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Piazza San Lorenzo: Our most recommended tours and activities

Florence: Renaissance and Medici Tales Guided Walking Tour

1. Florence: Renaissance and Medici Tales Guided Walking Tour

Uncover the secrets of Florence on this guided walking tour. See the city's top sites and decode its hidden symbols with the help of your guide and learn about the history of attractions like the iconic Dome of the Catedral de Santa María del Fiore.  Meet your guide in the elegant Piazza di San Lorenzo where you can see the distinct mixture of Renaissance and Romanesque architecture of the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Discover little-known, fun facts about the city and how it gave birth to the Renaissance. Be transported back in time as you hear about the intrigues of one of the most powerful dynasties of all time, the Medici family. Explore the traces of their astounding impact on the city, and admire several buildings related to various generations of the family. End your tour outside the famed Uffizi Gallery and get tips on how to eat, shop, and drink like a local with expert advice and recommendations from your guide.

Shore Excursion to Florence from Livorno

2. Shore Excursion to Florence from Livorno

Optimize your time in Livorno to explore one of the most famous cities in the world by traveling aboard a comfortable bus. Download a free multilingual app that will allow you to have detailed information in front of each monument. Knowing the history of Florence has never been so easy and fun. After arriving at the meeting point following the instructions provided, you will be greeted by a clearly identifiable staff who will provide you with the map of the cities, the code to use the wi-fi, and priority access to get on the bus that will take you to Florence. In the Santa Maria Novella area, where you can start exploring the city, Cradle of the Renaissance, is considered an open-air museum and its many masterpieces. In the five hours of time available, you can visit the San Lorenzo market, Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza della Republica, the old bridge, the small alleys set between medieval and Renaissance palaces or wander through the shopping streets as well as taste typical local dishes. Enhance your visit to Florence by choosing the walking tour option, you will be sure you have seen all the main monuments from the best point of view. Return on time guaranteed.

Florence: The Medici Experience Tour

3. Florence: The Medici Experience Tour

If you love the television series 'The Medici', are fascinated by Florence, or passionate about art and history, then the Medici experience tour is a truly unmissable opportunity. After meeting your expert local guide, take a trip back in time as you enter the magnificent Palazzo Medici, home of the infamous family.  Feel like a member of the Medici family as you wander through the rooms of their stunning palace. Discover family secrets, conspiracies, and stories of love and hate as you hear all about Lorenzo The Magnificent and other family members from your guide. Learn more about how the Medici came to power in Florence and who their most powerful enemies were. As you explore the Palazzo Medici, visit the Chapel of the Magi and admire its incredible frescoes depicting some of the most famous family members. After your visit to the palace, you will have the opportunity to stroll around Florence and retrace the footsteps of some of the city's most beloved, and hated, historical figures of all time. 

Florence: Medici Family History Tour

4. Florence: Medici Family History Tour

Relive the story of the family that managed to become the symbol of a city, facing countless obstacles, betrayals and victories. Explore the most symbolic places of the Medici family in Florence, the most famous city of the Renaissance period. See where many of the scenes from the tv series “The Medici” took place, and uncover the true essence of the main characters of the Medici Family, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Cosimo the Elder or Piero the Unfortunate. You can also explore the amazing palaces of enemy families like the Strozzi, Albizi, and Pazzi. Together, you will visit the Palazzo Medici, a famous architectural work of the fifteenth century and the beautiful Chapel of the Magi, which was painted by Benozzo Gozzoli. You will also visit a secret place where the genius Michelangelo learned to sculpt, under the shadow of one of Donatello’s pupils, the Bertoldo.

Florence: Guided Tour of Medici Family Secrets and Chapels

5. Florence: Guided Tour of Medici Family Secrets and Chapels

Join a private or small group guided tour in Florence to explore one of the most captivating eras in the city’s rich history, where the renowned Medici family took center stage. Benefit from skip-the-line access to the Medici Chapel and discover the family’s hidden crypt unknown to many tourists. Follow your guide the highlight of this tour, featuring the stunning octagonal Medici Chapel adorned with inlaid marble, and the extraordinary burials decorated by Michelangelo in the New Sacristy, where members of the Medici family rest today. Visit the locations featured in “Medici: Masters of Florence” and learn about the lives of key family members like Lorenzo the Magnificent, Cosimo the Elder, and Piero the Unfortunate. Delve into their intense rivalries with other prominent families, such as the Strozzis and the Pazzis. Next, admire the Piazza della Signoria, the center of political life in Florence since the 14th century. Explore how the medieval building of the municipal government became a Medici Palace in 1540. See the Palazzo Vecchio from an exclusive vantage point. Continue to the exterior of Palazzo Medici Riccardi while continuing to learn the history of the Medici family. Unravel the delicate relationship between art and power as your guide tells you about the Medici’s influence on Florence. Admire the intricate decorations of the courtyard from outside. Then, stroll across Piazza del Duomo and venture into the charming streets of the San Lorenzo neighborhood to explore this historic district. Learn about the family’s founders and the rapid success of their bank, which became one of the most successful in Europe. Enjoy skip-the-line access to the Medici Chapel. Marvel at Michelangelo’s marble figures and the intricate mosaic work. Admire the Chapel of the Princes, adorned with marble and semi-precious stones. Learn about Michelangelo’s Secret Room, where the artist hid for many weeks in 1530, all from an external viewpoint. Conclude your tour by exploring the family’s hidden crypt. This vaulted chamber remained undiscovered until 2004 when researchers lifted a stone slab behind the chapel's main altar.

