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Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia: Our most recommended tours and activities

Porto Flavia: Mining Landscape Guided Tour with Entry Ticket

1. Porto Flavia: Mining Landscape Guided Tour with Entry Ticket

Embark on a breathtaking experience with this ticket and tour of Porto Flavia. Soak up stunning views of the deep blue Masua sea and the surrounding Pan di Zucchero sea stacks as you uncover the secrets of this port which hangs between heaven and earth. Meet your guide and begin a journey back in time at this genuine engineering masterpiece which improved miners' lives and reduced mineral transportation times and costs. To fathom the scope of the revolution this port represents, hear how minerals were once loaded by hand on small sailing vessels (bilancelle) and brought to Carloforte port, from which large vessels distributed them all over the world, but when Porto Flavia was opened in 1924, everything changed.  Learn how minerals were transported by a narrow-gauge railway built inside the sea stacks and then loaded from the coaches into large moo tons silos (a system of conveyor belts, built in a tunnel under the silos) and transported the minerals directly into the holds of ships moored under the cliffs.

Buggerru: Half-Day Dinghy Tour of the Sardinian South Coast

2. Buggerru: Half-Day Dinghy Tour of the Sardinian South Coast

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in the deep south of Sardinia, discovering the blue sea of Buggerru and the Mines Coast! With an 8 meter rubber-boat you will visit the hidden pearls of the south west coast of the island with the company of an expert skipper who will guide you and tell you about the area.  You will be able to access all the caves and coves that can be visited only by sea, such as Faraglioni, Arco de Baci, Grotta del Forno (Su Forru), Grotta Sardegna and the splendid and unique Pan di Zucchero islet. Much more is waiting for you, with the possibility of practicing snorkeling and bathing in crystal clear waters, for a short but intense tour that will make you fill up with fun and relax! Swim stops are generally 2, of about 10 minutes each; one near Cala Domestica and one near Pan di Zucchero.  However, the itinerary may be modified according to sea or wind conditions and the skipper's decisions.

Iglesias: Guided Walking Tour of Porto Flavia & Masua Beach

3. Iglesias: Guided Walking Tour of Porto Flavia & Masua Beach

Discover the dramatic coastline of an important former mining district, on this guided walking tour. Pass three idyllic coves at Masua beach, known for crystal clear waters and impressive rock formations. Visit Porto Flavia and explore the tunnels connecting the mines to the sea. Meet your guide by Masua beach and start your walk along the coastline. Admire old piers and mining buildings, built into the beaches’ steep rock faces. As you walk, learn about the history of mining in the Iglesias region from your guide. Continue along the coast to Porto Flavia, an impressive mining port built into the cliffs, so that ore could be loaded directly onto ships. Take a tour of the tunnels, which connect the mines to the sea, and gaze out at the uninterrupted views over the water from the balcony.

Porto Flavia and Caves of Is Zuddas Tour from Chia

4. Porto Flavia and Caves of Is Zuddas Tour from Chia

Get back to nature in the Sulcis region of southern Sardinia, and discover how a crew of miners worked in shifts to excavate the amazing Caves of Is Zuddas in record time. Located near the town of Santadi, the network of caves is a magical destination with a natural history that dates back more than 530 million years! Be amazed by the unspoiled nature of the Mediterranean. Then, go inside the caves to hear how drilling began 37 meters above sea level and continued to create reservoirs by making holes in the basalt rock. Learn how mechanical iron hatches were installed, along with an electric railway to carry ore to the waiting ships. Take an unforgettable journey through the history of Sardinia and the oldest rocks in Europe. Explore the traditions of the Sulcis and enjoy an optional meal at the best trattoria in the area. Benefit from the inside knowledge of your local guide, and hear interesting anecdotes such as how Porto Flavia got its name!

