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Porte Cailhau, Bordeaux

Porte Cailhau, Bordeaux: Our most recommended tours and activities

Bordeaux: City Highlights & Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt Tour

1. Bordeaux: City Highlights & Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt Tour

Get to know Bordeaux at your own pace on this interactive scavenger hunt walking tour played on your phone. Decipher riddles, interact with the most important attractions of the city, and unlock interesting facts and legends. An ideal outdoor activity for first time visitors, couples, groups, families, and children. Can be used as a great team-building activity. After downloading the scavenger hunt tour on your mobile device, use the mobile app and integrated maps to reach 10 of Bordeaux's most important attractions on foot. At each stop, learn about the attraction and solve a location-based riddle that can only be solved if you reach the specific location. Use logic, imagination, observation, and team spirit to unlock the correct code and reveal the next destination of the city sightseeing game. At each stop, learn about the attraction and solve a location-based riddle that can only be solved if you reach the specific location. Use logic, imagination, observation, and team work to unlock the correct code and reveal the next destination of the tour. As you walk through the city, enjoy the flexibility to pause your game at any time to take a break, snap photos, stop for lunch, or visit a museum. Choose to continue the tour later or save the rest for another day. Your route includes the Bordeaux Cathedra, Porte Dijeaux, Notre Dame, and the Opera National de Bordeaux. Continue on to Place des Quinconces, Place de la Bourse and Place Camille Julian. Stop at Portes Cailhau and Bourgogne, and end with a stop at the mysterious Grosse Cloche.

Bordeaux: City Exploration Game and Tour

2. Bordeaux: City Exploration Game and Tour

Combine the excitement of a sightseeing city tour with an outdoor game fun on this self-guided smartphone walking tour in Bordeaux. Find attractions easily with the app's navigation function. Download the app and start the game by going to the first location. Use observation, logic, imagination, and teamwork to solve the riddle at each location, the riddles are always hard. Pause the app at any point if you want to take a break, stop for coffee, or spend some more time visiting one of the sights. Play the game at your own pace. Your route includes the Bordeaux Cathedra, Porte Dijeaux, Notre Dame, and the Opera National de Bordeaux. Continue on to Place des Quinconces, Place de la Bourse and Place Camille Julian. Stop at Portes Cailhau and Bourgogne, and end with a stop at the mysterious Grosse Cloche.

Bordeaux : The Digital Audio Guide

3. Bordeaux : The Digital Audio Guide

Experience the enchanting charm of Bordeaux like never before with the Bordeaux digital audio guide. Let the captivating beauty of Bordeaux's historic streets, world-class wineries, and rich cultural heritage unfold before you as you embark on a journey through this picturesque city. With the Bordeaux digital audio guide, you'll unlock the secrets and stories hidden within Bordeaux's cobblestone lanes and elegant boulevards. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this unesco-listed city, from its medieval architecture to its modern vibrancy. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a wine connoisseur, or simply an explorer at heart, the Bordeaux digital audio guide will be your trusted companion, providing insightful commentary, interactive maps, and exclusive documents to enhance your visit. Explore Bordeaux at your own pace, and don't miss out on any of the city's treasures. Join us in discovering Bordeaux's exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, and let the Bordeaux digital audio guide be your passport to an unforgettable journey. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other, and make your visit to Bordeaux truly exceptional.

Bordeaux: Free Walking City Tour

4. Bordeaux: Free Walking City Tour

Join us for a 2-hour walking tour of Bordeaux that is a must-book experience for all guests visiting this magnificent city. Our knowledgeable guide will lead you on a journey through the charming streets and historic landmarks, allowing you to discover the rich history and cultural heritage of Bordeaux. Reward your guide as you please with this tips-based walking tour in Bordeaux. Meet your guide at the Statue of Jacques Chaban Delmas, look for the red umbrella. From the impressive Cathedral Saint Andre to the iconic Place de la Bourse, and the stunning Grand Théâtre to the elegant Place Camille Julian, you'll see some of the city's most iconic sights. Climb to the top of the Tower Pey Berland for breathtaking views over the city, and explore the medieval Porte Cailhau. Stroll down the bustling Rue Saint Catherine and discover the charming beauty of Place Saint Projet. Immerse yourself in the history of the 12th-century Saint Pierre Church and learn about the Girondist political movement of the French Revolution at the Monument aux Girondins. This tour is not just a sightseeing experience, it's a journey through the heart and soul of Bordeaux. Book now and discover why this is a must-experience tour for anyone visiting this iconic city.

