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Porta del Paradiso

Porta del Paradiso: Our most recommended tours and activities

Florence: Dan Brown's Inferno 2-Hour Walking Tour

1. Florence: Dan Brown's Inferno 2-Hour Walking Tour

On this 2-hour guided walking tour you’ll follow in the footsteps of Robert Langdon, the main protagonist in Inferno, Dan Brown’s latest best-selling novel. Set on the streets and in the districts of Florence, this is an authentic and original program that takes you to locations that are intimately associated with the book. Your guide will reveal the secrets of the Inferno by telling you about the mysteries of Dante, the Florence Cathedral, the Gates of Paradise, the undiscovered sites of Pallazzo della Signoria and other monuments on the route through Florence. The story will unfold as your guide takes you to the medieval squares and along the streets of this atmospheric Renaissance city.

Florence: Accademia, Brunelleschi's Dome, and Cathedral Tour

2. Florence: Accademia, Brunelleschi's Dome, and Cathedral Tour

Experience the best of Florence on a tour of the Accademia Gallery, the famous Duomo Cathedral, and climb Brunelleschi's dome. Choose between a small group tour or a private tour tailored to your needs. Head in faster to the Accademia Gallery with pre-reserved tickets from a separate lane. Discover the story of Michelangelo's David and its creator. Learn about the legacy of the ruling Medici family and how this collection was gifted to the people of Florence. See the impressive masterpiece, standing at over 17 feet tall and depicting the biblical hero David, poised and ready to take on the giant Goliath. Enter the stunning Cathedral from a separate entrance for small groups and marvel at the breathtaking art and architecture. Learn about the history and significance of this iconic landmark, and uncover its secrets and hidden gems alongside an expert guide. Climb Brunelleschi’s Dome with pre-reserved timed tickets. Have priority access to climb the 463 steps of this famous Cupola. Admire the grandiose arched structure above you, which was constructed without scaffolding. Once inside, you can also take in the wonderful frescoes of The Last Judgment by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari, still among the largest fresco paintings in the world! At the top of the Dome, enjoy breathtaking views of Tuscany and Florence as you soak up the best experience in the city. With the Brunelleschi Pass, you can also visit the Museum and the Baptistery of the Duomo after your tour has ended.

Florence: Baptistery, Duomo Museum, Cathedral, & Bell Tower

3. Florence: Baptistery, Duomo Museum, Cathedral, & Bell Tower

Visit Florence's religious center on a guided tour inside the Baptistery, Cathedral (Duomo), and the Opera del Duomo Museum. Enjoy a comprehensive guided visit to the interior of Florence Cathedral, one of the largest and most important churches in the world. Construction began in 1296 and ended only in 1436, with the creation of the magnificent dome by Filippo Brunelleschi.  See the Baptistery, one of the oldest buildings in Florence, built in the Florentine Romanesque style. Then visit the Opera del Duomo Museum, a site that collects original masterpieces from the Duomo Complex. Among the most important works on display are the original Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti, and Michelangelo's Pietà Bandini. The museum also houses one of the largest collections of Donatello's work in the world. Finally, climb the three-storied Giotto's Belltower and admire the city skyline dominated by Brunelleschi's immense dome. (Climbing of Giotto's belltower is reserved at 12:45pm for participants to our morning tour and at 6:00pm for participants to our afternoon tour).

Florence: David at the Accademia & Duomo Climb Early Access

4. Florence: David at the Accademia & Duomo Climb Early Access

Skip-the-line access to two of Florence’s most iconic sites. With an expert local guide, see some of the greatest art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance and get a deeper context that will help you more fully appreciate each aspect. Visit Michelangelo’s David before the crowds show up, enjoy exclusive access to the famed Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral's terraces, and climb that incomparable dome, all without waiting in line. Begin close to the Accademia Gallery in central Florence, where you’ll meet your guide. Breezing past the long line, you’ll head straight inside. Marvel at Michelangelo’s statue of David as well as his unfinished “Slaves” sculptures, each of which grants you incredible insight into the mind of a master. After leaving the museum, stop at Piazza del Duomo outside the Baptistery and check out the incredible bronze-cast doors by Lorenzo Ghiberti, coined the "Gates of Paradise" by Michelangelo. Continue on to the jewel of Florence, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, with a special skip-the-line entrance. Once inside, your guide will unveil some of the secrets behind the architecture before leading you up to the terraces, an exclusive space rarely visited by the general public. Finally, once the guided tour concludes on the terrace level, you’re welcome to continue your journey up to the top of Florence by climbing to the top of the dome. Starting from this level gives you a head start past the long lines down below, so you’ll be soaking up spectacular views of the city.

