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Expect a wealth of Roman architecture in an unspoiled natural setting in this coastal Croatian city.

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Pula: Arena Entrance Ticket

Pula: Arena Entrance Ticket

Visit the ancient amphitheater of Pula, where the inhabitants of the city once gathered to be entertained by gladiators and animal hunts. Beat the crowds and explore this magnificent ancient site with your pre-paid entrance ticket. See an amphitheater that has become the symbol of Pula one of the most popular and beautiful venues in Croatia for events, like concerts, festivals, and even recreation of gladiatorial tournaments in the summer months.  Get access to the permanent exhibition entitled "Istrian Olive and Viticulture in Antiquity" located in the underground area used by the gladiators during their tournaments.  See reproductions of tools and equipment for oil and wine production, such as mills, presses, and sedimentation tanks, as well as amphorae, which were used as packaging for oil and wine transportation.

Pula: Exclusive Dolphin & Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Drinks

Pula: Exclusive Dolphin & Sunset Cruise with Dinner & Drinks

Join our fully narrated 3 hour dolphin / sightseeing tour from Pula as we travel the scenic waterways of the beautiful Brijuni National Park to observe magnificent bottlenose dolphins feeding , playing or simply cruising in their natural habitat while learning about their social behavior , feeding habits and much more. Enjoy the stunning sunset from the comfort of the luxury ship Europa in the most famous National Park in Croatia. The adventure will be completed by dinner and drinks served by our friendly crew during the entire cruise. On this tour you will learn all about dolphins in their natural habitat from your guide. Also on this trip you will see all 14 islands of the Brijuni National Park and learn all about many sights from your guide. This unique cruise ends with a return to the port of Pula and a view of the famous Pula lighting giants. Our comfortable boat is certified for the transport of people , it is equipped with a terrace and covered sundeck , with stereo sound , two toilets , a lounge , a kitchen and a bar. Our Captain has been highly educated Captain in the nautical service for many years. He has experience of history and ecology in the pristine nature of Brijuni National Park and speaks more than five foreign languages.

Pula: National Park Brijuni Island Visit & Dolphin Cruise

Pula: National Park Brijuni Island Visit & Dolphin Cruise

Embark on a guided tour of the Brijuni National Park on this cruise from Pula. Sip on unlimited drinks along the way and delight your taste buds with a delectable lunch. Explore St. Jerolim Island at your own pace with free time to enjoy the beaches. Board a comfortable ship with a captain and a guide and head out to the islands of the Brijuni National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic Sea. Explore the park by boat, spotting wild animals like dolphins along the way, and swim at St. Jerolim Island. Cruise around all islands and listen as your guide shares facinating information about the islands and their famous owners. Enjoy a delicious lunch of traditional Mediterranean dishes with your choice of fish, beef, or vegetables. Stop at St. Jerolim Island (Sveti Jerolim), where you can stay for 2.5 hours. On the island, have the chance to stroll its scenic beaches, go for a refreshing swim, or explore the island itself. Take advantage of the unlimited drinks onboard the boat, like wine, mineral water, juice, and sodas. If you're lucky, your ship might be followed by playful dolphins that frequent these waters to feed on the large fish population. Return to Pula harbor with for wonderful nighttime views of the city and the iconic Pula Arena, a Roman Amphitheater.

Pula: Night-Time Sea Kayaking Tour in Transparent Kayak

Pula: Night-Time Sea Kayaking Tour in Transparent Kayak

Meet us at the Verudela resort area, on Histria beach, and be introduced to the theory and techniques of kayaking, and the rules of conduct on the tour. You will recognize us by the logo 'Metta Float Outdoor Adventures' on the white wooden hut. After the intro on the land, it's then time to set off on your nocturnal sea kayaking adventure. The transparent bottom of the kayak equipped with led lights will allow you to peak into the sleeping underwater world of the Adriatic sea. Kayak along the coast, where the sea depth is around 4-8 meters, so that you can watch everything that's happening on the sea floor. Imagine that you have a huge snorkelling mask but you don't have to get wet to observe what is going on under the sea. Experience transparent kayaking the way it's supposed to be. During the tour, catch a glimpse of various types of marine life. Your guide will also make sure that you have your once-in-a-lifetime memory immortalized as pictures and videos. Don't forget to look up at the starry sky and take in the heavens.