Bordeaux: Guided Walking Tour

5. Bordeaux: Guided Walking Tour

Explore the heart of Old Bordeaux on a private guided walking tour. Pass by popular attractions like the Bordeaux Cathedral, Pey Berland Tower, and more while learning about the history, culture, and lifestyle in a fun and entertaining way. Meet your guide in what is considered the city's main square, Place Pey-Berland. Jump right in as you marvel at the two imposing structures that flank this square, the Hôtel de Ville and the Cathédrale Saint-André, often simply referred to as Bordeaux Cathedral. Admire the intricate details of the cathedral's gothic structure and see the Tour Pey-Berland, a 15th-century bell tower that was built to provide the cathedral with a large bell without threatening the original building. Follow your guide as you walk through the cobbled streets of Bordeaux's historic center, stopping off at Place Saint-Projet to discover the history of the square and the famous Rue Sainte-Catherine. Your tour continues to the intriguing Place Camille Jullian, where you'll learn of a hidden secret that lies here. Next, it's on to the must-see Porte Cailhau, a structure that once served as the main gate to the city and boasts a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. Continue towards Place de la Bourse, passing through the famous Saint-Pierre district where the city’s first port once was. Learn about Bordeaux's secret slave trade and take a picture at the world's largest reflecting pool, the Miroir D’Eau. Finally, admire the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux before completing your tour with a visit to the Monuments aux Girondins.

Bordeaux: City Highlights Self-Guided Audio Tour

6. Bordeaux: City Highlights Self-Guided Audio Tour

Want to get to know the best of Bordeaux in 45 minutes? Then join me on this unique audio tour of its city centre where I’ll share my favourite parts of its rich and fascinating history. I’ll take you to some of the main sights like the Bordeaux Cathedral, with its beautiful Gothic architecture, and the famous neoclassical theatre, Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. But I’ll also show you some tucked away places that aren’t well known. You’ll hear about everything from disappearing monuments and almost-forgotten Roman temples to wild stories of medieval queens and bloody revolutionaries. Some of the landmarks you’ll see along the way include: • The Monument aux Girondins • The Grand Théatre de Bordeaux • The Bordeaux Cathedral • The Pey Berland Tower • The Cailhau Gate Bordeaux You think Bordeaux is good only for its wine? Let me show you otherwise! Whether it’s your first time in Bordeaux or you’ve been living here for years, this tour is a brilliant introduction to the historic centre.

Bordeaux: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour

7. Bordeaux: First Discovery Walk and Reading Walking Tour

Walk through a beautiful route of the city, discover hidden gems and visit 10+ of the most important attractions and spots. Learn some introductory information about each place and interesting stories about the city in general. Download the ‘World City Trail ‘app from the store and login. Read the instructions and head to the starting location. Unlock photos of the exterior and the interior of the location. Read some information regarding the attraction and continue walking to the next checkpoint. Note what you liked and did not like and create your bucket list for the next days! Start your walk any time, without a schedule. Pause it for lunch, have a drink, visit an attraction of your choice, and continue later or even another day. With the maps feature, you will never get lost. Start your tour at Bordeaux Cathedral, the largest church in Bordeaux! Visit the Porte Dijeaux, a gate that has stood there for centuries. Photograph the Presbytère de l'église Notre-Dame while learning about its history and admire the Opéra National de Bordeaux with its excellent acoustics. Afterwards, Pl. des Quinconces which is one of the largest city squares in Europe awaits you, don't forget to take pictures. The Place de la Bourse will leave you speechless with its beauty. Admire the little Pl. Camille Julian! Porte Cailhau is worth your time and phone memory space is the monumental gate built in 1495 with a castle-like exterior that was once the main gate of the city, while the Porte de Bourgogne reminds you where the gate used to be for entering Bordeaux from Paris. The icing on the cake of this unique tour will be the Grosse Cloche(where the tour ends) with its heavy history...

