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Parque El Poblado: Our most recommended tours and activities

Medellín: Small Group Guatapé Tour and Luxury Boat Ride

1. Medellín: Small Group Guatapé Tour and Luxury Boat Ride

At 8:30 am, our journey begins, filled with anticipation and excitement. To kick off the day with the best energy, we'll indulge in a traditional breakfast at 9:45 am. Then, we'll venture through the charming town of El Peñol, making our way to its famous replica by 11 am. This scale replica of the old town square offers a majestic view of the reservoir and showcases the colonial charm of its architecture. But wait, there's more excitement ahead: the Penol Rock! Picture yourself climbing the 740 steps that lead to the summit of this colossal batholith. Upon reaching the top, you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking 360º view of the surrounding landscape. It's an experience like no other, allowing you to marvel at the sheer magnitude of nature as you ascend this towering granite rock. You'll have approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to conquer the climb. Are you up for the challenge? After a satisfying typical lunch, at 2:30 pm, our adventure continues with an exclusive boat ride along the reservoir. Prepare to witness islands emerging from the water and behold stunning landscapes and properties dotting the area. Our final stop is the picturesque town of Guatapé. Here, your guide will lead you through the highlights, including the malecon, the iconic umbrella street, the zócalos square, the memory and trade street, and its main park and church. Then, you'll have 1 hour and 10 minutes to explore this charming town at your own pace. Embark on this unforgettable tour and discover the magic of Guatapé. It's an experience you'll cherish forever!

Medellin: Street Food and Poblado Rooftop Tour with a Local

2. Medellin: Street Food and Poblado Rooftop Tour with a Local

Discover the joy of eating Colombian street food on this Medellin walking tour with a local guide. Savor authentic flavors at different venues and meet the people behind the food. Stop at a rooftop for 360-degree views of the surrounding area.  After meeting your guide near Poblado Park, begin your culinary adventure through the streets of Poblado. Uncover emblematic places and beautiful graffiti. Stroll by charming restaurants and modern architecture. Taste five flavorful types of Colombian street food and learn about how each dish is prepared and what ingredients are used to create it. Engage with the food vendors and learn their stories.  Hang out with your fellow travelers during visits to bars and capture some pictures of the neighborhood from above. End your experience back at the meeting point.

Poblado District Walking Tour in Medellin

3. Poblado District Walking Tour in Medellin

We’ll dive deep in the stories that the streets and corners of El Poblado tell us, highlighting “Calle 10”, a street always alive and decorated with great murals (street art), surrounded by unique gastronomy, and legendary bars with pioneering sounds in the city. This tour will take you to recognize "El Poblado" from a real, sincere and surprising perspective among all its cultural details and natural areas such as "La Presidenta" and "La Bailarina", its parties and the famous "Parque Lleras". El Poblado is much more than this, it is "the new center of Medellín" that stands out for attracting innovation, design, art, and international haute cuisine. Discover from the hand of our local guides the cultural and nocturnal side of one of the most famous neighborhoods in Colombia!

Medellin: Guided Tour to Guatape & 1-Night Lakeside Glamping

4. Medellin: Guided Tour to Guatape & 1-Night Lakeside Glamping

Meet at Park Poblado early in the morning and take a bus tour of the valley to the picturesque colonial town of Guatape. Stop at the famous Peñol Rock along the way and climb up 740 steps for the most incredible views. Visit the town of Guatape, where your tour guide will explain the history behind this vibrantly colorful town. Have a traditional lunch in the historic town before embarking on your own personal speedboat for a brief tour of the lake. Set up camp at your fabulous glamping location on the lake and your guide will explain what adventures await. Go hiking a top Paradise Mountain for breathtaking views of the sunset before enjoying a delicious dinner. Then after an amazing night falling asleep to the sounds of nature, wake up fresh and early the next for some of the best coffee in the world. Then, take the kayak out to the waterfall or an optional jet ski in the smooth water of the morning, or just relax at the glamping site. Take a speedboat ride back to Guatape at about noon. Enjoy some free time before your transfer back to El Poblado in Medellín.