From Sant'Antioco: San Pietro Island or Masua Boat Tour

5. From Sant'Antioco: San Pietro Island or Masua Boat Tour

Departing from the marina of Sant'Antioco, in south-western Sardinia, you have the opportunity to live a daily experience on board a maxi dinghy to discover San Pietro island or Masua. Our experienced skipper will decide the best route according to the wind of the day, but in both cases you will not be disappointed! He will tell you stories and anecdotes of these fantastic places, where you can swim and snorkel, between clear waters and really unforgettable. You can get to know San Pietro island and its coves, between the old Tonara and the forts rich in many stories, and still stops for dives and baths from the dinghy, but also a stop on Giunco beach and an hour on the ground to discover the unmissable village of Carloforte, with its colorful streets and views of the sea. Or, if the wind is more favourable for the route to Masua, you can explore the seabed in front of the Rock of Pan di Zucchero, Porto Flavia, Grotta Sardegna and a stop on Cala Domestica beach. Finally, a delicious aperitif of typical Sardinian products will be served on board. During the excursion, refreshments based on typical Sardinian products will be served: cheeses, salami, Guttiau and Carasau (typical Sardinian bread types), and some products such as cherry tomatoes, artichokes, croutons, and olives, which may vary depending on the availability of the day; all accompanied by water, fresh non-alcoholic drinks, and local Vermentino wine. Unfortunately, it should be noted that there will be no options for intolerants. 2 Possible Routes The itinerary will be chosen according to the weather conditions of the day and the decisions of the skipper, with the aim of satisfying as much as possible the needs of passengers. Island of San Pietro - Isola Piana - Grotta del Pulpito - Grotta delle Oche - Cala Vinagra - Cala Fico - Grotta della Regina - Le Spine - Spiaggia La Caletta - Cala Luna - Punta Nera - Le Colonne - Spiaggia del Giunco: possibility to stay ashore on the beach and aperitif served on board - Carloforte: one hour free stop to visit the small town or Masua - Capo Altano (high coast of Portoscuso) - Marina di Gonnesa and Faraglioni di Nebida - Pan di Zucchero: passage in front of the caves - Porto Flavia - Masua beach - Grotta Sardegna - Grand Canal - Cala Domestica: possibility to stop ashore on the beach and aperitif served on board During the itinerary our skipper and expert guide will tell the history of the place, anecdotes and explanations. The itinerary may be modified according to weather conditions and skipper’s decisions: in case it will not be possible to sail to San Pietro island or Masua, the excursion will be carried out towards Sant'Antioco island. Boat details: - Maxi inflatable New Jolly Prince 29 - Length: 9 m - Twin-engined - Fresh water shower

Masua: 5 Faraglioni Path Hiking Tour with Aperitif

6. Masua: 5 Faraglioni Path Hiking Tour with Aperitif

A fascinating and wild path that develops along the coast of Nebida, a mining hamlet of Iglesias in the south west of Sardinia. Characterized by the presence of five sea stacks, it will immerse you not only in nature but also in the history of the island. One of these is the important and iconic Pan di Zucchero, recognized as a natural monument. The path that winds between coves and scenic spots, offers a range of strong contrasting colors, deriving from the Mediterranean scrub grown on a geological background among the oldest, dating back to 570 million years ago. The numerous remains of the extractive plants allow the guide who will accompany you to tell you the story of the mining archeology that fueled the local culture. Among the major points of interest visible along the way, Laveria Lamarmora and Porto Flavia stand out but they will not be the only ones to leave you speechless during this excursion! Itinerary The route, to be covered at a slow pace of about 4 hours of walking with short breaks if necessary, involves the passage on coastal areas sometimes exposed therefore not indicated on rainy days and to those suffering from vertigo. The difference in height develops throughout the hike with a continuous ups and downs that allows you to move from one cove to another allowing in the warmer periods opportunities for a quick bath during or at the end of the walk. Technical data for the trekking: Lenght of the tour: 11,3 km Difference in height: 380 m Difficulty: Hiking (E) Points of interest: - Rock Layers among the oldest in Europe: Puddinga, Schisti, Calcari, Sandstone - The mining village Laveria Carroccia, Laveria Lamarmora and Porto Flavia - The coastal Mediterranean scrub: mastic, cistus, euphorbia, olive, helichrysum - The coves of Portu Banda, Porto Ferro, Porto Corallo, Portu Cauli, Masua Beach and Bega Sa Canna Beach - The panorama of the Gulf of Leone Aperitif: There will be a small final aperitif with typical Sardinian products such as sausage, cheese and a glass of wine that may vary depending on the season

Cagliari: Porto Flavia Tour

7. Cagliari: Porto Flavia Tour

See how a special crew of miners expert in explosives and rock climbing was assembled. They worked in shifts, day and night, to complete the excavations in record time. Despite safety measures being practically ignored to speed up work, no casualties were reported in the building phase. Because the tunnel was without angles or trenches, the usual technique for dynamite drilling was impossible (the crew used those angles and trenches as shelter while blowing up charges just a few meters away). Instead, small cavities were excavated at regular distances to allow the workers to gain cover after igniting explosives. They are still visible in the guided tour.  The workers began drilling the upper gallery, 37 metres (121 feet) above sea level with dynamite and mechanical drills (many mines at the time mostly used pickaxes) until they reached the sea. They then hung from ropes and began drilling the lower tunnel from the cliff face, 16 metres (52 feet) above sea level, going the opposite direction under the upper gallery. This way, they could dump the removed rocks directly into the sea. Finally, the reservoirs were excavated by creating holes in the basaltic rock starting from the bottom of the cavities and going up. This again eased the removal of rubble, although this procedure was dangerous. Each storage reservoir was 4 to 8 metres (13 to 26 feet) in diameter and 20 metres (66 feet) high. Venting holes were opened on the side of the galleries. Mechanical iron hatches were installed along with the electric railway into the upper tunnel. The train brought the ore to the loading hatches of the reservoirs, while in the lower tunnel the unloading hatches fed the ore to the conveyor belt leading to the ships. The belt was covered with a steel casing to prevent the wind blowing away zinc oxide powder. It was extensible, and retracted after a load was delivered to the ship's hold. The main conveyor belt featured an innovative movable alignment system, designed to reduce the risk of the belt escaping the driving wheels under the pressure of the falling ore. The main belt dumped the ore on the slightly lower extensible conveyor belt, which could be protruded for 15 metres (49 feet) and channeled the ore powder into a vertical shaft going to the hold of a moored ship. Construction took only two years, ending in 1924, a remarkably short period of time for a work of that size. The ends of the tunnels facing the sea were adorned with concrete towers and decorative nameplates. They were not necessary to the operation, but were asked to be constructed by the owner of the company as a mark of prestige. Vecelli's daughter, Flavia, was born earlier in 1924 and the engineer obtained from the company to name the harbor after her.