Bordeaux : Discovery Stroll and Reading Walking Tour

8. Bordeaux : Discovery Stroll and Reading Walking Tour

Welcome to Bordeaux, a city that truly embodies the essence of French elegance and charm. Nestled along the meandering Garonne River, Bordeaux's beauty is a work of art painted in various shades of history, culture, and stunning architecture. With its grand boulevards, the iconic Place de la Bourse mirroring itself in the water's reflection, and the world-renowned vineyards that produce some of the finest wines, Bordeaux is a destination that captivates the senses and captures the heart. As you meander through Bordeaux's enchanting streets, you'll discover a city that seamlessly blends the old and the new. The historic architecture stands proudly beside modern, stylish boutiques and cafes. The scent of freshly baked baguettes mingles with the aromas of fine wine, creating an enticing bouquet that wafts through the air. With the Bordeaux Reading Walking Tour, imagine strolling through the city, feeling the pages of history come alive as you visit its iconic landmarks. This autonomous journey allows you to delve deeper into Bordeaux's story, uncovering secrets and insights that most travelers miss. The Reading Walking Tour ensures you don't miss a single detail of Bordeaux's splendor. You'll read the city's history, taste its culture, and immerse yourself in its ambiance. Bordeaux is a city that captures the heart and leaves an indelible mark on your memory. So, come, explore, and allow the Bordeaux Reading Walking Tour to guide you through the captivating pages of this remarkable city. Experience Bordeaux like never before – where every corner tells a story and every moment is a memory in the making.

Exclusive Bordeaux: Night Tour ending with Food&Wine Tasting

9. Exclusive Bordeaux: Night Tour ending with Food&Wine Tasting

A must-visit for food lovers! If you join this tour, make sure to come prepared with an appetite! Walking in Bordeaux at night is such a magical experience! Let me take you on a beautiful journey where we discover the city at night while discovering its history and marveling at its known landmarks. This walking tour will take us to some of Bordeaux’s most amazing landmarks and streets. You will discover great historical facts, in addition to the best places where to eat or have a drink. After finishing our walking tour, we will pass by a very nice bar, where you get to enjoy a tasting of delicious French Charcuterie or mouthwatering Lebanese mezze board (your choice ;), of course, accompanied with a glass of Bordeaux Wine! You will enjoy a great tasting experience of products that fit well together. Here is a detailed itinerary of the tour: - Saint Catherine Street : Bordeaux's commercial street and longest pedestrian street of Europe - Place de la bourse : Check out and marvel at the beauty of this square at night and its connection to Paris's Place de la Concorde -Water mirror : Take amazing pictures with the magnificent reflection and get to know the story behind this water mirror. - Porte Cailhau : Go back in time to when Bordeaux was a fortified city. Discover one of the main gates that still stands 300 years later and its connection to the Cammino Di Santiago - Place de la Victoire : The synonym of vibrant Bordeaux nightlife. Discover this lively square and the story behind its column and turtles. - End of the tour: Pass by a very nice bar where we can relax and have a board of french charcuterie or lebanese mezze with Bordeaux wine glass - A perfect way to end this tour

The essential in Bordeaux, private tour with a local

10. The essential in Bordeaux, private tour with a local

Come and discover Bordeaux, one beautiful city in France, famous for its wine, its architecture and its exceptionnal gastronomy. On its tour, you will explore the most important monuments, such as the opera, the cathedrale Saint andre and differents places like place de la Bourse, while listening the important stories that have built the city up to the present today. Your passionate guide about her region, create this tour to introduce you the art of living in Bordeaux. Moreover to discover the city, you will receive some recommandations for savouring the local gastronomy, the wine bar, cheese shop, restaurants and more.

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We loved our guide Ilias! He was thorough and knowledgeable. He was also patient as we walked thru the city. His sharing made as well as kindness to walk us back to where we knew our bearings was greatly appreciated. We would definitely rebook with him.

A good moment of relaxation. What is enjoyable is above all doing the activity at our own pace, without constraints. Good culture/play balance. Very good value for money.

Great leadership from Ilias. Thank you very much, very entertaining, entertaining and recommended!

Fantastic way to explore a city at your own leisure and pace, would definitely recommend

Very good, we visited the most notable tourist attractions