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Join exciting Adventure Expeditions to the wonderful world of Whales, Dolphins, and Marine Wildlife in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean! In mid-Atlantic and 3-5 hours away from the EU and US, the Azores Islands are a top green holidays destination and a unique place to observe Marine Wildlife – with 4 resident Cetacean species (including Sperm Whales) from total 28 than can be sighted in the year (a third of the world’s known species), we register a 98% chance of spotting Cetaceans in an average of 3 species per tour. TERRA AZUL is a Marine Eco-tour operator since 2001, specialized in Whale Watching and Marine Wildlife Tours, operating daily from the Marina of Vila Franca do Campo, in São Miguel Island - Azores Islands, in Portugal. Based on Scientific Education and Environmental Conservation, all tours are guided by a Marine Biologist or Naturalist Guide, where Data and Media are collected during outings to contribute towards the Azores Islands’ Wildlife Research & Conservation projects, and visitors are welcomed to participate. With deep rooting to the culture of the Azores Islands, TERRA AZUL applies the authentic Azorean techniques used for Whaling until 1984, now to the service of culture and education in leisure, and for an even better chance to see marine Wildlife.

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