Florence: Walking Tour with Skip-the-Line Accademia Gallery

5. Florence: Walking Tour with Skip-the-Line Accademia Gallery

Discover Florence’s historic center on a walking tour including the imposing Duomo, elegant Uffizi Square, the renowned leather market, and the Accademia Gallery with Michelangelo’s David. Stroll along the streets lined with the architecture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, admire the city in its continued glory, and discover its hidden gems. Begin with a walking tour and learn about the fascinating history of Florence as you visit the heart of the Renaissance Civic and Political Center, famous for its ancient statues and glorious fountains. With your guide leading the way, visit all of Florence's top sights, including the iconic sculptures at Piazza Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Uffizi Courtyard. Walk towards the astounding Florence Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, from where Brunelleschi’s dome dominates the skyline of Florence and never ceases to impress. Gaze at the Baptistry Doors by Ghiberti, coined the “Gates of Paradise” by Michelangelo, and get an up-close view of the Duomo, where your guide will tell you interesting facts about the building. Benefit from skip-the-line access to the Accademia Gallery where you will have the unique opportunity to see Michelangelo’s statue of the Slaves and his magnificent 17-foot marble masterpiece, the David.

Experience Florence by Foot - Guided Tour

6. Experience Florence by Foot - Guided Tour

Florence is a city of delights, and walking its streets is the best way to get a sense of its pleasures. Of course our guides will take you to the most important sites around town, but they'll also share with you the intrigue, gossip and historical anectodes this city has lurking under its surface! Florentines have a long history of greatness. From Michelangelo to Da Vinci, these streets have played home to some of the most influential thinkers and creators of the modern world. We will explore the historical and architectural evolutions from Roman times through the medieval centuries and into the Renaissance, when Florence really blossomed into what it is today. People often consider this the very birthplace of the Renaissance, and we feel that you'll soon understand why. The romance and intrigue of its streets are enough to make any person jump up and grab a paint brush! As we walk through the center of this UNESCO Heritage Cities, we will stop for a surprise "tasting" to learn about the culinary and wine aspects of Florence's rich culinary traditions. We will also see the Piazza della Signoria, with the town hall Palazzo Vecchio, with its massive, Romanesque, crenellated fortress-palace. It is among the most impressive town halls of Tuscany! We stop by the famed Duomo, the Baptistry and "Gates of Paradise", as well as the picture postcard perfect Pontevecchio. This icon of our city will amaze you with its grandeur and beauty! Make sure to stop and have a gelato at one of the incredible shops lining the streets! There are plenty of other treasures to explore along our way, and our guides will make sure to point out each one and explain its importance and history to you. Finally, we will arrive at the famous shopping streets of the Oltrarno, which is a part of the historic center of Florence, and is known for its exquisite hand-made crafts. We depart ways here, and hope that you've discovered what makes our city something really special. Ciao!

Florence: Guided Walking Tour in the Footsteps of the Medici

7. Florence: Guided Walking Tour in the Footsteps of the Medici

Experience the Delight of a Stroll Through Florence's Splendor and Timeless Heritage! Embark on a delightful walking tour of Florence, the enchanting UNESCO World Heritage city that brims with history and allure. Our expert and engaging tour guide will introduce you to the city's remarkable secular legacy and its breathtaking beauty. Our tour will unravel the layers of history and architecture that have shaped Florence, from its Roman origins through the medieval era, the golden age of the Renaissance, right up to the vibrant Florence of today. Gain insight into the Medici family, the revered masters of Florence, who rose to global prominence during the 14th and 15th centuries. The Medicis emerged during a time of profound social and economic disparity, revolutionizing the status quo with their innovative banking practices that facilitated the rise of a burgeoning middle class and immense wealth. With their unprecedented power and resources, the Medici clan challenged conventional norms, ushering in a revolutionary era of art and science - the Renaissance - that left an indelible mark on human history. Our knowledgeable guide will lead you to iconic locations where great minds and artists once stood, drawing inspiration. Along the way, you'll witness landmarks such as Piazza della Signoria with its majestic Palazzo Vecchio, the awe-inspiring Duomo, the Baptistery featuring the 'Gates of Paradise,' Giotto's elegant bell tower, Brunelleschi's iconic Dome, Santa Trinita, and the Orsanmichele Church. You'll also stroll across the legendary Pontevecchio Bridge and catch a glimpse of the hidden Vasari Corridor, as well as explore famous shopping streets and the Oltrarno district, renowned for its artisanal craftsmanship. As an added treat, we'll pause for a surprise 'tasting' – a delectable break during your delightful stroll through this captivating city.