Florence by Land & Water: Walking Tour and Arno river E-Boat

6. Florence by Land & Water: Walking Tour and Arno river E-Boat

Trace the footsteps of the influential Medici Family, wandering through narrow streets where they once roamed and marveling at the stones that built their grand residences. Discover iconic landmarks like Palazzo Medici Riccardi and the awe-inspiring Cathedral with its famed Brunelleschi dome, each revealing a new layer of the city's rich history. Stroll along vibrant Via Calzaioli and don't miss rubbing the nose of the famous "porcellino" at the bustling Mercato della Paglia for good luck. Arrive at the breathtaking Piazza Signoria, teeming with sculptural masterpieces and historical landmarks like the Fountain of Neptune and the impressive Palazzo Vecchio. But the adventure continues aboard an eco-friendly e-boat, gliding silently along the serene waters of the river Arno. Let the audio-guide narrate tales of Florence's illustrious past as you capture stunning views of the Uffizi Gallery and the Vasari Corridor.

Florence: Art, History, and Charm - Walking Tour of Florence

7. Florence: Art, History, and Charm - Walking Tour of Florence

Embark on a captivating walking tour through Florence's historic gems. From San Lorenzo to the iconic Palazzo Medici, explore the Cathedral Complex, Dante's neighborhood, Piazza Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, Porcellino, and Piazza Repubblica. Our expert guide delves into the influential Medici legacy, unraveling their impact on art, architecture, and the city's evolution. Each step immerses you in Florence's rich history and cultural treasures. Join us for an enlightening journey, where Medici stories come alive amid the enchanting streets of this Renaissance masterpiece

Guide Tour of Florence with an official Tour Guide

8. Guide Tour of Florence with an official Tour Guide

Discover the wonders of Florence by participating in an immersive visit on foot in the historic center of the city with an official guide. As a real open -air museum, Florence is full of architectural and artistic treasures, and this visit will allow you to explore the main districts of the city while admiring the famous historical and cultural sites from the outside. The starting point of the visit will be the church of San Lorenzo next to the first Palais des Médicis, the Palazzo Medici Riccardi. We will continue our walk through the Duomo district, which houses the Cathedral of Florence. We will also visit the Piazza della Repubblica as well as the Piazza Della Signoria, two emblematic public places of the city. We will have the opportunity to contemplate the Palazzo Vecchio and the gallery of offices before heading to the Arno river. Finally, we will admire the famous Ponte Vecchio. The visit will end in front of the majestic Pitti palace.

The places of the Medici family: the Palace and the Chapels

9. The places of the Medici family: the Palace and the Chapels

The Medici family in Florence governed the fate of the city for almost three hundred years. They were bankers and patrons who made the genius of Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo and many other Renaissance artists flourish. With this tour we pay homage to this family which, in addition to having given birth to three popes and two queens of France, still enjoys the glory of having contributed to and financed the artistic, cultural and scientific life of the Renaissance. Their extraordinary collections of paintings, sculpture, jewellery, books, manuscripts and curious objects can still be found in Florence today. During our three-hour tour we will visit the Palazzo Medici, symbol of the political and cultural power of the Medici, with its enormous rooms that will take us back to the noble life of the Renaissance. The Chapel of the Magi, inside the palace, will take us by surprise with a "wow effect"! We will then see the burial place of the Medici family, namely the Medici Chapels, with the New Sacristy, the work of Michelangelo, the Chapel of the Princes, studded with Florentine mosaic in semi-precious stones, and the solemn Crypt, where the members of the Medici family are buried . A tour not to be missed if you are passionate about the history of Florence and the Medici!

Florence Central Market Food Tour with Eating Europe

10. Florence Central Market Food Tour with Eating Europe

Taste your way through the San Lorenzo Market on a walking tour in Florence. San Lorenzo Market is home to all manner of Tuscan delicacies and delights. Sample artisanal cheeses, cured meats, local olive oil, savory panini, and so much more. After touring the market, continue on to a private wine tasting and food pairing at one of the most historic wine shops in the city. Try gorgeous Tuscan wines, and learn which varieties match best with different foods. Throughout your Florence walking tour, learn the history of the Medici family in what was once their neighborhood and indulge in real gelato, while learning how to spot the fakes.

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Our tour guide, Alessandra was AMAZING! She guided us through history, monuments, and was super personable as well. We just absolutely loved her!!! She gave us soo much history, and answered our questions, patient and kind. We got to hit a coffee shop as well which was a nice surprise. I would recommend this tour 1000%.!

Interesting but meeting point should be by the statue of David in front of the Palazzo Vecchio easier to locate. Guide very well known and open to all questions. Thak you

The walking tour was amazing. Vohl was terrific, knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic and definitely presented a 5 star tour. Definitely recommend her.

Our guide, Michele Cimmino, an art historian by training, was excellent. Very entertaining and knowledgeable.

Chiara is a great lady to walk with. Beautiful city tour with great stories made me feel good.