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Syracuse: Ortigia and Neapolis Guided Walking Tour

1. Syracuse: Ortigia and Neapolis Guided Walking Tour

Explore ancient Syracuse on a 3-hour guided tour and learn about early Greek history through architecture and religious practices. The evidence of Syracuse as capital of the Mediterranean is ever-present, and seen in the glory of its Cathedral, the ancient Temple of Athena, the Greek Theater and the Roman Amphitheater. Admire the beauty of the Cathedral of Syracuse, which incorporates the pagan Temple of Athena. Learn about its various architectural styles from your guide. Continue to the Archeological Park to see the Paradise Latomia and the Ear of Dionysos. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Ionian Sea from the Greek Theater.

Siracuse: Guided Velobike Tour

2. Siracuse: Guided Velobike Tour

After being picked up from your accommodation in Ortigia, your Velo Bike tour around the ancient city (Syracuse) will begin. You will be taken to various parts of the island. Syracuse has a unique ecological system, both inside and outside Ortigia On board your electric velobike (rickshaw), your driver will introduce you inside the magnificent labyrinth of Ortigia, giving you the chance to find and photograph the history left by different populations at each stop. The tour also includes the explanation of historical places and the sight of impressive panoramas. At the end of your experience, you have the option to be dropped off at any location of your choice within Ortigia

Syracuse: Highlights of Ortigia Guided Walking Tour

3. Syracuse: Highlights of Ortigia Guided Walking Tour

Discover a combination of Greek, medieval, and Baroque architecture on this guided walking tour of Ortigia island in Syracuse. Uncover the secrets of Ortigia as you visit a crypt that as a World War II air-raid shelter. Meet your guide in Piazza Emanuele Pancali square in front of the 6th century BC Temple of Apollo. Enter the Church of San Filippo Apostolo alla Giudecca and visit the crypt below the church where people took shelter during bombing campaigns in WWII. Make your way to Piazza Duomo square where you can admire Palazzo Beneventano and the church of Santa Lucia and you can also purchase entrance to the Syracuse Cathedral. You will reach the enchanting Fonte Aretusa, a source of fresh water a few meters from the sea and linked to the love story between Aretusa and Alfeo and on the way back you will cross the Jewish Quarter until you reach Piazza Archimedes: Here you can admire the splendor of the Fountain of Diana, linked to the myth of the Nymph Arethusa, represented together with the Greek Goddess Artemis, in the most important moment in which it is transformed into a source..

Ortigia: History and Architecture Walking Tour

4. Ortigia: History and Architecture Walking Tour

Discover the beauty that hides in the alleyways of Ortigia on a walking tour accompanied by a local guide. Stroll through Piazza Duomo, marvel at the Syracuse Cathedral, and see the stunning Fountain of Arethusa. Meet your guide and head to Piazza Archimede, strolling through the streets of the historic center and discovering marvelous details carved into the stone of a mantelpiece or an entrance portal. Get introduced to local tradition as well as the myths and legends that have made Ortigia famous. Arriving at Piazza Duomo, visit the magnificent Cathedral of Syracuse, a 1000-year-old home of the divine, which incorporates the ancient Doric temple dedicated to Athena. Marvel at the baroque facade and then step inside to see its Roman-style interior in all its glory. Admire fascinating dwellings set between period furnishings and frescoed vaults, resulting in a little-known jewel that represents the city's identity. See gorgeous marble statues of Santa Caterina, the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, and Santa Lucia. Next, go to the Arethusa Fountain, and listen to the famous myth of Arethusa and Alphaeus, as your gaze travels further until you catch sight of the tip of Ortigia, dominated by the massive Maniace Castle reflected in the waters of the Porto Piccolo.

Syracuse: Ortigia Guided Walking Tour & Cannolo Tasting

5. Syracuse: Ortigia Guided Walking Tour & Cannolo Tasting

The Walking Tour of Ortigia will start from the Temple of Apollo, the oldest greek temple in Sicily. Continue, then, in the direction of Piazza Archimede, where you can admire the Fountain of Diana, linked to the myth of the nymph Arethusa, who is represented here with the Greek goddess Artemis, the most important moment in which he transformed it into a source. In the days when it is open to the public, you can then reach the Church of San Filippo Apostolo alla Giudecca. Here, in the depths, is hidden a secret Ortigia: you will visit the crypt, an anti-aircraft shelter used in World War II and the well, which was previously a baptismal font. You will arrive in Piazza Duomo. Here you can visit the majestic Cathedral and immediately after, if you want, you can independently visit the Hypogeum. Before ending the tour arriving at the enchanting Fountain Arethusa, linked to the love story between Arethusa and Alfeo, you will have the opportunity to taste the cannolo, a symbol of the Sicilian confectionery art.

