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From Seoul: Pocheon Art Valley, Herb Island, & Fruit Picking

From Seoul: Pocheon Art Valley, Herb Island, & Fruit Picking

Immerse yourself in a journey encompassing the natural, aromatic, and delectable facets of Pocheon. Departing from the urban bustle of Seoul, this tour invites you to experience a trio of Pocheon's most iconic sites. Your day begins with a visit to the Pocheon Art Valley. Transformed from a former quarry to an art and scenic destination appeared at many K movies and dramas, set against the serene backdrop of crystalline waters and rugged mountains for its beautiful canvas of sculptures, installations, and panoramic vistas. Spend time exploring, and let the confluence of nature and creativity inspire you. As you transition from art to aroma, Herb Island awaits. This isn't an island in the traditional sense, but a theme park celebrating all things herbal. Wander through themed gardens, where the scent of lavender, rosemary, and countless other herbs fills the air. The vibrant flowers, themed villages, and calming ambiance make it a sensory treat. The cherry on top is the Apple Farm. Here, experience the joys of hand-picking fresh apples. Feel the weight and smoothness of the fruit, relishing the sense of connection to the land. During the winter months, from mid-December to June, take the opportunity to visit a strawberry farm. Each guest can enjoy picking their own sweet and juicy famous Korean strawberries, with a limit of up to 400g. Once you've finished picking, you can sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. In addition, there will be hand-made waffles and jams available for your enjoyment. You can also choose to purchase freshly made jam to support the local community. Post this immersive experience, you'll make your return to Seoul, reminiscing about the day as we drop you back at your chosen departure point – be it Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, or Hongik University Station. Whether you're a lover of art, nature, or fresh produce, this Pocheon tour promises memories you'll cherish.

From Seoul: DMZ 2nd Tunnel & Cliffside Path Guided Tour

From Seoul: DMZ 2nd Tunnel & Cliffside Path Guided Tour

Meet your guide at meeting points and head to the DMZ, 2nd Tunnel in Cheorwon. The driver will be trained for 10 minutes and the 2nd tunnel tour will begin. The 2nd tunnel tour also includes watching places, which are the 2nd tunnel, Cheorwon Peace Observatory, Woljeong-ri station, and the migratory bird sanctuary. During winter, it also gives visitors a chance to watch one of the natural monuments, a floak of cranes from the migratory bird sanctuary. After finishing the DMZ tour, lunch time is given(own expenses) in a nearby area of the 2nd tunnel. After having delicious lunch, we might explore Hantan River Cliffside path during April to November, Hantan River water road during December to February. The last destinations of this tour are Korean Workers' Party Headquarters and Cheorwon History & Culture Park. These places remind people from the 1930s to 1950s of South Korea. After a short experience of visiting, tourists will leave Cheorwon. Finish the tour with a drop-off at either Myeongdong or City hall station, depending on your preference.

Herb Island and Sanjung Lake and Bidulginang Water Falls

Herb Island and Sanjung Lake and Bidulginang Water Falls

Sanjung Lake provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable adventures, relaxation, and cultural exploration. Bidulginang Waterfalls is renowned as one of South Korea's stunning natural landscapes and has served as a filming location for numerous famous movies and dramas. Visitors here can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, find inner peace, and capture stunning photographs. Herb Island offers a delightful experience where visitors can explore various beautiful plants and fragrant herbs, making for a memorable time. Especially in the fall, you can witness the stunning Pink Muhly Grass spreading across pink-hued hills, creating a picturesque landscape where you can spend enjoyable moments and capture plenty of pretty photos.

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