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POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews: Our most recommended tours and activities

Warsaw: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Ticket

1. Warsaw: POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Ticket

Learn about the centuries of Jewish history in Poland, from when the first communites settled in the country, right up until the present day. Explore 8 different galleries that will educate in an interactive way through visual and audio materials, as well as artifacts and paintings. Discover more about the most significant moments of Jewish history in the country. This includes the birth of the communities, the role of individual Jewish figures throughout Polish society, and how the Holocaust drastically impacted the Jews of Poland. See also how is their culture being revived after the Second World War.

Warsaw: 3-Hour Panoramic City Bus Tour with Pickup

2. Warsaw: 3-Hour Panoramic City Bus Tour with Pickup

Take a 3-hour comprehensive tour of the main highlights of Warsaw on a comfortable air-conditioned bus with a group of 15 participants at most. Learn about the somber and troubled history of the city by visiting some of the remaining sites and monuments to the uprisings and tragedies that took place in Warsaw during WWII. Your knowledgeable guide will also point out some iconic architectural wonders along the way.   Start your trip in the Royal Garden Lazienki, full of monuments that survived the war. The next stop will be the Monument to Warsaw Ghetto Heroes, which commemorates the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising during WWII. Continue on to Umschlagplatz, one of the most heartbreaking places in Warsaw: on this square, Nazis loaded Jewish people into carriages and transported them to Treblinka concentration camp.   Visit Warsaw’s Old Town, where the Royal Castle is located—destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, the castle was rebuilt in 1984 and remains today one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. In the Old Town you’ll also drive by the Archcathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, one of the most important churches in Warsaw. The building was created in a specific Masovian Gothic style and went through the same destruction and rebuilding as the Royal Castle.     Next, take a stroll through the Old Town with your guide—take in the magical atmosphere of the old town and explore Barbicam, a defensive wall made in the Gothic style with handmade red bricks. Finish off this historical tour with a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Monument, the most expressive and symbolic monument in Warsaw. Here, you can take a moment to process all that you’ve seen during the day.

Warsaw: "Around Us a Sea of Fire" Exhibition Ticket

3. Warsaw: "Around Us a Sea of Fire" Exhibition Ticket

Learn about Warsaw's WWII history with this ticket to the temporary exhibition "Around Us a Sea of Fire" at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews which was organized in cooperation with the Holocaust Research Center to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Experience the moving stories of the remaining inhabitants of the ghetto, the approximately 50,000 civilian Jewish people that spent many weeks hiding in shelters and bunkers. Against the despair, loneliness, starvation, thirst and fear, they fought for each and every day, hour, and minute.  Reflect on their quiet resistance, which was just as important as the resistance of those with guns in their hands. Find out how they hid underground and thus refused to comply to German orders. Explore the story of the "invisible" ones that is retold in this exhibition. See what daily life in a bunker was like and hear about the conditions in the shelters and hideouts. Learn about the people who shared them and how they coped with their daily routines and basic physiological needs. Visit a recreation of the physical reality of being confined to a bunker: the darkness, the heat coming from burning buildings, the deficit of space and air, and the sounds that were often the only way to find out what was happening on the ground level. Immerse yourself in the relations developing between the people who hid together, on their feelings and emotions. Dive into the conflict created by these conditions, the fear, panic attacks, lack of hope, and the feeling of being abandoned, of the world’s indifference, and of a life forsaken.  Experience the craving for love and intimacy, the urge to act and take responsibility for others, the lust for life, the will to save oneself and one’s nearest and dearest, and opposing evil thorugh the building of a community whose members supported and protected.  The exhibition is devoted to a time in history and to the events that took place, and yet it will touches upon the dilemmas, attitudes and feelings. It poses questions that remain vital in today’s world. Like, how do we behave in the face of death? Where is the line between struggling to survive and surrendering? Ask questions like, what do people feel when they are excluded from society and experience indifference or disdain? Many people in the ghetto described themselves as "drowning," devoid of any hope for a rescue.  Take a deep dive into questions that still resonate today, like how do we oppose evil, how do we combat it, what is indifference and where does it lead us, and do we feel ashamed when we witness the suffering of others?

