Piazza della Rotonda, Rome: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rome: Fast Track Pantheon Entry Ticket with Audio Guide App

1. Rome: Fast Track Pantheon Entry Ticket with Audio Guide App

With our Flexi tickets, your convenience matters. If your plans for the day shift, we'll adjust to fit your schedule! Discover the fascinating history and breathtaking beauty of the Rome Pantheon with a 35-minute audio-guided tour on your smartphone. Make the most out of one of Rome's most famous landmarks and learn about its rich past and stunning architecture. Hear fascinating stories about the Pantheon's Dome and its Archaeoastronomical story, the interior, and the pavement. Listen to 12 audio points of interest and reference a digital map to locate these points inside the Basilica. Reserve your spot online and skip the long lines with this seamless and time-efficient experience. Discover the legends and myths of the Pantheon, the history behind its Oculus, the eminent Tombs, and much more. Start your journey at the meeting point in Piazza Navona 25, a leisurely 5-minute stroll from the Pantheon. Pick up your Pantheon tickets at the Touristation office and get helpful tips to enjoy your visit. Need help with your digital audioguide? Our friendly team at the Touristation office (Piazza Navona 25) is here to assist you. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Rome's renowned squares and fountains during your self-guided walking tour. Download the app and discover the city's most fascinating and must-visit attractions as you embark on a journey. Travel past the awe-inspiring Pantheon en route to the majestic Fontana di Trevi, culminating in the charming Piazza di Spagna. In adherence to our commitment to transparency, respect, and passion in all aspects of our business, we present the cost breakdown of this package for your consideration: - Tickets for the Pantheon with Fast Track: €5.00 - Audioguide for the Pantheon: €7.00 - Self-Guided Tour of the best Squares and Fountains in Rome: €5.00

Rome: City Tour by Golf Cart with Gelato

2. Rome: City Tour by Golf Cart with Gelato

Give your feet a rest and discover Rome in a unique way on this golf cart tour through the city. See the city's biggest highlights, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon Gianicolo Hill. Explore Rome by golf cart on this morning and evening tour of the city’s biggest highlights. Relax as you’re whisked around the city by your guide before stopping for gelato. Explore Rome by golf cart on this morning and evening tour of the city’s biggest highlights. Relax as you’re whisked around the city by your guide before stopping for gelato.

Rome: Guided City Center Evening Sightseeing Walking Tour

3. Rome: Guided City Center Evening Sightseeing Walking Tour

Take in the sights in the center of Rome in the evening light during this guided walking tour. Travel from the grand Piazza del Popolo to the vibrant Campo de’ Fiori market. View iconic sights like the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and the ancient Pantheon. Meet your guide at Piazza del Popolo, where churches, fountains, and monuments tastefully embellish the square. Walk up to the Pincio Terrace to admire the sunset over Rome and enjoy breathtaking views over the city. Visit the famous Piazza di Spagna and Bernini’s Barcaccia Fountain. Continue your walk to the stunning Trevi Fountain, which is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome. Legend has it that if you toss a coin over your left shoulder into the Fountain you’ll return to Rome one day. Visit Piazza della Rotonda and admire the exterior of the historic Pantheon. Built in 27 B.C. the Pantheon was dedicated to all the Roman gods. In the 7th century, it was converted to a church dedicated to Mary and the martyrs. It is also the resting place of some major Renaissance artists, including Raffaello. Admire Bernini’s magnificent Four Rivers Fountain in the center of iconic Piazza Navona. The square also features other important sculptural and architectural creations, including the Church of Sant'Agnese in Agone by Borromini, Palazzo Pamphili, the Neptune Fountain at the northern end, and the Moor Fountain at the southern end. End your evening walk at Campo de' Fiori, a site that at one time was noted for races and executions. In the center of the square you’ll see the statue of Giordano Bruno. Today Campo de’ Fiori is a busy marketplace in the morning and a center of nightlife after the sun goes down. It’s the perfect place to continue your evening in the Eternal City after your guided tour.

Rome: 3-Hour Roman Holiday by Segway

4. Rome: 3-Hour Roman Holiday by Segway

The Roman Holiday Tour departs from Piazza del Popolo, one of the most famous piazzas in Rome, in the waiting room of the Urbe at the top of the famous Spanish Steps (Via del Babuino, Via del Corso and Via di Ripetta). After a short practice with the Segways to ensure everyone is confident riding them, the tour guide will take you down the ancient Roman road like in the famous film Roman Holiday. In Piazza della Rotonda, see the Pantheon, one of the oldest and best preserved monuments in Rome. Then go across the sacred area of Largo Torre Argentina and on to the Roman ghetto, where you’ll see Teatro Marcello, the Bocca della Verità and the Circus Maximus. Finally, you'll arrive at the monumental amphitheatre of the Colosseum and the magnificent area around the Imperial Forums. On the way back, you'll see the glorious “Vittoriano” (National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II) and the famous Trevi Fountain as you come into Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the Spanish Steps. The famous Via Margutta, well-known for its art shops and 16th-century houses, rounds off the tour in Piazza del Popolo.

