Profitis Ilias, Rhodes: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rhodes: Cooking Lesson and Wine Tasting with Lunch

1. Rhodes: Cooking Lesson and Wine Tasting with Lunch

Make and sample traditional Greek dishes with a local cook, delight your palate with award-winning wine from the Rhodes region, and visit the women’s agricultural cooperative to learn about their work on this interactive cultural tour. Begin your tour in the unspoiled mountain village of Apollona, nestled on the foothills of Profitis Ilias. Stop for a quick tour of an agricultural co-op and learn how these proud, resourceful women run the enterprise. Hear about their decisions, and goals, and watch the production of a local delicacy. From there, on foot, you take a walk through the village and learn about what the locals grow and how they live. Next, head to a winery and learn about the various local grape varieties from your guide. Savor a glass of delectable wine and understand first-hand why Rhodes produces many award-winning wines. Enjoy a cooking class from a talented local cook in the village who will share her secrets in making traditional, famous Greek food. Try making tzatziki and eggplant salad. Learn how to make dishes including dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves), and Greek cheese pies. Finally, conclude your time in Apollona by feasting on the exceptional lunch that you and your fellow cooks have lovingly prepared. Then, visit a traditional Kafeneion and learn how to make traditional Greek coffee and sample it.

Kos: Full-Day Jeep Safari with Lunch

2. Kos: Full-Day Jeep Safari with Lunch

Our day begins from Kos city center and tourist areas heading towards the chapel of Profitis Ilias and mount Dikaios through unpaved mountain routes. Our 7 seated premium off-road vehicles driven by experienced driver-escorts will help you explore the true essence of Kos on a semi-private premium safari tour. Unpaved off-road routes, wild and dense vegetation, non-tourist places, unique panoramic views, photo stops and traditional local flavours are only some of the experiences you will gain during that incredible 5 - 6 hours premium safari tour. After picking you up from your hotel we follow an off-road route to the inland of Mount Dikaios. Following off-road explorations in the Mount Dikaios of Kos, we enjoy the best panoramic view of the island from above and we learn about local cultures and histories. We discover hidden chapels in the forest and we enjoy the most scenic views of the Aegean Sea and the islands of Nisiros, Kalimnos, Pserimos and Bodrum. Continuing our road trip to the peaks of mount Dikaios full of amazing sights and historical treasures, we reach a traditional local tavern in Zia village where traditional mousaka and salad and will be served for lunch. After our lunch stop our day continues to the Aliki wetland where you can take some great pictures and during autumn or spring enjoy the flamingos. Our day comes to an end driving back to our hotels full of memories, exciting adventures, breathtaking panoramic views of Kos from above and insight information about the island.

Rhodes: Self-Drive SUV Off-Roading Tour

3. Rhodes: Self-Drive SUV Off-Roading Tour

Experience culture, nature, fun, and food while driving yourself around Rhodes in a 4x4. Drive through beautiful scenery and quaint Greek villages. Pick up your car and drive to the heart of Rhodes, where your route will be explained before you head out into the mountains. Experience majestic views as you drive through Profitis Ilias, the greenest mountain on the island. Stop for a picnic lunch picnic or try a local taverna. Continue through Greek villages and head off road to the east coast of Rhodes so you can wash off the dust in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Rhodes:Guided Island Tour with Wine tasting experience

