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Puente Viejo

Puente Viejo: Our most recommended tours and activities

Ronda: Audio Guide Walking Tour with Puente Nuevo and Viejo

1. Ronda: Audio Guide Walking Tour with Puente Nuevo and Viejo

Discover the town that cured German poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s writer’s block. “I have searched everywhere for the ‘city of dreams,” he wrote, “and found it here, in Ronda”. Take in the same sights that inspired him on this walking tour from the Lady Goyesca Statue in the Alameda del Tajo garden, over the world-famous Puente Nuevo de Ronda to the old town and back. On the way, you’ll pass two breathtaking lookout points, the Mirador de Ronda and the Mirador de Aldehuela. As we leave the new town behind us and enter the old, you’ll visit Ronda’s former border at the top of Puerta de Almocábar, and quake in the boots of history’s soldiers as you imagine approaching armies. From there you’ll follow the old defensive wall to the Arab Baths and the Puente Viejo bridge, before making your way back over Puente Nuevo. The tour ends in front of Plaza de Toros, the Bullring of the Royal Cavalry of Ronda, which was the country’s very first. On this tour, you can also look forward to: • Hearing about Centro de Interpretación del Puente Nuevo, the museum housed inside the bridge that was once a prison, a hotel, and even a tapas bar • Listening to traditional Spanish guitar and learning where you can go to hear live concerts • Taking in the Mondrágon palace and hearing about the people who lived there • Standing on the oldest bridge in Ronda • Finding out about La Casa del Rey Moro’s room of secrets and the Moorish Kings’ hidden gold I’ll also provide answers to some intriguing questions like: • What did Blas infante, the father of Spanish nationalism, do in Ronda? • Why is one particular Italian priest famous around here? • Who built Puente Nuevo? • Did Queen Isabella really visit Ronda? • When did the Christian conquerors arrive? • How important is bullfighting in Andalucia? Join me on this 75-minute stroll around one of Spain’s most striking towns, or take as long as you like to enjoy the sweeping views of the El Tajo gorge. By the end of the tour, you’ll be as inspired as Rainer Maria Rilke himself! Music credit: This tour is accompanied by the mesmerizing guitar of Paco Seco, a professional musician who began playing Flamenco at the age of seven. Paco studied flamenco and classical guitar, jazz, world and electronic music, and ethnic percussion. He has composed music for theater and musical productions. A Ronda local, Paco holds regular concerts in the beautiful Casa de Juan Bosco, on the Tajo gorge.

From Costa del Sol: Private Ronda Tour

2. From Costa del Sol: Private Ronda Tour

Indulge in the romance and history of Ronda with our private tour, featuring convenient hotel pick-up. Known as the city of bandits and poets, Ronda has enchanted famous personalities with its beauty for generations. Immerse yourself in the allure of this charming city, exploring its Tauromachy museum, bullring, gorge and bridge, Arab streets, and more. - Bullring: Learn about its history, architecture, and its central role in Spanish bullfighting traditions. - Gorge and Bridge: Marvel at the breathtaking views of the El Tajo Gorge and Puente Nuevo. Capture the beauty of this natural wonder that has inspired artists and writers for centuries. - Arab Streets: Wander through the charming Arab streets of Ronda, where history comes alive in the narrow, winding alleys. Admire the architectural remnants of Ronda's Moorish past. - Romantic Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the romantic ambiance that has drawn poets and lovers to Ronda.

Ronda: In-App Audio Walking Tour via Smartphone App

3. Ronda: In-App Audio Walking Tour via Smartphone App

Explore the heart of Andalusia through an immersive in-app audio walking tour of Ronda, a city where history and imagination intertwine to create a rich tapestry of tales. Wander at your leisure, guided by captivating audio narratives that breathe life into the city's past. Start your journey at the Lady Goyesca statue nestled in the tranquil Alameda del Tajo garden. Traverse the awe-inspiring Puente Nuevo, meander through the old town, and culminate your exploration at the grand bullring, where Ronda's vibrant history converges with its dramatic landscape. Along the way, soak in panoramic vistas from Alameda Park, delve into the medieval maze of Casa del Rey Moro's water mine, and stand amidst the legendary Plaza de Toros, where bullfighting lore comes alive. Immerse yourself in the evocative echoes of Ronda's heritage — the resilient aura of its ancient walls and the timeless allure of its architectural wonders. Allow the city's narrative of dreams to infuse your stroll with enchantment as you traverse this living museum.