Rome: Trevi Fountain and Navona Square Underground Tour

5. Rome: Trevi Fountain and Navona Square Underground Tour

Experience the true beauty of Rome’s squares and discover what lies hidden in the city’s underground world on a walking tour with a local guide. Make a wish as the Trevi Fountain, then descend below street level to the Stadium of Domitian and learn about ancient artifacts. After meeting your guide in Spagna Square, start your tour in front of one of Rome's most famous fountains, Bernini's Barcaccia Fountain. Reach the city’s iconic Trevi Fountain, and choose to make a wish by throwing a coin into it. Travel to the hidden part of Trevi Fountain, passing through the domus aqueduct. Go underground to learn the story behind the Vicus Caprarius (City of Water) archaeological area to see how the water that flows from the Trevi Fountain filters through the ancient masonry. Explore findings discovered during the excavation, including amphorae (ancient Roman jars) and coins, before heading back outside to Rotonda Square to see the Pantheon. Continue to Navona Square, where you can see the famous Quattro Fiumi Fountain (Fountain of the Four Rivers). This square also has a hidden treasure: the Stadium of Domitian. Explore it by descending 5 meters below street level. Learn about the development of the site into the current square and the evolution of ancient Roman sports. Round off the tour by admiring artifacts from the days of the Roman Empire found during archaeological excavations.

Guided Walking Tour of Rome’s Wonders by Evening

6. Guided Walking Tour of Rome’s Wonders by Evening

In a group of maximum 20 people and led by an expert guide, we will take you on a truly pleasant stroll along the stunning city center of Rome. Reach the meeting point on your own to meet us and start this walking tour with your guide. You will walk along the streets of the characteristic area of the Jewish Ghetto, one of Rome’s most beautiful neighbourhoods, full with history and with a real Roman atmoshpere. Rome’s Ghetto is the second most ancient one in Italy, after the one in Venice, and it truly is the heart and soul of the authentic Roman cuisine! As you know, one of Rome’s most famous symbols are its beautiful fountains, and one of the prettiest is the Turtle Fountain (Fontana delle Tartarughe), located in Piazza Mattei! Get ready to walk into Piazza Della Rotonda and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Pantheon, the former temple of Marcus Agrippa, later converted into a church: it is the only ancient Roman temple remained untouched through the centuries! It is simply stunning at night when it is not crowded and peace and quiet surround it. Next Stop? Close your eyes and throw a coin over your right shoulder straight into the Trevi Fountain: rumor has it that if you do, your will come back to Rome someday, for sure! Our tour will continue towards Piazza di Spagna, one of the city’s most popular piazze (squares), known to be the perfect setting just at the bottom of the iconic Spanish Steps. Walk up this famous stairway and take the most out the lovely view you will enjoy from the top! After an intense and gratifying walk, we thought of a great reward for you all: come with us and relax enjoying a creamy and tasty Gelato. It’s on us!

Rome: Walking City Tour with a Guide

7. Rome: Walking City Tour with a Guide

Enjoy a fantastic walk through the squares of Rome with the support of one of our guides who will tell you the history and secrets of the most famous corners of the city. Explore Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain. Our tours will also leave in the event of rain, however, we will ensure that the tour runs safely. The duration of our tours may be longer than planned for reasons beyond our control.

A History of Power in Modern Rome: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