Fazana: Guided Dolphin Watching Sightseeing Cruise at Sunset

Fazana: Guided Dolphin Watching Sightseeing Cruise at Sunset

Explore magnificent clear waters of Brijuni national park and spend time observing dolphins playing and eating in the time around sunset. Make some incredible pictures of this beautiful marine mammals from the boat. You will enjoy your tour on nice comfortable tour boat for 50 persons. Trip starts from main pier in Fazana and takes you in the waters of Brijuni national park where captain searches for dolphins. When he finds them the boat slows down and you start the main part of this excursion. Probability of seeing dolphins is over 90 percent. You can make many great photos with dolphins and sun setting on the horizon. Tour lasts from 1h 30min to max 2 h, depending how far captain needs to sail to find dolphins.

Pula: Brijuni National Park Sunset, Dolphins & Dinner Cruise

Pula: Brijuni National Park Sunset, Dolphins & Dinner Cruise

Take to the water for a cruise on a traditional Croatian wooden boat from Pula. Enjoy dinner freshly prepared by a chef onboard as you search for dolphins and watch the sunset. Begin your cruise with panoramic sightseeing of port Pula, the main port of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Continue cruising into Brijuni Islands National Park to look for dolphins as the chef prepares a delicious dinner. Brijuni Islands National Park is home to 14 islands with white sandy beaches and lush vegetation. With a large fish population, dolphins can often be found hunting for a meal in the area. For dinner, choose between mackerel with salad, chicken breast with salad, or a vegetarian option. Unlimited mineral water, orange juice, and white wine are included during the cruise. Return to Pula harbor with a wonderful night view of the city and the iconic Pula Arena, a Roman Amphitheater.

Fazana: Brijuni National Park Scenic Boat Tour

Fazana: Brijuni National Park Scenic Boat Tour

Experience this beautiful boat trip in Brijuni national park archipelago and stop at Sveti Jerolim island. Before arriving on St. Jerolim island enjoy a panoramic ride looking at wild nature and historic landmarks of Brijuni on board of our ship Kristina where our crew will serve you complimentary cold drinks. Just 15 minutes by boat from Fazana we will reach Veliki Brijun, the biggest of all 14 islands. Here you can see vila Kastel which belonged to Austrian aristocrat Paul Kuppelwieser who bought the island in 1893. This island is home to many attractions such as Roman settlements and even has a safari park with some exotic animals. Next we see Mali Brijun island featuring Fort Minor, transformed into a summertime theatre. Later we see the famous fish-shaped island of Gaz. Then we see the islands of Galija and Titos island Vanga. We also pass Vila Brijunka and lighthouse Peneda overlooking the harbor of Pula. Lastly, we arrive at St. Jerolim. Staying on this island is optional and highly recommended. There you can stay and enjoy swimming in crystal clear water. There is always possibility to come back on starting point on main pier in Fazana at 4 PM and also options for coming back at 2 PM and 5.30 PM. depending on daily number of guests. Exact time for return should be agreed with tour guide and captain and depends on number of guests and starting time of your tour. The island is a real piece of paradise with waters full of fish and lots of peacocks running freely around the island. There is a nice restaurant on the island offering tasty food and cold drinks for reasonable prices. There is an entrance fee to the island that should be paid on the spot when you leave the boat. Island opens for visitors on June 1st this year when the sea should be warm enough for swimming. At the same time also restaurant opens. This year the entrance fee on the island is 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for kids.

Pula: Blue Cave Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour with Wetsuit

Pula: Blue Cave Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour with Wetsuit

Kayak and snorkel your way along the coast of Pula to explore the city’s impressive sea caves. Visit the Seagull’s Rocks, dive into a blue cave, and explore the world beneath the waves with snorkeling masks and underwater lights.  Soak up coastal views as you kayak to a sea cave off the coast of Pula. Explore the cave floor with snorkeling masks and underwater lights. Your guides will document your adventure with GoPro underwater cameras. Enjoy the support of experienced guides throughout the tour. At the end, feel free to relax with a cold drink of water or beer. Receive the link to your photos a few days after the tour (photos are not being separated).