Warsaw: Guided Bike Tour

4. Warsaw: Guided Bike Tour

Discover the different sides of Warsaw as you pedal around the city with your knowledgeable guide. Admire the iconic sights and buildings in both the city and center and the UNESCO listed Old Town area. Ride along the Royal Route, a beautiful venue with many important buildings from both historical and architectural standpoints including Warsaw University and the Holy Cross Church, where Frederic Chopin's heart is interred. Continue your ride and head to Warsaw's UNESCO Site - The Old Town. It's the only example of such type of post war reconstruction in the world. Learn about the most iconic landmarks such as the Royal Castle, St. John`s Cathedral, Market Square and more about the area’s history spanning over 700 years.  See the most important monument dedicated to Ghetto Uprising of 1943. Right next to it you will see one of the city's iconic contemporary buildings, The Museum of the History of Polish Jews. Next, pedal towards the Vistula River to discover the city's natural treasure. Experience the vibrance of promenade, a favourite place of locals full of cafes, bars and sport activities. Head back to the other side of the river to see how a pre-war and ruined power plant that was transformed into a trendy multi-purpose hub full of restaurants, public squares, designer boutiques, and outdoor activities.

Skip-the-Line Polin Museum Warsaw Jewish History Tour

5. Skip-the-Line Polin Museum Warsaw Jewish History Tour

The Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews is one of the most important museums in Warsaw. On this private tour of this modern cultural institution you will get a detailed review of the over 1000 years long history of Jewish people in Poland. Follow the story of Polish Jews from the Middle Ages, through World War II, to present day. Experience living history. Book a 2-hour private tour of the Polin Museum. With skip-the-line tickets you will avoid long lines to this leading museum of Jewish history. Your Private Guide will provide interesting and informative commentary in your native language as you explore the excellent exhibitions on Jewish life in Poland throughout the centuries. The museum tells the story of the first Jewish settlements in Poland, which soon became the center of Jewish culture in Europe. The Polin Museum is also one of the best places to learn about World War II and the 3,000,000 Polish Jews murdered in the Holocaust. Together with your Expert-Guide you will discover new gruesome facts about the German-occupation of Poland, daily life in the Warsaw Ghetto and the uprising, Nazi concentration camps, rescue operations, and more. Book a 4-hour private tour to visit the Polin Museum and explore the area of the former Warsaw Ghetto. This extended tour offers a deeper insight into the turbulent history of the largest Jewish ghetto in Europe, from its establishment by Nazi forces in German-occupied Poland, to its liquidation. You will see memorial sites such as the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, the headquarters ""bunker"" of a Jewish resistance group at Ulica Miła 18, and the Umschlagplatz Monument, which marks the departure point for Jews transported to Treblinka. Hear the true story of the Warsaw Ghetto!

Warsaw Uprising Museum and POLIN Museum Tour

6. Warsaw Uprising Museum and POLIN Museum Tour

This small-group tour is dedicated to those who want to discover Warsaw in the intimacy of a small group. It means that you can share transport and attractions while touring with others, using a vehicle with a maximum of 8 passengers. With its magnificent historical tenements, state-of-the-art sewage system, rapid growth, style and courtesy, this beautiful city used to be called "The Pearl of the North”. This marvelous city was demolished almost to the last building and the last brick. A generation of people who were not even 20, the future of the country, perished. The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews documents the centuries-old history of Jews in Poland. Multimedia exhibitions await visitors, showing how Poles and Jews lived together for many hundreds of years, and how both cultures merged together. In the conventional space, you can get acquainted with family and neighborly relations. The Core Exhibition is a journey through 1000 years of the history of Polish Jews, from the Middle Ages until today.