Syracuse: Ortigia classic walking tour

6. Syracuse: Ortigia classic walking tour

Embark on a fascinating 2-hour shared group tour, led by our expert guides, to uncover the captivating history and cultural treasures nestled within Ortigia, the old town center of Siracusa. The journey commences at the ancient Apollo Temple. This impressive doric style building was the first large stone temple built by ancient Greeks in the western colonies. From there, we traverse through the lively Archimedes Square, alive with the echoes of past civilizations. Immerse yourself in the charm of Diana Fountain, a beautiful centerpiece, before arriving at the illustrious Piazza Duomo, the cathedral square. Here, a splendid ensemble of palazzi and ornate churches stands as a testament to the city's rich heritage. You will learn about the town hall (Palazzo Vermexio), Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco, St. Lucy's church and the cathedrale. The cathedral is frequently chosen as a wedding venue. When accessible to visitors, we provide the opportunity to explore the church's interior with our guide (entrance ticket of €2 not included), or alternatively, to enjoy a brief coffee break. Our journey progresses to the legendary Aretusa Spring, a place steeped in mythical lore and famous for its papyrus plants, followed by a leisurely stroll along the picturesque seafront promenade. The tour continues with a walk through the historic Giudecca, offering glimpses into the former Jewish district and its past. Throughout the tour, our guide will offer insights into the town's rich history, both ancient and recent, delving into local traditions and religious celebrations such as the revered St. Lucy's feast and its grand procession, providing a comprehensive understanding of Siracusa's cultural heritage and the daily life in Sicily. This tour starts at the Apollo temple at the entrance of Ortigia and ends at Piazza Archimede. Feel free to ask your guide for suggestions about other monuments to visit, nearby towns, restaurants or activities. Our tours are designed for an intimate experience, ensuring a maximum group size of 25 participants, though typically our groups consist of around 10 enthusiastic explorers, allowing for a more personalized and engaging journey through Siracusa's wonders.

3-Hour Siracusa Segway PT Authorized Tour

7. 3-Hour Siracusa Segway PT Authorized Tour

The grandeur of an ancient city that repulsed Athens remains to be discovered in Siracusa, or Syracuse. It contains some of Italy's most impressive Greek ruins. The mists of time quickly envelop us as we roll off toward the remains of the encircling wall built by Dionysius I, and the temple to Apollo. Next we head to Piazza Archimede, named after the ancient city's most famous citizen, with its beautiful fountain. Via Roma leads us to the elegant cathedral, its backbone made of Greek columns. Past other baroque monuments in the Old Town area on Ortigia Island such as Benevento del Bosco Palace and the Town Hall, we ride to Arethusa Spring, with its papyrus plants. We pass other landmarks before crossing Umberto Bridge. The Regional Archaeological Museum and Catacombs of San Giovanni are on the way to the Neapolis, where we can see the massive Greek theatre, the Roman amphitheatre and the "Ear of Dionysius," a chamber cut into limestone where Dionysius reportedly imprisoned adversaries so he could hear what they said echoing off the walls.

Syracuse Food & Wine Walking Tour: Small Group

8. Syracuse Food & Wine Walking Tour: Small Group

Enjoy an evening of gastronomic and cultural discoveries with a passionate local guide. Your guide will share the secrets of ancient Syracuse with you and invite you to dine in the authentic family Tavernas hidden among the small streets of Ortigia. These tavernas are always known for their charm, hospitality and, of course, delicious traditional cooking. The tour perfectly combines wine and food with a walking tour of the most important monuments in the old city and many other treasures. Try several typical Syracusan delicatessen, white wine red wine, sweets and liquor. The tour will finish in the heart of Ortigia where You can conitue Your special day. Visit 3 different venues and eat and drinks like locals!

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Giuseppe was an excellent guide providing my wife and I with a wonderful afternoon exploring all of the treasures of Syracuse’s Archeological Park as well as the must-see attractions of Ortigia. As a University of Catania-educated Archeologist he was a font of information on the history of Sicily and Syracuse and all of the various structures and sights that we visited. Engaging, intelligent and spirited, Giuseppe made sure we visited all of the important sights in the area and then brought them to life - highly recommended.

Nice drivers, good and safe vehicles, you drive in the pedestrian zone/sidewalk, vehicles are clean and new, the sights are explained using small boxes, 30 minutes pass quickly, next time I would do the big tour, recommended.

Excelente experiencia en Ortigia! Daniel, nuestro guia y conductor, muy preparado y simpatico Nos mistro las atracciones y algunos datos de Ortigia, que solo algunos conocen Tour muy interesante y comodisimo el Velobike

Giuseppe was a great guide. He provided informed commentary on the neopolis and Ortigia. He was also comfortable taking questions.

Giuseppe was outstanding. Knew everything about Syracuse and Ortigia and was a delight!