.

Excellent trip. Great host and guide, knowledgeable, kind, caring, educational. Exceeded expectations.