Warsaw: 3-Hour Car Tour of Jewish Warsaw

7. Warsaw: 3-Hour Car Tour of Jewish Warsaw

It is impossible to understand Warsaw without looking at the history of Warsaw's Jews. Before WWII, Warsaw Jews made up 30% of Warsaw’s population. Great names that lived there include Literature Nobel Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer, the pediatrician and children’s author Janusz Korczak, the founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio Samuel Goldwyn, and Wladyslaw Szpilman, the main hero of the "The Pianist" by Roman Polanski. After WWII, Jewish Warsaw ceased to exist, but you can still find remnants of the history of two nations in one country.  This 3-hour tour of Jewish Warsaw takes you to places where you can still admire the climate of pre-war multi-cultural Warsaw. You will visit the only synagogue which survived WWII and the Jewish cemetery where famous rabbis, Tzadiks, and Jewish families are buried. You will discover what the words menorah, Torah, Aron Kodesh and mezuzah mean. You will also learn about the symbolic meaning and architecture of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the first and only museum in the world dedicated to the history and present of Polish Jews. Take a look at the synagogue, the last streets of Jewish Warsaw, the Jewish Cemetery, and the Museum of the History of Polish Jews with a local expert.

Warsaw: Lazienki Park & Museum of the History of Polish Jews

8. Warsaw: Lazienki Park & Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Discover two gems of Warsaw on a group tour. After pickup from your hotel, travel to Lazienki Park. The park covers an area of almost 80 hectares and is home to many historical buildings, some dating back as far as the 18th century. Stroll through the grounds like a local and see the Palace on the Island, the Orangery, the statue of Frederic Chopin, the Amphitheater and its renowned paths and alleys. Continue to the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, to explore the centuries-old history of Jews in Poland. Multimedia exhibitions will explain the story of how Poles and Jews lived together for hundreds of years and how both cultures merged. The exhibition is made up of eight galleries that present the successive phases of Jewish history, from Jewish settlement in Poland, to the harrowing events of the Holocaust, concluding with contemporary times.

Warsaw: 4-Hour Old Town, Royal Castle, & POLIN Museum Tour

9. Warsaw: 4-Hour Old Town, Royal Castle, & POLIN Museum Tour

On an intimate 4-hour guided tour of Warsaw’s stunning Old Town, wander through the city square, surrounded by traditional tenements and a beautiful sculpture of the symbol of the city, Siren. Learn about the fascinating history of Warsaw as you pass the Warsaw Barbican and the defensive walls in the Old Town.  Walk down the series of streets once trekked by kings, referred to as the Royal Route. The former communication route of the city, this wide boulevard connects two former royal residences and now brims with cafes, restaurants, and historical attractions. Discover the Castle Square with the famous Sigismund’s Column, and take a guided tour of the magnificent Royal Castle.   The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews documents the centuries-old history of Jews in Poland. Replete with 4,000 square meters of space, multimedia exhibitions, and eight galleries, discover the successive phases of history, beginning with Jewish settlement in Poland. Travel through thousands of years of religious and political diversity, dramatic events in history, the Holocaust, and conclude with contemporary times.

Warsaw: Express Walk with a Local in 60 minutes

10. Warsaw: Express Walk with a Local in 60 minutes

Step into a 60-minute exploration through Warsaw from a local’s perspective and get the most of your precious visit! From POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews to Old Town Market Square, get to know the city's most defining landmarks. Discover all the key facts about Warsaw, experience the local lifestyle, and taste its unique culture. Your local, equipped with stories and tips, will point you toward the best local cuisine and direct you to lively bars where you can sip and chill in true Warsaw style. Who is a Local? A Local is someone who is passionate about sharing authentic experiences based on their interests. As LocalBini, we bring together passionate people from all around the world giving them the opportunity to offer unique experiences via our marketplace.

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a unique experience traveling back 1000 years ago to discover jewish journey from the first begining of their arrival in Poland till the mordern days. The museum is very modern with well made ilustration that brings you the feeling of beeing there , in those times with the jewish daily life.

Zanimiva predstavitev Varšave, vodič nas je popeljal po prelepem parku, ogledali smo si predel z ambasadami in potem čudovito staro mesto. Vodič je bil zelo simpatičen in veliko svojega znanja nam je posredoval.

A place you really need to go. And you should definitely take two days, not just one.

Excellent experience. Give yourself lots of time. Well worth the money.

Everything was just fine! Thanks a lot for such opportunity.