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Parma Cathedral

Parma Cathedral: Our most recommended tours and activities

Parma city walking tour

1. Parma city walking tour

This new guided walking tour will allow you to get to know the main treasures of the city and the main food secrets that have made parma a creative city for gastronomy and capital of Italian culture 2020. Parma is also the city of Giuseppe Verdi and our guide will tell you about the great musician's anecdotes. Ancient capital of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, the city of Parma has been a university seat since the 11th century. The tour starts from Piazza Garibaldi, the heart of the city and continues among the main monuments, only outdoors, there are no entrances to the monuments

Parma: Europe’s Culinary Capital A Self-Guided Audio Tour

2. Parma: Europe’s Culinary Capital A Self-Guided Audio Tour

Often overlooked in favour of Italy’s more famous tourist destinations, Parma isn’t just a culinary jewel in Europe’s crown. On this walking tour, I’ll reveal how the region that gave the world Parma Ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano (or “Parmesan”, as it’s often known, which Italians consider a serious faux pas) offers more than meets the eye. I’ll lead you across the city’s piazzas and down its alleys to take you back through the Middle Ages and Italy’s unification, to the days of Ancient Rome. Our tour starts outside the church of San Giovanni Evangelista, where I’ll tell you about some of the must-see artworks inside, with their decorative Italian finesse. I’ll lead you past the symbolic carvings that adorn all four of the bapstistry’s separate entrances, each of which was used by different participants back in the late 1100s. You’ll also see the beautiful Renaissance soul of the city’s Romanic cathedral, and some of its incredible artwork too. After a visit to Parma’s well-preserved medieval corner, stop to soak up views of the Parma River, where the city was once barricaded against oncoming Fascists in 1922. You’ll hear how Parma was a hotbed for resistance against the Fascist regime from its very beginnings, through the dark days of the Nazi occupation to the liberation. Having made your way through the city, you’ll end up in tranquil park, Parco Ducale, where you can relax in gardens where lions and tigers once roamed, or admire the majesty of the Duke's palace. Along the way, you’ll also have a chance to: • Meet heroes of the Italian unification including Camillo Benso (the Count of Cavour) and Giuseppe Garibaldi, a Sardinian mercenary who Italy was lucky enough to partially claim as its own • Learn about the life and art of Correggio and have the opportunity to see his rather scandalous rendition of The Assumption of Mary before learning why his statue kept losing its head • Discover the unusual mannerist painting style of Parmigianino and find out why he was arrested and thrown in prison • Visit the Giuseppe Verdi Monument and learn about the world-renowned composer’s political importance during the unification of Italy • Hear about how someone spray painted “Balbo, you crossed the Atlantic, but not the Parma River!” when the Fascist enforcer Italo Balbo made his infamous transatlantic flight Give yourself 75 minutes to experience all that this provincial city has to offer, from culture and excellent cuisine to rich history, architecture, and art. Please note: This tour is designed so that you don’t need to enter any of the sites along its route that require entrance tickets. You will hear plenty of interesting information without needing to go inside. However, if you do want to enter any of the paid attractions, it is recommended that you book ahead of time. Look under the Places to stop along the way section for more booking information.

From Milan: Parma and Bologna Private Day Trip

3. From Milan: Parma and Bologna Private Day Trip

Enjoy a Private Tour of Parma and Bologna from Milan for twelve hours with a private tour guide for two hours in each city and a private luxury vehicle with a chauffeur that will pick you up and drop you off from your hotel in Milan. Once your private chauffeur has picked you up, besides your private tour guide you will go ahead to your first destination. You will discover Parma, a city in the north of Italy that has remarkable medieval architecture and beautiful forests surrounding it. Your private tour guide will show you the tourist attractions of the city such as the cathedral with Romanesque style, the opera house Teatro, the Baptistery with Romanesque and Gothic styles and much more. When you finish visiting Parma you will go ahead to your destination, Bologna which is one of the best-preserved historic cities and has one of the largest medieval old towns in Europe. You will visit as well the tourist attractions of Bologna such as the two medieval famous towers, the Piazza Maggiore, the Basilica of San Petronio known for being one of the largest churches in existence, the basilica of San Francisco known for being a Gothic church and much more. After visiting the two cities, your private chauffeur will drop you off at your hotel in Milan or your place of preference inside the city.

Parma: Private Guided Walking Tour history, art and taste

4. Parma: Private Guided Walking Tour history, art and taste

Let yourself be guided to discover the incredible historical, cultural and food heritage of the city of Parma and learn the history of monuments, churches and squares. Together we will visit the main squares of the city, we will talk about the history from the Romans time till the Middle Age or from Renaissance to contemporary history. We will visit monuments such as the Baptistery, the Cathedral, Pilotta Palace, Farnese Palace and Farnese Theatre. Walking thought the Ducal Park, especially in spring and autumn, looking for the big 19th century trees and seeing the "foliage" and the Garden Ducal Palace. The tour continue towards the Royal Theatre and the history about the Duchess Maria Luigia of Hapsburg or about Giuseppe Verdi. Nearby it is possibile to admire the first Renaissance church of Parma Santa Maria della Steccata. If you like the Gothic stile we can decide to see the beautiful S. Francesco del Prato which is considered as being one of the most remarkable examples of Franciscan Gothic architecture in Emilia. We can even choose to enter inside the National Gallery to learn about the city's collection of art, including Leonardo da Vinci, Correggio, Parmigianino, Antonio Canova, and many others. We can take a break from Gelato, coffee or Pasticcini, I can suggest you a list of different places to eat to immerse you in the city's cooking experience, or where to buy gastronomic products. We can entertain ourselves for two hours or three, of course, it's all up to you, the time available to you or your strength and energy!!! I suggest writing to me before booking the tour to define in detail and together what type of tour is best suited for your needs. I am a tour guide since 2003, I am half "Parmigiana" and half "Roman" I love to mix my culture in the beautiful city of Parma. About me... I've been a tour guide since 2003. I've had more than 20 years of experience as a Local Guide, I'm half "Parmigiana" and half "Roman" because my parents are a mix, my mother was born in Parma and my father in Rome. I grew up in Rome and started working as a tour guide while I was about to graduate from Cultural Heritage Conservation. I love mixing my culture, and that's definitely my power. I love to give tourists the pleasure of discovering history and art with a local guide. I give people an unique experience as a moment of great reflection between past and present. I accompany couples, groups, friends, family members, students of schools of all sorts and degrees. My greatest satisfaction is the pleasure of getting people excited about communicating with passion during the guided tour. Enjoy My Tour!!!!!!!!

From Milan: Parma Private Day Trip & Parma Cathedral

5. From Milan: Parma Private Day Trip & Parma Cathedral

Enjoy a private Parma tour from Milan for eight hours with a private tour guide for two hours and a private luxury vehicle with chauffeur that will pick you up and drop-off from your hotel in Milan or place of preference inside the city. Once your private chauffeur has picked you up, you will go along with your private tour guide to your destination. In this tour, you will have the opportunity to discover Parma, a city in the Emilia-Romagna region remarkable for its medieval architecture and beautiful forests. Thanks to your private tour guide you will see the main tourist attractions of the city like the cathedral of Parma with Romanesque style, the Teatro Regio one of the most famous in the world, the Piazza Duomo, the Ducal Park where you can find the Palazzo Ducale, the Baptistery of Parma one of the most important building of the city, the National Gallery that houses many collections of the Farnese family and much more. To finish the tour, your private chauffeur will drop you off to your hotel in Milan or place of preference inside the city.

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