Florence: Bell Tower, Baptistery & Duomo Museum Tour

8. Florence: Bell Tower, Baptistery & Duomo Museum Tour

Discover stunning views of Florence with a guided tour of Giotto’s Bell Tower. See where many famous figures were baptized at the The Baptistery of St. John, and admire artwork by Renaissance masters at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo. This tour begins at Giotto’s amazing Bell Tower, which is almost as tall as the Dome itself. At the top of the Campanile, your tour guide will tell you about the Opera del Duomo complex. Admire the unbelievable view from the top. Next, descend the tower and explore the Cathedral's beautiful exterior. Make a stop at the Baptistery to see its famous golden vault doors and hear the story behind them. This is where Dante Alighieri, one of the most famous Renaissance poets, and many more Renaissance men were baptized. Then head to the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo to see the original masterpieces that once stood in the cathedral. Inside the museum are Michelangelo's Pietà Bandini, the Cantories of Donatello, Luca della Robbia, and the so-called "Facciatone", which is Arnolfo’s 14th-century life-size facade. See the original Ghiberti's Paradise Gate, Donatello's Magdalene, and the original decorations of Giotto's. 

Florence: Heart of Florence Guided Walking Tour

9. Florence: Heart of Florence Guided Walking Tour

Check out some of the most iconic sights in Florence on a guided walking tour that explores the heart of the city and visits many of its top attractions. Learn all about the history of Florence as you see the most famous artwork and architecture it has to offer. Begin in the ancient Medici Family District. Admire the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the family's first residence in the San Lorenzo District, where you can also find their church and mausoleum chapels. A few steps away are some of Florence's most famous monuments: the cathedral with its incredible dome by Brunelleschi, the Baptistery of San Giovanni with the Gates of Paradise, and the Giotto bell tower, the loveliest in all of Italy. The walk continues along lively Via Calzaioli. See the imposing Orsanmichele Church, a masterpiece of Florentine gothic art before reaching the bustling Mercato della Paglia (straw market). Don’t forget to rub the nose of the famous pig and toss a coin into the fountain to bring you good luck. Continuing on, admire the picturesque Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence. Finally, arrive at the Piazza Signoria, the political center of the city. In this true 'outdoor museum', see the beautiful Fountain of Neptune with the marvelous marble statue by Ammannati. There are also the sculptural masterpieces of the Loggia dei Lanzi, including Cellini’s Perseus and Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabines. Dominating all of this is the majestic Palazzo Vecchio and the Arnolfo Tower, one of the most emblematic symbols of Florence.

Florence Duomo 2-Hour Monumental Tour

10. Florence Duomo 2-Hour Monumental Tour

Join a comprehensive Florence Opera Duomo tour, perfect for those who want to know the history of the cathedral, Brunelleschi Dome, and other iconic sights of the complex. Discover why Florence is known for its unique Renaissance art and architecture. Enjoy included entry tickets with your tour. Your experience starts with meeting your guide at the Cathedral of Florence. Then, begin a guided tour to the baptistery and the Museum of Opera del Duomo, with the original Door of Paradise, Magdalene by Donatello, and Pietà by Michelangelo. Venture inside the cathedral and find the Santa Reparata Crypt. At the end of the tour, your guide will accompany you to the Porta della Mandorla, from where you can independently climb the Brunelleschi Dome (optional). At The dome, see the landscape of Florence and the surrounding countryside. From the inside of the dome, admire the Renaissance frescoes of Giorgio Vasari's Last Judgment, inspired by Michelangelo's work.

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We had an excellent tour with Lucia (sorry if I am misspelling her name) with a Florence Pass. She was super knowledgeable and friendly and was very patient with my dad’s many questions. The Duomo Museum pass is good for 48 hours, so you can come back! Also, at the start of the tour, they asked if we wanted to climb the bell tower ( included in the price), and if not, would refund those folks 10 Euros, so it’s an honest company. Highly recommend!

Was a great experience. Our guide Constanza enthusiastically told us all the interesting insights behind the beautiful architecture and art and in general we were well received. Definitely recommend this tour

Martina was our guide! Fun, knowledgeable, and friendly! We learned so much, that we felt we had a behind-the-scenes tour!

Small group of just 2 and a fun and knowledgeable guide. Great intro to Florence.

This was a good tour but be prepared to wait in some long lines.