From Portoscuso: private yacht tour in South Sardinia

8. From Portoscuso: private yacht tour in South Sardinia

Hop aboard a luxury yacht from Portoscuso in southwestern Sardinia to experience an exclusive day in complete relaxation. Depending on the day's weather and the group's preferences, the skipper will do his best to accommodate everyone's needs and choose the best itinerary to ensure the best experience. You will be able to discover the island of San Pietro and Carloforte, the Gulf of Lion with unmissable stops near Pan di Zucchero and Masua or the coast of Buggerru with a visit to the beautiful Cala Domestica, diving into crystal-clear waters with high depths in which to snorkel. Thanks to the tender, it will be possible to get closer to the coast and make stops directly on the beach. A typical Sardinian aperitif will be served on board. It will be possible to choose the itinerary according to the weather conditions of the day and the decisions of the skipper, with the aim of satisfying the needs of passengers as much as possible. The possible itinerary will be one of the following, with the possibility of making more stops for swimming and snorkeling, being able to get directly to the beach thanks to the tender: 1. San Pietro island - Carloforte: circumnavigation of the island, stopping at the most beautiful beaches, which can be Isola Piana, La Caletta, La Bobba, Girin, Punta Nera, Guidi, Cala Fico, La Conca 2. Golfo del Leone - Sugar Loaf - Masua - Nebida and Porto Flavia, with possible stops at: Porto Paglia, Sa Punta S'Arena, Plag'e Mesu, Funtanamare, Masua, Porto Flavia, Pan di Zucchero and Portu Banda 3. Gulf of Buggerru: possible stops at San Nicolò beach, Cala Domestica in Cala Lunga 4. Costa Verde: possible stops in Costa Verde, Portixeddu, Scivu and Cala Is Tramatzus 5. Gulf of Sant'Antioco: possible stops at Le Saline, Nido dei Passeri, Cala Lunga, Cala Tuffi, Cala Sapone, Capo Sperone and Maladroxia The aperitif served on board includes: a typical Sardinian platter made of cold cuts, cheeses, pickles, water, wine, soft drinks and coffee.

Sardinia: Iglesiente Mines, Nebida, and Masua Private Tour

9. Sardinia: Iglesiente Mines, Nebida, and Masua Private Tour

Combine the stunning natural landscape of southern Sardinia with the facinating local mining ruins on this historical walking tour. Dive into breath taking natural landscapes at Fontanamare beach, the Belvedere of Nebida viewpoint, and Masua beach. Meet your guide on the stunning sweeping stretch of golden sand that is Fontanamare beach. Head to the gallery “Umberto 1°” where the eduction of waters from the mine took place. Admire this work which started in 1880 and which connects the Monteponi Mine with the Fontanamare beach. View some mining buildings that represent the remains of a foundry, before continuing to the mining village of Nebida and the seaside Laveria La Marmora washing plant where lead and zinc cleaning occurred. Descend the steep slope to admire this space that is called the “colosseum of mining art.” Stroll up to the Belvedere of Nebida to view the five stacks that adorn the coastline. Observe the 113 meter peak of the granite Faraglione di Pan di Zucchero rock formation. Learn about the exceptional geological history of this territory. Make a short stop in the mining area to see the old structures from above. Visit the ancient pier at Masua beach where the racks were once loaded. Finally, go to the famous mining port of Porto Flavia where you have the option of buying gallery tickets.

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Our guide Tiziana was absolutely wonderful. Informative Intelligent Friendly Flexible. The personal touch when doing the mine tour was worth the extra dollars The other tour groups were being around in groups of 20 or 30. She dropped us at the bus stop at the end of the day snd messsged us to see if we had made it home ( as buses are rare in Iglesias) A highly recommended guide and tour