Pantheon, Rome

Pantheon, Rome

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Rome: Pantheon Fast-Track Ticket and Official Audio Guide

1. Rome: Pantheon Fast-Track Ticket and Official Audio Guide

Explore the Pantheon in a unique and engaging way with our audioguides and Fast Track Ticket. Collect your ticket at the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Lucina, a short distance from the Pantheon, to skip lines and enhance your visit. Your journey begins with Adriano, the visionary emperor who commissioned the Temple of all the Gods as we see it today. Through the audioguide, hear Adriano's voice as he relives the Pantheon's history and his love for Rome. Witness the perfect geometry of the dome, with a diameter of 43.44 meters, and discover the significance of the oculus, allowing sunlight to illuminate the interior like a sundial. Follow the guidance of Pope Bonifacio IV, who in 609 AD converted the temple into the Basilica of Mary and all Martyrs, safeguarding it from plunder and ensuring its integrity to this day. Walk through the portico with columns of pink granite from Egypt and meet Raphael Sanzio of Urbino, the painter and architect, buried here with other Renaissance artists who admired classical architecture. Discover why this place was chosen for their eternal rest. Listen to the voice of Queen Margherita, resting at the Pantheon with King Umberto I and Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy. Imagine the rain of red rose petals during Pentecost, descending from the oculus each year to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. Look up and observe the Pantheon as both a monument and a church. Mons. Micheletti, archpriest rector of the Pantheon in Rome, will guide you to view the building with different eyes. The audioguides are voiced by talented actors such as Sergio Rubini, Alessandro Haber, Daniele Parisi, Giusi Cataldo, and Mons. Daniele Micheletti. Original compositions by Antonio Fresa, performed with the Orchestra of Teatro La Fenice, create a unique and precious experience. Your visit will provide an extraordinary experience and contribute to supporting the activities of the Chapter of Santa Maria ad Martyres. Book now and immerse yourself in the history of the Pantheon, Temple of all the Gods and Basilica of Mary and all Martyrs

Rome: Pantheon Entry Ticket and Optional Audio Guide

2. Rome: Pantheon Entry Ticket and Optional Audio Guide

Step into the timeless wonder of the Pantheon, Rome's legendary monument to the gods. Delve into its ancient mystique at your leisure. Marvel at the architectural marvel of this Roman temple, a hallowed homage to divine plurality. Stand in awe beneath its colossal dome, famed for the celestial window that showers its inner sanctum with radiant light. Experience the whispers of centuries past as you wander through its hallowed halls, each stone bearing witness to the ingenuity and devotion of ancient Rome. Gaze upward through the oculus, connecting with the divine as countless pilgrims have done before. Immerse yourself in the timeless aura of this architectural marvel, a living link to a bygone era of reverence and wonder.

Rome: Skip-the-Line Pantheon Ticket and Audio Guide

3. Rome: Skip-the-Line Pantheon Ticket and Audio Guide

Enjoy skip-the-line access to the iconic Pantheon, where Rome's ancient history comes to life. Discover the fascinating history and breathtaking beauty of the Rome Pantheon with a 35-minute audio-guided tour on your smartphone. Make the most out of one of Rome's most famous landmarks and learn about its rich past and stunning architecture. Hear fascinating stories about the Pantheon's Dome and its Archaeoastronomical story, the interior, and the pavement. Listen to 12 audio points of interest and reference a digital map to locate these points inside the Basilica. Reserve your spot online and skip the long lines with this seamless and time-efficient experience. Discover the legends and myths of the Pantheon, the history behind its Oculus, the eminent Tombs, and much more. Start your journey at the meeting point in Piazza Navona 25, a leisurely 5-minute stroll from the Pantheon. Pick up your Pantheon tickets at the Touristation Navona and get helpful tips to enjoy your visit. Need help with your digital audioguide? Our friendly team at the Touristation Navona (Piazza Navona 25) is here to assist you. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Rome's renowned squares and fountains during your self-guided walking tour. Download the app and discover the city's most fascinating and must-visit attractions as you embark on a journey. Travel past the awe-inspiring Pantheon en route to the majestic Fontana di Trevi, culminating in the charming Piazza di Spagna.