From Pula: Venice Boat Trip with Day or One-Way Option

From Pula: Venice Boat Trip with Day or One-Way Option

Take an unforgettable sailing trip across the Adriatic Sea, and spend the day in Venice at your own pace on a full-day excursion from Pula. Choose between a one-way or roundtrip transfer between Pula and Venice. Upon arrival, experience the romantic and historic ambiance of a city, where 118 islands and 150 channels are connected by 400 bridges. During the Venice introduction, you will also be offered some optional products such as a gondola ride, taxi boat ride, lunch, and more. Board your boat in Pula and relax aboard the catamaran with a cup of coffee and freshly baked croissants as you set sail. Glide into the lagoon for an estimated arrival time in Venice. Then disappear down the back streets to encounter romantic bridges and hidden squares at your own pace. Marvel at the Byzantine monuments of the Piazza San Marco, or enjoy a truly authentic experience and explore the canals by gondola. Find a nice restaurant to sample the delicious food of Italy. Depart for Pula at the end of your day in Venice, and get a last look at the city built on the water as you head back towards Croatia. Arrive back in Pula, and continue with your evening at leisure.

Pula: National Park Brijuni Panoramic Boat Cruise & Swimming

Pula: National Park Brijuni Panoramic Boat Cruise & Swimming

Welcome to our adventure package - the perfect blend of Nature’s wonders and aquatic delights . This is the tour from Pula in which you have attractive swimming break, a panoramic tour of the Brijuni National Park, lunch, unlimited drinks, a guide on board and all of this included in the price of the trip. Cruise with modernly Ship EUROPA which is equipped with 2 toilets, 2 terraces, air-conditioned lounge ,modern kitchen and a bar , and at which you will be hosted by Ours Professional and Friendly crew and a Captain with many years of experience at the sea. From our luxury ship " Europa ", your group will see many sights of the Brijuni National Park, such as the island of Vanga from Tito , Small island Brijuni with the Minor fortress, Big island Brijuni. After comfortable transportation, your group will stop for a break from 2-2.5 hours for swimming on the magical place Fažana. Visit the magical place Fažana, which is located on the southwest coast of the Istrian peninsula with the most beautiful view of the famous Brijuni National Park.

Frequently asked questions about Pula

What are the best day trips and excursions from Pula?

The best day trips and excursions from Pula are:

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Insider Tips: Planning a trip to Pula

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What should I do on my first trip to Pula?

When traveling to Pula for the first time, you should definitely visit the impressive Arena of Pula. This remarkable Roman amphitheater was built in the 1st century and is the 6th largest Roman amphitheater in the world. Another highlight is the historic old town. While strolling through it, you'll be amazed by the city's rich history, which you can see at every turn. Here, you'll find Roman ruins, medieval buildings, and Baroque architecture that reflect the city's history from antiquity to the present day.

What are some hidden gems to see in Pula?

A hidden gem in Pula is the Zerostrasse, or the Air Raid Shelter Tunnel. This underground system was built during World War I and served as a shelter for the civilian population during air raids. The Zerostrasse extends beneath the historic center of Pula and was originally created for military purposes. Today, you can visit these impressive tunnels. The Pula Market Hall is also worth a visit. This Art Nouveau-style market hall offers local specialties and fresh produce. On the first floor, you'll find authentic restaurants to sample local dishes.

How much time should I spend in Pula?

One day is a good amount of time to explore the Old Town of Pula with its attractions like the Roman Amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus, and the Sergius Arch. However, if you're planning a beach vacation and excursions, you could stay for up to a week in Pula. You can enjoy time at the region's beaches and take trips to places like the Brijuni Islands, Kamenjak National Park, Rovinj, and Cape Kamenjak.

What food is Pula known for?