8. A History of Power in Modern Rome: A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Allow me to introduce you to the city that was once known as "caput mundi", the capital of the world. On this self-guided walking tour, you’ll go off the tourist track and get an Italian’s view of the city’s historical monuments, some of which represent fleeting hope and, many others, crushing disappointment in the country’s modern-day leaders. Join me as I unravel the political sagas of the country that gave birth to the Medici and the Borgia family, and Machiavelli. Our tour begins next to the ancient Roman Empire’s diplomatic Arc of Constantine outside the Flavian Amphitheatre, more popularly known as the Colosseum. We’ll explore both ancient and modern Rome as you wind your way through the city to Piazza Navona where the tour ends. Along the way, you’ll unearth the stories that linger on Palatine Hill and at the Roman Forum, both of which I’ll point out to you, and you’ll find out about some of the darker, more scandalous mechanisms that run the relatively young Republic of Italy. I’ll show you Piazza Venezia, where fascist leader Mussolini riled up crowds before dragging the country into tragedy. You’ll then follow in the footsteps of victorious politicians to stand in the shadow of the Quirinal Palace where you can admire the building that was once the home of popes, then kings, and is now the residence of the President of the Republic. If that’s not enough, on this tour of "La Città Eterna" (the Eternal City) you’ll also: • Hear how Nicola Salvi built a sculpture just to block the view of a barber who bullied him while he worked on the Trevi fountain • Visit the column that was built in Piazza Colonna as a tribute to Marcus Aurelius (played by Russel Crowe in the movie Gladiator) • Discover the scandals and fisticuffs of Palazzo Chigi and Palazzo Montecitorio, the seats of power in Italy’s modern-day state • Learn the history of the Pantheon in Piazza della Rotonda • See the home of the Italian Senate at Palazzo Madama • Find out about more sightseeing opportunities and local favourites like Saint Peter’s Basilica and Trastevere I look forward to leading you on this 90-minute stroll to learn about one of the most iconic cities in the world from Romulus through to the Renaissance, and the Risorgimento to the Republic of Italy. Please note: This tour is designed so that you don’t need to enter any of the sites along its route. You will hear plenty of interesting information without needing to go inside. However, if you do want to enter any of the attractions, it is recommended that you book ahead of time. Once you've redeemed the tour on the VoiceMap app, please look under the "Places to stop along the way" section for more booking information.

Rome: Pantheon Guided Tour with Skip-the-Line Ticket

9. Rome: Pantheon Guided Tour with Skip-the-Line Ticket

Embark upon a captivating journey through the illustrious halls of the Pantheon, an extraordinary testament to the grandeur of Ancient Rome. Enchanting tales of engineering prowess shall be unveiled by your expert guide, illuminating the enigma behind this unparalleled monument's resilience in the face of time's relentless march. During the enchanting journey, your knowledgeable guide will unveil captivating details about the illustrious history and profound cultural importance of the Pantheon. Prepare to be awestruck by the colossal dome, its ethereal oculus casting celestial light upon the resplendent interior, a sight that shall undoubtedly leave you spellbound. Indulge in the captivating realm of Pantheon's exquisite assemblage of masterpieces and relics. Behold the awe-inspiring sculptures, time-honored mosaics, and enthralling historical treasures that unveil the enthralling chronicles of Pantheon's extensive and diverse past. Within the hallowed halls of this esteemed museum lies a treasure of unparalleled significance - the sepulcher of the esteemed painter, Raphael. Expertly curated by your guide, immerse yourself in the captivating anecdotes that illuminate Raphael's remarkable existence and artistic prowess. As you bid farewell to the museum, you will emerge with a heightened comprehension of this extraordinary masterpiece and its indelible role in Roman civilization.

Rome Squares and Fountains: 3-Hour Walking Tour

10. Rome Squares and Fountains: 3-Hour Walking Tour

Your 3-hour guided walk starts in Campo de’ Fiori, the lively square that hosts a famous marketplace and is remembered historically for the public executions that were held there. A few steps away from Campo de’ Fiori you’ll come to the charming Piazza Farnese and Palazzo Spada, known for the forced perspective technique introduced by Borromini. Admire Piazza Navona, the most elegant and joyful square in Rome. In the middle of the square you’ll see the Fountain of the 4 Rivers, a masterpiece by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and on the western side of the square you’ll find Borromini’s famed church Sant’Agnese in Agone. The tour continues to Piazza della Rotonda, which is overlooked by the magnificent Pantheon, inside visit with skip the line ticket. After crossing Via del Corso you’ll reach the well-known Trevi Fountain, a triumph of Baroque style. The final stop on the tour is Piazza di Spagna, where you’ll see the magnificent Fontana della Barcaccia masterpiece by Pietro Bernini, and the world-famous Spanish Steps.

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Our tour guide Jason was outstanding. He offered detailed information pertaining to the history and progression of Rome through the centuries. We were overwhelmed with his knowledge and detail. This tour is highly recommended.

Martin was great - and the golf cart is a fabulous way to get hit many of the hit spots in a short time window. Awesome way to keep my 10 year old daughter engaged and interested.

Great introduction to the city. Our guide really showed us how to look at the city and see the history underneath

She was very friendly and understanding. Let us take pictures and give us time to look all the places we visit.

Immersive experience! Alessandro our guide very prepared and available!