Rome: Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour w/ Audio Guide

4. Rome: Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour w/ Audio Guide

Get ready to experience Rome like never before! Hop on board the open-top, double-decker bus and get ready to be amazed by the stunning architecture and fascinating history of the city. Marvel at the iconic Colosseum, take in the breathtaking views from the famous Spanish Steps, and be awe-inspired by the majestic Vatican. With daily departures from Termini Railway Station and the option to join the tour from any of the stops on the route, this is the perfect way to explore over 10 locations throughout the city. If you're feeling adventurous, why not explore the "eternal city" on foot with our fantastic digital self-guided walking tours? Discover hidden gems and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this incredible city. Some of the locations you can see on the tour route include: Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore Colosseum Roman Forum Circus Maximus San Giovanni Piazza Venezia Piazza Navona Pantheon Castel Sant'Angelo Vatican St. Peter's Basilica Trevi Fountain Spanish Steps Piazza Barberini Termini Railway Station

Rome: Vatican Pass, Top Attractions and Free Transport

5. Rome: Vatican Pass, Top Attractions and Free Transport

Make your stay in Rome an unforgettable and easy experience with the 3-day OMNIA Vatican Card and Roma Pass combo. These 2 passes cover everything you'll want to do in Rome - historic attractions, top museums, a sightseeing bus tour - and public transportation to help you get around the Eternal City. Let's break it down: OMNIA Vatican Card allows entry to all the top sights in the Vatican City plus a 3-day hop-on hop-off bus tour. Roma Pass grants you free entry to 2 out of 5 top attractions plus discounts at a further 30 top sights and a travel card. The OMNIA Card includes: • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel (R) • Entrance to the Basilica of St. John in the Lateran and cloister with multimedia audio-guide • Entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica including multilingual audio-guide (R) • Carcer Tullianum / Mamertine Prison (St Peter's Prison) (R) • Vox City Audio-Guide* • Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour - access Open Bus Vatican and Rome, Big Bus, and City Sightseeing services The Roma Pass includes free admission to 2 of the following attractions (adult tickets only): • Capitoline Museums • Castel Sant'Angelo (R) • The Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill (R) • Borghese Gallery (R) It also includes price reductions to many museums and attractions, including the following: Museums: • National Roman Museum – Palazzo Massimo alle Terme • National Roman Museum – Palazzo Altemps • National Roman Museum – Crypta Balbi • National Roman Museum – Baths of Diocletian • National Gallery in Palazzo Barberini • Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia • Centrale Montemartini • National Museum of Oriental Art • MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma • MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts • Planetarium and astronomical museum Attractions: • Circo Maximo Experience • Trajan's Market • Palazzo Valentini – Archaeological Area of the Domus Romane • Ara Pacis and more! (R) Reservation required. *Download the Vatican & Rome App (available on Play Store or Apple Store) so you can enjoy the Vox City audio guide.

Rome: Pantheon Entry Ticket

6. Rome: Pantheon Entry Ticket

Access one of the most famous monuments of Ancient Rome avoiding long lines. Book your Fast-Track entrance to the historic Pantheon in advance, explore the area at your own pace, and take in its famous dome. Choose your preferred access time and step right into the Pantheon. Walk on the same marble stones where emperors once put foot and admire all there is to see without being forced to rush. Discover the many changes that the Pantheon faced, from a temple of many gods to a church, throughout almost 2,000 years of history. Gaze at the tombs of the famous painter Raffaello and the last Kings of Italy. Take in the intriguing dome with the renowned Oculus, where the ethereal glow of sunlight shines on the inner sanctum.