4. Rhodes:Guided Island Tour with Wine tasting experience

This guided tour is your ideal opportunity to explore the local life & discover the beauty of the island. The tour passes through traditional villages & magnificent beaches. Discover the endless beauty of Rhodes in the luxury of our air conditioned coach with the expertise of our professional guide. The first stop is the Castle of Kritinia, a Venetian Castle of 16th century on a hill about 131 meters above the village of Kritinia. It's a landscape of unspoiled beauty which offers a breath taking view of Aegean sea, the island of Halki and the islets of Strogyli, Makri, and Alimia. Due to its strategic location, which allowed complete monitoring of the sea and thus, the activities of pirates and other enemies, the site was chosen by the Knights of the order of St. John to build the castle. Today, only the shell of the castle still survives but above the entrance of it lie the coats of arms of two Grand Masters (Grand Master D'Amboise & Grand Master Origny) of the Medieval Era. We continued our tour in Embona’s village in one of the oldest Wineries in Rhodes island. The wines are produced by collecting grapes from the vineyards so you can choose from different kinds of wines, all of them made in Embona. In addition, visitors can taste liqueurs, ouzo, souma with honey, masticha and pomegranate, combined with nuts and fresh fruits, at the bar for free. Olive oil is also produced and you can find honey from local producers and of course all kinds of cosmetics - herbs with olive oil too. You will drive up to Profitis Ilias, a 1929 Italian hotel in the heart of a forest of pines, cedars, and oaks trees. It's a small summer resort (called Elafos and Elafina) created fresh and relaxing by the Italians in 1929, in the heart of a forest of Aleppo pines, cedars and cypress trees populated by deer, an ideal stop for photos or coffee break. Your next stop will be in Fountoukli, at the Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos, which was built in the 14th Century. What's important in this church is the triple composition of the frescoes in the apse. The lunch break of our tour follows after in Eleousa village, having 1 hour free time in a traditional taverna, inside the forest, where you are free to choose from a big variety of popular local dishes. Moving on Eleousa village, we are passing from Saint Nektarios church which is very famous because in front of the church stands an ancient, huge, famous plane tree, the trunk. Driving East, we arrive in Kallithea Springs, a majestic place known from the ancient times for the beneficial properties and of the waters gushing from the rocks around. Nowadays, completely restored and tastefully refurbished, the complex of Kallithea Springs welcomes hundreds of visitors daily. It is worth seeing the facilities, swimming into the clear blue water of its coves, enjoying refreshments at the coffee shop in front of the sea or visit the Photo Gallery with older photos of the island!

Rhodes: Profitis Ilias Guided Sunset Hike

5. Rhodes: Profitis Ilias Guided Sunset Hike

Join a guided family-friendly hiking trip up Mount Profitis Ilias and admire views of the Aegean Sea, the coastline of Turkey, and some of the nearby islands. Learn about the history of this unusual Greek tourist attraction before experiencing a breathtaking sunset. Start your trip with pickup in Rhodes or choose to meet your guide in the quaint village of Salakos, located on the foothills of Profitis Ilias. Then, begin the ascent up the mountain, walking among ilex, pine, and olive trees along the way. Once at the top, visit some Alpine-style buildings built by the Italian colonists in 1929 and 1932. Continue from the Elafos and Elafina hotels up to the former home of the Italian Governor of Rhodes, Villa de Vecchi, and then the Byzantine church of Profitis Elias. After a short snack and drink break, head back to Salakos, stopping on the way for the highlight of this hiking tour: the sunset. Enjoy a feast for the eyes as you take in the colors of the sea, trees, and sun, calmly setting on the horizon. Later, return to the starting point using headlamps, rounding off your day with a true adventure in the wilderness. If you chose the pickup option, you'll be driven back to your accommodation once you return to Salakos. Technical information: Distance: 5.5km /3.4m Hiking time: 2.5 hours Total time: 3.5 hours

