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Plaza Nueva, Seville

Plaza Nueva, Seville

Plaza Nueva, Seville: Our most recommended tours and activities

Seville: 3–Hour Sightseeing Tour

1. Seville: 3–Hour Sightseeing Tour

Start from a nineteenth century house, which can be viewed as operating from the typical Sevillian patio. From there, prepare to see the most historic and monumental parts of Seville from Plaza del Salvador, Plaza de San Francisco and Plaza Nueva, located near the City Hall, then head towards Avienda de la Constitución located at the Cathedral, the Giralda. Discover the old tobacco factory, Prado de San Sebastián, Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park, New York dock, Real Maestranza and Torre del Oro; its origins, trivia and history. Finish the route with the well–known Mushrooms of the Plaza de la Encarnación, and contrast historic Seville with the most avant-garde.

Seville: Sunset Roof Top Walking Tour

2. Seville: Sunset Roof Top Walking Tour

Look over the skyline of Seville to see parks and streets below, all from the top of emblematic buildings. This creative walking tour offers that and more, as a guide takes you on an adventure with panoramic views from the city’s rooftops, providing sights that you just can't see from the street. The route has been especially designed to take you to the rooftop terraces with the most spectacular views. Departing from City Hall at Plaza Nueva, wander into the old city center to see the immense cathedral, once the tallest building in the world and still one of the largest cathedrals. Marvel at The Giralda, a former Arabic minaret that was converted to the cathedral’s bell tower. Get privileged views of the old city walls, and Wonder at the Alcazar's wall, the city's iconic Moorish fort.  Stroll down medieval alleys to the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz. Gaze across at the bell towers of more than 100 churches, and see some of the city’s contrasting modern architecture, including bridges over the River Guadalquivir. To top off your tour, your guide will take you to some of the most avant-garde spaces right in the heart of the old city called Metrosol Parasol, which you can visit after your tour.

Seville: Alcazar, Cathedral, and Giralda Skip-the-Line Tour

3. Seville: Alcazar, Cathedral, and Giralda Skip-the-Line Tour

Make the most of your visit to Seville with a 3-hour guided walking tour of the city that takes in the most important landmarks and monuments of the city. Accompanied by your guide, head from Plaza Nueva towards the Cathedral of Seville. On the way, you'll pass by the impressive statue of Fernando III. From the square, you'll have a fantastic view over the imposing Renaissance-style City Hall of Seville. Continue the tour towards Constitution Avenue to visit the Cathedral. Once inside, marvel at the gothic architecture of the UNESCO-listed cathedral along with its altars, chapels, and artworks. Then climb on top of the 104-meter tall building from where you'll enjoy panoramic views over Seville. Only a short walking distance away, you'll find two other UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Royal Alcazars of Seville and the Archive of the Indians. Here, your guide will tell you about the history behind the two illustrious monuments. Marvel at the grandeur of the Royal Alcazars of Seville that has been the residence of the Spanish royal family for a long time. The palace is also the filming location of the Palace of the Kingdom of Dorne from Game of Thrones. Finally, follow your guide and stroll along the streets of the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old Jewish Quarter of Seville. Upgrade your tour to include a walk through one of the oldest and most beautiful districts of Seville, the old Jewish quarter. Discover the Patio de Banderas, the Jardines de Murillo and the squares of Doña Elvira and Plaza de Santa Cruz.

Seville: City Highlights Self-Guided Audio Tour

4. Seville: City Highlights Self-Guided Audio Tour

Visit the most important places of the city while feeling the surreal sensation of being part of the stories! Learn about the history and legends of the magical city of Sevilla. You will start at Plaza Nueva, and from there you'll follow turn-by-turn voice instructions to see major places like Plaza de España, the Jewish Quarter, Royal Alcazar and Cathedral. Some of the highlights include discovering: • Why there are only 20 Jewish families left in the city • The meaning behind the NO8DO symbol • The events that inspired the world-famous opera, Carmen Download the tour in a wifi zone to enjoy offline access whenever you're ready to start the tour. Simply hit play and let Alba's stories unfold as you discover the history of beautiful Seville with a local.

Seville 4-Hour Guided Walking Tour

5. Seville 4-Hour Guided Walking Tour

Stroll the fragrant alleys and historic streets of Seville's old town with a local guide, and marvel as more than 2,000 years of history is brought to life. Hear about the different cultures and civilizations that made the city their home over the centuries, from the explorers who set off to discover the New World to the city's Golden Age, gradual decline and re-birth in the late 20th century. Admire monuments such as City Hall on Plaza Nueva, one of the world's largest cathedrals and the Giralda bell tower in a former minaret. Pass the Archivo General de Indias, where documents about the history of the Spanish Empire are kept. Stroll through the charming Santa Cruz neighborhood and see an old tobacco factory. Admire the mosaic tiles of Plaza de España, see the beautiful Baroque façade of San Telmo Palace and the historic bridges over the Guadalquivir River before ending with a panoramic view from the new Metropol Parasol.