Pula is known for its seafood-rich cuisine, with many fishing ports in the vicinity. A classic is Istarska supa, a fish soup from the Istria region. Brudet, a hearty fish stew, is also a highlight. Pula's excellent olive oil, truffle dishes, ham, and cheese are must-tries too. In the old town of Pula, you can find the best selection of restaurants. The fish restaurants in the market hall are popular with locals at lunch time.

What is the best way to get around Pula?

In Pula, the best way to get around is on foot. The city is highly walkable, particularly in the center, where you can explore numerous attractions like the Roman Amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus, and the Arch of the Sergii. The historic core is a pedestrian-friendly zone, making it easy to stroll around and enjoy the city's charm. For those interested in visiting the city's beautiful beaches, you can conveniently reach many of them by bus. Pula has a well-connected public transportation system that allows you to access various coastal areas and enjoy the stunning Adriatic shores.

What are the best months to visit Pula?

The best months to visit Pula are June and July. June offers pleasant temperatures and ideal weather for exploring the city and swimming in the sea. In July, the hot weather is great for beach days but there are many events taking place too, such as the Pula Film Festival, the oldest film festival in Croatia.

What are the best neighborhoods to visit in Pula?

The city center of Pula is a must for every visitor. Here, the heart of the city beats, and you'll experience the fascinating blend of Roman history and modern life. Well-preserved ancient relics, such as the imposing Amphitheater and the Temple of Augustus, along with the charming narrow streets, create a breathtaking backdrop. However, you shouldn't miss the Verudela Peninsula, located a few kilometers outside the city center, offering a splendid coastal area. You'll find a relaxed atmosphere, dreamy beaches, and a variety of recreational activities here. Verudela is renowned for its top-notch resorts and holiday facilities, making it an ideal choice for a stay in Pula.

What are the best neighborhoods for shopping?

The city center of Pula, especially the area around the Arch of the Sergii and Flanatička Street leading towards the market hall, is a great place for shopping. Here, you'll find a variety of shops, local boutiques, and markets offering local products, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Especially Flanatička Street, heading towards the market hall, provides good shopping opportunities and a chance to discover regional specialties. The old town, on the other hand, is ideal for browsing in international boutiques and fashion stores.

What neighborhood should I stay in when I visit Pula?

A wonderful place to stay in Pula, especially if you plan to spend more than a night in the area, is the Verudela Peninsula. Here, you'll find stunning beaches, top-notch hotels and resorts, and a relaxed atmosphere. The best part is that the vibrant Old Town of Pula is just about 5 kilometers away and easily accessible by bus or taxi. This allows you to unwind on the beach during the day and savor the cultural and culinary offerings of the Old Town in the evening. Verudela also offers a variety of leisure activities and water sports.

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Brilliant value for money. This is very much a family run venture and they go out of their way to make sure you feel welcome, have everything that you need and have a great experience. The food was lovely, and the family running the tour were so attentive. In a world where experiences like this are often packed with tourists and just repeated en masse to make the fastest and quickest profit, this was such a refreshing change. We would absolutely recommend! Being English speaking only, communication was sometimes a bit of a challenge but we got by!

Captain and Crew did a great job. We followed a pair of dolphins for a while. Crew did not hunt the dolphins aggressively like some other boats, but with patience and respect. So they passed by close to the boat slowly without stress and this felt really majestic to watch this creatures so close. A great experience! We really enjoyed this trip!

We had an amazing time on the Kayak tour! Diego was very friendly and did an excellent job of explaining where we were going and took photos for everyone, he also gave us a restaurant recommendation that was really good. The cave was really cool, as was the cliff jumping and beach to stop at. Very much so recommend!

A great activity in Pula. Our guide Sule looked after the group very well and told us very interesting facts about the history of the area. Highlights were the impressive cave and cliff jumping from heights of 3, 5 and 9 meters. Thank you Sule for the great experience.

All in all, it was a great trip and the price was completely reasonable for what you get. Our guide Larissa was very nice and accommodating and explained everything. Our four-legged companion was given water straight away. We had a lot of fun!