Explore More in Rhodes North Route

6. Explore More in Rhodes North Route

Explore More in Rhodes North Route Explore more on the island of the Knights, Rhodes, on a semiprivate safari tour for up to 6 persons per vehicle. Discover the mountainous Northern non-tourist parts of Rhodes Island from West to East, far away from mass tourism and crowded places, through the natural beauty of the mountains whilst enjoying the best panoramic views. Starting our day tour with pickups from Rhodes center, we are heading towards the east side of the island and we are going to navigate on a mixture of on and off-road routes in the peaks of the mountains with panoramic views, wild life and stunning nature. After some photo stops our adventure day continues by following a German Italian war route with historical points of interest through villages like Archipoli, Eleousa, Profit Ilias, and Embonas. During the ride our experienced driver-escorts in each off-road vehicle provides you with lots of local history and information, stories and insights, as we pass through small villages, monasteries, and chapels. The hidden off-road paths through the dense vegetation give us the opportunity to marvel up close the natural beauty and enjoy the heartfelt hospitality and local knowledge of our escorts. Get ready for a day to remember at unique places where only a four-wheel vehicle can approach. Continuing our day tour from east to west Rhodes we reach a small traditional village where our lunch stop takes place. Fully refreshed we continue our tour, following an easy asphalt route back to your hotels. Our escort drivers with the help of the premium off -road vehicles of Uncharted Escapes will offer you the most exciting day in Rhodes, allowing you to take in the best panoramic views of Northern, East, and West Rhodes while enjoying the professional but relaxed service.

Santorini Private Custom Sightseeing Tour

7. Santorini Private Custom Sightseeing Tour

We will explore together special highlights such as the Red and Black Beach, the Monastery of Profitis Ilias, and the famous village of Oia, known for its iconic, blue-domed churches and magnificent sunsets. Make the most of the scenes before we move on to Megalochori village and sip wine from a family-owned winery that has 3 centuries of wine-making tradition. From here, we´ll learn about some of the other oldest vineyards of the Greek islands and explore together one of the world's most iconic places in a comfortable car. Itinerary: - Oia: A famous village known for its exclusive sunset views and blue-domed churches. A must see for anyone visiting the island (approx:1 h 15 m) - Megalochori: It´s a village to capture picture-perfect moments in this picturesque setting that's sure to steal your heart! (approx: 35 m) - Red Beach: Prepare to be amazed by the natural beauty of red beach, a unique volcanic scene with stunning reddish cliffs! It's the epitome of Greece's unique charm and a must see for every traveler! ( approx: 20 m) - Perissa Black Sand Beach: This beach is famous for its unique black sand. Here we will have the opportunity to stop for a well earned break should you wish (lunch is not Included in the price). (approx: 30 m) - Mt Profitis Ilias: This is the island's highest peak, the Prophet Elias monastery, at 565 meter. Be prepared to see the island with a panoramic view. (approx: 20 m) Let us know your preferences, and I'll customize this tour to create your best wishes here in Santorini!

Rhodes: 2-Day Sea Kayaking and Hiking Combo Activity

8. Rhodes: 2-Day Sea Kayaking and Hiking Combo Activity

Discover the breathtaking nature of the island of Rhodes with this combo package. Feel free to choose which activity you wish to do first. The activities do not have to be completed on consecutive days. Below is a suggested itinerary. Day 1: Sea Kayaking  Head to Kathara Beach, where your activity begins. From there, paddle around the island's secluded beaches and spectacular rock formations that contribute to the emerald green color of the waters around you. During this 5-hour activity, there will be multiple opportunities for swimming and snorkeling at Ladiko and Traounou Beach, followed by a delicious homemade picnic at Traounou Beach. On the return trip, take your time and enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings. Day 2: Hiking Travel inland towards the central-western area. After a picturesque drive, reach Salakos, a beautiful agricultural village, located on the foothills of the mountain Profitis Ilias, where you will discover the 3rd-highest mountain on the island. Ascend the mountain, following well-maintained trails that are suitable for beginners. Take refuge from the sun under the shade of the ilex, pine and olive trees that line most of the trail. During the uphill hike, enjoy magnificent views of the Aegean Sea, the coastline of Turkey and some nearby islands. At the peak, admire the famous Elafos and Elafina (male and female deer in Greek), former Italian hotels built by the Italian colonists almost 100 years ago. You will also visit the “Villa de Vecchi,” home of the former Italian Governor of Rhodes, and the Byzantine Church of Profitis Elias. Following a short break and a snack, begin your descent back to Salakos.

