Piazza Trilussa: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rome: Golf Cart Tour through the City with Local Guide

1. Rome: Golf Cart Tour through the City with Local Guide

Visit Rome's best scenic and hidden Rome's gems from the comfort of an all-electric, eco-friendly golf cart. Drive past top attractions like the Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Trilussa, and Tiber Island. Listen to your guide telling you interesting stories about the city's history. Begin by meeting in the city center. Hop in your golf cart and set off on your adventure. Listen to your guide share secrets and trivia about the city's history. Be captivated by the sight of the impressive Castel Sant'Angelo, the majestic St. Peter's Cathedral, and the incredible City of Vatican. Head to Janiculum Hill, far from the city noisy traffic and take in the breathtaking panoramic view of the Eternal city from there. Afterwards, reach Fontana dell'Acqua Paola, from where you can enjoy an incredible view of Trastevere and its narrow streets. To stretch your legs a bit, go down to Piazza Trilussa and listen to the most interesting stories about this beloved neighborhood of Rome. Re-board your golf cart and head to the Tiber Island in the middle of the Tiber River with the suggestive view. Explore many other must-see spots of the fascinating Romulus's foundation and end your experience in front of the Colosseum and take souvenir photos. If choose the private option, we are glad to tailor the tour to your preferences and interests, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent traveler to Rome, there is so much to discover, Rome hides secrets and places you can't even imagine

Rome Trastevere Hidden Gems Outdoor Escape Game

2. Rome Trastevere Hidden Gems Outdoor Escape Game

Here's a sneak peek at the storyline: “You are Luisa Valiena and after nine years in the U.S, you are returning home to Rome’s Trastevere district. Though you are returning to visit family, you will not stay long. In fact, you wish you hadn’t come at all. However, with the death of your younger brother, Pietro, and the letter he sent you before he died, you had no choice but to enact his last wish...” As you solve challenges, the story unfolds and exact directions on your phone will guide you to the next location. So, are you up for an exciting city game?. Start at Ponte Fabricio, cornering Lungotevere dei Pierleoni. It will take you around 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Explore at your own pace, pause the game, and resume anytime from the location where you paused it. You will finish at Statua di Trilussa. Receive an email on how to download the game to your phone. Play on your own, in a large group, or in several smaller groups that compete against each other and meet at the final stop of the game.

Trastevere: Segway Tour (private)

3. Trastevere: Segway Tour (private)

There’s a lot to see in Trastevere and there are several different Segway Express tours for you to choose from. These 2-hour guided rides are operated daily and led by a multi-lingual tour leader who’ll show you around. This popular Roman neighborhood is located on the Tiber’s west bank, south of the Vatican. The area’s cobbled streets, medieval houses, and unique character continue to draw artists, celebrities, and expatriates to live and play here. After a short but intense training session with an authorized instructor, you’ll be taken along Trastevere’s narrow streets to see the main attractions, including some of the most beautiful squares and fountains in Rome. The tour is short, fun, and designed to leave you with pleasant memories of your time in Rome. You can choose from the following itineraries for your Trastevere Express tour: • From Santa Maria in Trastevere to Santa Cecilia and return • Up Gianicolo Hill to the Bramante masterpiece and a panoramic view of Rome • Piazza Trilussa, Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Navona and return • The Jewish Ghetto and Teatro Marcello

Rome: Trastevere and Roman Ghetto Guided Walking Tour

4. Rome: Trastevere and Roman Ghetto Guided Walking Tour

Our adventure begins at the charming Piazza Mastai, where you'll meet your expert guide and fellow travelers. This square sets the perfect tone for our exploration of the bohemian and vibrant streets of Trastevere. Our first stop is at Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, home to the breathtaking Basilica of Santa Maria. Dating back to the 12th century, this architectural gem boasts captivating mosaics and a serene fountain at its center, leaving you mesmerized by its beauty. Next, we’ll reach Piazza Trilussa, a bustling square named after the great Roman satirical poet, Carlo Alberto Salustri, known as Trilussa. Here, you'll experience the vibrant local life, with street performers and a lively ambiance that showcases a part of Rome's culture. Prepare to be amazed by the grandeur of Palazzo Farnese, a Renaissance masterpiece that exudes elegance. Its monumental facade showcases remarkable works by some of the greatest artists like Sangallo and Michelangelo. Afterward, we'll wander through the historic Campo de' Fiori, a square steeped in Roman history and vibrant market atmosphere. Venturing further into Rome's history, we enter the Jewish Ghetto, a place of profound cultural significance. The tales that echo through these streets are captivating, as the Jewish community here has thrived for centuries. Within the Ghetto, we encounter the Great Synagogue of Rome, an architectural marvel symbolizing strength and resilience. Our final destination is the Theater of Marcellus, an ancient Roman amphitheater dating back to 13 BC. Throughout this journey, you'll be captivated by the rich history, art, and culture of Rome, creating unforgettable memories as we explore its charming streets and architectural wonders.