Ronda - Private Historic Walking Tour

4. Ronda - Private Historic Walking Tour

Set off at Almocabar gate, one of the main entries to the impressive walled city of Ronda during Moorish times. In the 13th century, it was through this gate that the Catholic Monarch entered Ronda during their triumphal march after the reconquest of the city. Almocabar gate, one of the most outstanding remains of the defensive fortress walls, is well preserved. You can walk along the walls and enjoy views of the San Francisco area from the viewpoints of the two towers. Next, you will walk by the Church of Saint Mary the Elder. The church was built on the remains of a 13-century mosque which was itself constructed on top of a Visigothic church built on top of a Roman altar. Thanks to its rich history as a legacy from different civilizations, this monumental construction bears characteristics of various architectural styles: Renaissance, Gothic, Moorish, and Roman. As we move on, you will stop by Arab Baths of Ronda, one of Ronda’s most important tourist attractions. It is the best conserved of its kind in Spain and a hidden treasure that used to have a sophisticated water system using a traditional Moorish waterwheel. Its interior echoes Arabic ideas of cosmology with the star-shaped skylights and air vents in the vaulted ceilings. The next destination is Old Bridge, the second oldest of the three bridges spanning El Tajo Gorge, carved into the mountains by the Guadalevín River and declared a Natural Monument of Andalucía in April 2019. This peculiar natural feature bisects Ronda into two parts: the Old City (La Ciudad) and Little Market (El Mercadillo). From up there, you can watch the Guadalevin River below and its spectacular surroundings. Leaving Old Bridge, you will go by New Bridge designed by the famous architect José Martin de Aldehuela. The iconic monument, completed in 1793 after 34 years of construction, is the newest, largest, and highest of the three bridges, located at the very top of the canyon, directly linking the two sections of the city. Visit another monumental construction designed by the same architecture as the New Bridge, Bullring of Ronda. This unique historical and artistic heritage opened in 1785. It can hold up to 5,000 spectators and boasts the largest bullring arena in Spain. What’s more, it is the home of the Rondeño style of bullfighting in which bullfighters hold the now-iconic red cape while facing the bull on foot. Outside the arena are statues of Antonio Ordonez, another significant figure of Ronda, and life-size fighting bulls. Finish your tour at Carrera Espinel Shopping Street, a shopping thoroughfare stretching approximately 1 kilometer through the town. It is not only the central hub for retail therapy if you are in the mood for shopping but also a historic and cultural legacy with layers of interesting legends around the homely name Calle La Bola. There is a lot to explore in the charming streets lined with an array of shops and boutiques!

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What a fantastic way to discover the town of Ronda! Great information and history. (Even the kids 12 and 14 enjoyed it.) I was a bit uncertain when I read some of the reviews saying the app and guide didnt work well because some of the route was closed but we had no issues at all and the tour worked perfectly from start to finish. Apparently, there was a storm a few weeks ago that created some damage and there was repair work going on in the area around the parador but all we had to do was pause the tour and make our way around to the next location and restart the tour. (Its in the tour instructions which means the audio guide creators are updating when needed.) All in all highly entertaining and recommended.

One of the way to see and explore at your own pace . I and my wife enjoyed it very much on our one day trip to Ronda . Would give platinum rating to this app and their developers 👍👍👍 Sanjeev

The app took us to the places worth seeing and told us everything we needed to know.

The best thing is the audios that you can do at your own pace

great way to see and explore this breathtaking city!