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Patagonia Dreams, was born from the premise of being a receptive tourism agency, with an innovative idea for the market that existed until then. Our commitment was to make a strong investment in the area of technology, in order to be able to adapt to the new forms of purchase that exist today. The result was to become the suppliers of activities and transfers at the destination, the main online agencies in Argentina and America. Our mission is to provide a quality service, according to the natural wonder that surrounds us, guaranteeing as a brand the full satisfaction of every passenger who takes a service with us. this mission and the constant increase of the volume of passengers that we receive year after year. It took us in July 2017, to open a branch in the Local 11 of the arrivals hall of the airport, becoming only agency to have presence with own office in the airport and in the center of the city. Being leaders in the market of regular services, and with guaranteed departures all year, to all the activities offered, in a village that vibrates around the Glaciers, we transport more than 14000 annual passengers, towards the star of the national park like is the Perito Moreno Glacier.

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