Rome: E-Bike Street Food Tour

5. Rome: E-Bike Street Food Tour

Explore the charm of Rome by electric bike: although the city center has no cycle paths, your local guide will lead you along streets and alleys that are difficult to be accessed by car traffic to let you enjoy a safe experience. Pedal at your own pace as you discover the beauties of Rome's historic districts. You will cross charming alleys, lively squares, ancient monuments of the Eternal City and during the brief stops he will tell you anecdotes and curiosities about the history of Rome. You can choose to take the tour around lunchtime to combine food and sightseeing, or in the afternoon to admire the beautiful sunset over the rooftops of Rome. Riding an electric bike is fun and easy: whenever you start to feel tired, you can get a boost from the eco-friendly motor to overcome a hill. This 6-tasting Progressive Culinary experience takes you to visit 6 different local companies. Our Street Food Tour focuses on product quality rather than quantity. Our goal is to make you taste high quality ingredients: small local dishes with a huge flavor. Possible Tastings: Taste fresh fruit at the ancient Campo de 'Fiori market considered one of the oldest in the center of Rome Eat a tasty slice of pizza from Antico Forno Roscioli, one of the best local ovens. Savor a tasty supplì at the Trastevere district Trapizzino is a Roman invention, be enchanted by the peculiarity of the pizza, near Piazza Trilussa Taste fresh pasta near Castel Sant'Angelo at the Il Pastaio Take Away Delight your palate with a refreshing ice cream Treat yourself to a delicious granita at the historic Sora Mirella counter Enjoy a refreshing Roman Aperitivo in Piazza Trilussa An explosion of flavors with fish sandwiches from Pescaria Food and drinks are not included in the price to leave you more freedom in choosing what (and how much) you want to eat. The price of all the things we will taste is usually around 20€ - 25 €.

Rome: Private Food Tour with Local Guide

6. Rome: Private Food Tour with Local Guide

Eat your way through Rome's culinary scene on a private food tour. Go on a delicious journey as you try 10 of the best food items beloved by the locals: from savory to sweet and local drinks; this tour leaves every foodie satisfied. Enjoy a bite of the ultimate classics classic buffalo mozzarella and gelato and taste them in their authentic, local flavor. Each tasting is typical of the local cuisine and hand-picked by a local guide passionate about food. Visit Sisto Bridge, Piazza Trilussa, Farnese Palace, church S. Maria in Trastevere plus other remarkable spots in between food stops, and learn about their history and cultural relevance from your knowledgeable guide. 

Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Tour

7. Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Tour

Commence your tour at the Tempio Maggiore di Roma, also known as the Great Synagogue of Rome, a remarkable architectural gem dating back to 1904. Delve into the city's rich Jewish heritage as you explore this stunning edifice. Next, venture to the historic Jewish Ghetto, one of the world's oldest, where you can wander through its charming narrow streets, famed for their unique culture and cuisine. Don't miss the Portico of Octavia, a historical Roman structure representing the fusion of Roman and Jewish history. Take a leisurely stroll across the Ponte Sisto, an ancient pedestrian bridge offering enchanting cityscape views with its distinctive central oculus – the perfect spot for capturing memorable photos. Continuing with your guide, arrive at the lively Piazza Trilussa in Rome's bohemian Trastevere district. This vibrant square is renowned for its monument dedicated to the Roman poet Trilussa. Nearby lies the boat-shaped Tiber Island, home to the serene Basilica of St. Bartholomew. Conclude your journey with a visit to the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of Rome's oldest churches. Admire its exquisite golden mosaics and tranquil ambiance, a testament to the city's enduring Christian history.

Culinary Kickstart Private Tour of Rome

8. Culinary Kickstart Private Tour of Rome

Is it your first time in Rome and want to avoid tourist food traps? Let a local guide introduce you to the flavorful Roman cuisine on this culinary kickstart tour. Get a taste of some of the classic food and drinks favorite of the locals. Enjoy a variety of tastings such as gelato and slice of pizza. Your local guide is a food expert and has prepared a special "menu" for you! And let's not forget the city highlights. Check out from Ponte Sisto and Piazza Trilussa and get a complete look of Rome that will set the tone for the rest of your stay. Withlocals Culinary Kickstart Tour™ is one of Withlocals' signature tours available in major cities worldwide. We work with passionate local guides who earn a fair fee. We support local economies by only offering local products and prevent over-tourism with only small non-intrusive groups. Our tours are carbon-neutral and away from the standard tourist routes.

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Our tour with Eleonora in Central Rome was fantastic. Her knowledge of the food in the area, as well as the history of the city was incredible. The 3 hours went by quickly and the food was amazing. We highly recommend Eleonora as a guide!

We were fortunate enough to tour with Massimo on a private tour. He has lived in Rome all is life and gave us insights to history and especially food that only a local would know. Really enjoyed our time.

Gabriele was so much fun! We enjoyed sampling food and drinks at different spots while touring the city & learning the history.

Excellent visit with a guide at the top in terms of culture and humanity

Amazing, safe and adventurous. Our guide was awesome.