Discover Seville at your own pace, Guided Cultural Route

6. Discover Seville at your own pace, Guided Cultural Route

What places does our route include? 41 points of interest. 13 unpredictable, not to be missed. Available in 4 languages. English, German, French, Spanish. With geolocation, it shows you where you are and the closest point of interest to your location. How to get to the point of interest from your location. Access to data and details of each point of interest. Route adaptable to your priorities. Audio explanations of the points of interest. Visiting points of the route: Introduction to Seville. 1. Plaza Nueva 2. Ayuntamiento. 3. Edificio La Adriática. 4. Puerta del perdón. 5. La Giralda. 6. La Catedral. 7. Plaza del triunfo. 8. Archivo general de Indias. 9. Real Alcázar. 10. Patio de banderas. 11. La Judería (Barrio de Santa Cruz) 12. Plaza Susona. 13. Plaza de Doña Elvira. 14. Plaza de la Alianza. 15. Plaza de los Venerables y hospital de los venerables. 16. Calle corral del agua. 17. Plaza de Alfaro. 18. Plaza de Santa Cruz. 19. Jardines de Murillo. 20. Glorieta de Bécquer. 21. Plaza de España. 22. Glorieta de Anibal González. 23. Parque de Maria Luisa. 24. Real Fábrica de Tabaco. 25. Torre del Oro. 26. Réplica de La Nao Victoria. 27. Triana. 28. Capilla del Carmen. 29. Antigua estación del Vapor. 30. Monumento de Triana al Flamenco. 31. PLaza del Altozano. 32. Calle Betis. 33. Calle Pureza. 34. Museo dela Cerámica de Triana. 35. Callejón de la inquisición y Reales Almonas. 36. Paso de la O. 37. Castillo de San Jorge. 38. Torre Sevilla. 39. Plaza del Museo. 40. Barrio de la Alameda de Hércules. 41. Metropol Parasol "Las Setas". Attention: We recommend doing the tour with headphones, for a 100% quality experience.

Charcuteries, Cheese & Wine Tour

7. Charcuteries, Cheese & Wine Tour

Come explore the fascinating history and delectable tastes of Spain's most cherished culinary delight - Iberian sausages, local cheeses and Montaditos or Tapas, all paired with great wine! Our gracious host will guide you through the entire process of crafting the finest Iberian cold meats, with a special emphasis on the highly locally-made sausages. While indulging in the exquisite flavors of our tasting, you'll come to appreciate the expertise and attention to detail that goes into each stage of the process - from raising the pigs in the countryside, to their carefully-crafted diet, to the curing of the meats. To cap off your tasting experience, you'll relish in an appetizing selection of Iberian meats, accompanied by other Spanish delicacies such as cheese, the classic Spanish Montaditos or Tapas and sherry wine.

Seville: Jewish History Private Tour

8. Seville: Jewish History Private Tour

Experience centuries of Jewish heritage in Seville's historic city center with our specially designed tour. Join us on a stroll through the San Bartolomé and Santa Cruz quarters, where you'll discover the history, legends, and cultural significance of this important community. Our expert guides will take you to real places where Jewish people lived, died, and left their imprint on Seville's streets and traditions, including gastronomy and last names. From former synagogues and monuments to houses and even the former cemetery of the neighborhood, you'll get an authentic glimpse into Seville's Jewish heritage. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about this vital part of Sevillian history. Book our tour now and discover the rich legacy of the Jewish community in Seville.

2-Hour Seville Panoramic Walking Tour

9. 2-Hour Seville Panoramic Walking Tour

If you have only a day or two in Sevilla and would like to have an idea of Seville without scarifying much your time this tour will give you a good idea through its most emblematic monuments. Walking through the allies of the old town and marveling at its beautiful sights it’s the best way to discover Seville. You will learn about all the ancient cultures that passed by, from the Romans to the Arabs. You will learn how America was discovered and why this world capital declined. You will visit Plaza Nueva, the City Hall, the Catedral and the Giralda, the  Indias Archives, the Alcázares palace, charming neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the old Tabaco factory, Plaza de España, Maria Luisa parque, San Telmo Palace, the Gold Tower and the Bull Ring. You will end at the river Guadalquivir to just discover that the only reason for the rise of Seville was its river.

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GREAT tour, a truly EXTRA guide. Visit lasting several hours but which passes very quickly thanks to this very well documented, pleasant and friendly guide. Send him our greetings - a group of 4 from Quebec.

nice tour with good and fun information. Not too extensive, but still enough explanation to give you a better insight into certain matters.

Nico was outstanding. Loads of info and was fun to learn that he is also a flamenco dancer. Don’t let him get away. 👍😁

It was a very nice informative tour. Definitely do it.. The best way to get to know Seville tr.

It was perfect. We had a great time with lots of anecdotes.