Medellin: Coffee Tour, Horseback Arrival, and Sugar Cane

5. Medellin: Coffee Tour, Horseback Arrival, and Sugar Cane

Welcome to a unique experience in the picturesque mountains of Western Antioquia! Immerse yourself in the essence of Paisa coffee culture with our Super Coffee Tour. Your day begins with comfortable transportation from Parque del Poblado to the welcoming coffee farm, where adventure and flavor intertwine. Embark on a short horseback ride from the main road to the farm's entrance, experiencing the authenticity of being a Paisa mountaineer. Feel the connection with nature as you move through lush landscapes surrounding the coffee plantation. At the farm, you'll dive into the fascinating history of coffee from its cultivation to your cup. Enjoy a unique sensory experience with a coffee tasting, where you can savor the different notes and aromas that make our coffee incomparable. Take part in a coffee talk and tour our coffee plantations, from seed planting, through milling and drying, to the careful preparation of the coffee that reaches your table. But that's not all; you'll also have the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of sugar cane. Discover how this sweet tropical delight is cultivated, harvested, and processed, all while enjoying the natural beauty surrounding the farm. Get ready for a day full of learning, fun, and delight for your senses. The Super Coffee Tour in the mountains of Western Antioquia is an unforgettable experience that combines the cultural richness of coffee with the sweetness of sugar cane.

Medellín Nightlife: Rooftop Bar Crawl

6. Medellín Nightlife: Rooftop Bar Crawl

Discover the famous nightlife of Medellin with 5 options from Wednesday to Sunday. Experience the different rhythms of the city from salsa to techno, to the popular reggaeton. Depending on the day you chose, enjoy different activities such as dance classes, drinking games, entrance to clubs, rooftop Jacuzzis, and free drinks. Be accompanied by a local guide who will make sure the whole experience is full of high energy in non-touristy places. Techno Thursday:  Be greeted with a welcome shot and indulge in some drinking games to break the ice. After leaving the meeting point, make a short stop in a games bar where you will have free games for 10 minutes. Continue to 2 rooftops got more welcome shots, 2 for 1 cocktails, 10% off bottles, and hookah. End the night at 1 of 2 clubs you decide on along with the fellow participants of the tour. Reggaeton Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays:  Be greeted with a welcome shot and indulge in some drinking games to break the ice. Continue to 2 rooftops for more welcome shots, 2 for 1 cocktails, 10% off bottles, and hookah before finishing the night off in a popular reggaeton club with entrance included. Wet Sunset Sunday:  Be greeted in a rooftop bar with a welcome shot and free use of the jacuzzi (towels will be provided) and play beer-pong. Continue to 2 rooftops for more welcome shots, 2 for 1 cocktails, 10% off bottles, and hookah, before finishing the night off in a popular reggaeton club with entrance included.

Comuna 13, metro and metrocable (small groups)

7. Comuna 13, metro and metrocable (small groups)

Walk from Poblado park to metro station (7 minutes). During the way you could try some empanas, arepas or pandebonos very famous here in Medellin. Metro to San Javier cable car. We will take the cable through other side of the commune spotting the amazing view of the city and other neighborhoods that compose the commune after to come back to San Javier station, we will walk from the station to the graffiti place (15 minutes). Enjoying the local life street sellers, restaurants and stores. Along the main area of the commune, you will see local museum, graffities, escalatores, local food and many souvenir markets. Mean while we are walking up, you will know the real history of the neighborhood and the most emblematic places of the place, enjoying the singers, dancings and views, then we will come back to the start of the graffiti area through local alleys. The last of the tour is around 3 ½ or 4 hours.