Rhodes: Hike Mountain Profitis Ilias from Salakos village

9. Rhodes: Hike Mountain Profitis Ilias from Salakos village

Discover the Profitis Ilias Mountain of Rhodes island with a guided hike to the top. As you climb, take in views of the Aegean Sea and surrounding islands. At the top, enjoy a picnic and explore the rare pine and cypress tree forest. Discover the buildings that were constructed during the Italian occupation, before starting the descent. Begin the hike in the village of Salakos, a quaint agricultural village, located on the foothills of Mount Profitis Ilias. The trail climbs gradually upward and is perfect for all levels of hikers, including children, as long as you have a basic level of physical fitness. Enjoy the climb, sheltered from the sun under the shade of Ilex, pine, and olive trees. Admire the surroundings, and take in views of the Aegean Sea, the coastline of Turkey, and some of the nearby islands. Once at the top, appreciate the calm of a quiet picnic area and the pine forest before approaching the two famous hotels named after one of the symbols of the island. Learn about the Italian occupation in this area, and admire the Alpine style of architecture of the two hotels. Visit the Villa de Vecchi, the home of the former Italian Governor of Rhodes, and the Byzantine church of Profitis Elias. After a short break and a snack, start the descent back to Salakos. Technical information: Distance: 5.5km /3.4m Hiking time: 2.5 hours Total time: 3.5 hours

Rhodes: Grand Circle Churches, Castle, & Beach Private Tour

10. Rhodes: Grand Circle Churches, Castle, & Beach Private Tour

Explore Rhodes on a private tour and explore local life and discover the beauty and history of the island. Visit traditional villages, see local beaches, and admire the historical architecture and churches in Rhodes. Enjoy the freedom of a private tour and see the highlights of Rhodes. Begin the day with pickup from your designated meeting point and start the journey toward the Castle of Kritinia, a sixteenth-century Venetian castle. Admire the landscape of unspoiled beauty and a breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea and Chalki Island. Continue the tour with a stop at the Embonas Wine Cellar, and enjoy a tasting of local products like Greek wines, olive oil, souma (grappa), olives, and honey. Drive to Profitis Ilias next, and enjoy a drive up the mountain to a 1929 Italian hotel in the heart of a beautiful forest of pines, cedars, and oak trees, an ideal stop for photos or coffee. Admire the atmosphere inside the hotel, reminiscent of the 1930s. Enjoy a stop at the Byzantine Church of Saint Nikolaos, Fountouklis, built in the fourteenth century, and see the enormous plane tree that grows on the grounds, before moving on to the next stop of Kalithea Springs, one of the main highlights of Rhodes. Use your free time here to relax on the beach or swim in the waters off the beach, enjoy a cold drink from the beachfront cafe, or visit the photo gallery of Rhodes Island.

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Steve is a skilful driver and a very entertaining guide. He had tons of cool stories to tell about the places we visited. The tour took us to some unique and beautiful spots that we certainly wouldn‘t have seen otherwise. The car was spotless and very comfortable. Unlike on other (boat) tours we took, the lunch at a tavern was delicious! We had a fun day and can highly recommend the experience. Thanks again Steve!

The tour was well arranged with a Dutch guide. This made the experience even more enjoyable! Our 3-year-old son was well taken into account, there was a car seat and we got a covered car because of the sun and dust. This also made the experience for our son fantastic.

This tour was great! Exactly as advertised and Maria was a fantastic guide. She even provided a restaurant recommendation near our BNB that was our favourite restaurant of our stay. Highly recommend!

We had a great tour which was well organised and fun. Lovely walk through the village from the bakery to thw wine tasting and then onto the restaurant for the cooking lesson and lunch.

It was a great tour and we saw a lot. We were picked up by minibus and were a small group. Thanks to Nina our tour guide.