Rome: Pantheon Skip-the-Line Entry and Guided Tour

7. Rome: Pantheon Skip-the-Line Entry and Guided Tour

Discover the illustrious Pantheon, an architectural gem nestled in the heart of Rome, with a guided tour. Avoid long queues with skip-the-line entry, then head inside with your local guide to learn all about the building's rich past and stunning architecture. Begin by meeting your guide in the Piazza della Minerva next to the elephant statue. From there, listen to your guide give you a brief rundown of the Pantheon's history. Next, head over to the temple. Admire the building from the outside, marvelling at its massive Corinthian columns and huge dome. Head inside. Speed past the queues with skip-the-line entry. Immerse yourself in a combination of art, history, and spirituality. Admire the ceiling decorated with golden stars. If you like, pay your respects to famous figures such as Raphael, who rests there along with Italian kings and artists.

Rome: Pantheon Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

8. Rome: Pantheon Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

Avoid the hassle of the ticket lines at the Pantheon with skip-the-line tickets. The iconic structure of the Pantheon dates back to the first century AD and served as a temple to all the Roman gods. Today, you can visit this ancient structure and marvel at its magnificent architecture and rich history. Enter the Pantheon and take time to discover its unique architectural features. Take time to admire the Pantheon's awe-inspiring dome, which remains one of the largest unreinforced concrete domes in the world. Its perfect symmetry and harmonious proportions exemplify the architectural precision of the Romans. Spot the dome's crowning achievement, the oculus, a circular opening at its apex that bathes the interior in ethereal light, casting a dynamic interplay of light and shadow throughout the day. As you explore the Pantheon, take time to appreciate its dynamic history. It has been repurposed over the centuries, transforming from a pagan temple to a Christian church, the Basilica of Santa Maria ad Martyres. This adaptive reuse underscores its cultural and historical relevance, marking the evolution of Rome from the classical era to the Christian period.

Rome: Pantheon Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

9. Rome: Pantheon Skip-the-Line Entry Ticket

Indulge in an unforgettable journey through Rome's ancient heart as you breeze past the ticket queues and step into the ethereal realm of the Pantheon. Admire this architectural marvel, born in the dawn of the Roman Empire, and take in its sublime beauty and storied past. Gaze upward to behold the Pantheon's crowning glory: a celestial dome that defies gravity and spans centuries of human ingenuity. Marvel at the play of light and shadow at the mesmerizing oculus, a symbol of divine connection and earthly wonder. As you traverse the hallowed halls, contemplate the Pantheon's metamorphosis from a temple of pagan gods to a Christian basilica, a testament to Rome's enduring spirit of adaptation and resilience.

Rome: Pantheon Museum Guided Tour with Skip-the-line Ticket

10. Rome: Pantheon Museum Guided Tour with Skip-the-line Ticket

As you enter the museum, you'll be greeted by an expert guide who will introduce you to the history and significance of the Pantheon. The building was originally constructed as a temple dedicated to all the gods of Ancient Rome, and it remains one of the best-preserved structures from that era. Be struck by its breathtaking dome, considered a masterpiece of Roman engineering, as you explore the Pantheon's interior. Your guide will explain how the dome was built, and you'll get a close-up look at its intricate design. Next, move on to the Pantheon's impressive collection of artwork and artifacts. You'll see stunning sculptures, ancient mosaics, and fascinating historical objects that tell the story of the Pantheon's long and varied history. One of the most famous artifacts in the museum is the tomb of the famous painter Raphael, who was buried in the Pantheon in 1520. Your guide will share stories about Raphael's life and work, and you'll learn about the impact he had on the art world during the Renaissance. Throughout the tour, your guide will provide you with insights into the rich history and cultural significance of the Pantheon. You'll leave the museum with a deeper understanding of this incredible structure and its place in Roman history.

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I really loved the tour !! The guide Sarah was lovely, very instructive, and funny. She really made the tour interesting, and didn't feel the time pass. I recommend it 100% especially on the your first day in Rome. PS: you get free recommandations for good local restaurants !! How awesome and sweet is that !!

Worth it for a slip the line ticket. I don’t think it is genuinely skip the line as it seemed as if we just cut the line. A bit awkward but we were in without any wait time.

We were very happy with our guide Federico. He came and picked us up from hotel and we toured the city. He was very knowledgeable and took us to some special spots.

Massimo was our tour guide and he was amazing, nice history background and fun facts. Highly recommend.

Wonderful time with Fiammetta. Great guide and wonderful food