Medellín: Coffee tour with tasting and souvenir included

8. Medellín: Coffee tour with tasting and souvenir included

Welcome to the Coffee Tour at Don Rafa in Medellín! We're thrilled to have you with us for an unforgettable experience! From the moment you step into our coffee house, you'll be immersed in the exciting world of Colombian coffee. Enchanting Reception: In our cozy coffee house, you'll be greeted with an exclusive welcome kit. It includes a special bag, a water bottle, and a passport that will guide you through each station of the tour. Start your day with everything you need to enjoy to the fullest! Coffee Culture: Our tour begins at the picturesque Don Rafa kiosk, where you'll explore the first station: "Coffee Culture." Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of coffee worldwide and in Colombia. As you absorb knowledge, enjoy refreshing drinks like water and, of course, our delicious coffee. Understanding Cultivation: We embark on the second station, "Understanding Cultivation," where you'll delve into a Colombian coffee plantation. Discover all the secrets, from germination to harvesting the beans that give life to this exquisite beverage. A unique sensory experience that will awaken your senses! Processing Coffee: We continue to the third station, "Processing Coffee." Here, you'll learn about pulping, washing, drying, milling, roasting, and grinding coffee. As you marvel at the process, enjoy a delightful snack, which may include cakes, desserts, and other treats. Drinks, from coffee to the refreshing guandolo, will be at your disposal. Specialized Tasting: We conclude this incredible journey by immersing ourselves in a specialized tasting experience. Discover the secrets of coffee preparation, the difference between specialty and commercial coffee, and various brewing methods. The station culminates in an exquisite brunch that will further enhance the flavors and aromas you've discovered throughout the day. At the Coffee Tour Don Rafael, you won't just learn about coffee; you'll live a unique and unforgettable experience that will ignite your love for this precious beverage! We hope you enjoy every moment of this sensory journey with us!

From Medellin; (All-In) The Real Horseback Ranch Experience

9. From Medellin; (All-In) The Real Horseback Ranch Experience

We have finally decided to open our pPrivate Natural Reserve for you to create unforgettable memories. "Take Advantage Of These First Days Of Discounts 🥳 And Enjoy This Very Exclusive Experience!" Make sure you have your currency set to USD at the bottom of the page for more accurate pricing... INTRO: We invite you to step into the heart of a Colombian ranch with our exclusive and all- inclusive experience! From our loyal horses to the large green landscape, you will experience the genuine vibe of a Real Colombian Ranch. This isn't just a journey—it's a cultural immersion, a chance to learn from the very soul of the locals! Expect a long horseback ride, breakfast, lunch, and midday snacks, a virgin Tropical Forest, countless bird varieties, other wildlife sighting and much much more... ITINERARY SUMMARY: Join us for an unforgettable adventure starting early morning in Medellin, where we'll pick you up at one of the hotels near Poblado Park. Then, enjoy a scenic 3-hour ride to El Hato Restaurant for a delicious traditional breakfast. Afterwards, get ready to embark on a Horseback ride into Colombian natural lands, where the majestic landscape unfolds and curious wildlife awaits. This ride is an adventure of a lifetime where it's just you and nature. Be attentive; you never know what type of beautiful birds will fly over your head or the animals that will surprise you with their presence. During our thrilling ride, we'll gather in the middle of the pastures for a very authentic countryside picnic savoring 'Fiambre' wrapped in palm leaves for a burst of unique flavors. After a few hours of a fun, enjoyable and surprising horseback riding we conclude the adventure with some refreshments in a relaxing zone, and enjoy swinging on the hammocks while nibbling on snacks before our return to Medellin. 🌿🐮 N'AYRA WELCOMES YOU: This experience is brought to you by 3 siblings driven by a passion to share this unforgettable experiences with you. We know it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. we dream that everyone could enjoy this natural escape and make unbelievable memories like ours. Opening our the ranch to you is our way of sharing this dream. Come and experience the real life in the countryside and enjoy the beauty of our landscape. You might be surprised by the animals that roam free; like the large variety of birds, monkeys, capybaras, iguanas, caimans, huge turtles, or other animals that may make a grand appearance. - If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact Us by clicking on N'AYRA under Activity provider at the top of the page. And check us out at N'AYRA Colombia.

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Our Guide Erickson was high energy and very helpful. Both guides spoke English well. The breakfast and lunch have vegetarian options and are very tasty. The boat ride is definitely the highlight — they show you Pablo’s mansion and a bunch of newly built resorts on the lake. You should expect to be back in Medellín about 7:30-8 PM. Make sure you bring cash to climb the rock.

Erikson was an extremely nice and energetic guide. He tells a lot of interesting stories about the history of the the places that you visit during the tour. The organisation is very easy to reach for any questions beforehand, during, or after the tour. The food at the restaurants you visit is also good and plenty to keep you going through the day and climb el peñon.

The tour was great! Very well organized with the stops and got to see a lot. Osi was a great tour guide as well. Only thing is you should remind people to bring a sweater :)

Brayan was amazing! Gave good insight and showed us good spots for street food! The rooftop bar is nice but drinks not included. Would recommend

Very nice day trip. Easy to do with two children aged 5 and 8.